Author's notes: This little ficlet is a bonus chapter to a previous fic for last year's P&J challenge of 30 days and 30 prompts. The specific days of the 15th (Cybertronian Heat Cycle) and 17th (The birth or start of something special) were combined to write that fic. I suggest you do so the pairings make sense and that way I wont have to explain.

Also, this post isn't on the P&J community as I missed the deadline. :( Real life interfered. By some rule I can't post it for the challenge. So I've posted it on my LJ and here. Please enjoy!

Barricade laid still, curled around Pantera, enjoying the warmth of her form pressed so intimately and snuggly against his own. He shuttered his optics closed grateful for the serenity and quiet of the morning.

Of course it took less than a klick for his enforcer instincts to kick in and tell him it was too quiet.

Normally, whenever Jazz stayed over a night the domicile was filled with the sound of young mechlets giggling and shouts of excitement. Barricade and Pantera thank Primus regularly for Jazz, and his family, to come into their lives. Especially Jazz because he's helped Prowl overcome some of his extreme shyness when his parents were unable to.

So, normally Barricade should hear his son's giggling and gentle voice by now. Prowl was notoriously an early riser and was often bribed to go back into recharge with his parents just so the rest of the home could finish recharging. However, whenever Jazz was over the pair often played in Prowl's room until Barricade or Pantera collected them for morning energon.

Reluctantly, Barricade gently extracted himself from Pantera's form and moved quietly from their berthroom. Prowl's room was closest as he was the youngest of his three offspring. Also, his door was locked in the open position because Prowl was prone to moving in his recharge and often laid on his far too sensitive winglets. Thus, Barricade or Pantera needed to hear their youngling's cries of distress so they could quickly help him.

Only to Barricade's surprise, neither Prowl nor Jazz were in the berthroom. Keeping calm, he moved to Bluestreak's room. Blue often let Prowl play with his toys whether he was here or spending the night over at Downshift and Sonata's to play with Jazz's older brother Ricochet. Only once again, there was no sign of Prowl or Jazz. Even Blue's toys were still neatly in their place, untouched.

As a precaution, Barricade checked Smokescreen's room even though Prowl knew not to go into his eldest brother's room. Smokey had entered the 'I need my privacy' stage and only Ric was allowed in his room, or Barricad and Pantera if Smokey wasn't there. Little brothers were banned regardless.

"Frag it," Barricade muttered seeing Smokescreen's room empty as well.

Then suddenly a horrifying thought raced through his processor. Barricade rushed through the hallways to weapons locker he and all other enforcers had installed in their domiciles. It was locked closed but he punched in his access code and opened it anyways. He had to be certain Prowl didn't hack the code. Little mech was too good at puzzles and figuring out codes for his age.

Relief flooded him when his weapons were charged to capacity and exactly as he left them.

And as he was locking it back up he heard a clanking noise followed by quiet giggling. His spark was finally at ease and he smiled. With the intent on peaking in on and catching Prowl and Jazz in the act of whatever they were doing, Barricade move silently towards the kitchen where the noises were coming from. Once near the door, he stopped and leaned over just enough to peer into the room.

His optics widened at the mess!

Blue and white powdered was all over the countertops. Oily and powdered servo prints were on just about every single cabinet door. There were even oily ped prints on the floor and…Primus, the wall? And in the middle of it all were two oily and powdered mechlets working diligently over a large mixing bowl.

"How's it now?" Jazz asked quietly.

Prowl stuck his hand into the mix and then licked his fingers, thick blue and white goo dropped onto the countertop and down his chest.

"Perfect!" he smiled, his winglets fluttering with delight, specs of powered flaking off and sprinkling down. "Father and mother will love it!"

"Are ya sure ya know how to cook the energon treats?"

"Yeah. I watch mother do it all the time!"

"So…how do we cook 'em?"

"The cooking tray! I forgot!"

It was then that Barricade decided to announce his presence for the safety of the little mechlets. His intention was not to punish them but to assist. Only Prowl reacted in away that Barricade wasn't anticipating but then should have expected. His youngest son was always so sensitive.

Prowl's winglets shot up as he was startled when his saw his father move into the room. Upset that his special plan to surprise his creators was ruined Prowl immediately sat down, bowed his head and started quietly crying.

"Oh Prowl, I'm not mad at you," Barricade chuckled, lifting his little mechlet up and holding him close to his spark. "I just didn't want you or Jazz accidentally hurting yourselves making energon goodies."

"But my surprise is all ruined," Prowl hiccupped, trembling.

"Not completely," he smiled, lifting Prowl's chin up so he could see into his son's large deep blue optics. "I appreciate it very much and I know your mother is going to love it. It is her sparkday after all."

"So, we're not in trouble?" Jazz timidly asked, sitting on the counter trying to be as small as he could be.

"No, you're not in trouble this time. However, I will ask that you little mechs do not do this unless one of your brothers help you. You're both still too young to cook energon treats."

"What 'bout mixin' 'em?" Jazz asked, smiling holding the spoon.

Barricade tried not to cringe to badly when the gooey mixture splattered on the counter and wall. He just couldn't find it in his spark to get angry at Prowl or Jazz because they always mean well.

"Well, perhaps some lessons on being more tidy would prove beneficial," Barricade smiled and set Prowl back down on the countertop. "How on Cybertron did you get ped prints that high up on the wall?"

"Like this!" Prowl proudly exclaimed, leaping off the counter with Jazz close behind him.

Barricade curiously watched the two mechlets. Jazz moved close to the wall while Prowl moved to the opposite wall, grinning. Then Prowl took off running across the room and used Jazz's hands as a launch pad. Two quick steps up the wall and he pushed off, doing a back flip and then landing on his peds.

"Jazz can get higher, wanna see?" Prowl asked excitedly.

"Perhaps later," Barricade smiled. "And I think it best that such acrobatics be performed outside only."

"Yes, father," Prowl replied bowing his head realizing he'd done something wrong.

The big mech sent nothing but pulses of his love and affection for his youngest son. Pantera often said Barricade could never find it in his spark to punish Prowl no matter what the mechlet did. She was right. But then Prowl never did anything too bad that warranted punishment. And when he did his spark was always in the right place.

"I love you too father," Prowl grinned, hugging his father's leg as tight as he could.

"Alright then, lets cook some energon treats!"

"Yay!" Jazz cheered.

"Shh!" Prowl exclaimed, covering Jazz's mouth.

"Oh, sorry," Jazz mumbled, then covered Prowl's mouth. "Ya have to be quiet too!"

"You both need to be quiet so we all don't get caught in this mess!"

Both mechlets laughed heartily.

'Cade?' Pantera questioned over his bond. 'What's wrong?'

'Nothing. Just our youngest son being adorable as ever. Stay on the berth so you don't ruin his surprise. And yes, I will clean up the mess.'

'Make sure you get it off the ceiling too.'

'Uh?' Barricade questioned, looking up and seeing globs of treat mix hanging precariously from above.

Barricade groaned, feeling his bondmate's amusement within his spark.