Amu sat in front of the piano with a solemn expression on her face. Luke and the others stood aside , a worrisome look upon their faces .

"Hey..what's wrong with her?" Luke asked, raising his eyebrows.

She wasn't even suppose to work today. The moment she entered the bar , she had said that she wanted to use the piano . The look on her face was pleading and it seemed at though she had cried.

"Who knows.. Lets just hope she's okay.." Ryuu said , staring straight at Amu.

Amu closed her eyes , images flashed within her . She tried her best to control her breathing. Within the past few days , all she did was cry and then get pampered and cheered up by Kairi and Yaya over and over again. It was time she calmed herself down . All she was doing was causing people trouble. And she was sure Ami wouldn't want her to be depressed.. She would want her onee-chan to be smiling...

"Ami.." Amu whispered .

A smile appeared on her face as memories repeated in her head . Memories of Ami just being born . Memories of Ami whining for Amu to play with her. Memories of.. Ami waking up in the middle of the night to sleep with her because..she knew that her sister was afraid of the thunder.

A single tear fell down her cheek .


All these years , she had been pressing everything down thinking that the moment Ikuto had returned , all would be okay. But she knew , deep down , that it wouldn't change the fact that they were dead. She was using Ikuto to run away from reality. It wasn't Ikuto's fault. He was merely being honest towards her about his feelings. He didn't love her. It was a fact.

It was time for her to face and accept the reality. She had been running for so long. She was tired.. And.. It was something she should have faced long ago..

"Onee-chan!" Ami's voice called.

Amu smiled at her sister who was already much more grown up , no longer the little kid who always whined selfish requests "Yes? Ami?"

"Onee-chan! Would you write a song for Ami?" Ami asked , smiling cutely as she referred herself as third person , something she always did.

Amu blinked ""

"Yep! On the piano!" Ami grinned , her eyes bright with excitement.

Amu chuckled "Sure , what kind of song do you want it to be?"

"One filled with Onee-chan's sadness" Ami exclaimed.

Amu's eyes went wide "Sadness..?"

She nodded hard .

"Why..?" Amu asked , not understanding.

Ami grinned "Because , Onee-chan , these few years , you've been hiding your feelings for Neko-kun , right? And , Ami knows you're lonely! Papa and Mama always think of me more than you! But , but , you must believe me! They love you alot too! And , and , not only that , all your guardian friends are separating! You're sad , aren't you? So , Ami wants you to write it into a song and give it to Ami. Ami will take it all and change it into a cheerful one , so that you won't have to be sad anymore!"

" can't play the piano.." Amu stated , though her eyes showed happiness.

Ami just grinned even more and jumped onto Amu's arms "You'll just have to teach me! Onee-chan!"

Amu smiled softly.. If it was her sister.. She would definitely be able to make the world's saddest music into the world's happiest one and make every single sad person smile with her cute grin.

Amu hugged her sister tightly "Alright..Ami.. I promise. I'm not sure how long it'll take , but I'm going to write and finish it for you"

"Yay!" Ami grinned as she separated from Amu , holding out her pinky finger "Pinky promise? I wanna see it at least written partially when Papa , Mama and I return from the trip to Grandma's house at America. In return , I'll give you the best birthday present , ever!"

Amu chuckled and held her finger out , "Pinky promise"

A few days after that , they had appeared in newspaper , reporting about their deaths from the car crash.

It had already been a full year... since her birthday..and , that fateful incident.

Amu raised her fingers above the piano keys and took a deep breath.

The door of the bar opened , revealing a sapphire haired man , looking from left to right , not stopping till it saw Amu.

Luke whistled lightly "Look who's here"

They watched as Ikuto took a random seat near the door , his eyes fixed on Amu.

Amu let out the deep breath. And played. (Link in profile)

The keys played in harmony , coming out as a sad melody. Every single chords that came out was whispering all of Amu's emotions. Sadness..The shortlived happiness she once had.. and.. How much she wished.. for her dear ones to be by her side..

Ikuto felt a huge lump in his throat as Amu played. The melody was slow , slightly cheerful , yet it held sadness within it. His eyes held pain as he watched Amu.

Amu kept her eyes closed as she played.

Oh how she wished to be able to stop playing and give up on life once and for all!

But she knew.. that numerous amount of people would be unhappy if she did that. Not only that , Ami would be disappointed.

She kept her fingers fixed on the piano keys. She didn't want to give up.

She promised Ami , to finish the song. And she would do as she promised.

It was the last thing that kept her bond towards Ami. She refuse to give it up all because she wanted to run away.

Flashbacks of every emotion she had came across as she wrote this song in the past 12 months until it was finally finished yesterday, kept appearing in her head.

She wished that Ami was here.. She wanted Ami to hug her as she cried.. to sleep with her when there was thunder.. to smile at her and tell her that everything was alright.

But she wasn't. She hated god. She hated fate. For destroying her happy life like this. For erasing her sister's existence. She was a good girl! She didn't deserve to die just like this..

She didn't...

She felt like crying.

As she slowly removed her fingers from the piano , she let out a huge breath of sigh. One she had been holding in since a year ago.

She smiled sadly , tears dripping down her eyes.

She looked up at the ceiling..No , she was looking pass it.

"Ami.." Amu whispered "Did you hear that? Even though you are no longer here with Onee-chan... I know it . That you're in my heart , taking away all my sadness..aren't you?"

She sighed and closed her eyes , whispering the three words Ami had always said to her "I love dear sister.."

