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No Flames

After the Preliminary Matches


Naruto listened to some nurses while he paced back and forth, still remembering what Neji said to him 'I see why my failure of a cousin likes you so much, seeing how much of a failure you are.' Those words were in Naruto's head, more so after he made a vow with Hinata's blood. 'She likes me, but why?' pacing back and forth he turns to Kakashi. "I need training" watching him talk to a nurse he tells Naruto he can't. "Let me guess, Sasuke?" gritting his teeth Kakashi gives him some excuse.

"He is facing against a tough oppenonet" That was the masked ninja's one answer. Naruto stated he was also facing a tough opponent, last year's Rookie of the Year. Did that mean nothing? "I got someone to train you. So he will help you refine your basics which is a mess" watching Naruto argue with him, saying his basics are fine. Kakashi said something that will forever change the young blonde's faith in his sensei. "Your basics are downright horrible. I'm amazed you can do a single jutsu Naruto. You probably couldn't even do the simplest summons if given the chance. Since you can't beat Neji, you might as well work to not embarrass yourself in the fight more than you're already going to." walking away before he introduced Ebisu. Naruto shouts at him "It's only Sasuke this and that with you. You're just like Sakura!" getting angry he glares at Kakashi.

Kakashi appeared behind him and placed his hands on his students mouth. "We are in the hospital so stay quiet" not wanting to fight he turns to Ebisu asking him to train Naruto. Ebisu nodded, saying he will try while Naruto glares at both of them. "NO!" Shouting and breaking free, he points to Kakashi. "You're always taking Sasuke's side with this and that and everything else. Always talking about teamwork while my clones do all the work. Since I'm not important I'll take your advice and leave" this made both jonin raise an eyebrow.

Kakashi told Ebisu to give him some time, knowing what Neji said to him affected him.

Truth be told when Naruto left the hospital all he thought about was what Neji said to him. Hinata the Hyuga heiress liked the 'Kyuubi brat' as everyone calls him. 'Why me?' thinking about the other people that Hinata can like, yet she likes Naruto of all people. Thinking about the exam, he couldn't figure out how he was going to beat Neji of all people. 'How? I mean all I know is the Kage bunshin no jutsu. The basics of academy and everything else does need work, but not just that' dropping his head. He remembers Kakashi saying something about a summon.

'Maybe that's what I need?' thinking on what Kakashi said. He reaches into his pocket and felt something there. It was the medical cream that Hinata gave him after Kiba's match. 'Why?' closing his eyes he takes a deep breath thinking what to do next. Seeing that he is at training ground seven, he thinks back to when Kakashi summoned dogs in the fight with Zabuza. "I didn't get a good look, but I think he bit his thumb and said Kuchiyose no Jutsu or something like that. Then his pack of dogs appeared. But how exactly does that work?" thinking how he did it, how much chakra he needed, and where the dogs came from. Naruto let out a sigh and laid on the ground. Even if he does summon an animal or something, how would he know it will be strong enough to face against Neji in the match.

He just laid there, thinking about that and Hinata's match. The image of her getting up and standing her ground against her cousin's taunts and attacks, slowly getting up he looked at the Hokage monument. "My dream is to be Hokage. No way in hell I'm going to let him and that fate bullshit he talks about stop me." Smiling he took a deep breath and bit his thumb. "Here goes something" trying out the hand signs he was semi-certain Kakashi used. He slams his palms in the ground "Kuchiyose no Jutsu." Nothing happened. Looking around, Naruto wondered why it didn't work and why his stomach was warm for no reason.


Inari's Domain

Nine Den Mountain

Legends say some contracts are mystical and cover things like the four celestial guardians. Most contracts are normal contracts like Inu, Gama, and Namekuji, and are readily available to mankind. But there are a few hidden contracts that are Youkai. The Kitsune contract is one of those contracts, and the keeper of that contract is Inari the Kami of Fertility and Agriculture. The Kitsune contract, being one of the more powerful because of their ability to shapeshift into almost anything, are ideal for messengers and more but they are masters in many of the elements. The Kitsune clan has three sides to them. One is the Yokai side, which is their primary forces of fighters, with colors ranging from red, orange, black, sometimes blue. The second group are the Zenko (good foxes) who specialize in healing and knowledge-providing. Like some Yokai they may be fighters but their colors primary consist of blue, white, and some other rare colors. The last are the Yako (field foxes) Kitsunes which are scouters and have general field advantages such as tactical expertise. Their colors range from green, blue, even to red, and white. Colors weren't restricted to one group since the clan acts like one and they mate with different parts of the clan system to show their loyalty to the entire clan rather than just one particular branch of it.

