The resounding crash from the shelf falling causes everyone nearby to jump a mile, emitting yells of shock.

Everyone instantly turns, and I feel redness rising to my cheeks as I bend down and hastily pick up some of the toys. The sound of wailing reaches my ears, and I look up to see a little girl of only about three, screaming and crying.


I rush over, panicking slightly, as everyone stares at me with disapproval. "Hey...ssh..." I say quickly, but she keeps crying, and I cast around, unable to locate her parents. "Here..." I show her the toy dog, and nudge her chin with it. "This is...Yappy."

She stops crying for a moment, and I breathe a sigh of relief. "Say hi to the nice girl, Yappy!" I nudge her shoulder with the dog, which reminds me reminiscently of another tin dog.

She starts giggling, and everyone around us goes back to their shopping, to my intense relief. The girls parents run over, and, throwing me odd looks, lead her away. As she is walking away, she turns back, her curly hair bouncing off her back, and waves.

I raise a hand in farewell, and think of my own curly-haired friend, (well, friend...lover...enemy...) with a pang of sadness.

"What the hell did you do?" Jared hisses, as he rushes over, staring at the mess on the floor then at me.

"Some sort of...shelf failure...breakage...thing." I mutter, running a hand through my hair. I wasn't very good at the whole "working thing."

"Yeah I can see that..." He sighs, before helping me pick the toys up. "I dunno what we can do about the shelf...Katie'll have a fit..." He murmurs thoughtfully.

I pull the sonic out of my trouser pocket, beaming. Jared stares at it, then at me. "...What is that?" He asks, examining it curiously.

"A son-" I begin, but falter, then say, "...A new screwdriver...thing...from...Scotland?"

He seems to accept this, but throws me a strange look as he stands. "Better fix it before Katie gets back." He warns, before leaving the shop, throwing me an odd look over his shoulder.

Accustomed to strange looks, I position the shelf against the wall, and start to sonic the screws back in place, but a reading interjects this, and I lower the shelf, checking the readings.

Definite transport energy! Where was it coming from?

Abandoning the shelf, I turn left, holding the sonic on my palm, following the readings, barely noticing my surroundings, as I walk, engrossed in the strange readings the sonic is omitting.

"'Scuse me sir?"

I straighten, shoving the sonic in my pocket, and beaming at the salesgirl who is staring at me. "Yes?"

"Why are you here?" She demands bluntly.

"I'm...Katie...asked me to check...I'm the Doctor." I extend a hand, fixing her with one of my winning smiles.

She falters, looking slightly miffed, but then weakens, shaking my hand slowly. "Kelly."

"Nice to meet you..." I mumble, and wave cheerfully, as I stride off again, before promptly banging into a towering giant, who stares at me.

"Who are you?" He demands, glancing at Kelly then back at me.

"The Doctor." I say swiftly, shaking his hand, before bounding off again.

"George..." He says, watching me as I follow the signal.

"Damn it..." I mutter, as I check the sonic again. The signal has gone again.

Sighing, I head back to the toy department, before seeing the same weekly newspaper from Craig's lying on a counter. Glancing around, I pick it up, reading the main article with growing impression, before feverishly tearing through the pages,

Sheila Clarke, 30, a store clerk in the local precinct in Colchester has went missing on Tuesday Details of Sheila Clarke's whereabouts should be reported to...-

I turn the pages, until I read, Atif Gosh, 45, head of business in Colchesters busiest shopping mall, went missing last Friday. Any details of his whereabouts...-

Tom Luker, 20, last seen on Sunday morning...

Well...looked like there was something going on here...

I put the paper back down, and glance behind me at the lift which would take me out of here.

I had two choices.

Leave now, don't look back, go to Exedor and pretend everything's okay, that I won't be dying imminently, or, stay in certain danger, possibility of early death, and work in a toy shop.

...It's me, what do you expect?

I shuffled back towards the toy department. I was staying.

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