The supermarket was absolutely rammed today. I could barely move. I guess that's thanksgiving for you. Everybody rushing around like the world is about to end and the only thing that will save them is a damn Turkey. I didn't see the point in it myself, not this year. But my 5 year old daughter, Dawn, insisted we celebrate the day, she talked my ear off about it, about how it's what Gramps did back home. I mean back in Forks. Seattle was our home now. We'd moved to Seattle a week ago. After my dad, Charlie, past away last month, it didn't feel right staying in his house any more. We were going to move out anyway, I was getting a bit old to live at home, but he became ill, so I took care of him. Without my dad though, Forks held nothing for us, it was the ass crack of Washington and I needed out. Our new home was much better, it gave me and Dawn the fresh start we desperately needed. The people of Forks had always looked down on me and my baby, since the day they found out it was Mike Fucking Newton, the towns poster boy, that knocked me up. Of course it had been I who had corrupted him. Yeah, right.

Our new house needed some work though, it was full of boxes, run down walls and a thick layer of dust. However, here I was, utilising my time, in the middle of a store, Dawn kicking up a fuss in her stroller, trying to decide if I wanted onion gravy or regular gravy. All I really wanted was a glass of wine and my favourite book.

"Dawn, will you stop kicking!" I snapped at her. In one final defiant swing, her left leg crashed into a shelf, throwing it's entire cup-a-soup display onto the floor. She giggled, clearly very amused with her actions. Another child started laughing too, and proceeded to flinging her legs around. Great, Dawny has made a friend. I scurried around, putting the items back on the shelf haphazardly as passers-by ignored my predicament, swerving around me and even bumping right into me with push chairs and shopping trolleys.

"I'm sorry." A smooth voice said above me as he pushed his stroller into my leg. He bent down to help me.

I was momentarily stunned by the shining green eyes looking at me. How was such a deep emerald even possible? His perfect features seemed amused as I failed to respond and shamelessly stared, his happy smirk telling me he knew the effect he was having.

"Thanks." I mumbled, standing up finally. Blushing like a 17 year old. He smiled one last time at me before turning away with who I assumed was Dawns giggle buddy.

"Come on sweetie." I heard him say. "Let's go to Nana's house." How lovely, I thought. Why couldn't Dawn have a father like that? A family and a Grandmothers house to visit? All she had was me and all I had was her. I guess it will just have to be enough. I sighed.

"You know what! Screw thanksgiving, lets go to McDonalds!"I decided, defeated.

I grabbed onto the light blue stroller with the kicking child in front, cheering for a Happy meal and bolted.

I hadn't bothered with the car, figuring I'd just hang bags off the push chair. It was a nice day, and the town centre was only a 20 minute walk from my house. As was the school thankfully, since I worked from home, it would be easy to get back and forth.

On the way to Mcdonalds, Dawn was surprisingly quiet.

"You OK, baby?" I called to her. I'd kept the roof of the Pram open all day to block the sun from her eyes.

"Hmhmm" She mumbled back. I heard mischief in her voice, but chose to ignore it.

She hadn't acted differently after Charlie died. I'm not really sure she grasped what happened. She'd heard the word 'died' a few times. As well as 'heaven' and 'heart attack', but she was only 5 after all. She told me she missed him a few days ago, so I guess she wasn't completely clueless. She knew he was gone at least.

We walked into Mcdonalds and the little rugrat clapped her hands excitedly.

"I hardly ever have a donalds!" She squealed.

"What are you talking about? We had one last week silly." I laughed.

"No, my daddy says they bad for you." She replied matter of factly. What the hell was she talking about? She's never even met her father. "Nana's cooking is nice too though."

My stomach dropped. My heart nearly stopped. I looked around the back of the stroller, praying my theory was wrong. I held a scream as, in my daughters place, was not my daughter.


I walked out of the grocery store with bags of crap from my mothers list. Thanksgiving was in two days, and she was all but losing her mind. Why didn't she just go sooner? Why wait until the last minute? I pushed Paige along with one hand, whilst trying to control the rebel trolley with the other. Paige was my pride and joy. I hadn't even known she existed until she was one, when she was left on my porch, wrapped up in a basket with a note from her mother, Tanya.

Sorry I didn't tell you, Edward. I couldn't cope anymore. She's yours now.

Yeah, fucked up, I know.

Tanya had left all her information too. Birth certificate, medical records and papers signing her rights as a parent to me.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Tanya had left one and a half years before, telling me it just wouldn't work between us, I wasn't too broken up about it, she was right. However, she failed to mention she was pregnant. I was furious at first. But as soon as Paige opened her little eyes, showing me her big green orbs, I was in love. I never looked back. I couldn't even be angry with Tanya, all I could see was my little angel.

As the years went on, she turned into somewhat of a devil. Taking after her Aunt Alice is the pouting department and her Uncle Emmett in the Prankster department.

She got into the car as I was loading the boot with shopping.

I think she lacked the mother role she needed. She had Esme, my mother, but it wasn't the same. That's when my mind wondered back to the brunette in the store. I hadn't thought much about dating lately. All my past experiences had been disasters.

Lauren. Shudder. Lets not talk about Lauren.

She seemed different though, store girl. Her beautiful brown eyes caught my attention instantly. Her flushed cheeks captivated me, they made me think maybe I had the same effect on her. I hoped so. But why, it's not as if we'll see each other again. I thought, sadly. She probably had a boyfriend or Husband anyway, I mean, she had a kid.

We were on the road now, half way to Esme's house. Paige hadn't spoke much, I figured she was tired. I wasn't going to question her calmness. I was tired too.

I pulled up at the white mansion my parents lived in and heard a gasp from the back seat. Paige did always love this house. She said it was like a fairytale.

"It's like a fairytale." She said, as if reading my mind. I laughed.

"Go on inside then, while I get the bags. Nana and Papa are looking forward to seeing you."

She jumped out the car and scurried off. I saw her running in as the front door opened.

Hmm, funny, I swore she was wearing a pink coat when we left. I shrugged. I couldn't keep up with Alice playing barbie with my girl.

As I walked up to the front door, I heard a panicked scream come from inside the house.

"Edward!" My mother screamed again. I ran in, thinking the worst. Had Paige hurt herself? Was it bad? Nothing could have prepared me for how bad it really was.

My dad was holding a pretty mischievous looking child in his arms. Problem was, she wasn't my mischievous child.

"Edward, who the hell is this?"