Gilbert sat there crying how could this happen? He thought, choking on his tears. He's never been this open with a person and now looks at him. He's home alone while his so called boyfriend is out cheating on him.

Gilbert gathered himself and stood up. He needed to talk to someone. But who could he tell? His friends TOLD him this would happen. He couldn't go to them.

Then it hit him. Matthew! Francis' cousin! They've never really talked but he has no one else to go to and Matthew will keep his secret.

Gilbert drove himself to Matthew's house where he and his friends charge in at any time. Although, this time, Gilbert rang the doorbell. This was a whole other matter.

A man who looked just like Matthew came to the door in nothing but a towel. His hair was dripping wet and there was a confused look on his face.

"Alfred, who's at the door?" another man that Gilbert knew as Arthur Kirkland came up behind Alfred. "Oh, I'm sorry, I was looking for Matthew-I'll just go..." Gilbert turned to run away but was stopped. "Wait! Mattie's up stairs! You can go up. Don't pay attention to us." Alfred snaked a hand around Arthur's waist, pulling him in for a kiss.

"O-okay..." Gilbert mumbled, pushing past the two. He walks up the stairs and knocks on the door they always intrude in. Gilbert heard shifting inside the room. "Alfred!" a low mannered voice came. Then the door came flying open. "I told you I don't want to-"

Matthew saw Gilbert standing there with his head down an eye watering. "Oh. Gil? What are you doing here? Are Toni and Francis going to pop out from behind you?" Gilbert only shook his head, making the tears fall from his eyes. "God Gil! What's wrong?"

"C-Can I come in?" he managed too gasp out. Matthew nodded quickly with his mouth open. He never seen Gil this quiet let alone this upset.

"So... What's up Gil?" Gilbert shook his head. "I'm so sorry Mattie! I just came out of nowhere! I just! I need someone to talk to!" he gasped and sat on Matthew's bed. Matthew went over and sat next to him, patting his hunched over back. "It fine Gil. Just tell me what's wrong."

Gilbert sniffles and looked at the younger male. "M-My boyfriend's been cheating on me." Matthew looked at him wide eyed. Why was Gilbert telling him this? Before he asked, he continued. "It's been going on for a while and I just sit there and take it!"

"Why don't you leave him?" Matthew knew it wasn't his place to ask but he want to know more than the small bit he already knew about Gilbert. "Because he's been there ever since-" Gilbert's eyes grew wide. Matthew watched them fill with tears. "He has been there ever since Eliza died."

Matthew was confused. He's never heard of Eliza. "Who?"

"My childhood best friend. She was killed 5 years and seven months ago. Someone murdered her. I was so stricken with grief I wouldn't eat." Gilbert clears his eyes of tears. "Then Roderich helped me through it. I thought the world of him. I fell in love with him." he drew in a deep shaky breathe. "I-I guess the love he said he had for me wasn't strong enough..."

"D-Do you know who it is? Who he's cheating with, I mean." Matthew asked. He didn't really care who it was. He just wanted to hurt the man who hurt Gilbert.

"This guy named Vash. I don't think he even knows about me. Roderich wouldn't tell him." Gilbert looked down. "I don't even see him that much. We were supposed to go out tonight. But you can see that didn't happen."

"I'm sorry Gil. I really am. You don't deserve that." Matthew rubbed his back some more, which Gilbert loved. No one's been this nice or show this much affection towards him in years. Gilbert blushed. "Thanks. That means a lot to me." they shared a smile and Gilbert straightens up and looks at him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to dump all my shit on you. How old are you anyway? You look 16."

"I'm 19 thank you very much! I'm legal as of this summer!" Gilbert smirks. "You were legal when you were 18 smart one."

"As my brother puts it we're' legaler' now." Matthew rolls his eyes. "And yes I know Arthur is way too old for him but they're cute." "How'd you know I was going to say that?" Matthew shrugs. "Happens a lot." "Oh..."

There was a long calm silence before Gilbert spoke up. "I gotta go. Thanks a bunch Mattie."

"Anytime you wanna talk, just come over, Kay?" Gilbert nodded and Headed down the stairs. Matthew closed the door behind him and locked it out of habit. "Nice booty call Mattie! Little shy though. Were you on top?" Alfred asked and Matthew turned a bright shade of red.

"Hes not my 'booty call' Alfred. He's a friend who needed my help." Alfred rolled his eyes. "Whatever. Is that why he looked like he was about to cut his wrists?"

"Yes actually. So leave Gilbert alone." Matthew commanded. "Yeah yeah I will. No promises I'll be nice to him. He's creepy. All red-eyed and shit."

"Just leave him alone, Kay?" Matthew was getting pissed. Gilbert was in pain. Why can't Alfred stop being a douche bag for five seconds? And how could he say that Gilbert looked creepy? Gilbert was so-Matthew shook his head. He was about to call his cousins best friend hot. That was place he did NOT want to go. No matter how much he thought it...

"Mattie are you talking to yourself again?" Alfred asked. Matthew ignored him and went to his room. I need to find my own place, he thought before closing his door.

-three days later

Gilbert walks into the house he shared with Roderich, with arms full of fresh groceries, when he heard voices. He kept an eye on the stairs as he sat the bags down. The voices grew louder. Gilbert slowly climbed the stairs, hearing the noise excelled in volume. He traced the noises to the bed room. Gilbert's heart sank. He knew what was behind the door. He needed closure.

Gilbert threw the door open. Seeing Roderich holding some other man brought tears to his eyes. The blonde in Roderich's arms grew deep red and threw Roderich off of him and also covering himself with the blanket.

