Title: "Why Harry Hates the Headmaster" or "An Alternate Sixth Year"

Main pairing: HP/unknown at this time possibly SS, RW/DM (slash/yaoi/shonen-ai (all meaning m/m relations) this chapter is your only warning on the matter)

MY Inspiration: Harry Potter (books, movies, various fanfiction stories posted on various sites), Twisting the Hellmouth web site and one of its interesting challenges about unusual parentage (the challenge 1758, about an unusual parentage for Xander in the crossover world of Harry Potter, which inspired this twist to an alternate or unusual parentage story for Harry)

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Warning: See profile for preferred pairing types or writing style. Dark elements will be written in this tale, but only for story purposes. This story is not intended to be dark and gloomy, but more of an affirmation of life and of moving on.

Summary: Non-Canon, Char. OOC & AU from year 6. This is a different story about a letter that gets delivered after a certain amount of time has passed coming from a deceased magical relation. It's about an unknown legacy, from a very, very unexpected quarter, which really angers Harry Potter, but not for the reason that you think. Here's something hopefully new to you the reader.

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(…Parseltongue/Other Languages/Mind Speak/Alternate Speech Patterns like sign language…)


Chapter One


It's not unknown for those who're part of the Wizarding World to receive mail from dead relatives. Time magic, charms, potions and spells all ensure that those who're in the beyond can deliver mail to advise their offspring, progeny or any others, of particular possible portents that they may have seen, advice that they may have wanted to give before their demise, several truths about past events, etcetera, etcetera…

Now please note that I do not mean that a dead person is writing the letter, but that letters can get delivered at any point in time because of those particular charms, potions, spells, etc... It's rare that someone known as a Muggle-born would ever receive such a letter. It's even rarer for one to be in receipt of information so utterly shocking that it changes a person's whole point view regarding another individual, especially one of their known or close acquaintances.

Lily Evans was one such person and her future child, would be another. She had received a letter upon her magical maturation (...i...) date, of sixteen years, with advice that should she be unable to carry out the request in the letter that it be resealed and put back into stasis for any of her potential and future offspring.

She was shocked when she read the contents. She knew that speaking about it to her mother was out of the question. The spells that had bound her mother were so insidious that the woman would never be able to bare the truth. In fact, learning the truth would have killed her because of specific Dark Arts non-disclosure spells that seem to always linger long after they had been cast. She had tested her mother for them one night after she had dosed her with a safe sleeping draft.

What she had learned had changed her world. In the future, learning about the prophecy related to her child and that which would send her into hiding would have the same effect. Only she would worry about that later in her life and was an entirely different matter altogether.

The vivacious red-haired, sixteen year old witch couldn't confide in anyone else about this matter either. For the person that inflicted her family with such Darkness was a trusted member of her close circle of friends. There was absolutely no one that she could trust from that quarter. Their belief in his infallibility or whatever was such that they rarely if ever questioned him or his motives.

In fact her best friend at the time, who'd been teaching her Occlumency, could only determine that something was bothering her, but could never suss out what it was. He had actually praised her on her panicked success in shielding her mind. She sincerely wished that she could have told him what she knew because his Occlumency shields were truly stronger than hers.

In the end she made a very difficult decision.

She re-spelled the letter and hoped that her future unborn child would claim what they needed for the future of their magical family. She also hoped that the inheritance would help him or her defeat the evil that was currently spreading in the Wizarding World. She wrote them a letter explaining the situation and asked for their forgiveness in not being able to seek out the magics that belonged to their family, which may have aided them in their battle to come.

Once done, she prayed to various Gods in the hopes that it would be safely delivered. Then she brewed and took a potion. It was a potion that would allow her to forget her mother's real name and her mother's infamous relation to the Wizarding World.

Her prayers to various Gods were heard, but the letter would still be delayed. She limited it to the time her future child reached sixteen years of age, no matter when his or her own magical maturity occurred. The letter was confined to her choice of time and date and could not be delivered one day earlier, despite the fact that the original spell was linked to the date of an offspring's magical maturity.

Her reason for that particular choice was based on a feeling and the knowledge that some teenagers could become classed as adults, under the right circumstances, at that age. She always followed her feelings whenever they happened and it had always served her well.


Forward Time – A Couple of Decades, more or less (a bit of background)

Harry Potter turned sixteen this year, but as with all things concerning him, he had gained his magical maturity far earlier than any of his year mates. It had occurred to him during the summer before his fifth year, just after he turned fifteen.

It didn't come in an explosion of light and magic. It didn't come with visits from his dead ancestors or anything of the sort. It was basically just an influx of magic and it was up to him to distribute vast amount of it to store internally within his body.

