This is a sequel to The Center, and I'd recommend you'd read it, but you don't have to, because it's only a totally awesome Wall-E and Portal 2 combo story that is totally awesome, if I haven't already established that. But by all means, ignore it. I'm kidding, of course. I'm just saying it's a good read, but only some of the events that happen in there are important in this story. You just have to have played/seen someone play Portal and Portal 2.

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The tiny white dots spun slowly and endlessly, they were everywhere, and so, so far away. The blue robot eye gazed out at them with a little turned, he thought that they looked so lonely, so far from each other and alone. It was pretty much silent besides the bickering of another robot that orbited quickly around him. There was a bit of debris that just randomly floated around in the abyss of nothing, just as the blue robot did.

He looked over at the white of the moon, blinking a few times, remembering the series of events that sent him out here.

"Tiny little Wheatley did this…" He muttered to himself, remembering how evil he had become when he was but into the Disk Operating System. He continued to swivel slightly. He glanced over at the blue, wonderful Earth. He had been on a mission for freedom… Well, he got freedom alright… He looked around a bit more. How long was he going to survive out here?

The other robot spun around Wheatley excitedly, looking around frantically at the darkness, the Earth, and the Moon that they were stuck between.

"Space, space! Need to see it all! Bah! bah! Bah-bah!" He rabbled.

Wheatley ignored him, he had been at it for hours, ever since they got out here. Wheatley took a little sigh, if only he could send at least a video to the Enrichment Center again, or maybe to that lady, what would he say if he did have a chance to tell her?

"I wish I could take it all back. I honestly do. I honestly do wish I could take it all back. And not just cause I'm stranded in space—"

"I'm in space." Space core cut in, of course.

Wheatley laughed slightly, "I know you are, mate. Yep… We're both in space…"

Space core orbited behind him, "SPAAAAAACE!" He screamed for the millionth time.

"Anyway…" Wheatley rolled his eye, concentrating on the words that he wanted to say, "You know, if I ever was to see her again, j'know what I'd say?—"

"I'm in space."

"—I'd say, 'I'm sorry. Sincerely.'" He nodded to himself , "'I am sorry I was bossy… And monstrous… And I am, genuinely sorry…"

"I'm in space."

"The end…" He finished, the Space core still spinning around him, bickering about space this and star that… Wheatley sighed, knowing that somehow, someway, he would have to get used to this torture.

Then he suddenly remembered something, "OH! OH! 'And then there's one more thing!'"

"THE STARS! SO MANY STARS!" Space screamed as loud as he could.

"SHUT UP!" Wheatley yelled at him, making him squirm in fear for a moment, then start screaming some more things. "AUUUUGH!" Wheatley growled in frustration, then with a sigh, he continued on, "'There is something that you need to know about that body… It's uhh… Really important that you get in there and shut down a little program thing that I was making…'"

"SPAACE!" Space screamed again, but Wheatley continued on, getting a bit more panicked, and really wishing that this was a transmission that was meant to go to the lady in the Enrichment Center or to Her.

"'You see, I was storing something and uh… There is possibly a way that something could set it off and it will, you know… Uh… Break loose and take over the entire Earth in a matter of days… Maybe even create some mass destruction that could involve the world exploding and all…'" He glanced down at the Earth, "…Maybe it's a good thing that I'm out here, then…" He muttered to himself.

Shaking himself, he said, "'Yeah… So I think someone needs to get in there and fix things up…'"

He watched the Earth carefully, now worried about its near future and what will happen to everything. Then he noticed something strange about it, it seemed so big, unlike how everyone says that 'it's a small world'

This thought made him curious. Some other bickering other than Space caught his attention, he looked off to the side to see another morality core with a pink eye, as it too spun through the emptiness slowly.

"Fact: When ejected from the Moon, the Apollo 11 space ship fell into the gravity of the Earth, but the gravity from the Earth and Moon pulled at the ship in such a way, that it created a paradox that reversed time, and when they fell out of the pull of the Moon, it was over 194 years earlier, above the town of Lexington. When breaking free of the Moon's gravitational pull, it created a loud bang throughout space. The Americans and British misinterpreted this bang as gun fire, and so the American Revolutionary War began, this is what really caused the 'shot heard round the world'."