Today seems like a ordinary day for the Kitsunes and their Mesugitsune (vixens) along with their kits. But what many didn't know was today is going to be a day when a Sennin of the Kitsunes would be born. No one would expect this young blonde to become so great seeing how much of a great destiny he has, despite what Neji and others would claim.

When Naruto appeared he looked around to see a different forest than he had seen. "Ok where am I?" Looking around he notices a lot of Kitsunes. Some of them are as huge of the Hokage tower, others as big of Inuzuka partner dogs like Tsume's partner. Naruto felt nervous seeing a lot of Kitsunes. "Umm Hi?" rubbing the back of his head. Some of the kitsunes slowly moved forward, ready to protect their homes and kits. "Good Boy" Naruto added, hoping to diffuse the bad vibe. Bad choice of words.

Kitsunes hate to be treated like Inu. Many Kitsunes have much more pride in them. "Ahh come on" whined Naruto before running for his life. "All I said was 'good boy' and they chase me" jumping up a bit avoiding the sharp teeth from his rear. He continued to run faster, seeing a river and made a quick jump over it. "Ha try to get me now!" pointing and tauting at them. He hears some low growls so he slowly turned around, noticing a lot of Mesugitsune. 'Shit I think I interupted their bath' letting out a goofy smile.

He started to run for his life again. This time much more kitsunes started to chase him "What did I ever do to you guys?" jumping forward from the snapping of their jaws he made a quick turn. As he continued to run he saw a blue Mesugitsune with five tails just sitting there. 'I'm trapped' he made some clones to distract his pursuers, hoping they won't find him quickly. He made a complete stop right in front of the light blue, almost sea-blue vixen. 'What now?' watching her tails glow blue and stretching. He braced for the strike... "Huh what happened?" opening his eyes he saw the tails behind him stopping the others from coming to him.

"Enough, all of you." turning to the Mesugitsune who has a soft voice. Naruto let out a breath of relief, turning to the Mesugitsune she walked cautiously to Naruto, taking a few sniffs of his scent. "Kit, why do you have my mate's scent on you?" carefully looking at the kit in front of her, also wondering how he got here.

"Wait MATE?" pointing to her "Kyuubi is your mate?" watching the Mesugitsune bow. "My name is Kyuumi. You know where my mate and boss of the Kitsunes has been?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head and pointed to his stomach. "Yeah he is sealed inside of me" letting out a short uncomfortable chuckle which started to die very quickly at hearing the growls. Kyuumi raised her tails to silence everyone "Very well, please come with me" Naruto didn't feel any ill will towards him so he nodded. Turning to the others who are showing their teeth, he'd rather deal with the mate of Kyuubi then a whole army of Kitsunes.

When they stopped walking Naruto noticed a small shrine with a torii pole in front of it. 'What is this place?' He continued to follow Kyuumi. He later noticed a Kitsune whose fur is almost as white as snow "Nine tails " mumbling he hears chuckles coming from the old kitsunes.

"Indeed Kit, unlike Kyuubi who is a Bijuu with massive chakra, I also have nine tails but also wisdom and knowledge" bowing to Naruto. "I am Zenko and there must be a reason why you are here with Kyuumi" turning to her. She told Zenko the boy has Kyuubi's scent but even more important it's sealed within him. Zenko hearing this nods pacing back and forth, noticing many Kitsunes with their families hearing the conservation "I see please tell me kit. How did Kyuubi get sealed inside of you?" wondering what the story is about him, he sits up waiting for Naruto.

"Not much, he attacked Konoha almost twelve years ago. The Yondaime picked me, a orphan born on that day to seal him in" Naruto looking away, having already accepted his fate. Unaware to him Zenko hearing this raises an eyebrow about a few things and Kyuumi she was a different story. She couldn't believe Kyuubi would attack unless he had to. But she also saw something in Naruto's eyes, the loneliness the despair, showing he was a child who saw very much and dealt with great pain. To Kyuumi she couldn't stand to see Naruto suffer like that "I see" replied Zenko.

Sitting up he looks at Naruto "So much hidden from you... or perhaps to keep you safe" this made Naruto confused. Zenko started to chuckle "What kind of leader would use a orphan if he couldn't do the same with his family? No, there is much more you don't know yet" Naruto hearing this looks down thinking what more does he mean? But the next thing shocked Naruto "Kyuubi attacking Konoha twelve years ago could be true, BUT he has been missing for almost two hundred years. The same time that Konoha was founded... interesting." Zenko walking back and forth while Kyuumi asks what more does he think.

