Title: Straight Edge Savior

Pairing: Jeff/Punk

Summary: Jeff's got one last chance at redemption. If he can get through rehab and defeat his addiction, he won't have to go to jail. But can he overcome the odds? And what happens when he finds himself falling for the neighborhood punk?

-Chapter One-

-Early morning, Outside The Center for Addiction Solutions(CAS)-

Jeff's eyes looked upon the welcome sign taped on the glass entrance doors with visible distain as he took another long drag from his cigarette.

The sign, in bright, bold yellow lettering said:

Welcome to the Center for Addiction Solutions! We are glad you turned to us for help! Our team of staff will make sure you get the utmost personal treatment and care! We are a dedicated business here to serve the community and everyone in it!

Like they were going to help him. No one could help him.

He didn't even need help in the first place. At least, that's how he saw it.

But no matter how much he despised the idea of being in a addiction treatment center, he was going to have to go in sooner or later. He was being forced into this. If he didn't go to rehab, it would mean serving jail time. And Jeff knew he couldn't go to jail.

The very image of him in a orange jumpsuit, sitting behind bars made him shudder. He just wasn't the type to go to jail.

But even after he got this over with, he would have to face school tomorrow morning. If he wanted to graduate, which he did, though it surprised even him, he was going to have to face another two months of senior year hell.

It was being alone that annoyed him the most.

He hated going through the school day without someone to talk to. It was just so silent and unpleasant. Plus, eating by himself was never much fun.

And then he would have to keep coming back for regular classes every week.

With a sigh he dropped the cigarette to the ground and stamped it out with the toe of his boot. Shoving his hands into the pockets of his sweatshirt, he opened the glass doors and entered the building.

Immediately he was hit with a blast of cold air. It was a huge temperature difference compared to the sweltering North Carolina heat outside. The a/c was clearly running on full power, the rumbling noise filling the empty halls.

Jeff peered around, taking in his surroundings. He was standing in an empty waiting room with gray carpet and quite uncomfortable-looking chairs. Off to his right was a sliding glass window, like the one you would see at the doctors office, with a wooden counter in front. To his left were several posters with different addictions and ways to help yourself get over them. He rolled his eyes.

How cheesy.

The place smelled funny too. Kind of like a hospital, but with a hint of sweat. Jeff wrinkled his nose. It wasn't very pleasant, that was for sure.

Jeff slowly made his way up to the counter. It's so quiet, he's almost afraid to make a sound for fear that something disturbing might pop out. Jeff mentally scolded himself for being so paranoid.

Reaching up, he lightly tapped on the glass with his knuckles.

Almost immediately, the glass door slid open revealing a tall woman, who looked to be in her late thirties, with black hair, dressed in khakis and a shirt with the center's logo stitched on the breast.

She gave him a bright, white smile.

"Hello there young man. My name is Rhonda. How may I help you?"

"I'm supposed to be in a class. And I was wondering if you could show me where to go." Jeff uttered in a small voice, very unlike his usual tone.

"Okay, give me your name and I can look up what class you're supposed to be in."

"My name is Jeff Hardy."

Rhonda ducked her head back in the small office room and began to rapidly type on her computer keyboard.

"Ah. There you are. Mr. Hardy. Your class is court ordered, correct?"

Jeff hung his head, he hated when people brought up anything that had to do with his arrests.

"Yeah." Jeff muttered idly, pretending to pay attention a stack of pamphlets sitting on the counter that had to do with curing alcoholism.

Rhonda patted his hand and Jeff jerked up, staring at her suspiciously.

"It's okay, honey. We all make mistakes. But everyone deserves a second chance. And the people that work here are going to do their best to make sure you never have to go back to that courtroom." The older woman smiled a motherly and comforting smile.

Jeff only gave a nod in return.

"I'll come out there and meet you and show you the way to your class."

Jeff waited, and soon Rhonda came out a side door that was attached to the hallway.

"Follow me Jeff. I will be showing you your class for the next two months."

Jeff followed Rhonda as she headed down the hall. They turned down several corridors, so many that Jeff wasn't sure he was going to be able to find his way out again.

Finally, they came upon a door with the numbers 2678.

"Here you go Jeff. I hope you have a good first session." Rhonda said, opening the door for him.

Jeff took a deep breath before stepping through the threshold.

-Across town, With Phil-

Phil Brooks sat in his back yard under a tree, his legs crossed, a sketchpad sitting in his lap. His brow furrowed in concentration as he began to draw out the figure before him.

