So you've decided to ruin your life
Part o2

With his newest hat on his head, hair messy as ever and shoelaces coming undone, it was difficult to imagine the pains Kotetsu had gone through to look presentable for his date with Tomoe. To his mother's amusement, he had taken hours trying to select which hat went the best with his shoes, at the same time raking a comb through his stubbornly obstinate hair to the point where he nearly tore huge chunks of it out.

"I didn't realize you were so vain, Kotetsu," Anju had said, laughing, as Kotetsu retied his shoes for the fifteenth time. "Are you meeting somebody?"

"I-I guess…"

"Is it a girl?"

Suddenly, ridiculously defensive- fuelled by nervy butterflies the size of bed sheets flapping around demonically in his stomach- Kotetsu had said, face red, "N-no!"

"Oh… Is it a boy, then?"

Kotetsu made a funny squeaking sound. "No! No, it isn't; that was just a faze, okay? I-it's Tomoe…"

"Okay, okay." Anju laughed. "I thought it was Tomoe. She's a very nice young lady. Ahh, I supposed she'd have to be, to put up with you."

"And what's thatsupposed to mean?"

"Nothing, dear. Have a good time. Remember to stay safe." Anju smirked, raising a brow. She was giving him 'the Look'; the certain gaze allmothers had that said 'I know exactly what you're planning.'

It made Kotetsu feel sick.

Kaburagi Anju was a lovely person, really, but she teased Kotetsu something awful about his relationship with Tomoe; 'you should count yourself lucky somebody likes you at all given you're as tall as a skyscraper with feet the size of snowshoes, haha!'

Of course, that 'light-hearted' teasing did wonders for Kotetsu's self-esteem.

Mostly he could just shake it off, or laugh along, but when it came to how Tomoe might perceive him, it stung a little.

Following that somewhat embarrassing exchange with his mother, Kotetsu found the atmosphere in the house was way too awkward for him to stay there a second longer. Plus, he couldn't keep stalling for time, trying to rearrange his impossible hair into something remotely resembling a 'style'.

It wasn't like his feet were going to get any smaller or any less clumsy the longer he waited.

Neither did he have any sudden epiphany that led him to being the 'Master of Sex' he had been hoping for as he tied up his shoelaces.

This was not a magical girl anime, and the power of love was not going to save him. If anything, it was going to ruin his life completely.

It was time to go and meet Tomoe.

And, quite possibly, the end of his existence.

Okay, Kotetsu. Stay calm.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Thisisjustaromanticdinner.You'vehaddinnersbefore-notnecessarily 'romantic' ones,butstill.Youknowhowtoeat food,forGod'ssake.

As long as you put the food on your fork and into your mouth it'll be fine.

Besides, it's not like she'll try to push you down onto the table in front of all these people! Tomoe's not like that. She wouldn't-

Wait, would she…?

They say it's always the quiet ones.

What if she's been propositioning me all this time and I didn't notice? Maybe, when she asked if I needed help studying with math a few days ago, she didn't mean studying, but she was talking about something else?

A gentle pressure on Kotetsu's arm soon smashed that train of thoughts into a metaphorical brick wall. His thoughts jammed in Kotetsu's mind as one prevalent exclamation stood out above them all-

She's touching you.

She'stouching you.

Tomoe is touching you.

And then, after had processed that bombshell, another instantly occurred.

Is this a sex thing?

Really, it was no surprise that- given the muddled, anxious state of the inside of his skull- Kotetsu gave a weird, high-pitched noise and shrunk back into his chair.


Real smooth.

"U-um…" Tomoe looked at Kotetsu hesitantly from under her eyelashes, a small smile playing across her lips, fingertips still resting on his arm. "Are you okay? You've been kind of quiet…"

"H-huh? No, I'm fine!" said Kotetsu hurriedly, trying to swallow the rapidly rising lump of panic clogging up his throat. "Just peachy, ahahaha…"

"'Peachy?' Who saysthat anymore?"

"U-um, well, uh…"

"Hehe~" Giggling, Tomoe prodded Kotetsu on the tip of his nose; her sunflower-bright smile so close Kotetsu could feel her breath ghosting across his cheek. "You're so funny!"

"Ha ha… Yeah. Funny… Let's roll with that."

"I like your new hat! I guess you really made an effort, huh? Your hair's still a mess, though" said Tomoe, voice laced with those infectious giggles that usually made Kotetsu smile like an idiot, but right now were turning his blood to ice and filling him with dread.