Zenko turns to Naruto and Kyuumi explaining he must have been sealed before. "He is a jinchuuriki" pointing to Naruto he hears many whispers coming from behind him. Not bothering to turn around, Zenko tells them both that Naruto obviously doesn't know the whole story. Turning to Naruto he asks who would be in charge "The Hokage" replied Naruto. Zenko hearing this thinks of Konoha, seeing the headband he nods. "He knows much more then you think. It's likely he wouldn't tell you the entire story right away. To keep you safe or for something else" Naruto shook his head thinking the old man wouldn't lie to him.

"I'm afraid so. My mate went missing around the time when Konoha was founded. He obviously hasn't been sealed in you that entire time. He had to be somewhere if not here." answered Kyuumi.

Naruto hearing this doesn't know what to say.

Zenko asked Naruto about the seal that is used. "Its just some swirl" answered Naruto. Lifting his shirt he molds his chakra showing the seal and to Zenko surprise "Shishō Fūin. (four element seal) But there is more. The Yondaime used the Shiki Fūjin to make the Hakke no Fūin Shiki but using the Hakke no Fūin Shiki you must summon the ceremonial pedestal" looking at the seal he notices another seal on top of the Hakke no Fūin. Looking at Naruto he asks if he is from the Uzumaki clan which shocked him.

"There's a Uzumaki clan out there? And they didn't come for me... was I abandoned?" looking away. Kyuumi uses her tails to wipe the tears "No Kit you weren't. The Uzumaki clan was killed off or scattered throughout the elemental villages. Any living ones left likely don't know about you, rather than choose to ignore you." Naruto lets out a small smile. But unaware to him many Kitsunes left to search of Susanoo's domain to tell him the news of what is going on, while others left to send a message to Inari. Zenko explained about the Uzumaki clan, including their long lifespan and their extraordinary healing they have "Indeed. But seeing that you don't have red hair you might take after your father too" smiling he looks at Naruto's seal.

"We have a problem here. It seems someone placed a odd number seal over an even one" this made Naruto confused, while Zenko told him about the natures of some seals. He explains that some odd seals prevents-even blocks-chakra from an even number of seal. "Its like how you put a finger on a drain. You stop the water from draining" this made Naruto nod. Looking over the seal he notices the "Gogyō Fūin" smiling he notes the person who put this on has good knowledge of sealing, or enough to know what they were doing. Naruto watching five of his tails glow white "Kit raise your arms" smiling Naruto does what he is told.

Slamming his tails on his stomach "Gogyō Kaiin" Naruto letting out a huge breath. Rubbing his stomach he feels a little better "I removed the other seal. It seems it was preventing you from molding your chakra corectly" smiling at him. Kyuumi lifts Naruto up and brushes him off with her tails "Thanks" smiling at her.

"Forgive us on our matters. But we never had a mortal here before. What is you name?" asked Zenko.

"Naruto Uzumaki" That confirmed what Zenko thought about him being a Uzumaki. Now the next order of business is to talk to Kyuubi which made Naruto nervous. "I don't know how to do that" said Naruto wondering if it will hurt. Zenko begins to chuckle in his old age. Using a tail he places it on Naruto's head "I will do the work. Kyuumi maybe it would be wise for you to come" watching her sit next to Naruto. Zenko places a tail on her, as the three begins to glow white. They close their eyes feeling their minds being tugged to a location somewhere in Naruto's seal.


When Naruto opened his eyes he notices a lot of water, staying barely afloat. Kyuumi places Naruto on her back "Hang on Kit" as the Mesugitsune and Kitsune begin to walk. They come to see a area with golden bars and a Kanji symbol for "Seal" on it. Zenko taking the lead feels the chakra coming from him "Lord Kyuubi it's good we found you" bowing.

Naruto looks at the bars to see a huge Kitsune with red pupils or iris with black slits eyes. Smiling at the Kitsunes Naruto feels a little nervous seeing all of those teeth "Zenko, it's good to see you" turning to "Kyuumi my mate. Please forgive me of my absence but why are you carrying that kit on your back?" glaring at Naruto who shivers feeling the killing intent coming at him. Not even the disguised snake sennin can make him feel what he is feeling right now.

"Kyuubi my mate enough. Hasn't the Kit suffered enough with his life?" using a stern voice on her mate. Naruto watches the giant Kyuubi shrink down to the same size as Kyuumi. "Very well my Mesugitsune. I will stop for now" glaring at Naruto. Zenko steps forward asking what has happen in the past two hundred years. At first Kyuubi started to chuckle seeing that he has been sealed for that long "You can say Madara Uchiha had a hand in this" this made the Kitsune's raise an eyebrow, if they had any that is.

