A/N: In this one I am DETERMINED to get Leblanc and Logos together! : ) And I will do it (though it probably won't pertain to future fanfics as I have a liking of their relationship struggling!) But this fanfic won't be about one kind of love. After all, there's so many kinds of love but they can easily stretch into each other. Fine lines make it up, and I'm gonna finely paint this story out!

Complicated, Complicated Love

"Chapter 1: Simple Complications, Love Unnoticed"

"Why couldn't Nooj just notice me already?" Leblanc's full lips pursed into a pout as she buried her chin into her pillow. Mara, the best hands of all the Fem-Goons, rubbed her spine up and down, literally attempting to knead out all the stress of day with her motions.

"Oh, I don't know," Mara shook her head sympathetically after a short time for thought. She was there, like always, to witness when Nooj was either totally oblivious of her Boss's advances or ignoring them with practiced ease, but she couldn't come up with an exact reason as to why that was. Encouragingly, and in hopes that it would raise her Boss's spirits, she tilted her head and added cheerfully, "Maybe next time, right Boss?"

"I'm starting to think there isn't going to be a next time!" Leblanc let her face flop into the softness, bringing no comfort to the hurt behind her expression. Her voice came out a muffle as she mumbled into the surface a moment later, "And after everything I've done for him! Just for him!"

"I know," Mara leaned farther back to reach Leblanc's lower back, "Hey Boss, I don't really want to suggest this, but maybe it's time to start looking for someone els-?"

"Don't even go there!" Leblanc's head shot up and she gripped the pillow with tense fingers, "Don't say it or even think it, alright!"

Mara broke contact with her back as she raised her hands in the air, yelping a little at the outburst, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad, Boss!"

"Hmph!" Leblanc relaxed a little after the Goon put her hands on her shoulder blades again with slow caution, "Just don't do it again, love."

"Yes ma'am!" Only one of Mara's hands lifted up as she saluted, then she relaxed and let her hands rest on Leblanc's lower back for a second as she boldly, though meekly at the same time, ventured back into the dangerous issue, "But maybe…it's something…to think about? I know it's hard but sometimes people need to think about what is-"

Leblanc closed her eyes to block the images of Nooj, but the action only made it worse, "I don't want to talk about it, Mara."

"Oh, okay, no, I get it," Mara's honey sweet voice seemed to nod in understanding and she smiled, "I'm being quiet now."

"You could get a man yourself," Leblanc changed the subject from herself to the Goon, "Hmm, Mara?"

"Oh no," Mara flushed and brought her hands to her face, shaking it many times as she, flustered, attempted to find an excuse as to why she shouldn't, "I couldn't possibly be able to-"

"You're pretty Mara, you could get yourself someone," Leblanc buried the weight of the side of her face into her elbows, "Don't be so embarrassed about it, love. I'm just saying that you should."

"Of course," Mara smiled again and replaced her hands on either side of her spine to worked down, "But who would be for me, really?" She let out a sugary laugh that threatened to give the very room, if it had teeth, cavities, "Oh, no, I think I'll pass for now, Boss."

"Suit yourself," Leblanc smiled back briefly before closing her eyes softly, her head still lying sideways into her bent elbows.

"Boss, about Nooj-" Mara began yet again.

"I don't want to talk about it, love," Leblanc sighed, her temples tightening despite herself to avoid headaches, but she forced herself to remain lax and calm in her body, "Let's talk about something else."

"Well, you know," Mara ran her tongue over the inside of her bottom lip, nervously trying to force out what she thought. There is other men. You don't have to waste your time on such a stuffy guy like Nooj that doesn't care for you beyond business anyways. You deserve better than that!… Mara couldn't, no matter how hard she tried, force the words she wanted to say out of her thoughts. Her soft-heart clenched at the knowledge that, dare she actually say it aloud, her friend would go in a state as she often did when she received such advice.

Mara much preferred the day-dreaming, silly, sighing Boss in comparison to that person, she was when Leblanc thought to deeply about Nooj in a bad way. Unfortunately, that cute little person was starting to fade away as Leblanc was becoming frustrated with the progress with Nooj, and Mara bit her lips hard at thinking about what her Boss may need to hear but didn't want to.

"Talk about something else." Leblanc looked over her shoulder to stare up at the Goon's covered face, "Mara."

Her tone spoke of her irritation so the Fem-Goon shrugged and let it go with a soft, 'Okay.'

Mara didn't feel like letting it go, but did out of the authority and employment that her 'friend' had over her. She respected Leblanc, and surely feared her, but she didn't want her to remain blind to what could be better either. Maybe there wasn't a man now, but soon, maybe one day, someone would come along and sweep their Boss off her high-heeled feet and make a difference. Unlike, Nooj, a handsome and surely powerful man (though neglectful), who disappeared from her life often, for his obligations and other interests that didn't include their own beloved blonde headed leader.