Moving quickly, Tomoe yanked Kotetsu's hat off his head and set it on her own, then gave Kotetsu a peace sign and a smile.

"Well? What do you think?"

Tomoe was the very picture of adorkability. She'd even made her own 'yoink' sound effect when snatching Kotetsu's hat. She was in the habit of voicing sound effects when the sounds made in real life weren't satisfactory enough- and it was a frequent lament of Tomoe's that the world wasn't as bright and bubbly and loud and cheerful as her favourite comics.

It looked like she was doing all she could to change that, though.

She acted like such a mature, responsible girl at school it was a little disconcerting to see her so cheerful. Kotetsu figured he should have gotten used to the different sides of her personality by now, but it still managed to blow him away every time Tomoe dropped her 'student council president' act and began to smile and laugh like a little kid.

Sometimes, she behaved like a young child who'd just met their favorite celebrity; all wide-eyed, unable to stop grinning. It was kind of cute- or, well, not just kind of, but really.

It made Kotetsu feel just a bit uncomfortable, though.

Tomoe expected so much of him all the time. That was why she was so happy with him. But Kotetsu constantly worried he was only going to disappoint her, or let her down.

He might have had NEXT powers, but that didn't make him a hero. It made him a clumsy ox who accidentally snapped the handles off cups of tea and broke desks at school when he lent on them too hard.

What did Tomoe even see in him, anyway?

Well… if she liked him that much, to forgive all his faults and flaws, then surely she wouldn't leave him if he messed the sex thing up. He was pretty bad at most other things, and she forgave him for that.

Maybe he'd been stupid for getting so worried… Having sex with Tomoe wasn't going to change anything.

They'd always be like this, right…?

Just like two children having fun together.

Kotetsu breathed a sigh of relief.

Then, he smiled brightly, giving Tomoe a thumbs up.

"My hat looks good on you! A big improvement! I especially like that I can't see your face, ahaha!"

"Hauuu." Tomoe pouted, puffing out her cheeks. "That's no way to talk to a lady!"

"Most ladies don't make 'dadadadada' machine gun sound effects when they play shooting games in the arcade after school, you know."

"Hey, you do that, too! Even more than me!"

"Well, I'm allowed to, 'cause I'm awesome."

Tomoe stuck out her tongue. "I'm awesomer."

And with that, both of them looked each other in the eye-

And began to laugh.

It was okay.

Kotetsu was sure it was going to be okay.

Just don't break any of her limbs or say anything stupid, and you'll be fine.

I'm not really sure about the plausibility of that last one, though.

Maybe I should just put duct tape on my mouth before I start…

Kotetsu wasn't really sure how it happened. One moment he'd been sat on the couch in Tomoe's front room arguing about whether snails were insects or not (oh, what romantic conversations they had! Romeo and Juliet had nothingon them), and then the next, they were kissing. The topic of conversation just kind of progressed into the kissing, which progressed into deeper shows of affection, but, looking back on it later, Kotetsu couldn't quite figure out how it had happened.

It must have been from their burning, young, impulsive love.

That was it.

Kotetsu's fingers tangled in Tomoe's long, long hair and his lips fell against her neck, cheeks, lips, and- why had he been worried about this before? This seemed only natural; this was… kinda sorta perfect.

Tomoe smelt all flowery- not that Kotetsu could identify which flower (he had other things on his mind)- and it was strange he'd never been close enough to her to notice it before; they'd kissed, yes, but not like this.

The transition from the living room to Tomoe's bedroom was all kinds of chaotic, too; the events jumping around in Kotetsu's brain like a faulty tape which had been partly recorded over- skipping here and there with screens of static in-between.

He'd probably carried her- holding her just like a princess; "Haha, is this how you're gonna save people when you're a hero, Wild Tiger?~"

He distinctly remembered her saying that.

Tomoe had stolen his hat at some point, wearing it proudly. She had a strange obsession with his hats. It had fallen off her head, however, when Kotetsu had lowered her onto the bed. The hat rolled onto the floor, and that was a brandnew, but Kotetsu didn't really care; he was too busy kissing Tomoe.

Tomoe's old childhood toys- her stuffed animals and hero figurines (she'd never been a girl for dolls, as she had told Kotetsu once before) watched on; and Kotetsu couldn't help but feel awkward, as though he was defiling Tomoe's childhood or something.

He didn't really want to grope Tomoe's breasts whilst Mr. Legend looked at him all accusingly. It made his toes curl in embarrassment.

…Also, there must have been a better word for it than 'grope'.

