Personal Business

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Summary: Last week, Kono left a note on her desk, saying she was going to leave Hawaii for personal business, along with her resignation letter. And for the rest of that week, things were never normal. But what if a certain someone found out that another certain someone never actually left? Steve and Kono… what else needs to be said? Read on and please review!

Chapter 1

A week. A week… I mean seriously, it had only been a week? Because for one Navy SEAL Steve Mcgarrett it felt like it had been ten years. Every second felt incomplete, like there was something missing. In reality, it was. Her. Kono. Ever since that day when they found the letter on her desk, he hadn't been able to be himself anymore. He was constantly distracted, unfocused, and he hadn't cracked a smile since… since the last time he saw her. She was just so… bright, and funny, and beautiful. He knew he wasn't supposed to get into this funk just because someone on his team had quit but… the situation was a little more different when this person was someone he had come to realize that he was in love with.

He left work immediately the day they found the letter and drove like a madman to her apartment. He knocked on her door, but there was no response. He checked the door knob only to find it unlocked. He opened the door slowly and was crushed when he saw her apartment completely clean. He looked around and the only thing left was the furniture that the room already had before she moved in. He stopped as he saw the desk where a picture of the tem usually rested. It still didn't make any sense to him why she had left. The letter said –personal business- which was a clear code for –back off- but he actually thought she had found her place in the team. That she was happy with them. It just didn't feel like something she would do. He left the apartment, heartbroken, and went to his house. He didn't leave anymore that day.

It had taken a pretty huge toll on the team. Her female presence was like a balance between them, and her personality and skills were something that they desperately needed. That he desperately needed. Even though he had told himself over and over and over that she didn't feel the same way about him, and that he had to keep boundaries, he still found himself needing to be around her, just feel her close to him. He couldn't count the times when they were on the job and he had to restrain himself from reaching out to her, to pull her into a hug, to kiss her… and now he probably never would. Because, lets face it, from the looks of that letter… it was extremely unlikely that she was coming back.

He had lost track of the times he had called her. He had the records on his phone, but every time he looked at them it only reminded him of how miserable he was. She never answered the call. Same went with Chin and Danny. Chin had checked her fly records and they all saw that she had bought a last minute ticket to Portugal. He often wondered why she had gone gone there, as far as he knew she didn't have a family or property in Portugal. He thought about what had made her leave that abruptly. His first thought was that something had happened to a friend of her, and she had dropped everything to help her friend. That is, until he looked at her letter more closely and saw the two smudges present on it. She had been crying as she wrote it. Which meant one of two things. Either something really bad happened to her… or she didn't want to leave at all.


Steve sat at his desk while looking at Kono's old one. He just stared at it, as if expecting her to appear there at any second. His eyes were sad and seemed… lifeless. Just as he was about to pick his phone up again Danny entered his office.

"Hey." Danny greeted him and took a sit at his guest's chair.

"Hey." Steve replied.

"So, I was just wondering, when are we gonna start taking new cases?" Danny asked bluntly.

Steve looked at him with a perplexed expression.

"Danny, she just quit!" Steve almost shouted at him.

"Doesn't mean we don't have work to do." Danny insisted.

"So you're just gonna move on, just like that?" Steve was already mad.

Danny eyed him for a few seconds and then just exploded.

"Okay, just spit it out!" Danny practically yelled at him.

"What?" Steve asked, honestly confused.

"Why are you so shaken up about this?"

"Aren't you?" Steve replied.

"Not as much as you!" Danny shouted.

Steve gulped. He wouldn't let Danny know.

"Danny she was my friend. Of course I cared for her!"

Danny chuckled ironically.

"See, I think it is because you loved her." Danny stated calmly.


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