Claps rose up from everyone's hands . However , Amu didn't hear them.

All she heard , was a soft voice calling her 'Onee-chan..over here'

Her eyes went wide as a brunette haired girl stood in front of her , smiling .

"Ami!" she gasped , staring straight in front.

'Over here!' she giggled and ran out of the bar.

Urgently , Amu stood up and ran out of the bar , chasing her.

"Wait , Amu?" Ikuto called.

But she couldn't hear him. All she bothered now was finding Ami.

"Ami?" Amu called as Ami's voice echoed over and over until she was in front of the playground where Ami had formed her first sentence : 'Onee-chwan! Pway with Ami!'

Amu had found herself laughing and playing with the little girl despite how much she had thought herself to hate her little sister for stealing her parent's attention away.

"Ami? Where are you?" Amu shouted , looking from left to right , she was on the verge of crying.

"Onee-chan.." the soft voice whispered.

"Ami.." Amu's eyes went wide at the little girl who stood there in front fo her.

Ami held her arms out lightly.

Amu immediately ran into her sister's arms , crying out loud , shouting everything about her sadness , everything about Ikuto , everything about life that she had hated.

Ami simply smiled and patted her back lightly.

"Onee-chan.." Ami whispered with a smile as Amu released her.

"Ami.." Amu whispered , tears flowing down her eyes.

Ami raised a hand and wiped her tears away "You're alright now , aren't you?"

Amu's eyes went wide.

She smiled softly , despite tears flowing down her cheeks "Yeah.."

Ami smiled "I love you ..Onee-chan.."

"Ami.." Amu whispered.

"Don't worry..Onee-chan" Ami whispered , holding both her hands out , "From today , I will forever be by your side"

"Ami.." Amu's eyes went wide.

"In your heart" Ami finished , smiling.

"Mm!" Amu cried , nodding her head up and down.

"Don't cry.." Ami said softly , her voice cracking as tears began flowing down her cheeks too "Or else.. I-I won't dare to go"

"Sorry..but I can't stop!" Amu cried.

"Please..Onee-chan" Ami smiled , crying "Smile for me for the last time"

Amu's eyes went wide.

She forced a smile , tears flowing the her cheeks profusely.

Ami smiled "That's my sister..the prettiest girl ever"

"Ami.." Amu whispered.

Ami raised up her sisters hands and held it beside her cheeks "Sayo..nara...Onee-chan..."
"Ami!" Amu cried out as she ran in front , trying to stop her , only to run past air.

Her eyes went wide "N-no...NO! AMI!"

"AMI! DON'T LEAVE ME!" Amu cried .

"AMI!" she sobbed , falling down to the floor.

As she her sobs fnally slowed down , she looked down into her hands , expecting to see nothing .

Her eyes went wide as she was met with a pink coloured egg filled with heart shapes of every shade of pink everywhere.

The egg floated up slowly , before a crack appeared on it.

Amu's eyes widened as the egg shell disappeared , revealing a little brunette girl , who seemed like a little doll. She was so..farmiliar..

Amu's eyes went wide in regconition "Ami?"

Ami's eyes opened slightly , before it went wide , just like her sister's "Onee...chan?"

Ami looked left to right in shock "N-no way , I'm not dead?"

Two chuckling voice that sounded farmiliar to Amu and Ami could be heard.

"Eh?" the sisters said as they looked to their sides , to see ..Tsumugu and ..Midori?

"Papa! Mama!" the both of them shrieked as they jumped into their parent's warm arms .

Tsumugu and Midori chuckled and hugged them back.

"Ami.." Midori began "And..Amu"

The both of them looked up with teary eyes.

"Ami..Both your Dad and I ..we gave up our last breath when we realised you were gone in order for you to live" Midori said gently.

Ami's eyes went wide "E-eh?"

Tsumugu nodded "We felt it was unfair. You were so young.. Even though we could only help you to live as such..a tiny doll.. but we were glad.."

"Besides" Midori looked at Amu "We didn't want Amu to feel lonely.. And we knew , that you , Ami , would definitely help Amu cheer up"

"Papa! Mama!" Amu cried , hugging them hard.

"Now , don't cried , my princesses" Midori smiled.

"Amu-chan.." Tsumugu began and looked at them with a grin they always knew "From today onwards , live happily with Ami and don't cry anymore , okay?"

Amu and Ami's eyes went wide "NO! I DON'T WANT YOU TO LIVE!"

Tsumugu and Midori shook their head "Sorry..but we can't help it .."

"But.. don't forget.." their voices began to fade as they disappeared slowly "We'll always be by your side , even if you can't see us.."

"PAPA! MAMA!" Amu and Ami cried.

"Onee-chan!" Ami sobbed , hugged her sisters cheek.

"Ami.." Amu sobbed back.

All of a sudden , they felt a tingling feeling on their neck .

They frozed and looked down , to see a heart shaped locket necklace. The locket opened by itself , to reveal a picture of their whole family , smiling together.

Their eyes went wide before they looked up at each other with a smile.

'Happy birthday..Amu-chan.. We love you both..forever..'

Amu : Wow..

Hoshizora : (sniff) Yeah..

Ikuto : ...hmm

Hoshizora : What? (Annoyed)

Ikuto : Nothing.

Hoshizora : Tch. Annoying idiot.

Amu : Ahaha... Review please

Hoshizora : Or else Ikuto gets castrated and Amu won't love him anymore(Shrugs)

Ikuto : What the sh*t?

Hoshizora : (GLARE)