Naruto on the other hand wondered if this Madara guy was related to Sasuke.

Kyuubi looking at the three tells them what happened in the fight against Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. Shocking the three he tells him that Hashirama won but with his mokuton abilities he kept him under control until he got help. "The Uzumaki clan. They got a woman named Mito who married Hashirama and became the first jinchuuriki" stopping Naruto shaking thinking this was some sort of joke. "No Kit it isn't. You come from that clan, that white symbol on your shoulder is the symbol of that nation, Uzu no Kuni" Zenko asked if it was the sharingan that forced Kyuubi to attack the first Hokage "It was. I'm still not sure how it could overpower me though." replied Kyuubi.

It was clear to them that he used his sharingan and forced Kyuubi to attack Haisharama. While he lost he went to his cousin clan and asked help with this problem. Zenko seeing this wonders about the incident in Konoha "Twelve years ago you ended up in the Kit. What happened?" asked Zenko.

Kyuubi started to chuckle. He told them when Mito was close to death they got another person from the clan with a similar ability to restrain biju using her chakra but by making it into chains. "His mother Kushina Uzumaki" watching Naruto look at him he continues to tell them the story. He told them after the transfer was complete he was sealed inside another Uzumaki but "The night she was in labor I took my chance to break free until he showed up again" stopping.

Zenko looks at Kyuumi then to Naruto seeing that some of his theories were right.

"Madara Uchiha. It seems the legend about the eternal mangekyo sharingan is true. Not exactly good news though" Zenko walking back and forth thinking what does this mean. Kyuubi telling them that the Yondaime "The Kit's father was there adding his chakra to prevent me from escaping" before he can finish "NO!" shouted Naruto. "That can't be true! I can't be his son. If I was then why would they treat me like this or hide it from me? It CAN'T be true!" covering his face. Kyuumi uses her tails and hugs Naruto.

Zenko hearing this nods "I was right, what kind of leader would use someone elses child if he couldn't use his own?" seeing so much was hidden from Naruto but the question is why?

Kyuubi continued the story, telling him that Madara ripped him out of Kushina and ordered him to attack Konoha. But the Yondaime took him to a location to seal him inside of Naruto while Kushina used her chakra chains to hold Kyuubi. "When I saw the ceremonial pedestal I quickly tried to kill you but it failed. They got in the away and sealed me inside of you" Kyuubi stopped, thinks about the wound that the two endured. Remembering Kushina coughing blood and what little chakra she had from him shouldn't be a problem.

Naruto hearing this wipes his face "So they died protecting me? They didn't abandon me?" Kyuubi nodding "Yes"

Zenko hearing everything sees the many problems. Taking Naruto off of Kyuumi back he places him on his "Those two need a word alone come with me" walking away from the gate. Zenko can't help but think about the boy he is carrying on his back 'Truly someone with a great destiny came to us'

With Kyuubi and Kyuumi they are talking about a few things "I see, does she behave?" hearing some news. Kyuumi nods and will wait to meet him in due time "Forgive me about my presence it must have been diffcult. You and her going through it" Kyuumi using her tails and touches Kyuubi tails "My mate it wasn't your fault. It was the Uchiha's fault" smiling the two moves closer to each other. Nuzzling each other noses "I will wait no matter what" said Kyuumi.

Kyuubi smiling nuzzles his face to her neck.

"But before I go" Kyuubi nodding asked her what she needs. "The kit memories please. What I saw in him made me wonder why is he still loyal to that village" Kyuubi started to chuckle. Shooting a stream of red chakra towards his mate. She opens her eyes 'Another kit, but he just found out about her feelings towards him' smiling Kyuumi tail glows blue and gives Kyuubi memories from what has happened while he was gone. "Thank you my Mesugitsune" watching her vanish Kyuubi thinks about his kit and mate.

End of mindscape

When Naruto returned back he looked around to see a lot of Kitsunes and Mesugitsune waiting. 'Ok now they are waiting for me to leave' shaking a bit. Kyuumi giggles at his antics "They won't harm you" turning to Zenko he will speak to everyone. "Come with me. We have training to do" this made Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Traning?" wondering what she meant. Kyuumi knows about the chunin exams and more making Naruto a little nervous. "First we will talk outside. Seeing we have a month of training and the Kage Bunshin being your main jutsu it will help greatly will it Zenko?" Zenko just started to chuckle. Turning to Naruto they announced they will begin training tomorow morning while he gathers a few supplies.