The distribution of this influx was a highly personal process and before it had happened, he had been surprised by his Aunt who showed him to a special corner of the basement of the Dursley household, in which to prepare for it and eventually access it when it came. She was also the only one that explained everything to him about magical maturity.

He had never been told anything about this strange magical aging process or even suspected that anything of the sort would occur. He didn't know if any of the other Muggle-borns or Muggle-raised knew about this. Hermione might, but it could only be because she read the strangest things.

His Aunt Petunia even told him all of that at the beginning of last summer, the one before his fifteenth birthday. He was to go down to the basement and practice his spells, as long as he made sure to only do that when her son and husband were out of the house. She stated that it would help him to channel his magical energies and ground them more solidly before he reached his magical maturity.

She even recommended that he find some way to meditate either through Tai Chi or Yoga, which had been popular with the ladies in her community and had helped to calm her mind through the use of a routine of physical stretching. She had handed him several books on the matter that she had kept over the years, long after she had given up the process. She didn't have the patience to continue when everyone else had given it up for the next popular 'in' thing.

Aunt Petunia told him in confidence that some time before her sister went into hiding Harry's mother came for tea one final time. She had explained that things were heating up in the Wizarding World and wasn't sure of her survival based on the fact that she came from the Muggle World.

The long necked woman hadn't been impressed with the fact that her sister came to flout her magical differences and powers. However, her sister had explained these few things because she felt that Petunia would be involved with the Magical World one day whether she wanted to or not.

It was only a feeling that his mother had, but his Aunt had always paid attention when Lily 'felt' something because whatever it was, it was always linked to blood family and always came true.

Petunia Dursley sincerely hoped that that was not the case, but she had long ago accepted that things in life were always unpredictable. She knew that with one magical sister, her own offspring 'could', urgh, have magic too. So she allowed her sister to set up the blood wards around their beautiful townhouse and at the children's park across the way. She also allowed her sister to set up undetectable magical shield stones in every corner and quadrant of the then unfinished basement.

Lily explained that with the stones in place, the basement would be shielded from any and all magical detection by any of practitioners of her kind of magic. It was also a place that if, heaven forbid, Petunia's own offspring were magically inclined they would be able to practice in the Muggle World without being penalized for underage magical use. These magic shield stones, Lily explained, will also assist Petunia's child when he or she reaches their magical maturation. It will conceal the choices made during that time and hide the fact that it had occurred.

So when his Aunt had finally told him about it, Harry was able to go down there to practice his spells for the past years and the upcoming years because he was hidden. No more letters from the Ministry for him. When it came time for his magical maturation process to occur, which happened at the tender of fifteen, he was safe, secure, secluded and hidden from the all eyes of the Wizarding World. He channelled his magic into the forms that he had always wanted to learn.

Most went into his mind to increase his memory retention and recall. He had been forever annoyed with how easily Hermione accessed information from books, which she had read. She was always able to call forth the information she needed and know where to find it.

He had read about eidetic memory (photographic memory) and other forms of savantisms that exist in the Muggle World. He used this information to map out the pathway that he wanted his magics to take during his magical maturation. He hoped that with the magical growth the primary core of his memory would increase and eventually improve his learning abilities. He researched quite a bit about the mind and body when he contemplated on his magical core and where to distribute the influx of magical energy.

The influx of magic was usually limited by the size of the magical core of a being or creature. However many people and creatures were fully aware of just how big their own primary magical core was.

Harry only suspected that his was slightly bigger and only fully realized it when he began channelling the new magic during his magical maturation process. They hadn't been taught at school how to access it and the Professors certainly never showed him or any other students how to gauge their own magical strength or that of others. It was foolish not teach such concepts based on the fact that Voldemort was a huge pain in the Wizarding World's backside at the moment.

Harry's choices and pre-planning resulted in a change in his mind, but also caused a change to his physical body. He was more supple, limber and definitely taller than he had ever expected to be due to this process, although strangely his new height only began to manifest early this summer. It certainly explained quite a bit about the differences in stature regarding the many Witches and Wizards of that hidden magical world.

With the magic channelled into his limbs too, he learnt a few other things like wandless magic and about how to use the magic that coursed through his veins because of where he chose to link it. His limbs were extensions of his magic and his wand was near useless now because of it. He'd have to go see Ollivander for an explanation on this phenomenon, but had decided to wait for the summer before his sixth year at Hogwarts to do so.

The meditation moves that he learnt from Yoga, including a few of the Martial Arts texts that he had studied had resulted in a contortion like ability with some of his limbs. All that magical influx helped increase his physical stamina and speed too.

