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The room was completely dark where the panda-eyed man sat, crouched in his usual position. L curled up even more when he saw a flash of lightening and cringed in anticipation of the thunder that was to come. Light was beside him, asleep. The dectective deduced that Light was a heavy sleeper. He sighed shakily. You'll never wake up, will you? But, I still have a 76% of you waking up. Light shifted so that he was now facing L. The detective took a moment to really look at the brunette once again. L contemplated whether or not to wake the young man from his sleep. He couldn't decide in time because: BOOM. The thunder sounded and L started shaking violently. Light woke up when thunder boomed. His eyes slowly opened and his gaze fell on L.

"What's wrong, L?" Light asked tiredly.

L didn't reply with a verbal answer as another round of thunder and a flash of lightening made the detective jump and whimper a little. Light sat up so that he was sitting next to the detective. He's scared? I'll check for fever in case he is shaking because he could be sick. If he's not, then maybe he really is scared of the thunderstorm. The brunette put his hand under L's bangs and onto his forehead. L just sat there, shaking. Hmm, no fever. Well, looks like I have a job to do. Light thought. He scooted closer to the wide-eyed detective and shifted so that he was in front of the shaking man. He wrapped his arms around him and buried his face in L's hair. Warmth enclosed L and he started to calm down a little. CRASH. Thunder sounded again and the brunette felt warm tears fall on his shoulder. L was crying. He didn't cry often because showing sadness was a weakness. Light nor L said anything when the detective silently cried while being held by the brunette. It was just an understanding that they both knew without having to tell each other. It was quiet in the room minus the thunder and lightening, and the occasional whimper from the frightened panda-eyed man. During the really bad thunder, Light would hold the detective closer, and whisper, "Shh, it's okay. Don't be afraid, I'm here."

When the storm calmed down, Light noticed that the detective wasn't shaking as bad. He pulled back a little to see if L was okay. L looked up at Light with a sense of innocence. The brunette just smiled softly at this sight. L's pale skin glowed in the moonlight that was shining through the passing clouds. His obsidian eyes, wide and deep. His face was still a little wet from his tears. I've never seen him cry before. And I don't like it. His hair, though a mess, was soft and smelled like strawberries and a scent that Light could name as: L. He noticed the thin fingers reaching to scratch his arm. L is just plain cute. Maybe not cute, but attractive. I'm not even going to deny it this time. I like L. Wait, take that back. I love L. Light's gaze trailed up back to L's face. He noticed that the detectives lips were a slight pink despite his milky skin. He was so infatuated with them at this moment that he wondered if they would feel warm. Well, this would be an opportunity to find out...

The brunette released one arm that was around the detective, and lifted L's chin up. He closed the distance between their lips and pulled the detective into a warm, gentle kiss. Yes. L's lips were as warm as what Light suspected. L was surprised, but not repulsed. He actually enjoyed it. After a while, they both ended the kiss. Light smiled and held L close again.

After sitting there, taking in the feelings shared, Light noticed that L was breathing deeply. He looked down to see that he was asleep. The brunette smiled once more before gently laying L down beside him. He soon fell asleep, cuddling the panda-eyed man, the thunderstorm gone.