Leblanc was madly in love with him, despite everything. She cried for him when he went missing and fought beside him when he didn't even ask for it. But did he return her feelings? No, not even with a negative answer. Mara would never want to see her Boss hurt, but she didn't want her hanging by a thread for so long either. This 'is he? Is he not?' thing was dragging on, but how could she, just a Goon, help end it? How could she hurt her boss and friend like that? She couldn't so her mouth, as always, twisted in ways behind her mask but said nothing.

Leblanc didn't notice the tension in the woman kneading her back as she flooded her vision with Nooj and her brain with thoughts of him.

Nooj is the only man for me, Leblanc frowned and turned her head to close her eyes as Mara's trained touch lulled her, What other man could possibly care for me anyways?

"Logos, you jerk!"

Ormi poked his head out from behind his own bedroom door as a loud crash erupted from down the hallway, signaling the end of an on-going argument and the outcome of it as well.

In his opinion, Logos shouldn't even think about dating the girls, after all the pretty lil' dames worked under them, but that didn't stop his gun slinging, ladies' man friend for a second. Girl number-oh, the count was twenty two perhaps?-stormed out with frigid muscles and gritted teeth.

"Oi!" Logos, his head helmet-less exposing his, at the moment, disheveled hair as he struggled to slip back into his tight fitting blue shirt that he wore under his uniform. His feet skipped across the floor as his head was yanked through his collar and he fumbled a bit with the sleeves, trying to catch up at the same time. He started to follow after the simmering girl with tightly clenched arms under her breasts, shouting at her back, "If you could just give me a quick second to explain the-!"

"Go to Hell!" The girl yelled without looking behind her and continued on with her fuming away. Goons of all ranks stopped from their journeys from the bathroom, rooms, and whatever they were doing in the beginnings of the night, to stare knowingly at the top-heavy Fem-Goon that continued to curse at her now ex-boyfriend. Ormi himself smiled slyly as the 'show' went on without any hesitation and like a bad drama, had the same lines…

"No, don't go-" Logos chased her down the hallway until she jumped over the overrides, not bothering to turn them off even if the traps were set for the time of night, "It's not like I'm cheating on you or anything!"

"That's not what matters!" The Fem-Goon jumped over the second override and turned around, "Don't you get it, Logos?"

"Erm," The gunner twisted his face up for a split moment, his feet stopping in his shuffling as the girl's feet had, "If I say no…?"

"Ugh! You ass!" She pushed past him and elbowed his lower back as she passed hard enough to make him fall forward with a loud 'thwump'.

The Fem-Goon barely heard the scraping that was the spike walls opening up from their hiding places and sliding across the stone ground towards her abandoned boyfriend.

"Hn!" Logos crawled quickly back the override pits before simply falling down into the second to avoid the sharp points.

She pushed past the staring Goons at the end of the overrides and turned as the booby-trap reset itself back in the lower part of the hall, screaming, "I hate you!"

"Well, right now the feeling is mutual!" Logos placed his bony elbows on the stone to haul himself back onto the right level, "You could of killed me I hope you know!"

"All the better!" The Fem-Goon turned back down the hall and turned up toward Ormi's part of the basement, "I hope you do die!"

"Hey wait!" Logos jumped across the pits and leapt down to the level of the hallways, "Don't be that way, if it helps any, I'm sorry!"

"Ha! Oh, really?" The Goon turned around again and put her hands on her hips, "I find that hard to believe!"

"Maybe you should stop doubting," Logos's face never was one that was very friendly, and it showed that now in his frown, "I don't have anything else to say but that."

"Nothing to say but that? You heartless wretch!" The Goon was furious now, "Why is it that's all you have to say? What exactly do you think of me Logos? You never once said, 'I love you' or anything that would clue me into what you really think."

He blinked then tilted his head to the side, "I never was one for sentiments. I find it difficult to find words for feelings like-."

"Oh? That's what it is huh? Funny thing Logos, as silver-tongued as you are, I find it hard to even imagine you having difficulty with finding words. Especially since you come up with excuses even faster than cheap flattery!"

"Cheap fla-" The space between his eyebrows knitted and formed a crease, "I gave you my attention didn't I? And you took it just as happily as I did four months ago!"

"Screw you, Logos," The Goon stomped on his foot and he let out a sharp hiss in return. Before leaving, she flipped him the bird, then turned up to the ramps and into the living room, where'd she exit the building and go home, maybe to never come back again.

Ormi held in his howls of laughter until the loud boom of the secret passage resonated through the basement levels, then he just simply couldn't hold it in. He pealed into a fit that lasted as he spoke and pointed at his friend, his other trunk-like arm holding his side as he did so.

"Bwa ha ha! Youse did it again, Logos!"

"Oh, please, do laugh it up, Ormi," Logos took his time in walking up to Ormi's door before he shrugged with indifference, "It wouldn't be the first time I was rejected."