Wheatley listened to what the core had to say, but he didn't believe it. Maybe he wasn't the smartest, but at least Wheatley knew that sound could not travel through space, because it has no atmosphere to catch the sounds and—

Wheatley stopped suddenly, realizing that he was perfectly capable in hearing the Space core and the Fact core, and they were in space. He looked back and forth between the Moon and the Earth. They were right in between, but closer to the Earth rather than the Moon. This could only mean one thing: they were in the atmosphere of Earth. He listened to Space and Fact once more:

"Fact: 'This statement is false' is not a paradox at all. Most people think it means that the statement is false, but if the statement is false, then how do we know that the statement is false? Some people interpret this as a paradox, it in truth, it is not. There is no truth in this statement, meaning that the answer is false."

"Well here we are again, it's always space the sun-star. Remember when Mars hit the Earth? Oh how we got the Moon, it was such a great sight. Under the sun we sing all about the space!" Space sang a familiar tune that Wheatley slowly realized was a song that was playing on a screen that also floated out here, She was singing it.

And he had been able to hear that too. Wheatley narrowed his eye, watching the Earth once more. He wiggled his handles, trying to see if he could make his way towards it. He was succeeding slowly, and Space and Fact fell into orbit with him. Did he seriously have that much of a gravity? He knew exactly what She would say if she saw that they were orbiting him, "Who's the fat one now?"

He continued to wiggled more and more, he was going to continue on with this until he got into a deeper layer of the atmosphere. Or until he ran out of energy and shut down. It's a win-win no matter what. He was surrounded by the other cores, and they were only getting louder and louder. Wheatley was going for all or nothing, whatever that took.

He continued on with this for hours, days, months… Years. He wasn't quite sure how many years passed, and he wasn't sure how he was still able to do this, keeping in mind his energy. Probably he was given a huge boost of energy when he was in the Disk Operating System. But he was taking little breaks every so often. The two cores were so annoying, but he had to get through them, he just starting ignoring them.

He continued on, but he finally became worn out. He stopped and let himself roll a bit, he finally decided to listen to the other cores.

"Fact: We are almost in the Mesosphere, where gravity will drag down on anything that enters." Said Fact.

Hopefully he was telling the truth this time. Wheatley was a bit frustrated, he looked at the Moon, it seemed to be farther away than last time he took a break, but who knew if that was really true or not.

He looked back at Earth again, Space was behind him when he yelled, "Don't like space, don't like space…"

"FOR GODSAKE, MATE!" Wheatley screamed at him, he was going on about how great space was, and now he was saying that he didn't like it. He growled again, he thought to himself, Stupid co—

Suddenly Space slammed into Wheatley's back, and he went flying towards Earth. He screamed in surprised fear at first, and then he realized that he was getting closer and closer, and he started screaming in excitement.

"WHEEEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAA!" Space screamed from his side. Wheatley couldn't help but laugh, he was so ecstatic about this.

Until he caught on fire.

Then it wasn't so fun anymore…

Chapter 1

Alicia raced around the dirt that encircled her house, her red wagon trailing behind her. Although, it wasn't just strolling along nicely, pebbles caught under the wheels and made it launch up into the air several times from different angles. When her momentum was fast enough, she raced down the empty driveway and leaped up, jumping over the handle of the wagon and falling square into the wagon and riding it down the short driveway; until she hit a rough patch of dirt, where everything became rugged and jumpy. She screamed in joy. Ahead of her awaited her an old, broken down trampoline, and this time she may even make it all the way to it.

She slowly got to her feet, but stayed low, then at the right timing, she leaped off of the wagon and did a front flip onto the trampoline. She watched the black material, the brown dirt, the green grass, the small white house, the gray sky, and then the green grass again as she landed smoothly on her feet as the wagon continued underneath. From there, she leaped straight up as high as she could, then did a back flip and landed on her feet again. She folded her feet and landed on her bottom, gently coming to a stop and laughing the entire way.

She was such a daredevil, she liked it when her father was still at work and her mother was at her special school, and she was alone at home. Some say it was bad for a twelve-year-old girl to be home alone all the time after she got back from school. Although, she was very responsible, and did everything she needed to when she got home, like doing her homework and doing any chores that she needed to get done. Then she had about an hour left to do whatever she wanted.

Alicia laid herself out on the cool, black surface. Her heart pumped fast, and she took long, smooth breaths. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the excitement. She took a look at her rust, old watch that her mother found in one of the garbage cubes a while ago, her mother should be home soon, she better get the trampoline out of the driveway. She glanced off in the distance and down the road where the silhouette of the Axiom stood looming over the colony.

She rolled to the side and stood up on the ground, then she crouched down and grabbed the wagon from underneath, pulling it out and bringing it back to the garage. She pushed it into the corner carefully, keeping things organized.

