Okay so I have been told some of you were not happy with this. Well I'm sorry and I hope this is okay. But if you don't like this, I'm sorry.

Gilbert sighed and arranged the last of the liquor. It was Romano and Feliciano's 21st birthday and they planned to abuse the privilege to the highest extent. It wasn't as if they haven't had drinks before. Now it was just legal. Antonio was looking forward to reaping the benefits of a drunken Romano.

"I still can't believe I helped you with this. Romano hates me." Gilbert grumbled, not in the mood to deal with the small Italian who will bark orders at him.

Antonio pouted and made that sad face that looked like a kicked puppy. "But Roma doesn't hate you~! He never did~! Hes just not nice to people~!" Gilbert raised his eye brows. Shouldn't that be a red flag? The albino shook it off. "Whatever." He mumbled, not wanting to think about tonight.

Tonight, I'm going to see Mattie again.

"Is Francis coming?" Gilbert asked. That was another person he did NOT want to see. "He might… He said that he had work to do. I'm not entirely sure how true it was… But I'll make sure nothing bad happens, si? It's my little tomato's birthday~! I would never let anyone die~!"

"Good I wasn't planning on dying today anyway!" Gilbert whined. "I better get fucking drunk tonight…" After I talk to Mattie. His hand traced the bottle in his hand. He longed for the sweet numbness that was alcohol. It was an old friend that never got mad at him. It was always there to get his mind off the pain he has been going through. It comes in all shapes and sizes. His favorite was beer. He could drink a lot before he passed out.

Antonio looked at him, worried. "Just don't do anything stupid, okay Gilbert?" He pleaded to his friend. Gilbert shrugged. "No promises."

The music was loud and halls were flooded. It was cramped and reminded Gilbert of a high school party. Romano has more friends than I thought. Wait, they're Feliciano's friends… He groaned. The person he wanted was one of the few here for Romano. He wanted Romano's best friend. Matthew.

The Canadian hasn't shown himself and Gilbert was beginning to worry. Was he even there? Did he skip out because Romano told him Gilbert was going to be there? Was he hiding? Was he with someone else?

Gilbert shook his head. Matthew wouldn't do that to Romano. With a sigh, Gilbert took a beer from the bar and opened it, chugging it immediately. He needed some aid.

The albino walked the halls and chatted a bit. Ludwig drank with him for a while until Feliciano pulled him away. He held a conversation with Feliks about the new dress he bought. Gilbert asked why he bought a dress and Feliks responded that it was Tuesday. After that encounter he talked to Sadiq about sports. It was the first normal conversation he had in months and it was amazing. That is until differences of teams popped up. They agreed to leave it be so no one got hurt.

For a saving grace, Antonio called everyone over to sing happy birthday. "¡Atención! It is time to sing~!" The Spaniard cheered. Everyone stopped what they were doing to gather around the small table. The twins sat across from each other with an ice cream cake shaped like a pasta noodle sitting in the middle of them. As they all started to serenade the Italians, Gilbert's eyes scanned the crowd. If Matthew was at the party, he would be here.

"The fuck is he?" Gilbert hissed under his breath. Hes here… I know it… His eyes swept the farthest corners of the crowd. That's where he found him. On the complete opposite side of the kitchen, crammed into a door way. He smiled widely and sang a sweet version of Happy Birthday. Not so loud as to be heard by the rest but just loud enough to contribute to the song. Seeing him just made Gilbert miss him even more than he already did.

Once the last note was hit and the candles were out, Gilbert tore through the group of people in order to get to him. Sadly, by the time he got to the door way, Matthew was gone. Gilbert swore. He had him and with the abundance he lost him again. "Shit…" He chugged the rest of his beer then started in the direction Matthew probably went.

Gilbert felt himself a glorified stalker. He was tracking down an ex-boyfriend who wanted nothing to do with him. He shuddered. Wow I really am a stalker… Though this was all in the name of love. Shouldn't that be counted as a romantic comedy? Nicholas Sparks would be proud of him! Why wasn't society! Why couldn't this all end in a cheesy romantic song that would fix everything automatically?