"Roddie? W-Who's this?" Vash asked quickly. Roderich looked between the two. Gilbert rolled his eyes. "Don't even tell him. I'm packing my stuff tomorrow. I'll be out of your hair by three."

Gilbert slammed the door and ran down the stairs. His vision fogged with tears, it hurt yes, but felt good to finally say it. "Gilbert! Wait!" Roderich called. Gilbert ignored him and drove off in his car. He was finally free of Roderich and that awful past. He can rebuild his life.

Even with the amazing discovery, Gilbert still broke down as he parks. His heart was in more than two pieces now. They were in five million and he couldn't even fell the vital organ. It was numb. He gripped the steering wheel for something stable.

Regrettably, he got out of the safe surroundings of his car and rang the doorbell. Innocent blue eyes came to the door. "Shit... What happened now?" Matthew groaned.

Gilbert gave a small smile. "I saw him. He was with Vash. On OUR bed. I was right. He didn't tell Vash." his smile twitched as he felt tears pass his lips to fall off his chin. "Come in Gil." Matthew waved him in and Gilbert happily entered. He followed teen into the kitchen where he was sat down. Matthew left for a split second and returned with a huge bottle of vodka.

"Your 19! How'd you get that?" Gilbert asked as Matthew poured him a drink. The blonde only shrugged. "Arthur brings a lot over and there's a Russian guy who sells vodka for cheap without carding." Gilbert knew very well who that was. When they were in high school together Gilbert would always get from him.

Gilbert raised his glass. "For the fuck of it!" he cheered before chugging his glass. Matthew watched him sympathetically. "So what are you going to do now?" Gilbert froze at the question before growing an unexplainable smile. "Beats me. I just told him I'd be out by three, not thinking where I'd go. Shit. Well I guess the bad touch trio will be living together again!"

"You're really going to move in with Francis and Toni? You know that's made for disaster, right?" Gilbert said nothing and poured more vodka. "Plus Romano hates Francis living with them. I know he won't be too thrilled about you."

Gilbert shook his head. "Then where will I go? I can't live on the streets." Matthew bit his lip. "You could live here." Gilbert looked at him in shocked. "H-Here? B-But what about y-your brother?" Gilbert shook. Matthew waved his hands. "Forget about him. He only comes home to fuck Arthur and drink. He works part time and lives at Arthur's most of the time."

Gilbert goes bright red and looks down. "Are you sure it'd be okay? I- I would have to pay for rent or something." Matthew shrugged. "You'll get a few bills at the end of the month. That's all you need to do, yeah?"

Gilbert stared at Matthew. What did he do to get this much support? "Mattie?" "Hmm?" "Why are you being so nice to me? You barely know me and you're offering me to live with you. I don't get it." Matthew smiled at Gilbert. "Gil, I've known you since I was born. I remember when I was six years old and Francis brought you and Toni to the family gathering. And that's not the first I remember of you. When I was two you gave me my favorite Teddy polar bear. And my mom told me when I was born you took me from Francis. So don't go there Gil."

Gilbert blushed and looked down. He really did know this kid better than he thought. "A-Are you sure it's be okay?" "100%" he looked to the side. The kid was so nice... So helpful. "Yeah, why the hell not?" Gilbert watches as Matthews eyes lit up and a smile grew on his face. "Sweet! Come on, I'll show you your new room!" Matthew reached out and took Gilbert's hand.

Gilberts hand tingled, which would only happen when Roderich held his hand... His face burns, this being the only real contact with someone in years.

Matthew brings him to a room in the far back. It had nothing more than a bed and a dresser. It was a plain white. Gilbert looked around. "It's too white." "We'll paint it! I hate this color anyway..." Matthew mumbled, looking down. His eyes fell on his and gilberts hand. Their hands were together but fingers not locked. Matthew didn't know what possessed him to do so but he moved his hand and laced their fingers.

Gilbert's heart skipped a beat. He opens his mouth to do nothing but stutter out some nonsense. Matthew smiled at him. "Gil your-" "MATTIE? WHERE'D YOU GO?" Alfred screamed from down stairs.

"MATTIE!" Gilbert heard Alfred storm up the stairs and quickly jumped away from Matthew, and just in time.

Alfred burst through the door. "MATTIE! I HAVE A FAVOR!" Alfred whined, he looked over and saw Gilbert. "What's he doing here?"

"Tell you in a sec. What do you needs now?" Matthew asked with a sigh. "Arthur wants a double date." Matthew gave him a questioning look. "Yeah! That's what I thought! Anyways, I've asked every one! Even Heracles and Sadiq don't wanna go! Please Mattie!"

"Alfred I don't have a girl friend or boyfriend." Matthew reminds him. "I don't care! Buy a 10 cent hooker! I think Ivan's sister Natalia is available!"

Gilbert tried to stifle his laugh. There's no way in hell Matthew would ever go on a date with that physco bitch.

"Don't say that in front of him Alfred!" Matthew warned, "FINE! Just find a date for this weekend yeah? I gotta go arties in the car. THIS WEEKEND!" with the last word he was out. Matthew groaned. "I hate my brother." he went over to the bed and fell backwards on it. "I have two days. To find a completely normal date. Or at least as normal as I can get!"

Gilbert looked down. He was going to avoid the question he was thinking in his head because he did NOT think about his best friend's 19 year old cousin like that. Now that he has time to think about it, it's more like rape than anything else.

"Hey Mattie?" Gilbert asked. "Yeah?" Matthew questioned. "Will you help me move out tomorrow?" Gilbert pleads. "I really need help to get everything out and I-"

"Gil, you don't need to explain. I'll help you."

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