As she started to make her way back to the trampoline, she heard some kind of shrill screeching coming from the sky. She looked up to see two rocks in the sky. She screamed, thinking that they were meteors, leaping out of the way and hid behind the wall of the garage.

As she braced herself from whatever was about to happen, it seemed like the screeching turned into screams. From her fierce curiosity, she looked around the corner as watched as the meteors got bigger, and bigger. Then she saw they were gray, but then she saw a flash of blue from one, and yellow from the other.

With a quick, confusing jumble of a bang, a stretch, and a spring; the strange orbs slammed into her trampoline, then recoiled and shot up into the air.

Alicia slowly moved out of her shelter, and watched the two orbs high in the air. They slowed and then came back down to the trampoline again. One hit it and the other smashed into that one and launched off at an awkward angle towards the grass.

The entire way, they were screaming.

The one that landed on the trampoline had a higher voice than the other, and it giggled in excitement as its bouncing slowed to a stop, and it slowly rolled off it. Alicia stood slowly and walked carefully over to the closer one. Meanwhile, the other wiggled on the ground, it sounded as if he was talking with a British accent.

"Hey… Hey… Space! We're not dead!" It laughed, and Alicia crouched down to look at the one with the yellow eye.

"I'm not in space! Goodbye space! Mwahahaa!" It screamed in joy, until it saw Alicia.

"Ooh, Space Friend, we're not alone." It looked at Alicia up and down, sort of calming down to the point that Alicia could examine it about closer. She pushed the bangs of her black hair behind her ears. The excited little ball was like a gray robotic sphere with handles in front; its eye was a vibrant yellow.

"Bloody hell, Space, what are you talking abou—" Alicia looked over to see the other one wobbling its handles to try facing her, then he stopped when he spotted her, "Oh… Hello." It said.

Alicia paused for a moment and watched the sphere, it looked as if they were both charred and burnt; they had a lot of scorch marks all over them. They were just robot eyes, but they seemed so… Human.

"H-Hello." Alicia replied cautiously.

"I'm Wheatley, that over there is… Well I don't know what his name is, but I just call him Space. Because he is… Well, was obsessed with space. Actually, that's exactly where we came from, and I'm not sure how much time has passed and…" He faded off for a moment and looked off toward to sky and watched it suspiciously, then suddenly jerked back to attention and looked back at her. "What was I talking about…?"

"Space…?" Alicia tried reminding Wheatley.

"NO! NO SPACE! I HATE SPACE!" Space yelled out, freaking out into a little spazz-attack.

"Summary of the story is that I need your help, you can start by picking me up." Wheatley ignored Space's struggle and wiggled a bit, trying to move a bit more upright, then he paused again, "…Please…ma'am?"

Confused on the whole situation, she blinked at him, "One moment, then." She grabbed Space's handles gently and lifted him. He was pretty heavy, but she could handle it. She pulled him out from under the trampoline that had saved his little robot life; then she placed him on top of it. Then she did the same for Wheatley.

"Thank you." He said, "You can't believe how thankful I am for what you've done for me, you know, with me, falling from the sky out of nowhere. I'm absolutely so thankful aaaaand do you know anything about some place called the Aperture Science Enrichment Center? It's really important that I get there, you know, as fast as possible." He started to babble about this Enrichment Center thing for a while as Alicia placed him on the trampoline with Space and started dragging it back the backyard.

As she did so, a the transport-pool slowly moved to the end of the driveway right before she was about to turn the corner of the house.

"…and uh—and uh… Who's that?" Wheatley asked as Space started to roll around the trampoline and giggle to himself mischievously.

"That's my mom." Alicia said, and she stopped pulling the trampoline and crawled on top of it, pushing the two spheres behind her. She shushed them as her mother stepped out from the white transporter.

"Hey mom!" She greeted her.

Her mother turned to Alicia and lifted her hands.

*Hello, Alicia. How was your day?* She motioned to her in sign language.

"My day was… Interesting…" Alicia replied aloud, giving a sly glance to the robots hiding behind her.

*Interesting? How so?* Her mother tilted her head as the transporter started to move again.

"Uhh…" She shifted a little bit, "Some ways."

*Are you hiding something?*

Alicia sighed, her mother was clever, and she never gave up over anything. She shifted aside and pulled Wheatley in front of her, facing his eye towards her.

"HEY! It's YOU! Boy, am I glad to see you! You haven't changed a bit, there! Ooh, what are the odds of this?"