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Kumogakure Village hidden in the clouds

The Yondaime A is staring at the last survivor of a special forces that his little brother put together many many years ago. Wondering where they been but also how did he just show up in Kumo tower passing everyone. He recognizes Enenra who is second command in the Kage Hon. But seeing no one else with him he hopes the information he has will benefit Kumo.

"Ahh A its good to see you" said Enenra. Looking around seeing some more shinobi appearing he raises an eye wonders what he has missed in Kumo. "I assume you want to know what has happen to us and the Kage Hon. But also about D".

A froze to hear his little brother's name. After he disappeared on a mission B his adopted brother help him out of his funk. Even though B also lost a older brother figure he still had A in his life.

"What happen and where have you been all these years. After the Kage Hon didn't meet our shinobi in the retreat point. They waited for you for three days thinking you met trouble" said A. Remembering that his brother set up a meeting for one hundred missing nin to join the Kage Hon.

"Yes. When arrive at the meeting the missing nin were all dead. We battled a Uzumaki and not just any ordinary Uzumaki. The younger brother of the female Uzumaki we try to acquire years ago" said Enenra. Watching A eyes widen he leaned forward while everyone in the room heard this.

"One member brought you all down. Who is he?" asked A. Listening to what he said he remembers the mission many years ago but also remembers meeting The Yondaime Hokage later on.

"The same Uzumaki who defeated the Kinkaku Force at the last Shinobi war" answered Enenra. All eyes widen to hear this while A sat there in shock to hear all this. "Indeed he is alive even today. D ordered me to leave him behind so I can deliver the information to you".

A's eyes widen "You left him behind" gritting his teeth he watches Enenra nods his head. As he is about to speak he stops and notices something odd about Enenra. "You don't look like you aged?" asked A. Wondering what is going on but also what else is he missing.

"Indeed we haven't age much. The same Uzumaki who is known as The Akashi (Red death) or The Aka no shikei shikkĊ hito (red executioner)." Mumbles and gasp were heard in the room while A did not like what he heard. "He sealed us and himself in a Jikukan fuinjutsu prison. But it seems someone name of Danzo known as Shinobi no Yami. Broke the seal and released us first".

A hearing this turns to Mabui his assistant who brought her a folder. "Our spies tells us that Konoha went through a major battle recently. Are you saying that the battle was yours?". Looking over the reports he sees some interesting details but also a new member from the Uzumaki clan being surfaced.

"Yes" nodding head his head. "When we appeared in Konoha, D soon started to get everyone attention. The shinobi couldn't stand against us. We had in our possession the same Uzumaki girl that escape but also a Hyuga. But on top of it a boy with the Mokuton" answered Enenra. A stood from his seat hearing about the rumors.

'Dam that Onoki. Because of his stupid choice its been difficult for my shinobi to get into there borders to see if the rumors are true about him. If he is related to the Uzumaki but also is Yondaime son. He has Kyuubi sealed inside of him' thought A. Walking around his desk he turns to Yugito who nods and leaves the room.

"Anything else you can tell me? There has been rumors going around that this boy has a summoning contract of the foxes and is on his way of becoming a sennin. Add the fact he has the Mokuton but also a jinchuuriki of Kyuubi?" asked A. With all the rumors coming out since the Chunin exams he cant help wonder what is Konoha going to do next.

Already knowing the bad blood that both villages have. The death of there Nidaime Hokage that Kumo took pride in it. But one member from there cousin clan took that back. Than the Hyuga incident which turn into a political nightmare for A and Kumo along with Konoha and the Hyuga clan.

"Foxes yes I seen them around him. His skills in the Mokuton is extraordinary. His skills in kenjutsu and ninjutsu very high. The Hyuga girl is also skilled in kenjutsu but also in Suiton. She wields a Uzu weapon known as Mystic Uzu. The Uzumaki male used the sword to its fullest ability" explained Enenra.

A listening to this raises an eye "A Hyuga using kenjutsu? This Hyuga did she look like this" pointing to Mabui she gives Enerna a picture and nods.

"Yes that's her and she and the boy with the Mokuton seem very close. But don't let that just fool you they are very protective each other and each are very well verse in taijutsu. She also called the Godiame Sensei" answered Enenra. Letting it sink in more seeing if they attempt anything on her they will have someone to greatly worry.