The albino sighed, right about to give up when he heard a familiar stutter. "I-Ivan really! I-I don't w-want to go upstairs with you." The scene itself disgusted Gilbert. Matthew was backed against a wall with a drunken Russian breathing down his neck. Ivan sloppily smiled his gruesome grin that was a sign that he will probably kill you. Two hands where at either side of Matthew's body, pinning him there. The Canadian shook under the body that kept closing in on him. Though, Ivan didn't seem to care. All that mattered was getting Matthew into bed.

"Come on, Моя любовь, why can't we have some fun?" He asked smoothly, his lips brushing against his exposed skin. "I want to play with that cute little body of yours." A hand came up to stroke Matthew's cheek. The blonde squeaked and tried to stutter out a denial but none was coming out. The grin grew wider as the hand on the cheek started to move down ward, skimming the length of Matthew's torso and hips. When the hand was about to place itself firmly on the perky ass beneath it, it was stopped.

Gilbert's fingers tightly locked around the wrist of the wandering hand. His red eyes were a blaze with anger, glaring directly into the purple one staring back. "He said no," Gilbert hissed as he nearly crushed Ivan's wrist. "What part of that two letter word don't you understand? Do you need to take English again?"

Ivan groaned in pain. "Hет! Нет! I d-don't need to learn English again!" Gilbert sneered. "Then back the fuck off, kay?" The Russian nodded quickly, wanting out of the situation. Gilbert threw his wrist down but kept his gaze. "Think next time you're about to rape someone." Ivan nodded again, breaking the hold and disappearing into the sea of people.

Now that that's over, talk to Matthew. The Prussian bit his lip nervously, turning around to see the wide eyed blonde who was still shaking. His mind was blank and nothing amazing came to mind. So the first thing that came to the top, he said. "Listen, Matt, I don't care if you hate me or never want to talk to me again. I just want you to know that I still love you and nothing is going to change that." And that was all he had to say. He gave one more, loving look until he went to the door. Abandoning the party.

Gilbert expertly weaved his way out of the house through the crowd. He made his way to his car and started his way back to his brother's house. Once he was on the road, he thought back to what he said and what he did. After everything, he feels… lighter. The world was lifted off his shoulders. Gilbert was finally able to tell Matthew how he felt and he listened. Now it was up to Matthew. Gilbert didn't have to prove anything else to him.

I hope you come back to me, Mattie…

The next day was work again. There were more customers than usual so it took until their lunch break for Gilbert and Antonio to talk about the party.

"So how did you like the party, amigo~?" Antonio asked cheerfully, popping a cookie into his mouth. Gilbert shrugged. "I helped throw the damn thing, I better have liked it." He chuckled and took a sip of water.

Antonio rolled his eyes. "That's not what I meant! I meant did you have a good time?" He waited for a second. "Did you talk to Matthew?" Gilbert bit his lip, catching the look of on Antonio's face. "You know don't you?" Gilbert asked. "You know I nearly broke Ivan's wrist off and what I said to Mattie?"

The Spaniard nodded. "I was there when Matthew told Romano. He was freaking out, not knowing what to do, to talk to you or not," He explained, a smile growing on his face. "Then Romano spoke his mind. This is why I love my little Roma~! He started defending you~! He said he didn't like you but what you did really showed how much you cared~! And that you deserved a talk~! I was so proud of Roma! And he doesn't like you! Hes so sweet~!"

Gilbert blinked. Romano? Unlikely voice of reason? Was this the twilight zone? "He really said that? Romano? The small Italian who would murder me if a eat one of his pasta noodles?" "Si, si, si! Roma thought you treated Matthew very well~! Within all the years he's known Matt he said he never seen his as happy as he was with you. So yes, Roma fought for you." Antonio cheered; happy Romano and Gilbert might actually get along. Gilbert actually made a mental note to thank the Italian later.

Gilbert smiled lazily. "Well I'll thank him later, now I think we gotta get back to work." Antonio smiled in agreement, patting his friend on the back as they got up. They took their positions and waited for the next costumer. It took about another hour before the next one came in.

His hair was in its normal golden waves, his violet eyes taking in his new surroundings, and he had his signature shake indicating he was very nervous. Matthew had on a green jacket over a pastel orange shirt. His jeans hung loosely on his small hips. He was as gorgeous as ever.

