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Shaiden's head was still slightly reeling from Kook's confession a week later. She couldn't really fit it in her head, as if it had been a dream. She'd felt guilty before about intruding on Kook and Hetty's love -or as it seemed now, unlove- and breaking it up. Now she felt...a bit like a ghost. She was on the sidelines of this love-triangle, and she couldn't step in for fear of making Kook look like some sort of loverat to everyone, which he wasn't.

She put down her slimestick as Splatalot's newest queen rejoiced with hyper cries of "WOOO! I IS YOUR SWEET LOLITA PEGASISTER QUEEEEN! I'M AWESOME! I'M AWESOME! WOO!". She'd been watching Kook whilst defending and he'd been half concentrating on his work, as if he was deep in thought. She was about to head into the castle when she heard-

"That was your your fault bird brain! We could have defeated her if you even bothered to splat her!"


She turned to see Skabb shouting at Kook.

"She was stupid! A little more splatting from you and we could have defeated her!"

"But Skabb, I was tr-"

"Well you weren't trying hard enough!"


She suddenly found herself striding over to them, "SKABB, WILL YOU STOP SHOUTING AT HIM!"

The ninja could be suprisingly loud at times. Loud enough to shut Skabb up, "We all have bad days. Kook's probably having one of those days." she said, quieter but with an angry tone. She knew what was getting Kook down...but she wasn't going to blurt that out to a stupid barbarian.

Skabb grunted and walked off leaving Shaiden and Kook alone.

"Thanks for that Shaiden,"

"No problem...Kook, if you don't mind me asking, you look...sad. Is something wrong?"

"What? No, no. Like yer said, it's just a bad day, Splatzooka wasn't working and-"

He was a terrible liar. There was no denying.

"Okay. I-I just feel I'm letting yer down Shaiden. This thing with Hetty-"

"Kook, I've told you, I can wait."

"But I just can't find the words, and I- well, I've told yer before, nothing new. It just plays on me mind, and then I think of you and it goes away, but then I think how much it's hurting you because it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything and-"

"Listen," Shaiden said, looking Kook in the eye. "I don't think you're not trying, you just care about not hurting people, and that's fine. I don't care how long it takes because you're worth waiting for," she wrapped her arms around him in a gentle hug, "Okay?"

Kook returned the gesture. They just stood embraced in that hug for a few minutes, not wanting to break away but knowing they had too.

"I'm seeing her tonight, I'll tell her then."

"Just remember what I said, okay?"

A distant sound from the castle pulled them apart, if someone were to see them hugging given the situation...well, it wouldn't look good in their eyes. Shaiden gave him an encouraging smile and headed into the castle whilst Kook went another way.

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