John Hennigan lay in the grass, his brown eyes staring up at the clouds. Phil smiled softly at the expression on his boyfriend's face.

John places his hands behind his head and soon his eyes fell closed.

When Phil looks up, it takes him a minute to realize that the other boy has fallen asleep. Phil chuckles as he continues to draw John's sleeping contours.

It doesn't take him long to finish his drawing. Setting his sketchpad down, he crawls over to John and places a gentle kiss on his lips.

John stirs slightly, and his eyes lazily open. A smile graces his lips.

"Hi there Philly. Did I fall asleep?"

"You did indeed Johnny. I think it's time we go back inside. We have homework to finish. I don't want you having to turn something in late because you didn't have time to do it when you were with me."

John rolled his eyes playfully, "You worry to much Philly."

"Yes, yes I do. And with good reason. Now get your lazy ass off the ground." Phil ordered.

"Help me up?"

"Fine." Phil muttered, standing up and helping John to his feet.

-Back at the Center for Addiction Solutions-

Jeff stared across the room at the blonde haired instructor, interest etched across his face. He was sitting on steel chair in a circle of other people in the class. The instructor's name was Maryse. And for some reason, Jeff just couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

He wasn't exactly attracted her, but she still interested him none the less.

Her accent was what caught his attention the most. It was like velvet, smooth and pure. When she had introduced herself, she had said she was originally from Canada and she was of French-Canadian decent. What was a beautiful, blonde French-Canadian doing down in a hick town in North Carolina trying to cure a bunch of smokers, drunks and druggies?

"Jeffrey?" Maryse's voice caused him to jump. His eyes focused on her face. He coughed into his fist.


"Would you like to tell the class why you're here with us today?" Maryse gave him her warmest smile.

Jeff's cheeks flushed and he looked down.

"Do I have to?" He muttered.

"It would be nice but if you really don't want to, then I guess you don't have to."

Jeff didn't want to look a pussy in front of the rest of the class so he gathered up what pride and courage he could muster and spoke quietly, "I'm here because I fucked up. End of story."

"Would you like to explain a bit more?" Maryse asked.

Jeff couldn't help but roll his eyes at her.

"Look. I need help. As much as I hate to admit it, I do need help. And everyone in the courtroom the sent me here can back up that statement. I smoke. I drink. I do drugs. The whole nine yards. And I don't want to go to jail. I don't want to live my life the way I have been. I want to live a decent life and graduate. Is there anything else you would like to know?" Jeff asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"No, thank you for sharing." Maryse said and moved on to the next patient.

-Several hours later-

Jeff stepped out of the Center, grateful that the session was over. He would have to come back next week, but at least for now he could breath easy.

Looking up at the sky, he realized that it had really changed color.

Instead of the beautiful blue color, dotted with splashes of white, it was now an ominous-looking dark blue.

'Oh goody for me, now I get to walk home in the rain.' Jeff thought unhappily. He lit another cigarette and began to head in the direction of home.

-Back at Phil's-

"Bye Johnny. I'll see you tomorrow." Phil said as John grabbed his coat and began to get ready to leave.

"Bye Philly. I love you." John walked over and pecked Phil's lips, smiling gently.

With that he turned and headed out the door.

Not a minute later did it start to pour down rain outside. Phil walked up to his room, and sat in front of his window, staring out into the rain.

His eyes flashed to a figure walking through the downpour. Phil raised an eyebrow, wondering why anyone would be walking in the middle of a rainstorm. He tried to see if he recognized the stranger, but he couldn't figure out who it was.

The figure continued on it's course, passing Phil's house and stopping in front of the house next door. It then quickly made it's way into the house and out of the rain.

Phil raised an eyebrow suspiciously. Since when did they have neighbors? The house next door had been empty for years.

He stood and headed downstairs.

"Mom?" He called out.

"What is it Phil?" His mother answered.

He walked into the kitchen where his mother stood in front of the stove, dumping a box of pasta into a steaming pot. She looked over at him and smiled.

"What do you need honey?" She asked.

"Don't call me honey, mom."

His mother shook her head and sighed, "Well alright Phillip. What is it?"

Phil narrowed his eyes, "Since when do we have neighbors?"

"What do you mean? Mrs. Hart has always been our neighbor."