Naruto hearing this dropped his shoulders but seeing its already dark he decided not to argue "How can I go back?" Kyuumi smiling saying he will return back to Konoha when the contract will be ready for him to sign. "Ok when will that be?" asking since the old man might look for him. But seeing that Kakashi took Sasuke to train and he will be busy with the chunin exams he decided to stay for the time being.

Next day

When Naruto woke he stretched his muscles, seeing he slept inside the shrine. Walking out because of nature calling he noticed a platform that Zenko is standing near "Morning today we will discuss chakra" watching Naruto raise an eyebrow. Zenko explains about a few things "So how will this help me?" asked Naruto while Kyuumi appeared with some fruit for him to eat. She explained a few jutsus that are quite well working with Kitsunes that will aid him in life. Naruto nodding decided why not? "Stand on the platform I want to see if my theory is right." said Zenko.

Since last night he sent Kitsunes to Konoha to do some research. After he found out about his parents Susanoo spoke about the Uzumaki clan being cousins to the Senju but his father's family is shrouded in mystery. One of the Kitsunes returned saying nothing from his parents was left with him. 'So he is an orphan?' thought Zenko. KitHi who is in charge of the Yokai side asked him what's important about his father? Yuki the leader of the Yako side also asked as well?

They all respected and listened to Zenko seeing that he is wise and has a great deal of knowledge.

"In time" replied Zenko.

When Naruto standed on the platform "Mold your chakra" following what he is told. Everyone watches these two bars for Kaze and Hi glow bright while Tsuchi and Mizu barely glows "My theory is right yet again" smirking one of the Kitsunes asks him is he ever wrong? "Yes many times before" chuckling Naruto looks at him asking what's going on. Zenko telling him with Kyuubi chakra and affinity is overpowering his natural affinity "Meaning what?" said KitHi. Zenko explained a few things "The Kit's mother intrigued me since her ability to suppress biju chakra. I know it's only a fifty percent chance of passing to the kit but what would it take to pass it down?" everyone looked at the old Kitsune for a easier way to explain.

Kyuumi asked them why didn't Naruto inherit his mother's ability to suppress bijuu chakra, which made the other two and Naruto shake their heads. Kyuumi, getting an anime sweatdrop, wonders what did she get herself in to "But there is another reason for the kit's affinity." smirking he taps Naruto's stomach and adds a seal to it. Explaining that this seal will stop Kyuubi's nature affinity from interfering with his own. "Mold your chakra" doing it again the two bars of Mizu and Tsuchi glow bright, then a bar at the left side appeared, making the Kitsunes smile. "Things just got more interesting. And with the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu we will train with Kyuubi's affinity first then the other two" Naruto asking what does that bar means which Kyuumi will explain to him later.

"It's time to train" said Kyuumi. Naruto nodding watches a white-red Kitsune with four tails landing down on the ground "His name is Kyōfū, he is a master of Kaze who will train you for a while" Naruto asked what can he learn from him. Kyōfū walked to a boulder while his tail glowed white "Kaze crush" Naruto watching his tail slam into the boulder right through it. Falling down feeling the debris hitting him he looks at Kyōfū smirking.

"Two or maybe three ways this jutsu works. One, it can act as a assassination jutsu that will literally pierce through the person killing them. Two, if you don't choose to go through the body, you can impale them then grab their organs and crush them with Kaze affinity by cutting them which they will bleed to death or worse their organs will be damaged beyond repair. Three, any Raiton jutsu will fail against this Kaze affinity move. To use this jutsu, your hand all the way up to your elbow must be as sharp as a katana blade" smirking Naruto nods his head.

But before they can do anything Zenko asks him to create as many clones as he can. Naruto puts his fingers together and makes as many clones as he can without passing out. Kyuumi smiling while Kyōfū gives him "A leaf?" thinking he is joking Kyōfū uses his tail and splits the leaf by adding his chakra "Complete this task and I will show you more, using a higher jutsu with both Kaze and Hi affinity together" this made Naruto's eyes widen.

Kyuumi giggled at his antics and determination. 'Indeed, he will be great' leaving to go to Inari's shrine to wait for the contract.

Six days later

Naruto passed out on the ground, sleeping and dreaming about Hinata. Tossing and turning back and forth, his mind is plagued by the images of her fighting against Neji "Hinata-chan" opening his eyes he quickly gets up and looks around 'A dream' shaking his head he looks at the moon. It reminds him of Hinata eyes.

