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What was I supposed to do? How did he expect me to react…?

My mind was still slightly numb from the thrills of pleasure, yet fading. I ended up just deepening my face more into Ren's neck, trying to delay the moment when I'd need to speak as much as possible. Several minutes passed and him not saying a word either, didn't help too much, an awkward silence gradually surrounding us, making my chest feel even tighter than it already did. His hands were still roaming over my back, fingertips lightly following the outline of my spine up and down, under the shirt, over and over again.

"Masato…" My name came out of his mouth as a murmur, making my body involuntarily react with a slight startle. I pressed my lips more against each other, determined to just ignore his call, straining my hands even harder into the back of his shirt. He whiffed almost amused at my nervous reaction, his fingers sliding onto my shoulders, giving them a soft squeeze before trying to push me away. Ren stopped as soon as he noticed that I wasn't willing to move an inch: "Masato, don't be like this….or are you that scared of me seeing your expression right now?" My eyes popped open at the teasing tune in his voice then narrowed at the killing truth which was lacing his words. Indeed, I was afraid of him getting to see the confusion and hesitation from my expression.

Also, I felt the need to punch him so badly.

But I didn't. I was well aware of my body's condition, even doubting the ability of rising up and keeping my own balance, moreover trying to hit him while doing so.

More silence.

Those were probably the longest moments from my life. More and more questions, convicted to remain voiceless, kept popping inside of my mind while I was gradually regaining full control over it. Even if I ran away, what exactly would I had solved with it? Nothing. I promised myself that I would never run away….from anything, no matter how hard to handle it might have seemed.

A low sigh escaped through my lips as an attempt of calming down while my hands gradually relaxed and fell down on each of my sides, palms resting against the floor. Ren sighed as well, his arms slowly unwrapping from around me, and pulled away a bit. I could feel his sight locked onto me, but there was no way that I could dare to lift mine and confront his...or at least not yet.

I felt a sudden warmth pressed against my cheek: his fingertips gently sliding down to my jaw, then back up my cheekbones through soft, circular motions. I gripped my teeth and took a deep breath before finally rising my sight.

Blue eyes met blue eyes, ones colder than the others.

"Why are you doing this?" My voice came out as a little more than a whisper. I needed an explanation, a really good one which I could really believe. He just chuckled. A low and melodic chuckle which casted adrift even more unease to course through my body.

"'Why' you ask?..." He leaned forward, lips lightly brushing over the sensitive flesh beneath my ear, making me instinctively react by lifting my shoulders and shutting closed my eyes. "You're pretty cruel now, aren't you…? I think that I've given enough indices for you to figure the answer out on your own." He made a small pause. "Or…perhaps I should give you some more? That pretty little head of yours should eventually apprehend what I'm trying to say." A sweet kiss was placed onto the base of my ear, followed by a light bite on its lobe, his arms sliding under my knees and behind my back, then he suddenly stood up, lifting me into his arms as well.

"What are you—?" My hands quickly wrapped around his neck and he huffed at my slight fear of him dropping me, then walked towards his king-sized bed to lay me down on one of its sides. I couldn't do anything but stare at his face and mumble as soon as he withdrawn his hands from me. "I….I don't understand you…"

"Well, then… I guess I'll need to make things clearer…" A new smile curved his lips upwards as he bent over and pressed a new kiss to my mouth.

Make what clearer…?

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