Ducky! Why? He's my favorite! He was in the 1950s film about the Titanic! I watched it! So happy he's signed on for next season! Anyway, Ziva and Tony were FINALLY trapped in the elevator together! All fanfic writers scream, "YES!" Now, time for the last chapter of season 9. Tell me if you want one of these for the 10th season.


Each with a Vow

Tony slowly opened his eyes. As his mind finally became clear, he registered that his partner was against his side. With a laboured breath he said, "Ziva." The woman opened her eyes to her name being said and groaned. Neither agent was able to see in the dark elevator, so Ziva squeezed the man's hand to let him know she had heard him.

"Are you okay?" She questioned. Tony nodded.

"Yeah." He stated, "You?" He questioned.

"Yeah." She answered wishing there was not debris on top of her. The woman brushed some of the dust from her jacket. The agents were quiet for a while, each trying to regain their composure.

"Guess we really won't be getting to Palmer's wedding after all." Tony said. Ziva sighed.

"He knew we would not be going Tony. I just hope it went well." She answered.

"Thought you hated weddings?" Tony teased putting his head against the wall. Ziva smiled a little.

"You do too."

"After being stood up, you wouldn't want one either." The man remarked. Ziva shut her eyes. Reminders of Ray ran through her head. She had no desire to relive the last moment she saw him, even if she did get to slap him.

"Did you mean what you said about eloping?" Ziva asked. Tony looked down at her. Of all the conversations to have, this was her choice? Tony smirked, defaulting to his age old trick: humour.

"You offering?" He joked. Ziva lightly hit him. She should have known he would joke. She would have said something, but Tony spoke up.

"I wouldn't want a huge ceremony. Too much stress. A few friends and my family would be nice though." He said seriously, "You?" Tony questioned. Ziva smiled.

"Small, but intimate." The woman stated. She played with the hem of her pants before speaking again.

"Why do you not like vows?" Ziva asked. Tony thought a moment before speaking. He did not dislike vows, he just found them boring.

"They're too long and romanticized." He finally stated.

"I think they are sweet. They tell what two people mean to each other." Ziva stated. Tony mulled over what his partner said. She had a point. Vows were to tell how someone felt. Smiling, he said, "What would your vows be if you got married?"

The woman thought for a moment.

"It would depend on the person." Ziva answered. Tony nodded, "Say it was me."

"You?" Ziva questioned looking up at her partner.

"Yeah. Since we don't have anyone else." Tony responded. Ziva sighed knowing she had to tell. No one was coming to help them yet.

"I would say, 'I'm not leaving without you.' You?" She asked. Tony was speechless. She had just used the words she had told him when they were evacuating. But, they meant so much. He knew she would never leave without him. She was his partner. She had his six. She helped him get over Kate's and Jenny's deaths. She put up with his work antics and his father. She had been there through many ups and downs. If she did leave, he probably would go insane. It had happened to him one time before.

His thoughts were interrupted by Ziva saying his name. Though neither agent could see the other, even though their eyes had adjusted somewhat to the dim light, Tony looked down at her and said, "I couldn't live without you, I guess."

Now Ziva was speechless. Her partner would use those words as his vows to her? They seemed so trite, but spoke volumes. He had gone around the world to save her. He had pictures of her that she had told him to burn. He had killed one boyfriend in her living room and helped another pick out her engagement ring. Through everything, the man had always been there. Smiling, she squeezed his hand. He squeezed hers back.

Maybe, if they were lucky, they would get a wedding. However, neither could think of vows that were better than the ones they had just said to each other.