"Bad dream?" said Kyuumi.

Naruto turned around and nodded. "Can't sleep, so I'm just thinking about a lot of things" thinking to himself 'Does she really like me or did he say that to throw me off?' still thinking on what Neji said to him, he wonders if it can be true. Kyuumi told him to go to sleep, seeing that Kyōfū wants to see the Kaze crush that he has learned "Will do" replied Naruto. Gazing at the moon he wonders if Hinata is doing ok 'Please let her be ok' falling asleep he dreams about her.

Next Day

Taking a deep breath Naruto performs the seven hand seals as quickly as he can, then his hand all the way up to his elbow is engulfed in a white chakra. The sound around his hand makes a low whistling sound showing that the wind is moving really fast. "Kaze Crush" putting his fingers together as a blade forms. He stabs the tree "Kaze Crush" when his attack hit the tree his whole hand then arm went right through the tree "I did it!" removing his hand he looks at the tree with the hole. Jumping in the air Kyōfū is impressed he learned an A rank jutsu in five days "Yes, impressive. Now with a boulder" Yuki placed a boulder the same size as Choji in his human boulder form. Naruto did the hand seals again, making his hand glow white up to his elbow "Kaze Crush" charging in he slams his arm right into the boulder. With his arm stuck he adds more chakra to his hand "AHH" then the whole boulder erupted into pieces.

Kyōfū seeing this smiles "Very good the next order of business is to increase your speed, both for you and your handseals." That's when Yuki came in. Being a Yako Kitsune she placed some stones on Naruto's feet "From there let's see you move" smirking. Naruto adds chakra to his feet and when he did that one step made a huge hole going about five feet down. Shocked that this happen to him, she explained that he must add chakra to his feet while taking it away to restore its proper weight "Meaning a constant change of chakra"

"The next couple of days is going to be interesting" said KitHi getting a nod from the other leader of the Kitsune clan. Watching Naruto take a step this time not much of a big hole was made "Oh yea definitely going to be interesting" chuckled KitHi.

Kyuumi rolling her eyes comes forward with a scroll "It's ready. Susanoo and Inari talked about this very much, he will be the first to sign the contract, but Susanoo wants to give him a new wardrobe and something later on" making some of them nod. The orange jumpsuit has to go but not all the orange. Kyuumi passed Naruto the scroll "Bite your thumb and sign your name on the empty block" watching Naruto do it. She tells him after that bite all his fingers and place them underneath his name as a paw print. Doing what he is told "Congratulations you are the first to sign the Yokai contract of the Kitsune clan"

Naruto tried to jump with joy but found it hard to do with the weights. When he stopped he looks at her "Yokai?" asked Naruto.

Kyuumi and the other are laughing "It means demon. Like how Jinchuuriki means human scarifice" explained Kyuumi which made Naruto's eyes widen "Demon? Wait this is a demon contract?" Naruto watching them all nod he wonders how much trouble he will get for this. Kyuumi telling him that no one must know about the contract which will stay here in their realm "Like we said, use the excuse that Kyuubi is sealed within you if anyone asks how you can summon us." watching Naruto nod.

For the next few days all what Naruto did was walk, run and dodge now since Kyōfū kept attacking him with some futon attacks. But he wasn't alone. Kyuumi was using suiton while Yuki attacked with some doton "Why me?" cried Naruto. Bracing for the attacks he dodges the doton attack and get hits with the suiton strike. Zenko watching this chuckled, thinking about the other nine tailed Kitsune and Mesugitsune training Naruto, or as the blonde called it, "Attacking him"

It's the tenth night Naruto has stayed at Nine Den Mountain. For the past week all he has been dreaming about is Hinata. He doesn't know why, he barely knows the girl, and when she or he tries to talk to one or the other she turns red or she faints. Not a good way to start or finish a conservation "Why me?" sitting up he looks around thinking about a few other things.

"Can't sleep again?" said Kyuumi coming in the room. Naruto nodded and lets out a sigh knowing something is bothering him "You are worried about her, aren't you?" This made Naruto's head shoot up towards Kyuumi. Slowly nodding Kyuumi sighs hoping to avoid Konoha until the exams "Very well let's go check on her" this made Naruto raise an eyebrow, wondering how she is going to do that. "We placed a summoing seal on a property that no one will suspect" Naruto wondering what she meant but accepted the offer.

He is going back to Konoha knowing some more of the truth. The truth that Kyuubi told him, the truth about his clan, that he is the thrid generation of Uzumaki to carry Kyuubi. "Ready?" Kyuumi nodding grabs Naruto's waist and they disappear in a swirl of water.