"Whut coulda youse possibly have done this round, huh?" Ormi patted his sides and then took a few deep breaths to calm himself, "Did youse got too 'touchy' again, or did she find those recordings in your bed stand?"

Logos rolled his eyes, "No, she found my lack of emotional attachment unbearable."

"Hmm? That's a new one," Ormi sniffed in sarcastically, "Whut didja say to let her in on it? She wasn't really bright so's I don't see's how she coulda found out herself."

The screaming and shouting, mostly from the female side, had been going on for about forty-five minutes before the argument came to its audience-viewed end. For a moment it almost seemed to get better before she exploded out of the gunslinger's room and proved otherwise.

Logos ran the length of his nose with his index finger and looked back down to his bed room to avoid eye contact, "I simply said I didn't want to get to attach to her specifically after she got well, a bit clingy."

"Jus' like that? No wonder she's pissed!" Ormi raised an eyebrow at the lack of tact his friend actually possessed in his tall frame, "And youse said I had a bad way with words."

Ormi was always on Logos's side of arguments, having the bias of being buds with him to start out with. But the stout man knew when something was just plain stupid, even if he was a bit slower than his intellectual friend, but that line would've made any given situation worse. Much less in an argument with a attention deprived girlfriend.

"She overreacted considering, I always figured she wanted the same thing from me as I did from her," Logos rubbed the back of his neck and gave a half-shrug again to try and off set the weight that laid on his shoulders from the embarrassment she had just put on him with her little tantrum. "She even told me at the beginning that she didn't want anything complicated. But it dragged on a couple of months more than expected so I suppose she thought it was more than what it was…"

It wasn't supposed to be complicated. They set that out at the start when they hooked up after drinking a little to much and waking up not minding the position they found themselves in. She had no right to be a total bitch about the situation; he never did anything to make her be that way from what was set out before. What's more, he spared her from the full truth of why we was bothering with her at all, and she should be grateful for that! Now as it stood he wished he had, seeing now that that blow to her pride might be just satisfying enough for him to maybe even sneak in a laugh in this crappy situation.

"Uh-huh," Ormi looked at him with half-closed lids and a slight frown, "Youse ain't someone to talk about overreacting when youse always overreact your's-self. "

Logos rolled his head on his neck to look over him through his top eyelids, "How so? Oh, please indulge me on what you think, Ormi."

"An' you under react when it matter's, ya know?" Ormi lifted up his chest, continuing like Logos hadn't said a thing, "Like right now, think 'bout how that broad might be a lil' hurt right now!"

Logos snorted, thinking, And using the word 'broad' surely wouldn't hurt her finicky little ego. Once done with the thought he spoke from the corner of a vulpine smirk, "Well, she threw her anger out on my foot so we're on even ground now."

"That don't make youse guys even, Logos," Ormi shook his head in disagreement. They were friends for certain, but to each his own on the their views of relationships.

"What?" Logos raised a thin eyebrow, "Like this is my fault?"

"I's would say so, buddy," Ormi let out a chuckle, a slight understanding he had of the tall man was just enough to earn friendship and know the fact that he wasn't going to budge in his view at the moment. Ormi decided to leave it alone and contented himself with the knowledge that when he finally got a girl for himself, he wouldn't be pushed in front of any booby-traps.

Ormi smile broadened as he exposed the big whites in his mouth, his shoulders making big shakes as he laughed, "At least I know it'll be quiet from your room tonight! Bwa ha ha!"

"Don't count on it!" Logos snapped, his body leaning forward a bit, before crossing his arms irritably. Ormi's door slammed shut and the gunner's eyes drifted over the halls, now empty as there was nothing more worth seeing, and back up the silent ramp.

"Hmph!" His usual scowl deepened and his expression tightened into a crossed and ugly face. His fingers dug into his sleeves until he felt the bony points in his flesh and heard the cloth of his loose sleeves strain against his strong digits.

This thing he was going for wasn't working. The last twenty two tries should've been proof enough of that, Hell, the first ten should've sufficed. All the girls just ended up with angry or hurt feelings at his lack of attachment. And he just was prompted to be more clamped up than before. All he wanted was to forget about the thing that bothered him the most, nothing complicated just simple, but that wasn't happening. Twenty-two tries later couldn't stop him from being continuously bothered by it.

Logos wasn't likely going to forget what he really wanted anytime soon…

"Boss," Logos lifted his head in polite acknowledgement of his superior and took another sip of his coffee from the Guado cup he found in a random back cupboard.

It was twisted, like many hand-crafted Guado things, but it certainly wasn't fancy. The mansion held many glasses of fine shining crystal and goblets of carved and polished wood and some silver, of classical designs, but the wood cup in his hand conflicted with all of that nonsense. It was straight, despite it's twisted design, and the rim was rubbed smooth into the rounded edges with simple pyre flies dancing across the sides in a carving.

