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I'm not sure how long it took us to snap out of the awkward stillness that followed, although I do know that it was Alice, Rose and Esme's giggling that finally did it.

"Well, erm, I should..." Edward pointed in no particular direction.

"Yeah, I'll just..." I turned in the opposite direction. Edward disappeared out of site as the giggling continued.

"Oh my god, that was so embarrassing." I cried in to my hands. "Stop laughing!" They laughed even harder giving me no choice but to swat at Alice who happened to be closest.

"Come on Bella, it's not that bad. Just kids being kids." Alice said, attempting comfort while stifling her amusement.

"It was so awkward." I complained like a child.

"It wouldn't have been if you both hadn't made it that way." Rose pointed out. "I think somebody likes you." I blushed at her comment. "And clearly you feel the same, sweet cheeks." She laughed.

"Perhaps you should talk to him, honey. He has a habit of over thinking." Esme suggested kindly. I looked at them, and decided I'd rather talk to Edward than look at their smirking faces any longer.

"Fine" I huffed.

I walked through the garden, navigating my way through all the children, towards the house. They were right of course. We both overreacted a bit. The girls were being silly, we should have just laughed it off, but I was so shocked that Paige came out with that wish, that we get married! Little old me... lovely, kind, hotty with a body Edward. That's right, . . My train of thought was abruptly halted as I ran into something hard, or rather someone hard. Naturally, with my luck, this person happened to be carrying a huge bowl of punch which tipped over, drenching us from the waist down in sugary stickiness.

"Oh shit." I looked up to sound of Edwards voice. He looked mortified. "God can I do nothing right around you." He mumbled, to himself mostly. I stood still, shell shocked, not knowing what the hell to say and then to his surprise, I burst out with hysterical laughter. My shoulders were shaking, tears running down my face. Edward couldn't help himself either, whether it was my laughter or the situation, he started laughing too. We found ourselves clutching each other for support, trying to catch our breath.

Eventually we calmed down. My hand was gripping his shoulder and I felt his breath on my face, he reached his hand up and stroked away the stray tears of laughter. He was so close, I could see how long his eyelashes were, how beautifully they framed his eyes, how strong his jawline is and how his barely there stubble made him look so much more attractive.

"Come on." He said softly. " We need to clean up."


I grabbed Bella's hand and walked her upstairs after cleaning the floor. I could have kissed her. Just took her face between my hands and kissed her. I wanted to, but in a house full of people, including children and my family, it might not have been the greatest of ideas. I couldn't explain it, but what I felt for Bella ran deeper than I'd ever imagined, after knowing her for such a short amount of time.

We made it to my room without injury, and I sat her down on the edge of my bed. Trying not to think about that fact to much. Bella... on my bed.

"I have some old clothes here somewhere, might fit you a bit better." I said, going through some draws. "Here we go." I handed her some sweats and an old college T-shirt.

"Thank you." Bella said. She looked around, awkwardness filling the air again. Looking at me questioningly, she asked, "Edward?"

"Yes Bella?"

"Erm, where should I..." She gestured to the clean clothes. She wants to change you idiot, that is why you brought her up here.

"Oh! Right, there is a bathroom just across the hall." I replied. She left and I fell face first into my pillow. "What is wrong with me?" I moaned.

After having a minute to cringe at myself, I went to my wardrobe and got myself some new clothes. The stickiness from the juice was really beginning to irritate me. Stripping down to just my boxers I began to think of ways to not embarrass myself around Bella. Honestly none came to mind, which is just as well because hearing a gasp behind me I spun to see Bella standing in my doorway, drowning in my clothes, mouth hanging open and eyes roaming me up and down.

I smirked at her reaction to my half naked body. Her eyes met mine, her cheeks turning a beautiful pink. I wasn't arrogant, but I kept my body in shape and she was obviously affected by me. That fact pleased me greatly.

"I told you I couldn't do anything right around you." I laughed.

"You're not doing anything wrong." She argued. "I mean... you know, it's your room. I'm the one intruding so yeah..."

I carried on dressing as she carried on rambling.

"I'm sorry, I'm so stupid, I'll just..." She turned to leave as I pulled my shirt on. Quickly I grabbed her arm and turned her to me, leaning down to look into her eyes.

"It's OK Bella. I think acting like clumsy teenagers is just something we'll have to get used to around each other." I sighed dramatically. "I just don't see any other way."

"We are quite hopeless aren't we?" She laughed.

"Definitely. But maybe we could work on that. Soon." I tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, letting my hand linger on her cheek.

"Like a date?" She blurted, then looking rather horrified with herself, she hung her head, but I wouldn't let her. Lifting her chin, I leaned in closer.

"Not like a date. A date." I whispered. There was no helping me this time. She was just to close. She smelled like strawberries and soap. I brushed my lips against hers lightly, her lips were so soft. My eyes closed as I pushed more firmly against her lips, mouth slightly open, my hand gripping her hair. Bella gripped my waist, moaning quietly.

Apparently not quietly enough.

"Daddy! Are you up here?" Moment killer.

"Yeah sweetie, I'll be out in a minute." I called back.

"OK, well hurry, the cakes nearly gone already!" Paige's footsteps disappeared downstairs. I looked down at Bella, our hands still touching each other.

"Hmm, I'll go on a date with you on one condition." She said.

"And what's that?"

"You have to kiss like that when we do." She smiled.

"Shouldn't be a problem." I smiled back, glancing at her lips.


"Come on, lets go tame the beasts." Bella said, holding my hand and leading me back downstairs.

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