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The sun shone down on the Splatalot castle. A cool breeze blew across the clear blue sky. The Defenders were preparing for a day of defending the kingdom. Tinkor, Crocness and Shaiden would be defending the moat today, while Kook, Gildar and Thorne worked in the Stockade.

"Hey Gildar! Got yer mirror!"

Well, that was the plan anyway...

Kook was flying around the Stockade with Gildar's mirror, whilst the vain viking chased him. Thorne was trying to ignore them by filling buckets and loading Slime Sticks, but this was easier said than done with the noise they were making.


"You've stared at it for an hour and a half today already, and it's only nine." Kook said cooly.

"I don't care! I WANT IT BACK!" Gildar screamed with a face like thunder.

"Alright then," Kook said holding out the precious mirror, but just as Gildar's hand was reading clasp round it, the kooky Kookaburra whipped it out of his reach and let out an hystercial laugh. This action resulted in even more shouting from the viking.


"Have a bit of fun for once, mate!"


"Yeah, brushing yer hair and posing. Not exactly fun-fun."



"I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" cried Thorne, throwing down a bucket of slime in fustration, "Kook, give him back his mirror! Gildar, SHUT UP!"


"I don't want to hear it!"

"He'll steal my mirror agai-"

"Then swap places with Shaiden! You can go on the moat and she can help defend here!"

With that, Gildar swipped his mirror out of Kook's hand and set of to the moat, muttering something extremely rude. And Thorne ordered Kook to clean up the slime bucket he and Gildar had caused him to throw on the wooden floor of the Stockade.

Kook bent down and muttered. It was quite unfair, he was only trying to have a laugh. At least some good came out of it; Shaiden would be defending alongside him today. He liked Shaiden, perhaps 'liked' was a bit of an understatement, he'd developed a bit of a crush on her. He'd even tried to show her a few times but she never quite seemed to get the message.

Talk of the devil, a ninja shaped shadow had just covered Kookaburra's body. His face burst into one of his signature smiles.

"Thorne, Gildar just stormed up to me in a huff and told me to come here." Shaiden said, not really noticing Kook.

"Yeah, we had a spot of trouble with him and Bird Brain over there, so we had to swap you two round," Thorne said gruffly, and went to check on the Froth Brother.

Shaiden turned and looked at Kook, who has hurried trying to clean the spilled slime. There was still lots of green gunk he had to clean.

"Hey Kook, want some help?" she said kneeling down beside him.

"Aw, yeah, thanks Shaiden. It don't seem to be shifting very well." Kook replied, massaging his slime-covered fingers.

"That'll be Thorne's new formula then. Him and Tinkor are working on it, it's supposed to be harder for Attackers get off, makes them less focused on escaping," Shaiden explained,

Kook's expression after hearing this news was extremely easy to read. It said "What? So how am I gonna clean this then? Oh, Thorne's going to kill me.".

"It's okay Kook, Thorne told me it cleans off after a while, lucky for you he hasn't perfected it yet. Give it a few minutes, it should be easier to get off."

"Ah, thanks Shaiden." Kook said, giving her a smile.

Shaiden felt a small smile forming on her face. Kook always managed to make her smile. She was growing to like him, she'd thought of asking him out once or twice, but she hadn't acted on these thoughts, she just said she'd ask him some other time. She had a thought to ask out Kook right now, but Attackers were already trying to make their way across the moat, she could hear the Splatzookas firing.

Thorne's voice snapped her out of her thoughts, "Oi, Shaiden! Stop daydreaming and get ready!"

She glared at her brother and, ignoring his request, and continued helping Kook with the slime. It was hard to shift, but they got it cleaned up within a few minutes.

"Thanks again, Shaiden." Kook said, grabbing a Slime Stick. Shaiden took some Goo Grenades and positioned herself near the water gun.

Thorne, Shaiden and Kookaburra heard the clackson sound for the eight time, the eighth Attacker was running the course. But something was odd, after about twenty seconds, the sound of the Splatzookas and Vapourisers had ceased. Either this Defender was extremely fast or something was wrong. They didn't have to worry long, Crocness entered the Stockade a few minutes later with a young woman with the beak of a platypus.

"Um, Kookaburra, this, well this girl's just turned up in the moat claiming she knows you and wants to see you."

Kook was looking around desperately, trying to look invisable. The sight of this girl had scared out.

"Right, who the heck are you?" Thorne said.

The platypus girl batted her eyelashes and said in a sweet as sugar voice, "I'm Kookaburra's girlfriend."

A/N: Okay, this is turning out bad, I laugh at my fail-worthy work. There's probably a ton of grammar errors in here. And I swear this platypus girl isn't some Mary-Sue self-insert. If you watched carefully, in one episode of Splatalot, Kook says he has a platypus girlfriend.

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