"Hey, Kotetsu. What's wrong?"

Kotetsu smiled with embarrassment, cheeks flushed, eyes looking shyly into Tomoe's; his arms around her waist. He liked holding her against him like that; like he was a real hero rescuing a lovely young civilian.

A really, really lovely, young, cute civilian, with the prettiest smile he'd ever seen and a huge obsession with heroes.

Thanks to Tomoe's errant fingers and from being squished against the multiple pillows of Tomoe's bed, Kotetsu's hair was now even wilder than usual. 'Like a birds' nest' didn't even begin to describe it anymore. Instead, it looked like a birds' nest that had been dragged through a hedge backwards and hit by lightening.

It was weird Tomoe liked his hair at all, given how much of pain Kotetsu found it- not to mention his long string of despairing hair dressers, all of whom had refused point blank to even attemptshaping his hair into something vaguely normal-looking a second time.

Then again, Tomoe was kind of weird herself.

…He probably shouldn't tell her that. It might kill the mood.

"Ko~tet~suuu?~" Tomoe repeated, voice sing-song, as she prodded him in the cheek.

"A-ah, um… S-sorry, Tomoe!" Kotetsu apologized, a nervous smile twitching on the corners of his lips. "Ahaha… I was just wondering…"

"How it's possible for me to look so super cute?"

"W-well, that, too… But… Um… All these toys, and- this is your room that, y'know, you used to sleep in when you were a child and, ahaha…" Nervous laughter; his face burning red. "I-I guess, I'm trying to say, I, um… I-I feel… l-like I shouldn't be doing this… not in front of all your toys!"

"Muu?" Tomoe made a small noise of confusion. "You think?"

"Yeah… It's kind of silly but, um- I mean… D-doing this, with a figma of Mr. Legend on your desk…!"

"Oh, don't worry about that~ Mr. Legend was really popular with the ladies- when he was still young and good looking, anyway! I'm sure he must have done this before, too!" said Tomoe, smiling so brightly she could have made flowers bloom. "It's really no big deal!~ I'll remain a child at heart no matter what!"

"Ahaha… Now you're making me feel like a pervert…"

"Well, of course you're a pervert."

Kotetsu's eyes widened in surprise. "E-eh?"

Tomoe giggled, her head resting against his chest; long hair fanning out across her pillow. "Don't play coy~ I've heard the things you and Antonio talk about. I'm not stupid."

"A-aha, well that is, I, um, er-"

"And you're the lastperson to chastise me about my awesome Mr. Legend figmas given you're wearing Legend brand socks right now," Tomoe continued, smiling mischievously, as she kissed Kotetsu on the tip of his nose. "Hehe~ You're such a dork."

And with that, she moved to press her lips against Kotetsu's once more- breaking contact only so she could remove his shirt. It got caught around his spiky hair, and Tomoe pouted- tugging at it, as she tried to remove the pesky article of clothing.

"A-aahh, Tomoe- stop it! Stop it stop it stop it- I can't breathe!"

"Then help me take it off, dummy!"

"W-well, I…"

"Don't worry, I bet you look good shirtless~ Better than Mr. Legend, anyway… Though that's not exactly difficult…"

"Thanks," was Kotetsu's muffled reply as, forcefully, he managed to tear the stupid shirt free from the clutches of his hair (did his hair even have'clutches'?) and threw it aside. His face was light pink. "I don't know if that was a compliment or not. But Mr. Legend is still awesome."

"Well, naturally. I really admire Mr. Legend, but I think you're way, way cooler!" said Tomoe enthusiastically, her eyes almost sparkling. "I think you could be a better hero than him, Wild Tiger- definitely, definitely! I'll be your number one fan the whole way- yeah!~"

And with that cheery proclamation, she punched a fist in the air-


Or at least, attempted to.

Instead, she managed to thwack Kotetsu quite unceremoniously in the mouth with her elbow.

"…Oh no! I'm sorry! I didn't want to do that! Are you alright?" Tomoe asked, her motherly instincts coming into force with such strength Kotetsu felt almost overwhelmed.

At the same time, he couldn't help but think Tomoe would make a really good mother. She had that 'kind and caring' thing down perfectly.

"Y-yeah," Kotetsu said shakily, "I'm just fine…"

"Here, let me kiss it better!"

Kotetsu laughed through his pain. Had Tomoe hit him on purpose just so she could use a corny line like that?

It seemed like the sort of thing she'd do- but, then again, if she had intended to hit him, Kotetsu knew she wouldn't have been able to resist going 'slam!' when her elbow made contact with his mouth. Besides, Tomoe wasn't that sadistic.

