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'This just can't be happening. Not here. Not now. Not to me!' I kept mumbling those words over and over again while stomping towards my room. 'Just what kind of look was that?' I was sure that my face was still flustered so I tried to avoid as much as possible the other student's curious looks. I closed the door as fast as I could behind, leaning my back against it. The places he touched were still burning.

My name is Hijirikawa Masato. I'm 17 years old, student in Class A at the most famous music academy 'Saotome Gakuen'. My father doesn't quite agree with the 'idol' career that I've been trying to persuade, so I can only attend the school for 1 year and take over the family's financial business afterwards. I wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity, but lately something keeps getting on my mind… or rather 'someone'.

It took me a while to realize that I was panting. Just how fast had I been running? I sighted and took a deep breath trying to calm down while leaning my head against the wooden door. And I had almost succeeded when a sudden knock in the door made me startle.

'Are you there…?' The voice that I've known for almost all of my life was lowly whispering from the other side of the door. I decided to ignore it. My head was already screwed up enough. I didn't want to see him anymore.

'Masato…'He slightly pushed the door giving me a nudge as well. Shit. I forgot to lock the door.

'N-no…don't…'I paused surprised by my own voice which didn't sound at all like my usual one. I squeezed my eyes and kept opposing his attempts to open the door. 'Leave…me alone…' I continued, ignoring the fact that my voice, as well as my entire body, was shaking. I just wanted him to disappear.

A more violent pushing made me fall down on all fours at a certain distance from the door. I quickly turned around, just to get to see Ren's back while he was closing the door behind him. No. He wasn't just closing it. He was locking it. I blinked a few times surprised, unable to move my sight from him. Why was he doing this…? Only when he tuned his face towards me, I noticed the look on his face. He seemed sad…hurt…almost pitiful. Just what kind of expression was that…? It took me a while to realize that I was staring at him, and turn my face away. I had nothing to tell him right now.

'Masato…' He gently whispered my name while slowly approaching.

'DON'T!' The words came out by themselves, making Ren surprisingly freeze. My voice wasn't shuddered anymore. It was rather rough, and that gave me a bit more confidence. I raised and faced him. 'I told you to leave me alone.'

He just shrugged. 'I'm not forced to obey what you say. Masa-kun.' He still looked a little different than usual but the fact that he used that nickname (which he knew I hated) and his careless tone were proof that he was playing around. 'Still…I'm surprised that you actually ran over here like this…' His face had the trace of a smile while analyzing my whole body.

'Like…this…?' I unwillingly repeated. After looking down I realized that my shirt was unbuttoned, and my pants zipper was half opened. How could I have forgotten about that? I felt my face burning as I wrapped the shirt better around myself, forgetting about Ren, which proved to be a really bad idea.

He suddenly got by me and grabbed one of my hands pinning me against the wall. I gasped and squeezed my eyes as he glued his body over mine.

'Wh-Why are you…' I felt his leg pressing between mines and startled. I gripped my teeth and struggled. It was useless. I knew that I was unable to beat Ren's strength, but I still kept trying to pull away from him.

'BECAUSE OF THIS.' His really defiant voice made me stop. I looked up to him surprised. He looked back straight into my eyes. Ren was mad. I could clearly see that on his face. I avoided his sight moving mine towards the floor. I clenched my fists irritated. Why was he the angry one? He suddenly sighed. 'Because of this…' He repeated, this time with a softer voice. He lowered his head and whispered into my ear. 'You won't listen. No matter what I do. You won't even give me the chance to explain…'

'Explain?' I lifted my head and he withdrawn his as well, so that now the only distance between our faces were a few centimeters. 'You want to explain?' I nervously laughed. Laughing was good. It made me able to hide the uneasiness from Ren's closeness. 'Ren, isn't playing around with all the girls from the Academy enough for you?' Since he didn't reply I continued with the meanest voice I could make: 'I am already sick of your games, and I surely do not want to become your new toy! Can you even underst-'.And he kissed me.

He was roughly pressing his lips against mine gluing his body even more. The pressure of his hands over mine grew making my joints hurt. I jerked and pressed my lips against each other feeling him lick them. 'Nnh…' I tried to fight back, but it was useless. Ren gathered my hands over my head and pinned them with his, then grabbed my chin forcing me to open my mouth. 'N..no..nn…' was all that I was able to mumble before his tongue went inside.

I suddenly widen my eyes feeling his hand straining under my shirt, stroking my back. If this was one of his games… it wasn't funny anymore, or at least, not for me. My whole body was acting strange. Thinking clearly was getting hard as well. After a while he finally let me break the kiss and deepened his head into my neck biting and licking it. I rolled my head and gripped my teeth. It felt weird. Everything felt so damn weird.

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