The out of place cup was filled to the brim with dark hot liquid but was quickly half-emptied in a greedy and nearly numb gulp from the gunner.

"Ugh, I don't see how you drink it plain like that," Leblanc scrunched her nose to the side in slight disgust, "And it looks like it's practically boiling!"

"I prefer it this way," Logos took a smaller sip from the cup and swallowed the almost scalding hot liquid, "Hrm, anything for today?"

"We're going out for the sphere waves that come in this morning as soon as we get them, personally," Leblanc took a fruit of her choosing from the table and took a crisp bite of its flesh. The juice from her pear dripped a little on her bottom lip and she licked it up swiftly and efficiently enough, with no meaning to seem suggesting as she did so.

She hardly noticed how good it tasted, but she also didn't notice her gunner shift slightly or cough into his cup either.

Ormi took the last bites of his fruit that he selected earlier, that being virtually all available to him of course, and then smiled up at his Boss, who's update of her state-of-mind he asked for every morning, "How's youse feelin' today, huh Boss?"

"Just fine," Leblanc smiled back but frowned when he wasn't looking. She hadn't slept well because she stayed up thinking about Nooj.

Even after all the spheres she got for him, for free at that, and he didn't look at her beyond with strict professionalism, or ask her out on any dates. She made slight advances but they were quickly and almost expertly avoided. Why was he being so difficult? He could at least give her a little after helping him defeat a thing that threatened Spira and all. Now that was annoying! Nothing was harder than trying to just simply get noticed.

"Boss," Logos's tone was laced with the sounds of repetition, "You have heard what I've been saying haven't you?"

"What, love?" Leblanc turned around and threw her core at him to catch and dispose in the basket to the side of him, which he did with ease as he did every morning.

"You haven't heard anything from any of the Fem-Goons have you?" Logos cocked his head to the side a bit after the core fell from his palm into the basket. His cheek bones where tinged with heat as he continued, "Because as I was saying, it didn't end up like I planned, and well, she was rather upset last night and might -."

"She quit," Leblanc shook her head and sighed, "Way to go, love. Is that what you wanted to know?"

"My apologies," He looked at the ground. One thing he needed out of this thing he was going for was to not upset the Boss while he was at it, but he managed to set things up for just that. How perfect…

"It's no problem," Leblanc brought her hand up to sweep back the stiff blond strands that clung to her scalp. In all honesty, she wasn't too fond of the girls he selected in the first place, and wasn't too sad to see them leave. Especially since they all presented themselves in, well, a way that obviously got men looking and Logos obviously couldn't, and wouldn't, resist. They all usually were ranged from rich girls trying to get independence from parents they still lived with, or, putting bluntly, some sluts who lost their boyfriends after they were fed up with them. And she knew this for a fact because she interviewed them and heard all their sobs stories. Unlike some of the other goons, her most trusted two apart of them, who was reluctant to talk about themselves beyond simple ability and capacity, these girls just yacked on about what happened to them instead of trying to hide how desperate they were for the job like the other Goons and her own boys.

Leblanc couldn't decide whether she liked the 'share all' (though some information she rather not have learned) or the shut in and nod to questions she sometimes got. Either way, she didn't mind Logos dating some nit-wit he'd just split from in a couple of months after she had a ridiculous argument with him after realizing that he didn't like to smile or something even more stupid.

Wasn't it already obvious enough he didn't have a very 'happy' face? That didn't change the fact that he could be happy. For instance-

"Logos," Leblanc raised her head higher and pointed at the door in the back of the living room, the far left one, and flicked her wrist, "Go get that new gun and special ammo you made, I think it's time to try it out if anyone sticks their noses in our business."

He didn't smile, but his eyes did have a flash of something light, "Yes, Boss. It would be my pleasure."

If he ever started chasing the tails of anyone that actually lived in the Chateau with them, then Leblanc was going to have a long talk with him and make sure he saw the whole picture. The girls under her direct wing were different then the whores he choose to consort with. But thankfully, he had enough sense to know not to hurt them and anyways, he seemed to have no desire to do so. In an off sense, that just showed he could respect some woman but that didn't add up to much since only a handful actually lived with them to the ratio of males running around.

Leblanc watched her one underling go to the left door and enter, where in a room with a stove, he'd find the cooled bullets he molded and the new gun he finished tweaking a couple of nights before. He was happy, she could tell by the way he walked.

Live with someone long enough and you learn to read their body language like an open book in your hands that's written in elementary type. Just simple, if not natural.

Ormi shifted, stretched his beefy arms up into the air, before letting them flop down to his sides, "Hope Logos don' use that gun today."

"Oh? Why's that, love?" Leblanc leaned on her leg and waited for an answer.

Ormi smiled, "Cuz, he'd jus' forget about that broad last night and not even apologize like he should."

"Hmm," Leblanc couldn't feel sorry if that were to happen, in fact she felt she liked it better that way, "Well, that's up to him not us, love. Let what happen, happen, alright?"

