And He Smiles

I don't know where this came from but I felt the need to write it.

He moves through the shadows of the palace silently. The years of practicing stealth make it too easy.

He stays in the shadows and peers around the corner, unnoticed. They don't see him. They are in conversation.

She is there, his rival, kneeling before their father, playing the perfect, dutiful daughter. He wonders he their father is aware of the monster within and just how much of it he is responsible for. He wonders if his father could know of the monster within him. After this, he will.

He moves even closer, still in the shadows, still unseen. He comes closer and closer.

Finally, his father sees him, but says nothing. He looks back out the window and continues talking.

She cannot see him; he is right behind her, yet she stares at their father, not the floor, so she doesn't see the creeping shadow.

He looks down. She is his sister, his rival, once his playmate, now his torturer. He looks at her and sees the reason for his problems. Remove the obstacle. Show no weakness. Words drummed into them for as long as he can remember.

Before he can hesitate, he plunges the knife into his sister's back. He does not see her eyes widen or her lips part in an 'O', but he hears her gasp. He drives the knife in deep, all the way through to the hilt. Amazingly, there was a heart to go through.

Her body falls face down on the floor. Blood flows out of her back and pools around her.

He looks at the hand that did the deed. There is a spot of blood on it, but he doesn't wipe it away. Slowly, he looks up at his father and he smiles.

And Ozai smiles back.

Until Zuko raises the knife once more.

I'll leave it to you lovely readers to interpret the last line however you wish.

Darn plot bunny! This sounded so much better in my head.