"I figure that much. That is the Hyuga heiress of the clan. Meaning down the line those two are going to be trouble" said A. Sitting back down his seat "But to called the Godiame sensei a apprentice". Yugito comes back with the Chunin exams forms on them. Taking the file he sees Naruto's grades "This has to be some joke. It said here on the Chunin exam form he is the dead last of his class".

Seeing the poor grades he got in the academy he sees he couldn't perform the bunshin no jutsu. But seeing that the Chunin exams showed him use the kage bunshins. The two jonins that watched the exam gave out the report about the foxes around Konoha.

"Clearly he's been hiding his skills until the right time came to him" said Yugito. Reading the file herself she pulls out a report "It also seems a C rank mission he was on turn to A rank. Faced off against Zabuza a Kiri swords man with a partner with the Hyoton" answered Yugito.

"How is that someone like him went undetected for this long without us knowing" slamming his fist on the desk he is angry at the new information coming to light. "Get me the two Jounin that were in Konoha during the Chunin exams. I want more details on what they said once more".

"That is not all" spoke Enenra getting everyone's attention. "He calls the Godiame grandmother and her former teammate seems to be the one help train him in the sage arts". A's eyes widen and quickly looks at the picture of the Yondaime but also the picture of Godiame "Yes. I came to the conclusion that he is also a Senju and Uzumaki".

"Woo" said B. Nodding his head seeing how famous the Senju clan is but also how Minato become a legend himself as a flash. "That kid is going to be something. The rumors already going around the elemental nations calls him Yoko No Mori".

"Demon fox of the forest. Kind of ironic but also seeing that the Mokuton allows him to create a forest" said Yugito.

"So we have here a shinobi who can use the Mokuton. Who is also a jinchrunki. Whose kekkei genkai can suppress Bijuus chakra. Which means he can use Kyuubi's chakra for his own to suppress other Bijuus" summarized A on Naruto. Everyone in the room listened to A wonders how long it will be until he becomes too strong that he will be threat to the other nations.

"We have a Hyuga here who is very close to him. She has the Byakugan who uses their own clan style taijutsu but also wields a Uzu weapon. On top of it she is learning medical ninjutsu from Godiame his grandmother".

"We also have his mother who has a special chakra that can restrain a Biju but also is fuinjutsu master and other abilities and skills we know but also don't know as well. So the rumors of her death was a lie to cover it up to protect him?" said A thinking out loud.

With all the possibilities around him he sighs and looks at Yugito who nods.

"Possibility" said Yugito.

A thinking of the three cant help but curse at his bad luck while Konoha gets this lucky. Looking over to Enenra he looks down seeing his little brother is gone forever but this time knowing what happen.

"Yes the boy's uncle is assumption strong himself. He wields a celestial contract belonging to the Ho-oh. He controls a white flame. Knowledge in fuinjutsu perhaps the same level of his sister. Ninjutsu down to taijutsu all very high but also very resourceful" said Enenra. Thinking of the resources he had when they fought him the first time.

No shinobi he met thought outside the box like his has done in the pass. "But seeing the boy with the Mokuton. I can see the resourcefulness in him and if he gets training from the uncle. He will a force that not even the duo A and B with Yugito can stop together". Enenra adding his last words making everyone in the room aware what is going on.

"Anything else" demanded A. Wanting to know any more information he can get he knows he will have to tell his shinobi to listen to the rumors. "I want a team to see if these rumors are true. But also find a body belonging to D" said A. Mabui nods and soon starts to get a team together to head to Hi No Kuni.


Naruto still laying in bed waiting for his injuries to be healed. Letting out a tired yawn he looks outside wondering when he can make his escape. Hearing a soft knock. "You can come in Hina-chan" chuckle Naruto. Knowing she is the only one that knocks softly.

As Hinata walks in she quickly looks over her shoulder and sees no one ."I brought you some ramen. I know you hate-" before she can finish. Naruto in a yellow flash hugs Hinata.

"Thank you some real food" sniff Naruto. Kissing her on the lips he takes the bag and quickly opens the Thermos. Taking a deep breath of the fresh hot ramen he sighs happily. "That's food" smile Naruto. Looking at Hinata "And I wonder what desert is going to be like" licking his lips at Hinata.

"Hehee" giggle Hinata. As the two walk to back to he bed and Naruto laying down again but this time eating his ramen broth. "Just one more week ok Naruto. I know its been hard" frowned Hinata. Laying her head on his chest she takes a deep breath and gets comfortable.