The magic that was channelled into his mind did exactly what he wanted and slightly more. The Occlumency that Professor Snape had tried to teach him, during his fifth year, never worked because the pathways in his mind were still adjusting to the excess magic that he had gained during the summer of his fifteenth year. At the very least he had been able to hide that particular fact from the man, who never noticed, because it was not something that he had been looking for when delving into the young man's mind.

However, none of his Professors or the Headmaster had even any inkling that Harry had received his magical maturity during the summer prior to September 1st of his fifth year of attending Hogwarts. If they had, they certainly would have used another method to protect his mind. However with the few lessons Harry had, he had interpreted a new way to protect his mind and that certainly helped with the headaches and the shunting of visions that he had been receiving from Dark Lord to someplace else in his mind.

Unfortunately and probably because everyone was hell-bent on protecting him, they never gave him the proper information he needed to prevent the disastrous events at the Department of Mysteries. He didn't have enough information to even 'consider' that the Dark Lord might have been able to send 'false' visions.

To him such things were not possible and he didn't realize otherwise until it was much too late. Sirius Black, his much wanted Godfather, was gone because of it.

Finally after all that happened at the end of his fifth year, he was still sent back to the Dursleys for the summer. This was, of course, after hearing the entire prophecy that the Headmaster had been trying to protect him from ever learning about.



Harry was currently sitting at his desk in the smallest room of Number 4 Privet Drive in Surrey England doing his summer studies and getting ready for his sixth year. His family was finally allowing him the time to complete his schoolwork, so long as his other chores were completed first. He was busy re-writing his hastily written Charms essay when a soft popping sound occurred near his right elbow.

A magical scroll has just appeared in his room. Now he was concerned about the use of magic in this extremely Muggle neighbourhood, so he waited before taking any action to see if this magical arrival was noticed by the United Kingdom's Ministry of Magic.

Two studious hours later, no owls or other notices appeared in his room. Not even someone from his 'Order of the Phoenix' guard came in to see just what it was that he had just received. He gave into his curiosity and looked at the small scroll more closely.

The scroll rested there in its innocuousness. It had a dark blue seal with a family crest that seemed similar to the Potter Crest that he had seen once, during a trip to the Bank, except this one was different based on the magic he sensed surrounding the scroll. He suspected that this first scroll was just wrapping for the true contents of the letter.

Soon his curiosity got the better of him. However he decided to go down to the shielded basement in order to test the scroll before reading it in peace. It was down here where his school trunk was stored and where he had all his other magical stuff, hidden from his destructive cousin and vindictive uncle.

He had a special Weasley wand in his trunk, a private gift from the twins. It would always detect dark magic, coercion spells, pranks and other things. It was a one-of-a-kind wand to help him with his large amount of fan mail and owl post. They felt that Harry needed something that would and could detect all possible spells, charms and other possible things like paper soaked in harmful or not so harmful potions.

Harry ran the wand over the magical scroll. A list of spells attached to the scroll was printed in the air with mage light. When he read what some of the spells were, he immediately thought that it was a letter from his deceased godfather, Sirius Black or perhaps one from his mother and father.

It wasn't until he read the first line that he learned a very different story about him and where he came from.


The Cover Scroll


My Dear Child,

I do not know if you're a son or daughter, but know this. At this point and time in my life I'm a sixth year student at Hogwarts.

I received the letter inside this scroll a couple of weeks ago, but I cannot take any form of action. I'm terribly sorry to pass this task onto you, but I have a feeling that you're the one meant to succeed in the task.

My feelings are always right in things like this, so now it's up to you.

Please forgive me,

Lily Evans (16 years old, July 31st, 1976)

PS: I've not been exposed to too much of the political conflict that's happening at this point in time. Yet this wonderful, magical Wizarding World grows Darker. Some weird pillock named Voldemort is making a general mess of the whole deal and is vastly fighting against Muggles and Muggle-borns, but I don't know why. I also have a feeling that you'll be involved with that somehow too. Just thought that I'd let you know in advance. Take care my future child.


The Inner Scroll


Young one,

My name is Natalia Grindelwald, a pureblood witch of the old form and education, born in Iceland to Christiana and Gellert Grindelwald. Currently, I'm twelve years old, but I know that you and I are related by blood, as this letter could only be delivered to someone of my blood-line. I don't know by what degree we are related, but it's the blood-line magic in it that directs spells of this nature.

The proof is in your eyes. Mine are dark green and yours should be the same. It's a singular family trait that comes from the Mossenberg lineage. You can verify this through potions and through looking it up in various history texts.