Konoha Unknown Location.

When Naruto noticed the area he looks around to see a huge mansion 'Where are we?' Kyuumi grabbing his waist again and leaves in another swirl of water.

Hospital roof

Appearing on the roof, Naruto looks at Konoha and smiles but then frowned. "Why? Would it made a difference to know who was my father?" dropping his head. Kyuumi is next to him "Shall we?" watching him nod. They walk down the side of the hospital "Um Kyuumi won't anyone notice us walking on the hospital wall?" she giggles she told Naruto about the genjutsu she placed on herself making her invisible to others "Got you" as they got to the window. Naruto noticed Hinata without the oxygen mask but she still has a lot of tubes in her arms "Hinata-chan"

Sliding the window he walks in to see her 'Why couldn't it be me instead?' clenching his fist very tightly. "I'm sorry that you got hurt because of me. Why did you do it? Why didn't you stay down?" letting some tears fall from his face. He stared at Hinata's pale face, still noticing for the first time how the moonlight gives her a beautiful aura with her already pale skin and hair "Beautiful" turning red. "Have I been chasing the wrong girl?" sitting on the chair he watches Hinata sleep for hours, thinking about her.

"We should go" said Kyuumi.

Naruto nodded "We should get more supplies from my apartment while we're here." watching her nod. Naruto jumps out the window before Kyuumi left her tail glow bright blue and tapped it on Hinata's forehead "Sleep young kit. In time you will hear him again" leaving out the window. Hinata stirred for the first time in about a week.

It's been two weeks already and right now Naruto is getting drilled in Taijutsu "Oh come on I can't dodge all that" jumping and moving away from the rocks and boulders being thrown at him. Kyuumi sighs seeing he isn't paying attention. KitHi dropping his head knows the Kitsune Kaze and Hi taijutsu isn't all about dodging "Naruto, watch me again" When KitHi got in front he dodged but used his tails to catch the boulder and throw it back. Naruto watching this wonders about a few things.

Kyuumi explained to Naruto that with his high stamina, speed, and strength he can learn the Kitsune Kaze very quickly while Hi will be more of a challenge. Zenko seeing the problem chuckles walking forward, one of his tails glows white transforming himself into a old man about the same age as the Hokage. His snow white hair and beard made him look much older if possible. "Watch carefully Naruto" Naruto nodded. What he saw shocked him, Zenko not just dodged the attack but blocked the blows with his elbows and palms. Watching him go for a hour he explains in Kitsune Kaze you use the movemnts of the wind to block or evade the blows. "When you get the chance" turning around with an open palm he slams it towards a boulder stopping it in its tracks.

"I think that's enough for explanations." changing back he gave Naruto the basics of the Kitsune Kaze and Hi on a scroll for him to follow with pictures. Kyuumi watching the training with the other leaders all think this will be good. As Naruto continues to train he noticed a gray Kitsune with some black lines around his body talking to Kyuumi "Everything ok?" asked Naruto.

"Yes, just some new information I must tend to" leaving in a swirl of water Naruto wonders what that was about.

Back in Konoha Hokage tower.

Hiruzen was checking the last of the paperwork. "Finally, it's over" turning to the Hokage monument "Beautiful, isn't it?" hearing a voice he turns around and sees nothing "I clearly hid myself in a genjutsu. Don't try to break it unless you tell your Anbu to leave" Hiruzen hearing this raised an eyebrow, but nonetheless lifted his hand to make sure the Anbu don't talk "One name will make you make them leave. Namikaze" whoever this person is, Hiruzen's face got serious, signaling his Anbu to leave.

Kyuumi wondered why one Anbu hasn't left yet. "I said ALL the Anbu, including the one hiding in the bookcase." Hiruzen's eyes widened, jumping to the bookcase.

Kyuumi was shocked to see the old man's speed. When Hiruzen got the Anbu he noticed the symbol on his mask for "NE". Thinking of Danzo he unmasks the Root agent, seeing that he is from the Yamanaka clan. "You are charged for treason. Ibiki will have fun with you." walking to the door he tells his secretary to get Ibiki or Anko, which made the Root nin shiver.

"Maybe I can help" hearing the voice again he closes the door and wonders who is this person. From the voice it's clearly a female but it sounded more gentle to have any hate or ill will towards him. "As for my name, I am Kyuumi. One of the messengers Inari the Kami of Fertility and Agriculture, and Kyuubi no Kitsune's mate" When she dropped her genjustu around her, Hiruzen's eyes widened, seeing a Mesugitsune in front of him, remembering what she said 'A messenger of Inari and Kyuubi's mate... NARUTO!' wondering what's going on.