"Yes, Boss," His bubbly face glowed with the same look that was on her face.

He knew Logos would find something to shoot at and all the things from the past four months would fly away with the single shot. Even if nothing bad happened to him, the trigger-happy gunslinger would find something to snipe.

And they didn't care if the bratty girl every got an apology.

Leblanc hummed to herself as the oscillo-finder whirred with the new commands she tapped onto it's round surface. The nice map of Spira came up and the orange grid lines pulsed before going red in a few places and narrowing themselves and the computer produced a red triangle to mark sphere locations. She smiled and tapped a few more commands and the oscillo-finder clicked before printing coordinates and other information on paper.

She passed it to Logos who stuffed it into his coat with a short nod.

The trio turned to the door to find two Al Bhed faces peeking through the circular metal opening in the wall.

"Daji, Taji," Leblanc blinked, surprised that they would sneak up on them, and the fact that the two were absent from their posts by the doors, her own and the front door.

"Boss," They smiled and snaked inside the door, "Could we come with you?"

"Not this time, loves," Leblanc shook her head and slashed a hand through the air, "You need to stay here."

Twins, both seventeen, and they were under her direct care from a interesting turn of events that involved picking up their orphan behinds in Luca, becoming attached, and ultimately adopting them.

And as twins, and her 'son's' indirectly, they pouted in unison, "~Please?"

Their green eyes grew in size and they tried a puppy dog look.

"Out of the way," Logos's hands grasped their cute faces and squeezed hard before pushing them out the door and to the side.

"Meanie!" Daji twirled his hips and stuck out his tongue as his brother, Taji, made a more obscene gesture.

Ormi's meaty hands crashed into the back of their heads, just enough force to bend them forward, before chuckling low in his throat and following the gunner up the ramp.

"Why can't we come?" Daji rubbed his blonde head and started to walk along side his Boss as Leblanc took her time in leaving.

"Because this mission won't need your help.," Leblanc said matter-of-factly before adding, "And we don't need to waste extra energy with it. It's too easy."

"Huh?" Taji hurried to catch up, and once he had, he looked at her with spiral green curiosity filling his eyes, "Why can't we come then?"

She needed to think, and a quiet as possible, small group might help with that. Thoughts of Nooj were already trailing back inside her head as she went out to get spheres, the only reasoning for doing so of course was for him. So it was impossible not to think about him. Her boys wouldn't say a word unless she talked to them first, they being able to read her moods, but the twins? They'd find something to yack about.

"Just stay here, loves."

She always called everyone that, but for some reason, she felt like she meant it with the two boys she left behind, a strange feeling of not seeing them again creeping up on her arms.

It was common knowledge that he had a bit stronger taste for women then say, other men. He wasn't a pervert, well, maybe a bit, or a lot, but he respected woman who demanded respect.

Like Leblanc.

She demanded respect and loyalty from him. In fact, she was the most tiring woman Logos had ever met and that said a lot since he had met quite a few of strong headed woman in his time as a solider. But none had outsmarted or overthrew him off of his masculine pride that he clung to with such stubbornness. He wasn't a strong man, with twig-like arms and sinewy muscle only in places necessary, but he had an excessive pride to make up for it. And Leblanc completely annihilated that from him.

Before he knew it, just days into the employment of being in the Leblanc Syndicate, he was wrapped around her gloved finger. If he didn't do just as she requested, she lashed out at him with rather impressive invectives and made him feel like a little boy. She deserved an applause for that feat because no other woman had managed that from him, except his mother when he actually was a little boy, and probably never would.

Maybe that was why he had these feelings. They were powerful and he actually, despite his large vocabulary, could never put words to them. There was desire, but it was laced with reverence and restraint. He swallowed every single time he got a little too imaginative with the Boss's muscled lithe body, her long blond eyelashes and spiky short hair…he actually loved short hair.

Long hair was too much of a pain on girls. Always with the 'Ow! You're on my hair!' and what not that got on his nerves because it could actually ruin a really intimate moment. Long nails too. Girlish nails were always nice to look at, and was just enough to remind one of the femininity the strong willed person possessed, but if it came to, well, to tumbling around in sheets in the late hours of the night, the red trails of blood up and down his back and sides was not something he enjoyed much. Leblanc took care of her nails, sometimes even painted them, but they were always cut short and well trimmed so that she would have no trouble with them in the gloves she wore or the missions she actively took part in.

Energy was something he also admired and Leblanc never seemed to run out of it. She just kept going, and going on and on with whatever she set her mind too. Never letting up.

"Would you boys stop your slacking and pick up the pace!" Leblanc cocked her hip to the side and frowned at them from under her crossed arms, "Noojie-woojie is going to want that sphere!"

"Yes Boss," The two members looked up miserably and answered just the same. Knee deep in Yevon know's what and she's telling them to hurry, unsurprisingly, she was quite the slave driver.

