Title: Word Game
Pairing: Sam/Gabriel
Warnings: None!

"I'm thinking of a word," Gabriel announces over the noise of the TV. Sam doesn't bother looking up from his laptop.

"Porn," he says, trying to decide how to word his search for "how to kill a harpy with two knives, salt bullets and and some rope and still get out alive".

Gabriel's quiet for a moment and Sam types in, "kill harpy easy" and hits enter.

"I'm thinking of a different word, now," Gabriel tells him. Sam looks at the top five links, wonders if any of these sites have even a grain of truth to them.

"Candy," he tells Gabriel, opening the top eight results, just in case.

"You're no fun, Sammy," Gabriel whines and the TV shuts off. Sam exits out of the first two tabs, scrolls through the third.

"I have it on good authority that my destiny has nothing to do with entertaining you," Sam says, exiting out of this tab, too.

Gabriel snorts and slithers under Sam's arm so that he's sitting in Sam's lap. "Good authority, my ass. Hey, speaking of which, I just thought of a really fun thing we can do."

"No horizontal tango, Gabe," Sam complains, hooking his chin over Gabriel's shoulder in an attempt to keep doing his research. The archangel wiggles in his lap and despite Sam's words, the horizontal tango suddenly seems much more of a possibility. "Gabriel..."

"I'll show you how to kill a harpy later, okay?" Gabriel offers, grinning.

Sam sighs, but starts closing out of the tabs he'd opened. Gabriel smirks and latches onto Sam's neck, just above the pulse point. "I'm thinking of a word..." he mutters.

"Fuck," Sam breathes out, eyes stuttering closed.

Gabriel hums against his skin. "You're good at that game," he says before snapping.