"Kakuzu, you bastard! What the fuck was that for?" he yelled, holding his head which his partner had punched. "You could have given me a heart attack, you moron!"

"It was your fault for questioning me." The tall man sounded stoic, as if he hadn't just whacked a man around the head. He took a step forward. "Walk faster."

"Fucker! Why don't YOU walk SLOWER?" the younger man shouted, walking behind his partner. "You're a fossil anyways, so I can't expect you to be very fun."

Without replying, Kakuzu started walking faster than before and clenching his fists. "Hey, it's not my fault you hit me and hurt me! My head is freaking PRONE to pain, you asshole! And pain hurts, damn it!"

Kakuzu ignored Hidan's whining, as he began to get off topic. "Yeah, pain, damn it, like I said, it HURTS and it's BAD! As much as I like to hear other people bleed their brains through their ears, I'm no fucking emo who wants my OWN brain to bleed!"

One, two, three. Kakuzu facepalmed. Like he knew, Hidan had gotten off topic. "Speaking of pain, you shouldn't have told me to make my own coffee this morning! You didn't even show me how the-" he paused, contemplating the name of the thing they heated up the water with, and continued, "-kitten works!"

Kakuzu held back a chuckle at Hidan calling a kettle a kitten. "And freaking fish-face talks too much! It LITERALLY hurts your ears, Kakuzu! Last week was horrid, too! Barbie played a trick on me! He freaking blew up a sculpture in front of me!"

"Shut up." Yes. He had enough of Hidan's ramblings for then. Maybe another time.

"Who the fuck are you to tell me to shut up? I'll have you know that not taking orders from others is one of the commandments of Ja-" Hidan's eyes widened as Kakuzu's lips landed on his, and he blushed as his partner pulled away. "Ah- uh-... um...wh- how- Kakuzu?" His face was a bright shade of red.

"It was only to shut you up." Kakuzu knew that was one great big lie.