"Yea it hasn't been easy. I just been thinking allot and learning some of the hand seals that Kasai taught me. Kaa-chan wasn't happy saying they are dangerous if I don't know how to properly use them" muttered Naruto. Drinking more of the ramen broth he turns to Hinata. "So how was your day?".

"Ano its good. This morning Kasai, asked me for all the medical files that we had on the Uchiha clan. Also a list of the names who died that night. I wanted to ask why but I decided not to" answered Hinata. Wondering why Kasai wanted to know who died that night but also medical files on the Uchiha clan "It was like he was looking for someone?".

"Looking for someone?. You know when Itachi saw my mother he was shock but he seemed hopeful for some reason" remember Naruto. Hinata nods remembering that Itachi left the group.

"Now that you mention it. He did help us against Orochimaru" said Hinata. Remembering the fight against the Edo Tensei Dan but also Mito as well. She cant help wonder what is Itachi doing. "Don't you find it odd Naruto-kun. I mean he killed his whole family to protect Konoha became a missing nin but yet there is a sense he is still loyal to Konoha" explained Hinata.

Naruto nods thinking the same thing as he lays in bed with Hinata in his arms he takes a deep breath and smiles. "You know why don't we go for a walk. I mean baa-chan said its fine as long I don't over do it" replied Naruto. Hinata with a worry face didn't like the idea "And I have my own personal and private nurse with me" using a husky voice and whispering in Hinata ear.

The young Hyuga girl blushed a deep red and soon nodded convince to go for a walk.

Ramen Stand

The first place they went to is Ichiraku ramen stand having a few bowls of ramen. "So Naruto how are you liking Kasai. He came by here with Kushina early, I haven't seen him years" said Teuchi. Cleaning the table top he looks over to Ayame who blushed a bit.

"He's great and knows allot of cool jutsu but also he is teaching Hinata-chan kenjutsu that belonged to baa-chan, baa-chan's. He also understands about us and tries to be fair with me with Kaa-chan. But he also taught me our clan hand seals" smile Naruto.

Showing some of the hand seals to Teuchi he nods while Ayame is still red. As they watch Naruto still make the hand seals it made them wonder just how powerful the Uzumaki clan really was before its destruction.

"Clan hand seals. I never heard a thing" said Shikamaru walking in he wasn't alone. The newly form team eight walked in along with team ten as well seeing its a rookie reuniting.

Naruto sent a Hinata a glance who didn't look to happy to see any of them. Ayame and Teuchi didn't like who walked in seeing the meeting they had a while ago left them question themselves. But Ayame on the other hand rolled her eyes wonders if they are going to continue with their reasons.

"So Hinata, Naruto how are things" smile Ino. Trying to break the ice between them she feels guilty to what has happen in the past.

"Good" reply Naruto.

"Hai" said Hinata.

The awkward silence left the rookies looking at each other. "Oh come on" complained Kiba. Getting everyone's attention he stares at Naruto who is eating his noodles. "Just a few weeks ago we were on a mission and here we are you're just acting like you don't know us" slamming his hand on the table. Kiba glares at the two wanting to know why but also let this go on.

"Like I said. Just comrades nothing more nothing less. We work together as shinobi and we go our separate lives" answered Naruto. Kiba standing up feeling angry that Naruto would just throw away all the years being at the academy. The years they were together and enjoying their team but when the academy ended they all went their separate lives.

"You're just like Sasuke not caring about his friends" shouted Kiba.

No one said anything. They all turn to Naruto who stopped eating and stares at Kiba than blinks.

"How is Naruto a traitor?" said Kasai walking in the ramen bar. "Tsunade is looking for you two but I'm more interested in this" looking at the clan heirs plus the civilian council daughter.

The rookies all turn to the tall slim muscular red head walking in. Looking at each of the rookies he turns to Naruto "You ok gaki?". Turning to Hinata "Also Hinata thanks for the flies. I found something very interesting. I left you a detail kenjutsu scroll to use Mystic Uzu like Mito did" answered Kasai. Watching Kiba flinched he notices the puppy on his head whimpering loudly.

"Hai. Thank you Kasai. Are you going tonight to see the Hyuga elders?" asked Hinata.

"Don't remind me but yes I am going. But not alone for sure" smirk Kasai. Taking the corner seat he looks at Teuchi who slowly set his sights on the rookies who look nervous. "So can I get something to eat and add another bowl onto Naruto's order with Hinata" said Kasai. Placing some money on the table he grabs the knife and starts to clean his nails.

