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Welcome to Nobuyuki's Story Mode prologue for Chapter One: the Battle of Mikatagahara ^^

I wrote this fic because I got some ideas from one of Koei Lovers Indonesia topics (Specifically, the "Character yang paling anda ingin keluar di SW..." one) and two of them were Sanada Nobuyuki and Otani Yoshitsugu. Coincidentally, both characters have connections to Sanada Yukimura (guess which one was his brother and which one was his father-in-law ? XDDD)

And now for Nobuyuki Sanada:

As my OC version of the historical figure (and one of SW3's NPC), I portray Nobuyuki as somewhat of a "Blood Knight" in battle -albeit only for the fun and challenges, not the killing =_=a- who turns into an easygoing yet polite person outside the battlefield. His weapon is a Nagamaki, simply because I wanted an unique weapon that could stands up to Tadakatsu's Tonbo-Giri yet somewhat similar to Yukimura's spear in functionality (which omits swords and any projectiles weapon). I find it quite ironic that Nobuyuki used a weapon that is said to be favored by Nobunaga himself ^^"

Like Yoshitsugu's, Nobuyuki's SM will only covers the prologue, at least for the moment. However, as soon as I finished ER, I will continue the Story Mode that got the most reviews. Kojuro's doesn't count since his first stage of the SM is already done.

So enjoy the story and leave a review ^^

A Friendly Competition


For centuries, the land of Japan has always find themselves in conflicts. Feudal lords struggles for control as the Ashikaga Shogunate slowly losing their dominance. The fire of conflicts burn ferociously as the battles rages on. Amongst these daimyo, three powerful warlords rise in both power and fame. Kenshin Uesugi, the Dragon of Echigo, whose prowess in battle gave him the tittle "God of War". Nobunaga Oda, formerly known as the "Fool from Owari", rose to fame after slaying the warlord Yoshimoto Imagawa. And the Tiger of Kai, Shingen Takeda, a powerful warlords famed for his strategy and commander of the famous Takeda cavalry, who is said to be nigh invincible in battle.

For years, the three warlords has fought for control over the Kanto region, and neither of them ever had the upper hand in the struggle. Then, in the year 1572, Shingen Takeda made his decision to march upon the capital. If he conquered the capital, then the land would fall into the Tiger's claws. On his campaign, Shingen passed over the territory of one Tokugawa Ieyasu, ruler of Mikawa and an ally of Nobunaga Oda. While Shingen wanted no conflict, Ieyasu refused to let the Takeda intrude upon his territory. Against the advice from his retainers, and even the one sent by Nobunaga Oda, Ieyasu went to intercept the Takeda. Ieyasu faced them at Hitokotozaka, but his army was swept away by the mighty Takeda cavalry.

Ieyasu retreats, and two of Shingen's most talented retainers led an army to chase after him. The ronin of Yamato, Sakon Shima, and the master of spear, Yukimura Sanada, soon finds themselves facing against Ieyasu most powerful guardian, Tadakatsu Honda. Thanks to his effort, Ieyasu managed to escape with his life, and the Takeda soon resumed their advance upon the capital. Having faced against the mightiest samurai in the land, Yukimura wondered if he could ever match the might and devotion of Tadakatsu. As the Takeda army entered the high plain of Mikatagahara, Yukimura still have the same question in his mind. Yukimura wishes to be able to cross blades with Tadakatsu once more, for he wanted to test his own worth.

"What's with the tension, Benzomaru ?"

Yukimura's trains of thought stops as he looked to his side to see his brother, Nobuyuki Sanada, riding up to him. Unlike others -or anyone else for that matter-, Nobuyuki often mounted his horse in an unorthodox position. For this occasion instead of sitting on the saddle Nobuyuki choose to lie down on it. The elder Sanada used both of his hands to support his head, while his still sheathed weapon were hung on his saddle. Unlike Yukimura who wields the more conventional spear, Nobuyuki prefers the Nagamaki. Which were usually used against horsemen.

Nobuyuki's eyes were still closed as he continued. "That stiff emotion of yours might get you killed on the battlefield," Nobuyuki opened one eye as he looked at Yukimura, "Try to relax once in a while, that way you will have easier time to enjoy your life."

Yukimura shook his head. "A warrior must be ready for battle all the time," he said, "If one lets down their guard, then he would exposed himself to the enemy."

At his brother's reply, Nobuyuki lets out a long, drawn-out sigh as he gaze upon the clouded skies above. "You have some serious issue with relaxing, Yukimura," Nobuyuki said, "If you can't enjoy the life outside the battlefield then you won't have any place in a land of peace."

"Oh well, if I can't your mind now," Nobuyuki said as he gets up, his raven hair slightly messed, "Then how about a little contest ? The one who contributes the most on the next battle can order the loser for the whole week!"

"Onii-sama, the battlefield is not a place to be taken lightly. You shouldn't play around like that," Yukimura replied.

"There's nothing wrong with a little challenge to fuel your spirit," Nobuyuki said. The elder Sanada grabs his Nagamaki and unsheathes it. Grinning, he rested the polearm over his black and crimson armor as he looked into the distance. "Besides, you should prepare yourself Benzomaru..."

Not far from the Takeda's current location, the Tokugawa army led by Ieyasu had sets up a defensive lines to block the Takeda's march. Even though he had been defeated by Shingen's cavalry at Hitokotozaka, Ieyasu refused to yield just like that. Knowing that a battle is inevitable, Nobuyuki smiled at the prospect of challenging the men of Mikawa.

"...Because I can smell a battle coming our way."


In the year 1572, Shingen Takeda mobilized his army and set forth to conquer the capital city of Kyoto. En route through the province of Mikawa, they met resistance from Ieyasu Tokugawa. However, Ieyasu's army was soundly defeated by the might of the Takeda.

Ignoring what he considered to be a minor threat, Shingen continues his march upon the capital. Enraged by this insult, Ieyasu summons his remaining troops and ordered an immediate strike. The two forces soon clashed at Mikatagahara.

Amongst the ranks of Shingen forces was the warrior by the name Nobuyuki Sanada. Having missed the action at Hitokotozaka, Nobuyuki looks forward to the upcoming battle.

As the battle draws near, Nobuyuki eagerly awaits the opportunity to test the bravery of Ieyasu's men...

"Time to see just how powerful the Tokugawa really are!"

"Chapter One, the Battle of Mikatagahara. Now then, let us enjoy this battle!"


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For Silvermoonarisato, maafkan saya jika Nobuyuki tidak sesuai harapan anda TT^TT tapi ini juga karena anda sulit dikontak sih... dibantai karena nyari alasan

Benzomaru : Benzōmaru (武藤弁丸) was Yukimura Sanada's childhood name. Nobuyuki (at least, my own version that is) often used this name to tease Yukimura.

Nagamaki : (Japanese: 長巻, literally "long wrapping") is a Japanese pole weapon with a long and heavy blade with an equally long hilt, used by the samurai warriors of medieval Japan. The nagamaki is very much like a the Japanese naginata or a glaive. The nagamaki is considered the favored weapon of samurai General Oda Nobunaga. Nobuyuki's version here is around 6 feet long, almost as tall as he is. Note: this means that the blade length of Nobuyuki's Nagamaki is 3 feet.

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