The Letter

Description: On the night before their wedding, Jackson leaves Aaron a letter.

Aaron smiled as he glanced down the white envelope he was holding in his hand. He found it resting on the kitchen table for him when he returned to Smithy Cottage from work. It killed him to know Jackson was only in Dale Head, but Jackson was superstitious, and was convinced if they saw each other before their wedding, something was bound to go wrong. That didn't help the fact that Aaron was already terrified. He looked at the writing on the front of the envelope: "My beautiful Aaron". He smiled again before tearing it open.

My Beautiful Aaron,

Well, here we are babe, the night before our wedding. You at Smithy, me at Dale Head, both of us unable to sleep from the excitement and nerves tomorrow will bring. I can't believe how lucky I got, after my accident, I thought that was it for me, my life was over. You tried so hard to convince me that I'd be ok, WE'D be ok, and I hate saying this Livesy, you were right. You convinced me, god knows how, to give you a chance at making me see my life as a tetraplegic could still be positive. Dad couldn't handle it, as usual and left me again. It hurt, it really hurt, but you were there, just like you promised you would be, right from the start.

No matter how many times I tried pushing you away, you still stuck by me and for that babe, I'm always thankful. Not as thankful as I am to you for helping me recover, even if you managed it in the worst way possible. Remember? My hoist was broken, and you couldn't get me out of the bath in the wet room, so you lifted me out, and slipped on the wet floor. You fell; I fell and landed awkwardly on my back. You were so scared, you screamed, you actually screamed and broke down in tears at the sight of me, lying on the floor. I've never seen you looking so terrified, so broken. You didn't dare tell anyone else what had happened, until my mum forced it out of you. But if it wasn't for that, maybe I wouldn't be here now. That fall, god knows how, had damaged my spinal chord again, even though I had more metal inside me than a flipping Transformer. I had to have another operation in it. I don't know to this day how it happened, or what they did, but when I woke up, and the medication wore off, and I felt pins and needles in my fingers, the feeling was overwhelming. Then the legs were tingling too. I couldn't believe it. For the first time since my accident, I'd become so positive, I knew I was going walk again, and that was all thanks to you.

The physio was hard and I know there was times when I felt like giving up on it all, but you pushed and pushed, and here I am. The Old Jackson. To this day I still remember your face, when you had that birthday party in the Woolpack. Your mum made you close your eyes, and when you opened them, I was there, STANDING in front of you. You burst into tears and it felt so good to be able to pull you into that hug. It was one of the best hugs of my life. It had been over a year since I touched you and I never wanted to let you go. And I still don't. I don't know what I'd do without you, and I'm so glad you've overcome what you were going through; the depression, the self-harm, you even agreed to go to Anger management! The mellow, calm Aaron is still freaky! But I'm so happy that you're mine and I can't wait until tomorrow, to be able to put that ring on your finger, and you, as you decided, officially become Aaron Walsh.

We've had a hell of a time these past two years, but here's to plenty more happy ones together, with you by my side.

All my love forever, Jackson xxxx