All for 'Noojie-Woojie'. Logos gagged, disguising it as disgust from the sludge they shifted through in the Thunderplains. It was raining and the mud they dug through could of easily been fiend waste for all they knew. The grayish green certainly was disheartening enough.

Leblanc refused to step foot in it, and Hell who could blame her. Logos knew that if he had a choice, he definitely wouldn't be doing this. But it would help if she stopped yelling.

"Come on Boys!" Leblanc looked up at the sky, "I think a thunder storm is coming."

"That's why they call it the Thunder Plains," Logos muttered under his breath as he displaced more mud but the sharp ears of his boss still caught it and he was rapped upside the head with her steel, and rather heavy, fan.

"Don't be a smart-ass, Logos!" She glared hard and then placed her hands on her cocked hips, "You know what I mean."

It wasn't a good idea to be out in the flat plains, open to getting struck and meeting your ends. She wanted out of the rain and out of the open and Logos wanted out of the knee deep…whatever it was.

"I's got it!" Ormi pulled up and a dull green, fitting for what it was in, sphere came up in his beefy palm.

"Good!" Leblanc nodded, "Let's go then!"

Ormi, with some struggle against the suction of the mud, pulled himself up onto land. Logos tried, and failed, and Ormi took up his arms in his hands and yanked him out with much cussing and hissing from the gunslinger.

"Shut up," Leblanc silenced the complaints with two words before taking the sphere from the gray mud and stalked off to find cover.

Like she predicted, a 'Thunder Storm' blew in, which was actually misleading since thunder never caused anyone but scared children harm and it actually was lightning to be reckoned with, and the three bodies rushed around looking for the shelter they required. However it was some time and the rain started to beat down on them in thick heavy droplets before they could find a place.

"Hey's! Didja know that guys are more likely than girls to get struck by lightning?" Ormi smiled, rain pelting his face, in satisfaction that he had a smart thing to say at the moment.

His partner took it with less enthusiasm however, "And you tell me this right now because?"

"I thought id be a good thing tah know," Ormi smile faded down into a pursed frown and he turned back to the task at hand: Finding something to shield against lightning.

"Over here boys!" Leblanc, hair dripping and clothes soggy, called them over to where she was under a sad looking pile of ruin. Part of an ancient dome, so gray it was almost black, provided a cover from the rain and lightning and a destroyed cracked wall would serve as a nice, though damp, backrest.

Leblanc shook her spikes, sending droplets loose from her hair and away, before settling down on the moist ground and pulling her knees up to her chest.

She let out a shuddering sigh as the feelings she had when she left the château finally left her arms. After all, they were safe now so what was the worst that was going to happen in a shelter that they couldn't handle with ease? Lightning was her element, but no one could control the Thunder Plains, so she did get a bit nervous every time she ventured out there.

Maybe it was just a control issue, after all she liked to be in control and hated it when she wasn't. The Thunder Plains, with it's sparks of lightning, couldn't be tamed completely though she controlled similar elements. It made her annoyed and she ran her hands through her hair as she felt more so with the wet that soaked her clothes.

Her loyal subordinates plopped beside her and the focused on waiting for the storm to pass.

"Uh? Boss?" Ormi watched as the drops got heavier and the ker-crash's started to shake the very earth. The lightning rods were rumored to be down again but of course, that news brought no comfort. As if to prove the rumors as fact, a few streaks of blue lightning struck the ground with burning force that made quick scorch marks and glass in some sandy mud. Though some did still hit the towers it didn't bring them enough confidence to wander out until someone in charge fixed it.

"What?" Leblanc flinched at another bolt that attacked the earth a little to close to her liking and blinked away the shivers and blindness. She briefly thought about how she should've brought the Al Bhed Goons with her so she could send them out to correct the problem at hand with the towers but at the same time she saw their blonde heads get struck also and was glad she didn't.

No, she sighed, let other people's mechanics get struck. I need mine.

"The storm ain't letting up at all an' I think we're stuck," Ormi raised up his eyebrows when Leblanc turned her face to look at him from her knees, "Jus' saying."

"I think so too," Leblanc looked drearily back at the storm, the wind howling past their alcove.

Logos put in his brilliant observation for their predicament, "We're going to be wet."

"Correction love," Leblanc let out a slow depressed breath, "We already are wet."

"Well, even more then," Logos scooted a bit forward and leaned back into the wall with his head in his hands, his elbows making sharp bends beside him, "We probably will be here all night by the looks of things."

"I am's pretty sure it's already night," Ormi squinted up at the steely sky, darker than earlier but perhaps that was from the storm itself.

Leblanc let her shoulders fall and stared out into the dismal scene of water falling off the side of dome in a thick waterfall, making a wall between her and the rest of the sad world outside.

The condition they were in was certainly not helping her mood any.

