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Welcome to Yoshitsugu's Otani Story Mode ! like Nobuyuki's, I made this fanfic to somewhat fulfills the wish of some fellow members of Koei Lovers Indonesia. You could see the rest of the story on Nobuyuki's opening chapter, I'm too lazy to explains it again =w= smacked and blasted to pieces

And now for the brief summary of our tittle character:

Different from Kojuro Katakura (nice, polite, and quite a bishonen -at least to Pyromystic-) and Nobuyuki Sanada (somewhat rowdy yet kind-hearted), Yoshitsugu is a bit rude and his face is covered with bandages. He hate the sunlight (there's a reason for that) and Sakura blossoms (more of a dislike, but there's a reason for that too) and idiots (there's... on second thought, there are none...). Historically, he is a friend of Mitsunari Ishida, though the reasons for that depends on which version did you read.

If Mitsunari is symbolized as a fox, then Yoshitsugu is (unofficially, mind you) symbolized with snake. His golden eyes and hood made him seemingly looked like a cobra with it's hood up (at least to those that were intimidated by him...) and his weapon, a Shakujo (traditionally a monk's weapon... I just choose it randomly nuked) is like a snake's rattle (a rattlesnake mixed with a cobra... a "rattle-cobra" ? XDDD nuked again) Historically, he is the foster father of Akihime, who is the wife of Yukimura Sanada. This makes him the father-in-law for Yukimura.

Yoshitsugu's appearance in most media usually has most of his face covered by either a mask, cloth, or bandages. My version's has his face covered by bandages except for his mouth and eyes, but his hair (sickly pale gray, btw) is still visible especially with his hood up.

Keep in mind that my version of Yoshitsugu Otani is a Perpetual Frowner. Which means, for simplicity said, he does not show any other emotion unless I said otherwise. And even then, it would be brief. He also rarely raise his voice, and somewhat deadpan every time he talked, no matter what situation he's in. Like Nobunaga, Yoshitsugu in my story have dark elemental power. You'll see what I meant later, unless you go to his profile page at MEGA OC MADNESS! At Koei Lovers Indonesia.

That's all for Yoshitsugu's introduction (what part of it was brief ?), and remember to leave a review !

A Request from a Friend


The chamber would be pitch-black without some oil lamps to light it. Even though it was in the middle of the day, the windows was blocked, leaving only the oil lamps as a source of light. Adding to the mysterious atmosphere is the faint smell of a lit sandalwood incense, sometimes used in meditation. This was the private chamber of Yoshitsugu Otani, one of Hideyoshi Hashiba's talented vassal. His talent is well known amongst the Toyotomi, but only several individuals truly respected him. Others cast fear and suspicion towards Yoshitsugu, mainly due to his illness(1) and overall harsh personality. His dimly-lit chamber was because he detest the sunlight. No one knows the exact reason for this, adding another mystery to this enigma of a man. A reclusive man, he says little about his own personal thought to others.

Mitsunari Ishida, another one of Hideyoshi's retainer, personally came to Yoshitsugu's chamber for a reason. Katsuie Shibata, former retainer to the late warlord Nobunaga Oda, opposed Hideyoshi's rise to power, and Hideyoshi decided to personally deal with this matter. By now, the fire inside Yoshitsugu Otani have been extinguished by his illness, and he refused the call to arms. Wanting to change his mind, Hideyoshi asked Mitsunari to persuade him otherwise. Even without an order, Mitsunari went to him anyway, not as a fellow retainer, but as a friend.

Mitsunari now sat across Yoshitsugu, whose face were barely visible due to his white hooded haori. Dark-colored mantle(2) draped over his shoulder, contrasting his overall white clothing. Under the layers of clothes, Yoshitsugu body were wrapped in bandages. The hood cast a shadow over Yoshitsugu face, and he sat at an angle from the oil lamps on either side of him, leaving only his gold eyes visible. Even as he listened to Mitsunari's request, Yoshitsugu's perpetual frown persist. After Mitsunari is done, Yoshitsugu blinked once.