Clumsy, yes. Cruel, no.

Well, unless forcing him to wait in a queue for four hours so she could get Aquamarine's (a popular water-based Hero) signature could be classified as cruel.

Kotetsu's laughter was soon swallowed up by lips against his once more and, somehow, more clothes were removed- first Tomoe's shirt, then his pants, and he didn't even remember doing that (oh God, his memory was going and he wasn't even twenty yet), and it didn't really matter; nothing matter anymore except Tomoe, and, and-

"Hey…" Tomoe smiled sweetly, blinking up at Kotetsu all innocently in a way that tugged at his heartstrings just like that. "Can you, like, I dunno… talk dirty to me?"

And, in a moment, that so-called 'innocence' was shattered.

Kotetsu nearly swallowed his tongue.

"I-I, um… w-what?"

"Talk dirty to me! Something like, I don't know…" Tomoe giggled. "Something about being a real wild tiger!"

Kotetsu felt himself flush. "…You're kidding."

"No, I'm seriously not! I think it would be sweet."

"I-I don't know what to say…"

"Use your imagination!"

"You know how long it took for me to think of a good hero name; i-if you wait for my imagination to kick in we'll be here until Christmas!"

"I think I might like that, hehe~"

Unthinkingly, Kotetsu blurted out the first thing that came to mind; "No you wouldn't. It'd get cold without a shirt on."

"You could warm me up~"


"Come on! Say something cool, like 'I'll show you a real wild roar!'"

"I-is that meant to be a euphemism? It doesn't even make sense…"

"But I think it sounds cool!"

Kotetsu looked at Tomoe in shock- before, finally, his features softened out into a small, warm smile. Grinning, he prodded his girlfriend in the side, making her squeal.

"You really are ridiculous, you know that?"

Tomoe pulled Kotetsu close to her, arms wrapped round his waist tightly.

"And so are you."

"I guess… that's why we work well together… huh?"

"Mmmhmm." Tomoe giggled, threading her fingers through Kotetsu's hair; playing with it, just as a child would spend hours threading daisy chains. "You didn't need to worry about making a fool out of yourself, you know. After all… that's why I love you."

It was strange what effect a few simple words could have on somebody.

To Kotetsu, he suddenly felt like he was on top of the world.

Tomoe loved him.

She loved him.

Antonio had been right. What did it matter if he made a fool out of himself, really? You had to be able to laugh at yourself, or else making a mistake would become almost impossible- and, no matter what he did, Tomoe would forgive him.


That was what gave him the power to say it.

"A-alright then… I'll show you a real wild roar!"

Surprisingly enough, he didn't feel stupid; he didn't feel stupid at all.

But, then again, that was what 'love' did people.

It turned them into idiots.

Even bigger ones than usual.

Kotetsu was no exception.

Morning found Tomoe and Kotetsu curled up in each others arms, smiling softly, sleepily, at one another. Their clothes had been scattered across the room- but neither cared about that. They were past caring.

Tomoe was idly tracing patterns on Kotetsu's skin- maybe sappy romantic messages, or sound effects from her favourite comics; probably just nonsense shapes.

"See?" she said, looking up at Kotetsu earnestly. "You didn't active your power and crush me, did you?"

"Ahaha… I-I guess not."

"And that wasn't the worst thing that had ever happened to you, was it?"

"No." Kotetsu smiled warmly. "No. It really wasn't."

"Good. I kind of doubted my amazing abilities at seduction, but I guess I got a 10 out of 10!"


Affectionately, Kotetsu gave Tomoe a quick kiss on the lips- revelling in her flowery scent once more, and how completely, utterly perfect it felt to be together with her like this, after that-


Kotetsu shuddered.

His eyes narrowed.

"Uu… What is it?" asked Tomoe, her fingers threading between Kotetsu's. "What's wrong?"

Kotetsu gave Tomoe a strange, slightly suspicious look.

"I… never told you I was worried about my powers. Or about having s… s… sex with you."

Tomoe beamed. "No, you didn't~ Antonio gave me a call before I went out yesterday."

"He did what?"

"Yeah. He said you were really, completely nervous- like, a total wreck- and I had to play nice with you or you might fall to pieces! Is that okay? Kotetsu? Kotetsu…? Ko~tet~suuu?~"

But Kotetsu couldn't hear Tomoe.

Instead, he was inwardly seething.

T-that backstabbing bastard!

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