About my father, I don't know what you know about him, so I'll tell you a little bit. He was fair of hair and eyes. He married my mother under several strange conditions and he was not a kind man. My mother's maiden name was Mossenberg and as far as I know, I'm their only child.

I'm writing to you in order to rectify a great wrong that will done to me by one Albus Percival Brian Wulfric Dumbledore. He used to be my father's lover quite some years ago when they were younger, but according to Dumbledore my father did something terrible. Something he firmly believes to have been unforgiveable.

What was that wrong?

Well from what I've been told by my mother, my father apparently fell in 'madly' love with her. Actually it was more like her money, the strength of her magic and all her properties. However, what he basically did was cuckold Mr. Dumbledore and flaunted it in such a way that it made the man look like a right idiot and fool.

I firmly believe that my father went about the whole situation the wrong way, if that is indeed what happened. I make no excuses for my father. I know that he is not a kind man and he is one truly prone to dabble in Dark Magical Energies.

All of Christiana's physical assets never reverted back to her living family when she died a year ago because she didn't have any blood family left. They were killed. It was my father or so that's what I've been told complete with evidence. This was supposedly a factor to assure his continued control over her.

His apparent death at Nuremburg allowed the UK's Ministry of Magic, to seize my father's liquid assets (all money), but fail in their attempt to gain control the physical ones (buildings and land), of which there are three.

Unfortunately for the UK's Ministry of Magic, my parents had foreseen such events and taken measures to secure all properties with spells to allow access only by the direct blood-line heir. The goblins of any magical Bank are the only ones who can ensure that the "Right of Ownership Ritual" is properly conducted in order to you to gain access and properly take ownership of them.

First you must understand my current situation. I didn't want anyone to find me, so I hid mostly in the Muggle World, but I know that Dumbledore is looking for me and will eventually find me.

I feel that I'm going to be betrayed for money. This is just a feeling that I have and unfortunately my feelings always seem to come true.

That man will probably give me two choices; 1) to live or 2) to die. Since I don't want to die, I will have to resort to other methods of preserving my identity, magic and memory for you.

I know basically what his plans are for me once he catches up to me.

He'll surely use a Dark Ritual to drain or siphon my magics. He'll probably try to alter my memories, but I'm not going to let that happen. If I survive the siphoning process, he'll likely change my name and send me to a Muggle orphanage. Through a Dark Ritual, he'll deny me my rightful Wizarding heritage because of what my father did to him.

This is my only chance to send a letter to a blood-line family member, for I know that you will exist eventually, because I will choose life. I know that given the chance he'd try to prevent this letter from being delivered, but with this potion-soaked paper and these spells, he'll never know that it is too late and that this has already been sent.

This is my true "Magical Will & Testament", the Last Will and Testament of Natalia Grindelwald and whatever name I end up with in the Muggle World.

Please follow these instructions as best you can:

Reclaim your heritage, go to Gringotts or any other Goblin run magical bank and have them perform the "Right of Ownership Ritual" before any more transactions take place in your name from your accounts.

Remove all contents from the Grindelwald vaults that will get listed as part of the Ritual.

Our three properties contain books and teaching portraits for various magical gifts and skills, so chose your teacher wisely. The properties contain many other things, including information on how to transfer magic out of a blood-line and how to get it back, if it's not too late.

I want you to honestly try to get our family magics back. This is a magical familial task that I set for you. Do everything in your power to get it back, if you can.

Destroy whatever Dark Lord or Witch is running about in your own time, a Seer told me that you might be affected by him or her, whatever their gender may be, they are trouble.

Never let others meddle with your fate or your choices. It is, after all, your life and therefore it should be up to you how you choose to live it. I've 'seen' things regarding this matter; just correct them, all right.

Many of objects in our properties will not function without bloodline magic. Although most are blood-linked rather than magically linked, still you will need to have gone through your magical maturity to access many them.

Don't bother with anything to do with Gellert Grindelwald, his name or his history is his own doing. He doesn't need to be redeemed because he's dead.

I suspect that my new name probably will become something simple, but with my same initials NG.

A name change is something that I know Dumbledore plans to do, but it must be done in such a way that it will be hauntingly close to my original name. It's one of the things that help in transitioning from one identity to another when magic is involved or so that's what my father told me once. That should give you a point from which to begin to redress this issue and find out where you are in our family tree.

I fear that I'm running out of time. If you plan to claim our heritage, simply state that you are a blood relation of Natalia Grindelwald to the wax seal on this parchment. Let three drops of blood land on top of the seal and wait for the magical effects to take place.