"Mitsunari... What is your true reason to came here ?" Yoshitsugu questioned, his voice were deep and gruff despite being only a year older than Mitsunari.

Mitsunari momentarily flinched before he could responded. "I came here because Hideyoshi-"

"Spare me your excuses..."

Mitsunari lowered his head as Yoshitsugu continues. "Hideyoshi have many other retainers who are in better condition than I am, like Kiyomasa Kato and Masanori Fukushima. A sickly man like me is of no use on the battlefield."

"Hideyoshi-sama recognized your talent, Yoshitsugu," Mitsunari said as looked at Yoshitsugu, "And this is your chance to prove it to others who doubted you."

A moment pass before Mitsunari continued. "And as a friend, I wanted you to join us in realizing our lord's dream..."

In a rare instance, Yoshitsugu glanced away, his gaze softened as he fondly remembers the past. Many of Hideyoshi's current retainers were with him from a young age, forming a fraternal bonds between them. Yoshitsugu was one of them, but with every passing years his conditions worsened, leaving him bitter and withdrawn. Aside from Hideyoshi and Nene, only Mitsunari remains to be his friend. Yoshitsugu closed his eyes, before he directed his gaze at Mitsunari in his usual frown.

"Mitsunari, you are a fool, trying to persuade a sickly man to join you on the battlefield. You of all people should have realized that I have no tolerance for idiots," Yoshitsugu stated. His blunt opinion and harsh comment is another reason other people dislike him, even more than Mitsunari. Mitsunari lowered his head once again, for he fear that he had offend his childhood friend. But he were surprised when Yoshitsugu stood up as his bandaged hands open his white hood, revealing his bandaged face. Dark circles under his golden eyes made his frown even more menacing, but his somewhat sly smile lessen -or amplified- that.

"But I supposed I am an idiot like you," Yoshitsugu stated, "An idiot who is willing to die for his master's dream..."

With that, Yoshitsugu picks up his weapon, a six rings Shakujo, and strikes the tatami mat with it, causing the rings to jingles in harmony. "Lord Hideyoshi's dream is a grand one, but he can't realized it by himself," Yoshitsugu stated, his spirit reignited, "If I could helped realizes our lord's dream by sacrificing this frail body, then I will gladly does so..."


In June of 1582, mighty warlord Nobunaga Oda's dreams of conquest came to an end when he was slain in an uprising.

Soon a heated struggle began as Hideyoshi Hashiba, avenger of Nobunaga's death, fought Oda retainer Katsuie Shibata for the right to succeed their deceased lord.

Tension quickly erupted into all-out war. As their forces clashed, Hideyoshi's most elite generals each sought to make a name for himself.

Amongst them is the reclusive Yoshitsugu Otani, who joins the fray after being persuaded by his friend, the expert strategist Mitsunari Ishida. For his friend, and to realized his lord's dreams, Yoshitsugu brought his frail body into the battlefield...

"To be stuck with idiots on the field of battle once more... what a rotten luck I have."

"Chapter One, the Battle of Shizugatake. I will not yield until death claims my soul..."


Hope you enjoyed this chap ^^ because there won't be a next one until Eternal Reverie is completed. If there is no review for Nobuyuki's and Yoshitsugu's SM, then I will just pick one SM and continue it first. So far Yoshitsugu has more interesting story than the other two (Nobuyuki's and Kojuro's) so I might continue his story first.

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1) Yoshitsugu is said to have suffer from Leprosy, hence why everyone prefers to keep their distance.

2) Like the one used by the Saihai no Yukue (another game from Koei) version.

Shakujo, or Khakkhara (Sanskrit: 'Sounding staff', English: monk staff, Japanese: 錫杖, shakujō, Mandarin xīzhàng, literally "tin stick") is a Buddhist ringed staff used primarily in prayer or as a weapon, that originates from India.

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