The Yamanaka's body falls limp and begins to sleep.

"As for my visit here, it's for answers" glaring at the Hokage he wonders what's going on. Signaling her to continue "I mean you no harm elder. I have questions about Naruto" Hiruzen hearing this wonders what she wants to know. Kyuumi decided it would be best to tell him everything. "He knows about his father and mother now." This shocked Hiruzen. She told him what Naruto did which earned a chuckle from the Hokage, thinking about his old student doing something like that years ago. As he continues to hear about everything with Mito which he learned "And he knows about the night of his birth" Hiruzen got serious.

Kyuumi told him everything that she knew.

To her surprise Hiruzen cursed not seeing this happen. "My sensei was right to watch over them" turning to the Nidaime's picture he lets out a sigh thinking what has happened. Kyuumi told him something that shocked him. "We tested his affinities... well, Zenko a clan leader of ours tested it. He wanted to know why Naruto doesn't have the same ability as his mother." Hiruzen admitted he wondered that as well. "He has a kekkei genkai. Two elements that he carries and he was able to use." Hiruzen wondered what she meant seeing that she will keep it a secret but he nodded.

Kyuumi asked about his father. "Minato was a orphan. I have papers of all the children that was born that month with parents signatures giving them up for adoption." He told her Minato wanted to know about his parents when he became Hokage and started to do some research. Going to Minato's portrait he takes out a folder "Two names, one is Mito Kato?" Hiruzen stopping at the name thinking about it "The other is Tenshi Ruto" Hiruzen thinking about the name wonders about something.

Kyuumi notices the sudden change with the first name and wonders if it has to do with something with the "Senju Clan. Mito was the First Hokage's wife and the first jinchuuriki of my mate" Hiruzen nodding wonders if Tsunade gave birth to a child in secret? Yes it was known that her and Dan had a huge love interest but after he died, Jiraiya was there to help her grieve. "The kekkei genkai that you mention is" before he can finish Kyuumi put her tails up. She told him about the CRA in Konoha. She had the other Kitsunes do research on the village "Seeing how they treat a kit like him makes me wonder why he hasn't released my mate already." Hiruzen kept quiet he knew about the abuse Naruto got.

She wasn't done. She told the Hokage that she doesn't want Naruto to be used as breeding stock. "Your teammates aren't too trustworthy" Hiruzen nodded, knowing what she means. "As for Naruto, he signed the Kitsune Contract. He has started to train to become the First Kitsune Sennin that the Elemental Nations will know" Hiruzen was left speechless, and watched the Mesugitsune nod. She told him about his training that he learned an A rank Futon justu within a week. "Indeed Kyofu was also impressed. Right now we are training him in our taijutsu. Hopefully by the exams he will be strong, seeing that he finally learned about the after-effects of the Kage Bunshin" Hiruzen chuckling to himself thinking it's clever a Kitsune knows the effects.

"What would you want me to do?" seeing that she is helping Naruto. He wants to help his surrogate grandson and Kyuumi wanted to know one thing "His mother, Kushina Uzumaki" Hiruzen hearing this and sighs. Knowing how this might turn out he nods knowing what he hid from Naruto.

With Naruto

He is dodging and blocking the rocks and boulders coming at him. KitHi watched him nods seeing that he is performing quite well. Telling Naruto to create a few more clones so he can remember more of the stance "Gotcha" making ten clones. The real fun started to go underway "I think I am getting it" said Naruto. Using his speed he was able to block the tail and strike one of his tail. KitHi seeing he is getting the hand of it and smiles.

After a whole day of training with the taijutsu Naruto just got the first basics down. Zenko told him that the Kaze stance works well to block chakra-based taijutsu or powerhouse taijutsu "Meaning your speed, stamina, and strength plays a key role" He explains that with his high stamina he can outlast jonins in a fight. Naruto jumped with joy thinking how awesome he is "Enough Kit we have much more training. I think now it's time to reveal your kekkie genkai's." said KitHi with a smirk on his face.

"Wait I have more than one?" smiling thinking how awesome it is to show it off. KitHi told him about his mother's side "From your clan you have a long lifespan and healing ability" Naruto hearing thought it was Kyuubi's chakra that was healing him "Not completely true. His chakra just speeds it up while your chakra heals the minor cuts in a quick rate" seeing that he has a healing ability he asks about his other kekkei genkai.

Zenko laughed. "In time but first make some Kage Bunshin."

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