Twists of Time

"How can this one sturdy sunflower be able to grow inside shards of glasses?" She eyed closely the transparent vase of plant sitting on a dust-covered counter before her. Next, the impatient girl quickly nudged him to come near.

He too was curiously suspicious at first, but then found himself overly impressed, "It's either fake or perhaps worth exploring...this...mystical technology?"

She turned to him about to question more, but was soon let down by his naive expression, "Come on, what's causing you to be so elated?"

He only pretended to be innocent, noticing that she was somewhat bothered by his response. Shrugging off intention to annoy her further, he cleared, "Will jot this observation down on my notebook...Then, anything else tickles your fancy?"

She shook her head, "Am I the only one supposed to be reporting to you the abnormal condition of every single corner in this weird old mansion? Jiro! Get working or I will just call it quit, mind you..." She pointed her skinny finger at him to warn.

Each time she started nagging, he felt like retreating into a world of his own and started going through each and every page of his much-loved history books. Yet, he always reacted contrary to his instinct. Like always, he would gave an earnest nod and answered meekly, "Sorry, I will work harder just as you require me to..."

She was getting tired of acknowledging his repetitive promises to improve. She sighed, spun around and walked swiftly on, leaving Jiro scrambling for their bags and stuff to quicken his pace after her.