"G'nite, Boss," Ormi snuggled his big head into the back of his hand, which rested on the palm of his other, from where he laid on his side. His eyes were just drooping slits and she smiled into them.

"Good night Ormi," She shook her head as his eyes closed. Like a little brother, or maybe a cuddly bear, or maybe a gracious dog, Ormi never failed in being the brighter one out of all three of them.

Ormi had his eyes closed now but he, stifling a yawn, finished up his routine that he went through every time they slept on a mission away from home, "G'nite Logos."

"Peh," Logos shifted, his back to them both, and rested his head on only one palm as the other arm laid bent out in front of him.

His thin slanted eyes look other his shoulder to stare at Leblanc as she laid down on her side, facing Ormi as Logos's stare made her subconsciously reluctant to face him, and lay in a slight ball as her knees curled toward her body.

"Good night," Ormi yawned big and loud before finally drifting off to blast out the snores in minutes.

Strangely, despite Leblanc's excellent hearing while she was awake, she developed a resistance to the coarse rattles if not a complete immunity when she slept.

Leblanc once found herself ghosting over the thought about how that might be a bad thing since anything could sneak up on her now as she slept but she would just curl a little bit more and listen to the rattles of one friend and the light nasally breaths of the other. It made her feel secure enough to sleep with no worries with both of them at her side.

She drank in this nice feeling of having 'brothers' so to speak, because she knew it wouldn't last forever. Especially since she had every intention on being with Nooj and that would probably mean the end of her sphere-hunting career. And why would the boys come with her? After all, they were sphere hunters. They hunted spheres with the intention of getting them and selling them. Not just giving them away for free because they loved someone. She didn't own them, despite how she ordered them around, and she couldn't even think about asking them to come with her. They were their own persons.

Leblanc's thoughts pounded into her head as the sounds of the rain did on the dome and she couldn't stop the negative feelings with them.

Nooj won't notice me if I just give him spheres and don't do anything else, Leblanc felt her chest heave a breath heavily and she stealthily scooted closer to Ormi's incredible warmth. I need to think of something else.

Despite her looks, she was smart. And she knew in no time at all what she was going to do. But it required sacrifice, she bit her lip as she fully began to plan it out, and she knew the sacrifice wouldn't just be from her. Ormi snorted in his sleep and Logos mumbled something foul about the loud disruption it caused in his own sleep before they both went back to their dreams, whatever they may be.

Leblanc couldn't leave them hanging. They depended on her, like many of the Goons did. She had a basement full of people who looked up to her, needed her, respected her, and gave their complete trust and loyalty just to her. Leblanc felt the real weight of that honor now and she felt a dull pain in her chest.

She wasn't going to be there forever for them, and they were grown adults all in their own right, surely they expected this to happen some time or the other. She had the right to form her own life how she so choose it but she still had a responsibility to them.

She wasn't worried about the Syndicate itself, groups came and went sometimes, even the Gullwings went their own separate ways after defeating Vegnagun, but Leblanc was concerned about the people in it. The Gullwings must be still friends with each other right? The former High Summoner girl was back home, the thief was in Djose, the goth still in the ship and the little Al Bhed one, with the brain, was with Rin the last time she heard the snippets of gossip about them. The other two were on the ship too, but she couldn't be sure what their names were.

With all them spread out like that, Leblanc couldn't imagine them all staying in touch with each other. Maybe one or two communicated with another, but all was working on their own lives or work, so maybe the Dullwings didn't even get that far.

More depression filled her chest as she looked at the slumbering face in front of her, who's belly she stuck her arms against to warm them. Life was surrounded by spheres now, nothing else. Her two loyal companions lives seemed to surround her own, minus Logos and his intrigues that weren't so secret. She couldn't just 'lose' contact with them. Even if a good life with Nooj was promised, she couldn't do it, and that' s not even thinking about the other goons who's dopey ways always got on her nerves but entertained her also.

She couldn't just drag them around through her life. She didn't own them, she repeatedly reminded herself, and she had to make her own life at some point and them their own.

A horrible feeling passed through her veins. At one point in time, she really believed she did. And she felt horrible for it. They weren't her dogs or anything, though their blind loyalty could be compared to that. They were willing to do all that she asked of them, and with swiftness too, and they even would die for her as they almost proved in some close calls that nearly made her heart leap out her mouth. Not even their own interests came before her own as Logos could never be seen with his girlfriends and always with her or doing something for her instead. Maybe that's why none of them seemed to have lives of their own. Leblanc controlled their time, and she didn't put much thought or care to it. While they'd help her with her situation with Nooj at a drop of a hat of the opportunity arose.

She loved them all in an off-way, and she didn't want any harm to come to them as they didn't want any to come to her but she felt guilty. She controlled, the control freak she was, everything about them. And at first she didn't care or even notice. Had she actually believed she owned them?

