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...Of Me.

I arrived to work about six thirty in the morning on Friday. The first thing I did when I walked through the doors was glance at Hotch's office. A smiled crept to my face when I saw his frame in the light that was online. I pulled the strap of my bag up over my head, then sat it down on my desk. I grabbed my mug, and walked over to the coffee machine. After pouring some into my mug, I was adding my sugar when Hotch came by.

"Morning Reid." He stated, in his normal voice.

"You too Hotch." I replied back nicely, trying to keep my focus on my coffee, not how handsome he was. Or how close he was to me either. "How's Jack doing?" I asked casually.

"He's doing good, had his first day of school yesterday." He answered, sipping his coffee.

After I had my five spoons full of sugar, I took a sip, to taste it out. I sighed happily, when it slid down my throat. Just right. I thought.

"How did that go?" I asked after tasting the liquid in my cup.

"He was excited. He went on and on last night about it. Took me an hour to get him to sleep." Hotch said, smiling.

"We've got a case." Stated JJ, as she came in the doors, followed by Morgan and Prentiss.

I was so glad to have the whole team back. JJ came back, when we were trying to find Prentiss's replacement. And then Prentiss came back, when Seaver got transferred to another team. Sadly that had to happen to get our family, but I think, she was happy about the move. I followed the team into the meeting room. Closely followed by Hotch. Once we were all seated around the table, JJ clicked the remote, which popped up some pictures.

"This case, isn't like any other we've worked on before. The victims, are all gay. I understand we've worked this kinds of cases before. However what makes this one unique is…"

"Their all genius's." Morgan finished, looking at his iPad, in front of him.

"What?" I choked out.

"Michael Jake, age twenty, had an IQ of one-hundred and sixty-nine. Joshua Coven, age twenty nine, IQ of one-hundred and ninety-one. And the third victim, was Becca Heinz, age twenty five, IQ of one hundred and seventy-three." JJ said, clicking the remote each time she stated a name.

"I thought you said, they were all gay." Prentiss stated confused.

"Becca was a cross dresser. She tried to date guys, but it didn't work out for her. She was made fun of a lot for being so smart. And she couldn't get a date. So she became a cross dresser. This is what she looked like, before she changed," JJ replied, clicking her remote. The picture showed a young beautiful girl, with dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She looked like she could have been a model. "And this is what she looked like after the surgery," clicking the button again. This time, the girl, had short brown hair, her figure wasn't as nice as before. She wasn't horrible fat, nor skinny. But more like she didn't care about her looks now.

"Is it just me, or do all this victims have something in common. Besides the high IQ's and being Gay." Rossi questioned out loud.

"Well each victim has…Oh my gosh." Garcia stated, looking at the before pictures. Then her glaze quickly turned to me.

"They almost remind me…" Morgan started off.

"Wheels up in ten." Hotch ordered, rushing out of the room, with the file under his arm.

"Of me." I stated, finishing Morgan's sentence.


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