Phil rolled his eyes, "I don't mean her mom. I know Mrs. Hart is our neighbor. She's a crazy old bag. I was talking about the house on the other side of us."

"Oh! That house. Some people moved into it this weekend while you were over at John's. It looks like a women with a boy about your age that live there now."

"Someone my age?"

"Yeah. He looked like he could be in your grade. You'll probably see him in school tomorrow."

'A new kid? Hmm..'

Phil shrugged his shoulders and headed back upstairs into his room.

-The next morning, With Jeff-

The alarm clock buzzed loudly, jerking Jeff awake from his sleep. He looked at the clock and groaned.

'Great. Six fucking o'clock. And now I have to go to school.'

Jeff sighed, sitting up in bed.

He didn't want to go. He so didn't want to go. It was just going to end up like it always did. He would end up spending the next two months by himself in his own personal hell.

Standing, he padded barefoot across the hardwood floor, and over to his closet. He opened the double doors, and dug around inside for something decent to wear. Finally, he settled on a pair of dark jeans and a black t-shirt.

Quickly he dressed and brushed his teeth, pulling his hair back into bun. Yawning, he made his way down the stairs.

He took a seat at the dining room table, waiting for his mother to bring him something to eat. And she soon appeared, holding a plate of eggs and bacon, along with a glass of orange juice.

She smiled at him, hoping he would be become a little more excited after some breakfast.

"Here you go Jeffro. Have some breakfast." She set the plate of food and glass of juice in front of him.

"Thanks mom." He muttered. Grabbing a fork, Jeff poked at the eggs.

His mother sighed.

"Jeffrey, I wish you would be a bit more enthusiastic about this. Who knows, maybe it'll be fun."

Jeff rested his cheek on his fist and looked at her.

"How is it going to be fun?"

"How won't it be fun? You'll get to make new friends and learn new things."

Jeff rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say mom."

With another sigh, his mother exited the room.

-20 minutes later-

"There you go Jeff." His mother said as she stopped the car in front of the school.

"Yeah. Thanks mom." He leaned across the seat and kissed her cheek.

She patted the top of his head, "You'll have fun. I know it Jeffy."

Jeff just nodded before opening the door and getting out.

As his mom drove off, Jeff made his way toward the school, a unpleasant sense of uneasiness turning his stomach into knots.

'This day is going to fucking suck.'

-Inside the school, With Phil-

Phil leaned against his locker, smiling as John approached him.

"Morning Philly." John says and kisses his boyfriend.

Phil smiles, "Hi Johnny."

"I missed you." John says.

Phil chuckles, "I missed you too."

"Do you wanna come over tonight?"

Phil frowns, "Sorry John. I can't. My mom wants me home tonight. She won't let me go anywhere because I'm failing English."

"How the hell are you failing English?"

"I don't know." Phil shrugs.

John sighs, "Alright. I guess we'll just have make plans some other night. I gotta go though. I need to talk to the principal about earning more credits."

Nodding, Phil kisses John once more and watches as John heads down the hall. He turns and starts to walk in the other direct. But instead, his runs into someone, knocking them both to the floor.

"Ow." Phil groans, rubbing his nose.

He blinks, looking over at the other person.

Another male with rainbow colored hair, is also sitting flat on his ass, massaging his forehead.

'Wait a minute, I've seen that sweatshirt before…'

Suddenly, Phil remembers seeing someone wearing the same sweatshirt walking into the house next door last night.

He stands and offers a hand out to the other boy. Hesitantly, Phil helps him up.

"Are you new? I've never seen you around here before." Phil stats, beginning to pick up his things.

"Uhh…Yeah. Well yes and no. I used to go here a long time ago and I just moved back actually." The voice was thick with a Southern accent.

'He's definitely from around here.'

Phil gathers the other boy's things and hands them to him.

"Oh, what's your name?"


Phil smiles, "I'm Phil. Nice to meet you."

Jeff gives him the biggest smile he can muster, "Sorry about running into you."

"Nah. It was my fault. Don't worry about. No harm done. What's your next class?"

Chewing his lip ring, Jeff looks down at his schedule.


Phil's smile grows.

"Cool. So do I. I'll show you where to go."

Jeff nods, "Thanks."

As they begin to walk, Phil asks, "Do you have anyone to sit with at lunch?"

"Not really. I don't know anyone." Jeff admits quietly.

"You can sit with me and my friends if you want."

"Okay. That sounds awesome."

-Straight Edge Savior-

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