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"Has anyone seen Yuffie?" Zack had entered Merlin's house, a lost look on his face. Leon, who was sitting on the couch, reading, looked up at Zack.

"She's been in Merlin's room all day and won't talk to anyone for some reason." he stated calmly, continuing to read.

"Wait…" Zack became even more confused. "What? We're talking about Yuffie here! What the hell happened-"

"Please leave, and ask your questions to Yuffie herself. I'm trying to read." Leon snapped, very annoyed now.

"I will!" like a child, Zack stuck his tongue out at him, and was making his way to Merlin's room, but even before reaching the door, it had burst open, revealing a concerned Aerith. "Hey." Zack smiled, but he was a bit worried when he saw her face.

"Oh, Zack." Aerith smiled upon seeing him, but she still looked concerned.

"What's up? You okay?"

"I'm fine. It's just… it's Yuffie. She's sad." Zack couldn't believe it. Yuffie… sad? Is that possible?

"Well, why? What's wrong with her?" he asked, a little concerned.

"She and Cloud got into an argument earlier. Cloud called her a really bad name, Yuffie got upset, and now she's in there, and refuses to come out." Aerith explained briefly. Zack glared at the ground upon hearing this.

"I'm gonna talk with Cloud." and after saying that, he stormed off, going to look for the spiky blonde.

Cloud was found atop the roof of a random house, thinking about the argument he just had with Yuffie, and shook his head, disappointed in himself.

But then, he heard something odd.

It sounded like scratching…

"Gah! Damn it, can't get a grip." Cloud recognized that voice and turned over, looking down to see a familiar face.

"Zack?" he called, wondering what the hell he was doing. The blackette looked up and pointed an angry finger.

"Cloooooooud! Get your ass down here, now!" he demanded. The blonde sighed and dropped down from the roof, standing in front of him.

"What?" before getting an actual answer, though, Zack grabbed Cloud's arm. "Hey-!"

"No talking!" Zack stated firmly as he dragged the confused blonde.

Meanwhile, a solemn looking Yuffie was sitting on the bed, thinking of the argument with Cloud. She wanted to fix it… but she didn't know how.

Suddenly, there was a tap at the window, which made her look up. She blinked in confusion when she saw Zack. He was motioning her to open the window, which she finally got up to open it.

"What are you doing?"

"Come outside." he smiled. She raised an eyebrow.

"No, I don't want to." she tried to back up, but Zack grabbed her arms and pulled her out the window. "Zack! Let me go or-" Zack turned her around, and what Yuffie saw, simply amazed her.

"Surprise!" Donald's three nephews, and Cloud, had presented Yuffie with a large tub-full of all different varieties of ice cream.

"Ice cream… So much ice cream…"her eyes sparkled. Cloud walked over to her.

"Yuffie, about the argument, I-"

"ICE CREAM!" and she pulled out a giant random spoon, running towards the ice cream. Cloud blinked.

"She'll forgive you after eating the ice cream." Zack chuckled, and Aerith had walked up, smiling.

"How'd you know Yuffie loves ice cream?" she asked, happy to see Yuffie all better now.

"Psh, ice cream brings happiness to everyone." Zack grinned, and there were some children digging in on the ice cream. At some point, even Zack got some ice cream for himself.

But all that mattered at the moment, was that Yuffie was happy, which made everyone happy.

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