"C-Can I have a chocolate muffin and an orange smoothie please?" He asks quietly, looking down at his feet only looking up for the occasional glance Gilbert's way. "Yeah…Sure…" The albino replied as Antonio started on the drink. They exchanged an awkward look or two before Gilbert spoke up. "So… what's up?"

Matthew sighed dreadfully. "I-I've been thinking a lot about what happened… Last night and that night Roderich came over…" He started. It was hard for him to talk about. Gilbert could tell since it was hard for him to even think about it. "And I've been thinking it wasn't very fair to you… I… I wanted to ask you if you'd come to dinner with me…" Matthew looked up hopefully.

Gilbert smiled lightly. "Like out first date?"

He smiled back. "Like our first date." Gilbert was so happy. He didn't even know what to say. His dreams have come true. "Yeah… I'll go to dinner with you. I get off at 7 tonight," Gilbert handed Matthew the things he ordered. The Canadian started to dig into his pockets when Gilbert's hand stopped him. "It's on the house." He said with another smile. Matthew smiled back, mouthing 'thank you' before leaving, and no longer shaking.

Gilbert turned to Antonio, beaming. "Thank god for Romano!"

Right at 7, Gilbert was out of work. He changed into his streets and waited outside for Matthew. The Canadian came shortly after. They both thought it was a good idea to go back to the place where it all began. They requested the same booth and the same waiter.

Romano came to their table. He couldn't do more to hide what the couple already knew. Romano was happy to see them out together. He asked them what they wanted and they told him what they had last time. The Italian went to place he order.

Once he left, the table grew silent with reluctant speakers. It was up to Gilbert again to break the silence. "Sooo… What are we starting with?" He asked, wanting to clear things up as quickly as possible. This is how Gilbert will win Matthew back.

"W-Well, I wanted to apologize first…" Matthew replied. Gilbert was taken back. Matthew didn't need to apologize to him. "I went too crazy. I over reacted and it was awful. I regretted it as soon as you left. I-I should have let you explain before you left and before I yelled. I-I'm just so sorry Gil. P-Please forgive me. I know it'll take time but please… T-Think about it? P-Please-"

Gilbert smiled sweetly, taking his shaking hand. "Matthew… Of course I'll take you back. I've been waiting all this time for you to even talk to me. I'm not letting you go again." Gilbert reached across the table and kissed Matthew who didn't hesitate to kiss back.

Only the intruding cough of Romano split them apart. Matthew smiled up cutely as Romano placed their food in front of them. "Eat, make out, I don't care but you were getting looks." He informed them, leaving right after.

Matthew looked up and giggled at Gilbert's blush as he slinked back down into his seat. They started eating, half way through the meal Matthew spoke. "So Gilbert… What was Elizaveta like?" Gilbert froze. Eliza? Why does he want to know about Eliza? Matthew obviously caught on. "I'm sorry; you don't have to talk about her if you don't want to."

Gilbert sighed. Realizing it had to happen at some point. "No… I'll tell you." Gilbert started with when they were little, bringing up all the happy memories he could. Soon, he and Matthew both were laughing crazily. They had to be the loudest ones in the restaurant. They could feel the eyes one them and they didn't care.

"Wow! She was amazing!" Matthew laughed, trying to catch his breath. Gilbert only nodded, unable to breathe either. With a huge gasp, the words were able to flow. "Yeah! She was a real fire cracker…" His eyes locked on a fragment that wouldn't let him go. "You know… I don't think we would have made it… Me and Liza I mean…" Gilbert said quietly.

Matthew looked at him curiously. "Why? She seemed perfect." Gilbert laughed lightly but loudly, shaking his head. "Because… I would still be in love you with you."

The next day Gilbert was moving back into Matthew's place. He didn't have much but the boxes seemed to take up a lot of space and weighted a lot.

After dropping the very last box, he sat down next to said Canadian who was reading a book. Gilberts arm draped around Matthew's shoulders, exhaling a sound that was more of a groan and a whine than a dragged out sigh. Matthew laughed at the odd noise. "So Mr. Weillschmidt, you have a boyfriend, a home, and a job. What do you want to do now?"

Gilbert thought for a moment. "I want to move to New York."

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