She felt terrible and regretted having ever made them do all that for her. Logos and Ormi could've died on their trip with her through the FarPlane, and they were worse for wear upon coming back home. They protested against it, and did she listen? No, she loved Nooj. But she should've gone by herself if that was the case. They didn't need to risk their lives for something other than sphere hunting. They were sphere hunters, not some love struck woman trying to simply get noticed.

She needed to leave them. This was going nowhere and it was a waste there; her relationship with Nooj, the constant risking of their lives over things that they'd just give away for free, the sleep deprivation they had as she dragged them all around Spira. No, she couldn't ask them to do that anymore or come with her through her life.

But how could she just tell them? Flat out? Or with hints so they can see it coming when it does? Is a quick big hurt better than a slow little one?

Either way, it was going to hurt her a lot, but she was going to do it.

She was going to leave to see Nooj herself, by herself, and if what she thought to be was then she was going to leave the Leblanc Syndicate for good.

Alright, those who have read (most) of my fanfic's will know these guys but just in case here is my O.C. Goons. If you are already familiar than just move right along : )

Taji: (Goon) an Al Bhed teen who has an a major attitude problem. He is always stuck with the job of guarding the front door, and major hobbies include pissing off Logos and anything to do with Machines. He's seventeen now, and he is determined to make sure his brother is taken care of at all times. Since coming to the Leblanc Syndicate, and legally getting adopted by the entire group, his distrust in them grew to complete trust and, though he doesn't admit it, he finds things he admires in his leaders, all three of them.

Daji: Taji's twin brother. He is also a known homosexual and gives Logos the 'jeebies' at times but also happens to be one of Leblanc's close goon friends and the only male in that close-knit group. He takes fashion advice from Leblanc and in his free time dresses like a male counterpart to her. His short blonde hair is even styled like hers. He also is the only goon Leblanc trusts to guard her bedroom door and they find him sleeping outside it at night.

Rouk: The only Dr. Goon that actually lives in the Château, he has long black hair that's admittedly graying and is not known for his smiles, but he does take care of everybody. It is this fact that he doesn't go live somewhere nearby in Guadosalem instead like the other's of his rank (despite their pay being drastically low for what they do) and he is the oldest, among all Goons, his rank and around, and even his leaders. He is like Logos in many ways, and they get along, but he isn't one for sympathy and constantly complains about "not getting paid enough."

Anomi: Another Al Bhed (though a female). She wears clunky goggles and has shoulder length blonde hair. She is often times teamed up with Ormi on missions and likes to think of herself in a higher position than she is though she's just a She-goon as her laid back attitude and constant laziness withhold any promotions from her. She was once a Fem-Goon but got quickly demoted after she suggested that Mara and herself take a hot spring bath instead of working one mission. She seemingly likes to hear herself speak as she hands out tid-bits of advice but sometimes, they're helpful advice.

Mara: a sweet Fem Goon who gives Leblanc her massages most of the time. She reminds Logos of Yuna and even sounds a lot like her, however she doesn't look like her as she has dark brown, boy short hair and a long hanging rectangle earring on one side. She was promoted recently from a She-goon to a Fem-goon by Leblanc herself because she rarely messes up unless the challenge is way over her head.

Nago: A Mr. Goon who is very by the book, if there was a book, and follows orders to the exact letter. Perhaps, it was this type of attitude that often got him teamed up with Logos, however despite his readiness to take and perform out orders, he cannot improvise well and often throws in dumb questions. He also has a weakness against girls because he is afraid to hit them. He has blue eyes and brown hair that is medium length. Nago is also know to be the 'pretty boy' and popular among the younger females. It should probably be best to mention that while most goons are either Former Yevonites who denounced their faith or Al Bhed angry at Cid, Nago is a twenty year old who actually wants to learn how to be a sphere hunter.

Erie: A rather depressing Fem-Goon, she has a pale face, a disheartening attitude, and a gloomy voice . If Anomi reminds Logos of Rikku, and Mara reminds him of Yuna then Erie is easily Paine. She doesn't like to admit it but she is very absentminded and forgets things very easily. She also is a klutz but doesn't admit defeat in whatever she messed up either. She has a platinum blonde hair and forest green eyes.

Zizi- A woman who often works with Erie. Because of Erie dropping a Floral Fallal, she was recently demoted to a She-Goon. She pulls out potions when they need help but for some reason, despite their tight outfits, she can pull out many other things too. She looks like the opposite of Erie, with dark tan skin, black hair split into two ponytail at the back of her neck, and tattoos on her legs.

Yamusu: Read Useless, no seriously, he was a goon that guarded the door with Taji. He had white hair and was a Yevonite (and was still religious) but couldn't return to Bevelle because he went AWOL on Operation Mi'ihen. He was quiet and spoke in whispers but was actually useful to the extent he was the middle ground for a lot of arguments. He was also the only one who could usually manage to keep Taji in line, he died in Useless and didn't have much more to his character than that.