"I think we can spare some time" smile Hinata.

"Sweet more ramen" cheered Naruto.

Hinata giggles at his antics but smiles. Slowly leaning closer to Naruto they both smile while everyone watches. "Ano Kasai there's something I been meeting to ask you?".

"Shoot" said Kasai. Picking the chopsticks he starts to mix his ramen to cool it off a bit.

"Where did you learn Mito's style of kenjutsu" ask Hinata.

"Ahh that well when I was about your age I started to take up kenjutsu. I found a old scroll that belong to Mito Uzumaki who later on became Mito Senju. So I decided to study the scroll and learned it" eating some noodles. He remembers the scroll when he first found a katana in the attic collecting dust.

"How long did it take for you to learn that style?" asked Hinata. Remembering seeing Mito use it just once but than Kasai comes out of no where and borrows mystic Uzu and uses the same style as she did.

"Two years" dropping his head in disappoint. Hinata stops with her meal and stares at Kasai shock. Seeing it took him two years she wonders how long will it take her. "The kenjutsu style she created wasn't meant for a guy for me to use. Trust me I had to place gravity seals on me and trained underwater. The hell I went through but it was worth it" chuckling at memories when he was at Uzu.

"Two years" frown Hinata. Wondering where to begin she takes a deep breath wondering how things are going to play out. "Ano if its not too much trouble do you think you can help-". Watching Kasai shake his head both her and Naruto are confuse.

"Sorry but I got other duties to take care of. Since I cant be a shinobi of Konoha seeing I didn't pass their psych test. Huh figure that" chuckle Kasai. Eating more of his ramen he notices everyone staring at him and blinking at him. "But the scroll I left you will be a great help so don't worry you will learn it fast".

Hinata nods.

"What do you mean you didn't pass the psych test. Cant baa-chan just allow you be a shinobi" said Naruto. Wondering how he didn't pass it but why doesn't Tsunade just give him a headband to join Konoha ranks.

"Unstable too much but also I am too interested in myself. Can you believe that" chuckle Kasai. Getting a giggle from Ayame, Kasai smiles at her making her blush a bit. "Still got it" chuckling to himself, Naruto rolls his eyes. While the rookies are watching this thinking another pervert just joined Konoha.

"Hmm troublesome after everything that has happen I cant find that hard to believe" said Shikamaru. Wondering why his father wasn't in the meeting he remembers seeing Choza talking to him about something.

"Dam arm cast" whine Naruto. Trying to move his arm the cast is preventing him from scratching a unbearable itch.

"Stay still" said Kasai. Pulling out one of his kunai he cuts the cast off making Naruto sigh in relief while Hinata rolls her eyes. "What you get to play nurse again and patch him up maybe this time a sponge bath" teased Kasai. Making both teens blush the rookies watches the two happy for them but at the cost of there friendship.

"Where did you get that kunai?" asked Naruto. Seeing the sliverish metal with a ring hoop at the end with a metal ball at the end. The long elegant blade as a slight curve to it with three serrated teeth on the blade.

"Its looks like a kunai from Uzushiogakure. The metal is different on it and its lighter and stronger" answered Shikamaru. Kasai turns to him gave him a slight nod. Wondering how he knows that "My touchan has one like that but it has writing on it like symbols". Wondering why the kunai his father has is different than Kasai.

"Hey yea that's right. Its in that glass casing with a light blue cloth wrapped around it" said Ino. Remembering seeing the kunai many times at Shikamaru home she never would have guess it that it came from Uzu.

"Really" said Kasai. Getting up he turns to Naruto and Hinata "Lets go" ordered Kasai. Everyone watches but also feels the mood in the area change quickly.

"What was that about?" ask Ino.

Everyone all nods wondering what they missed while Ayame cant help it was something that Ino said about a kunai that Shikamaru's father has.

Hokage Tower.

When Naruto, Hinata and Kasai walked in the room "Iruka sensei?" said Naruto. Seeing the Chunin instructor in the room talking to Tsunade they walk in while the door remained open. "Huh" turning around, Kasai kept the door open while Anko walked in.

"Thanks" mutter Anko. Walking in the room she takes a seat away from everyone.

Kasai holding the door looks to the ceiling "You could have least enter through the door" closing the door. A ANBU with a cat mask dropped down and looks at Kasai and than walks near Anko. "This is the team I'm getting to track down some Kunoichi with a kid".

