Title: Forbidden Fruit
Pairing: Gabriel/Castiel
Warnings: Incest, human!AU

They've been picking apples all day, filling buckets and dumping them into the larger bins between rows before going back for more. The whole family had been dragged along, some eager and others...not so eager.

Gabriel hadn't exactly been thrilled to be informed that his day of planned laziness was being rewritten as a family outing to an orchard to pick apples. In fact, his reaction had been something along the lines of "Hell, no!" until he realized that his parents were fully willing to physically carry him out to the car regardless of his state of dress (at the time, a pair of boxers and a ratty old tank top that he'd been sleeping in for the better part of five years). He'd sullenly gotten gotten dressed, then.

The only good part about this, he'd decided upon arriving at the orchard, was that he didn't have to pick in the same area as the rest of his family. As long as they saw him dumping apples into the bins every so often, his parents were fine with him not being in sight. So, he'd grabbed two buckets and slipped down to the very last rows, out of sight and hearing of the rest of his large and overly awake family.

Some time after that, Castiel had joined him, picking apples a few trees over from Gabriel. That was okay. Castiel was probably Gabriel's favorite brother; less concerned with doing his best than Michael, Lucifer and Raphael and more normal than Joshua and Uriel. Quiet, too. So long as the rest didn't follow, Gabriel was perfectly fine with Castiel shadowing him.

As the hours passed, measured in the thumps of apples dropping into the buckets and the trips back to the bins, Castiel slowly came closer and closer, until they were picking off of the same tree, just branches from each other. They took turns taking buckets back, passing buckets back and forth until Gabriel wasn't sure whether the one he was currently using was his or Castiel's.

Sometime mid-afternoon, Gabriel took a break as Castiel hauled two buckets back to the bin. Careful not to sit on any fallen and rotting apples, he leaned against the tree and closed his eyes, relishing the natural quiet that was so rare at home. Careful steps alerted him to Castiel's return, but Gabriel waited until he heard the buckets hit the ground near his feet to open his eyes.

Castiel was kneeling next to the buckets, knees splayed carelessly as he balanced on the balls of his feet. The sun was behind him, filtering through the thick leaves to highlight stray wisps of his dark hair and limn the clean edges of his face, but casting his bright eyes in shadow, where they darkened, staring back at Gabriel like they could see straight through him.

Gabriel's breath caught and he swallowed hard, mouth suddenly dry. The entire family was attractive, but right now, Castiel was...beautiful.

"Cas..." he started, but Castiel shook his head, slid closer until Gabriel could almost feel the soft puffs of his brother's breaths against his face. "Cas?"

"Shh," Castiel said, leaning in. Dry lips brushed Gabriel's and his eyes stuttered shut, mouth opening on a silent 'oh.'

The pressure eased away and Gabriel forced his eyes open again, heart beating double-time. Castiel was still close, scant inches away and flushed, eyes wide and dark, as if surprised by his own daring, but left still wanting.

"Gabriel, I-"

Gabriel's hand slid around the nape of Castiel's neck, tugged just a bit. He smiled. "Shh," he said, closing the distance.

And for now, it didn't matter that they were brothers, that the rest of their family was on the other side of the orchard. For now, there was just the trees and the apples and each other.