I am in love with Closing Time! It was hilarious! :D And Stormy is such a cool nickname!

So I decided to attempt to write Closing Time in the Doctors point of view! :D

Hope you like!
Disclaimer: I don't own BBC or Matt Smith, otherwise I would have SEEN THE FINALE! and be running around screaming, AHHHH!

I was going to die.

No way out, no way to alter it.

Why wasn't I afraid?

I had never faced death like this before. Sure, there had been a couple of times where I thought it was the end, but evidently, they hadn't been.

Now, in the face of imminent demise, I was visiting Craig.

"Just a visit." I mutter to myself. "No getting involved. Just visiting."

I straighten the collar of my trench coat, clearing my throat and knocking on the front door. I hear an exasperated sigh, and the sound of someone approaching, but he stopped, so I knocked again, impatiently.

He throws open the door yelling, "I'm coping on my own!" and to my delight he looks no different from the scruffy man who had become great friends with me.

"Hello Craig!" I say cheerfully, anticipating a relaxing couple of minutes before I headed off to inevitable death. "I'm back!"

He looks completely shell-shocked. Was it the jacket? I had been wearing the tweed before, maybe he was surprised...Did I have something in my teeth? Damn fish fingers...

"She didn't..."

Not the reaction I had imagined...

"How could she phone you?"

Now I was completely lost...ooh, that's a new feeling!

"How could who phone me? Nobody phoned me, I'm just here!" Visiting. I'm visiting. Seeing he was still standing staring at me as if I was an alien (yes, I know...) I peered into his house.

It looked different! Oddly different...I despised different. Different reminded me of regeneration. Regeneration reminded me of my imminent death.

I was so cheerful today...

"Oh, you've redecorated!" I pull my head out, staring at the exterior of the house. "I don't like it..."

"It's a different house, we've moved!" Craig explains, sounding exasperated.


"Yes, that's it!"

"Doctor, what are you doing here?" He demands, staring at me intensely.

Visiting. Not involving myself, at all! That's when things end badly!

"Social call. Thought it was about time I tried one out." I explain, before studying him. "How are you?" Never asked anyone that before...normally if it was someone like Amy-

NO! I refuse to think about them!

"I'm fine?" He says, looking ultimately confused, as if my politeness is terrifying.

He doesn't say anything else, so I say, "This is the bit where I say I'm fine too, isn't it?" I was far from fine. I was going to die tomorrow, why was I even here? I was procrastinating my death, if that was possible. Although it would be very me to be late to my own death..."Good."

Right, visiting over. Before I got too involved. I have to leave, for his sake. "Love to Sophie. Bye!" I turn around quickly, and start walking away so as not to change my mind.

The lights flicker. On...off...on..off.

What was tha-


I promised myself! I swore I wouldn't do this! I was visiting!

But flickery lights...

"Somethings wrong..." I murmur, stopping in my tracks.

Okay, I was leaving. Probably just a flux with the lights, that's all! No alien hiding in his attic again! Just...flickery lights...

...I ran inside Craig's house.