Tsunade hearing this quickly sit up while Jiraiya entering through the window wonders what is going on. Kushina on the other hand "Wait you wanted a team to track down some kunoichi and her kid?". Watching Kasai nod her eyes widen "Its your child" pointing at her brother, Kasai stood there blinking. While Kushina is there shock to hear her brother is a father.

Anko frowns.

Yugao who removed her mask looks away.

Iruka looks confuse and blinks.

"Sweet I'm a cousin" cheer Naruto.

"What!" Kasai screaming at Kushina quickly shakes his head. "No Aoi Uchiha from what Hinata gave me about her she was Itachi Uchiha lover". Getting everyone's attention he groans and takes out some paper work that Hinata got and gave it to Tsunade. "From the records that was shown here she had a check up two weeks before the Uchiha massacre".

Wondering how she did it but also how did she manage to hide all this time. 'Does Itachi know about her and if he does why is he protecting her. But why did he spare them?' thought Kasai.

"Ok so?" ask Naruto. Wondering why he wants to track down this Uchiha with a child no less.

"Check her blood results" said Kasai.

"Fine" said Tsunade. Reading the blood results she goes over it and soon pales looking at Hinata she gives her the papers while she gives it to Shizune who also pales. "So she is pregnant and what do you think?". Looking at Kasai she watches him take out some more paper work wondering when did he have all this time do it.

"I don't believe it" reading the report she turns to Kasai who nods. "She was in Konoha this whole time...wait this is SENSEI handwriting" looking at Kasai he nods while Jiraiya snatch the papers from her hands. "When did this all happen".

"Don't know don't care. All I need is someone that can get me the information I need. Someone who knows barrier ninjutsu but also fuinjutsu and a ANBU that can help me hold down any enemy" explained Kasai. Looking at the team he got he turns to Tsunade. "Why I'm I being punishment" whine Kasai.

Tsunade pinching her nose and looks at Kasai "Forget the team. Jiraiya I want you to find her and tell her she can return to Konoha-".

Kasai snorted making Tsunade stop and look at him. "Konoha good idea let her come back to a village where her lover was ordered to kill his family good idea why didn't I think of that. Oh wait maybe she still has a grudge against us" said Kasai. Tapping his foot waiting for Tsunade to reply Jiraiya sees where this is going.

"You have a better idea" shouted Tsunade slamming her hand on the table. Not liking that the idea of Aoi Uchiha is out there with a child being Itachi's no less. "If Itachi knows this why is he hiding her? ask Tsunade

"Uzu" reply Kasai first to where. "And why lets see hmm Orochimaru but also Sasuke but also a whole village. Look to what happen to Naruto you want this to happen to a child who can become a Orochimaru, Itachi but more importantly a MADARA altogether" Walking to the door angry that Tsunade isn't seeing what he is seeing. He turns to Kushina "See you later at the Hyuga compound".

Slamming the door behind him everyone blinks wondering what was that about. As the adults in the room turns to Naruto he shakes his head not wanting anyone in his place before. "Oji Kasai is right. I mean do you really want a child to grow up like I did" mutter Naruto. Grabbing Hinata's hand they left the room leaving everyone stun.

"He's right you know. Naruto didn't have a happy childhood" said Iruka. Recalling the memories that Naruto went through Anko nods while Yugao also nods as well.

"To bring her back to Konoha would be a mistake but also the child. The elders would love to get her hands on her to replace Sasuke a whole new Uchiha clan that will always be loyal to Konoha. Danzo to make the child into a emotionless weapon" said Kasai at the window. Making everyone blink he shakes his head and points to the door "Didn't need Naruto to hear this conversation".

Entering through the window he looks at Iruka nodding his head. Shock to hear what Naruto said about him "So Hiruzen did his homework. Place a instructor who knows barrier ninjutsu, fuinjutsu in case Naruto goes berserk or seal breaks. Got to admit that back stabbing old bastard he does his work". Earning a glare from Anko, Yugao and Iruka. Kasai chuckles and walks to a wall.

"You don't know half the lies the Sandaime told any of you" unsheathing his blade he slashes the wall a few times revealing a safe. Jiraiya and Tsunade looking at each other "Not even you two or anyone else knows about this" chuckle Kasai. Biting his thumb he smears the safe with his blood. As the safe glows gold a seal of Uzu appears on it.

"That safe its-" before Kushina can finish.

