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Light and L were alone in the headquarters sitting on the couch watching the news. L sitting in his usual postion, ans Light sitting next to him. The news soon turned to weather.

"In todays forecast we will have a massive storm blowing in through the Tokyo(1) area. Everyone must stay inside until the storm is over for safety precautions."

After the news went boring, Light switched the television off. Light stretched and then stood up.

"Hey, Ryuuzaki," Light said. "Let's go get something to eat."

L nodded and stood up too, standing with his back hunched, as usual. He followed Light to the kitchen on their floor. On their way, the chain connecting the two boys jerked the brunette back. Light turned around to yell at L for pulling back on the chain. But what he saw was an L looking outside the large window towards the heavily clouded sky with a nervous expression. Well as much of a nervous expression a stoic detective like L could make.

"Ryuuzaki, it's going to be okay. The storm won't kill us," Light said reassuringly. "Well, unless we were to go outside."

"I understand that it won't kill me, but the fact that Watari is out there has me a little worried."

"Oh, why does it worry you?" the brunette asked. "I mean, he's pretty strong despite his appearance, like you."

The raven-haired man felt his face grow warm at that, but pushed it away. "No, I'm not worried about him Light-kun," L said waving his hand in disagreement. "I'm worried because the storm might kill my sweets."

"Of course," Light mumbled. He dragged L along by the chain and the detective followed him.

When they made it into the kitchen, the brunette walked over to the pantry and pulled down some trail mix. Like Light had once said, Trail mix is brain food Ryuuzaki, not sweets. L reached up in the same pantry for his beloved chocolate chip cookies. Light had made them a few days before when L needed something sweet. The brunette had done a few things for L when Watari was gone. Like getting L his tea. Light had caught on to how many sugar cubes L used in his tea. So, when L needed tea, Light had already put in the exact number of sugar cubes that the detective wanted. The brunette thought the amount of sugar was too much for his liking, but he secretly admitted to himself that he would do anything for the man.

After their snack, Light decided it would be a good time to go to bed because it was getting late. The rain had started by then; only sprinkling though. Light couldn't see that L was wiggling his toes into the carpet. The detective would do that if he were frightened or nervous. As they made their way towards the bedroom, the thunder began. L flinched ever so slightly at this, as to not jerk the chain. Light noticed this, but shoved it to the back of his mind. There's no way that L, The Great L, could be scared of a mere thunderstorm.

When they had finally gotten to the bedroom, the rain poured heavily outside the window. Light walked over to the dresser to pull out some pajamas. His favourite "I'm Not Kira" pj bottoms and a plain black T-shirt. He was just about to change after he got L to unlock the handcuffs.

L watched Light as he changed to make sure Light didn't do anything Kira-like. But, the detective had realized that he had liked Light. Especially when you had to be chained to a person for a while and get to know that person. L paid attention to Light's tanned skin as the brunette slipped out of his button up. Toned muscles that just blend together like butter. And look at me. I'm as ugly as a person gets. Pale and bony. My hair's always a mess, but I don't mind. I sit strangely and eat a myriad of sweets. I'm just plain unattractive, aren't I? No one would fall in love with me, so I try not to get close to anyone. But, I can't help myself from getting close to the beautiful man right in front of me. I am 76% sure that Light-kun would detest the idea of liking me. An almost 87% that he would never love me. But, I still can't be too sure. I mean, I still have a 24% chance of him liking me, and a 13% chance of him loving me. But the chances are so slim. I don't know exactly how I feel about this, but I suppose I have grown very accustomed to having Light-kun around that I have begun to realize this certain feeling. I am at least 96% sure that this is love.

The brunette had changed and was now ready for bed. L stood there in his same clothes and continued to think, until a loud crash startled him. He yelped and shunk to the floor in his usual sitting position with his hands on his head, shaking. Light stood there, surprised at the detective's reaction to the thunder and lightening. I was a little startled by the thunder as well, but I didn't expect to see L look so scared. I bet he was just startled. I mean, who wouldn't be, especially if you were a reclusive detective like L. Light thought. He walked over to the raven-haired man and crouched down beside him.

"L, it's fine," Light reassured the detective. "It probably just startled you a bit. I mean, who wouldn't be?"

"Y-yes, you are r-right, Light-kun," L stuttered. He obviously wasn't over the shock yet. Light put his hand on L's back and they stayed like that until the brunette noticed that L wasn't shaking anymore. Light got up first and held out his hand for L to take. The detective grabbed it and was helped up by the brunette. They made their way towards the bed, and Light laid down on his side, while L got in on his side. The rain kept pouring. Same with the constant thunder and lightening. Each boom of thunder made L shake more and more. Light was asleep when this happened though. Light-kun, I really wish you would wake up! I admit it! I, The Great L, am terrified of thunderstorms!

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