Rainie scratched her head in bewilderment and utter frustration. She set aside the mysterious letter gotten earlier on and grumbled unintelligibly, "My...what kind of foreign language is that? I don't understand one single character of them..."

Falling into deep ponder, she recalled what Jiro showed her a while back at the balcony. Now that she came to realise it, his attitude was somewhat different than the way it used to be before they arrived at this strange mansion. No longer weak in taking his stand against her reluctance in continuing their investigation, he appeared more resolute in both his words and actions. Rainie sat up and promptly concluded that there must be something behind his sudden transformation. Perhaps, he discovered some of connection with this spooky residence.

Quickly locking up the letter inside a squeaky drawer, she ultimately decided to keep her guard up round the clock, especially whenever she was with Jiro...Pulling out her laptop, she wanted to go over thoroughly his background information and possibly searched up more stray details not mentioned explicitly in his biodata.

In just less than a minute's time, there was a knock on her door.

"Aahh..." Rainie literally jumped in fright.

Outside, Jiro was startled by her squeal, 'Senior Rainie, are you alright? May I come in?"

"Oh...er..." She hastily closed all running programs and paced anxiously towards the door.

The moment she bravely open up the door, she was greeted by the sight and enticing aroma of freshly-brewed coffee he brought along. Rainie simply could not resist those flavorful beverage as a mesmerising smile crept onto her delicate face.