The magical effects are not big and should not be detrimental to you. They will allow you to receive the mental location maps to our properties and some of my memories.

The choice to follow this request, is as always is your own. All of this will be lost after the fourth generation of children born from my bloodline.

I wish luck whoever you may be.

Love from your...

Grandmother, Mother, Aunt etc…, whoever I may be in relation to you,

Natalia Grindelwald


Harry was extremely shocked to say the least.

'Grindelwald,' he thought with vague stupefaction. 'We haven't learned much about him in school other than the fact that he was the Dark Lord that Dumbledore supposedly defeated, but I'm not surprised if Dumbledore is the reason why we're not learning about that mad-man based on what I just read. I think that I will have to ask Aunt Petunia what her mother and grandmother's maiden names were.'

He concealed the scroll in a hidden compartment of his new trunk. It was a trunk that he had purchased during the time of the Triwizard Tournament in his fourth year. It came from a specialist luggage shop in Hogsmeade.

It has dimensional pockets in the form of three front drawers, hidden behind a dark stained inlay. All drawers were keyed to him and his magic. The trunk has hidden levers, catches and lock mechanisms for all sections of it. It was protected against theft, snoops, and it shrunk, which allowed him to hide it from his Gryffindor House mates. There were few students in that House that he had called friends, but that list had been shrinking over the years.

During Harry's fourth year the owners of that little luggage shop were happy to create the unique trunk for one Harry Potter, Boy-Who-Lived. They also didn't mind that he had asked them to store the original plans in one of the drawers of the trunk before taking a memory wipe potion. The potion was a standard store offering and was only used under special circumstance, for example: anything commissioned by a particular individual. It wiped the memory of their commissioned work cleanly, clearly and without causing any internal damage or harm to them.

Store owners, of various Wizarding Establishments, were the creators of many fine things. However, every once in a while a customer would ask for something unique to them, but the creating of whatever it was sometimes needed to be protected too. So, for the longest time, all kinds of shop owners and item creators used this potion as insurance that they would never be targeted for destruction because they held secrets.

The potion ensured that the secrets no longer existed in the mind of the person who did the actual work and those who took the order. The only records kept at any business were the names of the individuals making a purchase, the fact that something was sold, plus the price that was charged.

The variety in the cost of normal versus commissioned work was very telling in the business ledgers. However there was nothing that would compel a worker from revealing the work done because any potion, charm or spell cast upon them to reveal the work done would fail due to the potion. It is unimaginatively called the 'Shop Owner's Potion'. Any attack would only result in a backfiring protective shield that would completely wipe the attacker's memory of all learnt things.

Harry was quite pleased with his finished trunk because he knew that it would be protected against people looking to take his things. He hated his celebrity status, but there was nothing he could do about it at the moment other than to find ways, magical or muggle, to protect his belongings. He'd noticed this in his first year when all his writing implements slowly disappeared over time. He was left with one sorry looking quill pen and that was only because it was one that he carried with him all the time.

He lost nearly all of his first and second year schoolbooks because he had learned in the Muggle World to write his name in the covers of them in order to get them to return to him. He was glad to lose his Lockhart books though because they were just tawdry novels and had nothing of value in them.

However, because of all that he quickly learned a spell that would wipe his signature off of his belongings should they be taken away from him any longer than three days. It's because he didn't want people to profit from his signature. He even lost some of his class work for that same reason, until he began to use that spell wipe more often.

He'd learnt quickly to never write his name in permanent ink. He found a potion that worked kind of like disappearing ink only it was activated with a spell. He would write his name on his assignments, but once they were graded and returned to him, he said the spell and it removed his name because of the special ink-potion.

He truly learned a life lesson back then, when he eventually found out how they were getting his belongings. Well... that's when he started to think about a new school trunk and getting it custom made.

That's also around the time he learnt to secure his belongings using magical and muggle methods. It was also after getting his new trunk that a couple of his House mates had learnt to steal the Boy-Who-Lived's stuff from his school bag until he placed protection spells and hexes on that too.

Harry grinned at the sight of his beautifully craft magical trunk. 'This will protect the scroll until I can find out from Aunt Petunia if her mother or grandmother's name contained the initials NG.'



(...i...) Magical Maturation, defined: It's a concept that I found in a couple of FanFiction stories, therefore I cannot take credit it nor do I claim any originality for it. In fact the term shows up with so many different descriptions and other names that I believe I chose this one by fluke. However, I believe that a general definition for any "HP Magical Maturation" is an influx of magic, either by the recessive ancestral magical creature genes or by outside sources (Earth's ley lines for example) or some other invented method by which any Harry Potter character will gain more power.