Kasai nods. Seeing Kushina shock reaction she wonders how long Hiruzen had the safe belonging to her father her clan but also Nation.

"What is that safe" ask Jiraiya.

"Clan secret so shut up" mutter Kasai. Looking at the safe he nods seeing that no one got to it since the destruction of Uzu. Looking at Tsunade he walks to the desk "So do I still get this team?" ask Kasai. Waiting for her decision seeing he knows much more of the situation but also of the person.

"Fine you get the team but leave after the meeting. But we also have questions to a key that is missing" answer Tsunade. Wondering where is the key to Uzushiogakure.

"I know where it is. I know who has it so I suggest you have a team of ANBU ready or we can have a field test right now" smirk Kasai. Looking at the Yugao she shrugs her shoulders. Anko nods while Iruka looks nervous 'Dam how the hell do I get a messed up team like this. A guy who is nervous like a academy student. A ANBU who lost her lover. A sennin apprentice who is doubting her every move. This team is going to kill me'.

Wondering if he should reconsider Kasai sighs and looks at Kushina nodding knowing where they are going to go is going to shock everyone. "Fine lets go have this field test" order Tsunade.

"That's the order I was looking for" smirk Kasai.

Nara Compound

When everyone started to follow Kasai, Tsunade and Jiraiya but also Kushina is surprise to whose compound they arrive. Kasai on the other hand continued to walk forward leaving everyone behind. Approaching the two Nara guards at the gate they turn to each other watching Kasai walk forward.

"I'm sorry but you cant-" before the first Nara guard could finish. Kasai decked him in the jaw and grabbed the other guard and threw him over his shoulder knocking both of them out.

"Tsunade do you think its wise for this?" ask Yugao.

Watching the red head walk to the gates, Tsunade shakes her head but as she looks at Kushina seeing her shock face.

"It has to be done" mutter Kushina. With them following Kasai through the compound they notices some clan members looking at Tsunade and the others walking through the compound. Coming to a large house, Kasai casually walks to the steps but soon stops. Looking at the shadows all around him he lets out a soft chuckle.

Among one of the shadows was Shikaku along with his clan members. 'I was wondering when he was going to come here' thought Shikaku Looking at the red head in front of him. He looks at Tsunade and knows this wont be good but also to see Kushina, Jiraiya but what confuse him the most. Is that why is Iruka, Yugao and Anko with them.

"Was wondering when you were going to show your face" mutter Kasai. As he stands in the same spot he takes a deep breath "You lack will, determination but also HOPE". Trying to force his body to move he notices at least five Nara holding him down with their shadows. Taking a deep breath Kasai slowly tries to move his legs pushing more himself.

He moved a inch making the Nara's add more chakra into their shadows. "You think you can win" chuckle Kasai. Slowly moving his arm to his kunai holster he soon watches four more Nara's coming to the aid of the clan head. "This is just the start in fact I already got what I wanted" smirk Kasai.

Soon the doors are blown wide open is a small Ho-Oh bird carrying a kunai on its talon. AS it lands on Kasai shoulders he slowly lifts his arm up to grab the kunai he needs it. "Its over" said Kasai. Holding the kunai in his hands the small Ho-oh shrieks making some Nara lose control.

"Enough" giving out a order he looks at Kasai with a sigh "I cant let you leave with that kunai I got orders from the Sandaime but also the previous Fire Daimyo to guard it with my life".

Tsunade and Kushina are shock to hear what he said but Jiraiya thinks back when he said he is making up for the past mistakes. Was he trying to make up for the mistakes he did for Naruto. For the clan or his family that was lost.

"I know you wont" smirk Kasai. The Ho-oh on his shoulder quickly took flight and flew towards Shikaku as it soon ignited himself. Shikaku got into position watching the Ho-Oh coming at him. The Ho-oh shriek than leaves in a poof of smoke taking Shikaku with him.

"Good luck to you" mutter Kasai. Turning his head towards Tsunade "We will be ready to leave first thing in the morning. Pack your things we are going for a long trip" order Kasai.

The Nara clan stood there shock to see their clan head disappear while the Hokage hasn't done anything. "Jiraiya stay here and talk to Yoshino on what her husband did" mutter Kushina.

Jiraiya sighs but before he took a step back Shikaku appeared again back in the same spot but this time on his knees. The clan members quickly went to their fallen clan head to see if he is injury.

"What did they do to me" mumble Shikaku

Kasai stood there still bright as day seeing everyone's shadow all expect one.


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