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Three residents of Radiant Garden, which was once called Hollow Bastion, stood outside and gazed all around, amazed at the warm glow it was now giving off.

"Our home… It's finally been restored to the way it was before." Aerith, a woman with long brown hair tied into a high ponytail with kind green eyes, said in a sweet, soothing voice.

"Well, mostly. At least its giving off the familiar radiant glow it used to have before." next to her was Leon, a male brunette with blue eyes, who rarely showed much emotion, said in a cool voice and smiled softly.

"I love it! Everything is perfect! I feel so warm on the inside!" and then there's Yuffie, a hyperactive but joyful black haired ninja, who was now running around happily, enjoying the familiar warmth the town gave her. Leon and Aerith watched their friend in amusement and chuckled softly.

But Aerith had been thinking about something.

"Leon… do you remember, when we were really little, how we met so many people?" she asked out of the blue. Leon thought for a second and nodded.

"Yeah… why do you ask?" well, there were a few people Leon remembered. Some, he didn't remember on purpose.

"I don't know… they just came up in my mind." Aerith looked down at the ground, her bangs falling in front of her face, which Leon noticed. "I wish… they were here." Leon sighed and closed his eyes. He knew how Aerith felt. It had been so long since they had seen their old friends, and they weren't really sure what happened to them. He looked back at Aerith and placed a hand on her head, making her look up.

"Don't worry, I miss them too. If they were here, the whole town would really be back to full restoration." Aerith looked up at him. Well… he did have a point. "But I'm sure wherever they are, they're in a better place now." Aerith smiled at this.

"Yeah…" Leon moved his hand off her head and looked back at Yuffie, who was running full speed at them.

"Oh no…" he saw the go-happy look in her eyes. She had something in mind. Which scared Leon.

"YOU GUYS! What are you doing just standing there! We need to have a celebration, RIGHT NOW! To Merlin's House!" and this is exactly what Leon feared… Yuffie had grabbed both his and Aerith's arms and dragged them back to Merlin's House, to have a celebration.

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