Hi amazing, beautiful people who may read this=)! Sooo I love Niff and I've decided to write 100 drabbles about them based on 100 prompts-I'm aiming for each to be about 250 words, but right now they're averaging a lot longer than that so whatever! ANd, just to be clear, Nick and Jeff belong to glee and are played by Riker Lynch and Curt Mega, two people I can admit to being absolutely in love with =)

So, if you take the time to read I just want to say thank you and it means so much to me to have people actually read what I write. Though I admit, I did come back to chapter one after posting about 20 chapters and write this authors note because at first I only posted this here to be organized and clearly see the different chapters. But then, when people were actually nice enough to read, and some of you to take time to review it just made me so happy! =) So, I decided to let you all know that...here..haha=))

I should probably put a general WARNING here for cursing throughout the drabbles and and for some of the more mature prompts such as one with self-harm and some homophobic attack scenes. Also, though I have never tried it before, so far there are two smut scenes. I know they're horrible, but I though I should give it a try=)

So, please enjoy and try to ignore mistakes (I'm a horrible proof-reader and I hope the mistakes don't ruin the stories for you.) And, review if you have time/ feel like it; it's so cool to see what you think=))) Ok...now to stop rambling haha=))) thank you!

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1. Introduction

"Sorry, sorry," Jeff mumbled as he bumped into yet another shoulder. Though he knew that transferring to Dalton for his sophomore year was the best decision he'd ever made, seeing the rowdy mass of teenage boys in a mass before him was still frightening.

Jeff turned around a corner and was immediately met with a face full of iced tea.

"Ohmygodohmygod, I am so sorry!" The distraught, brunette boy exclaimed, frantically waving his arms around Jeff's face, not sure of what to do. Nick Duval wasn't watching where he was going.

"You're sorry?" Jeff asked in disbelief.

"Oh God, please don't kill me-" the other boy started.

"Kill you? Oh-no. I'm sorry…I'm just not used to this happening as an accident..." Jeff said, wiping tea out of his eyes. Nick loosened his cotton tie and handed it to Jeff, who began to wipe his face.

"What?" the confused teenager asked.

"Well…when the kids at my old school threw slushees in my face, they didn't say sorry," Jeff stated, as though this were a completely normal occurrence.

"They-they what? Really?"

At Jeff's confused nod, Nick exclaimed, "God, what douches!"

Jeff was surprised to find a smile tugging at his lips; this boy's blatant way of stating his opinions was refreshingly amusing.

"Well, I promise that won't happen here," Nick continued confidently. (I won't let it," he wanted to add, but didn't want to sound creepy.) Jeff's smile brightened.

"Really? Like...the bullying policy is actually enforced here?"

Nick looked scared at the thought that anyone could bully the poor, blonde boy in front of him.

"Of course. I'm Nick, by the way. So, what are you interested in? Besides not having iced tea thrown in your face…really sorry about that, again."

"It's ok; no problem," Jeff sincerely said, smiling. "And, uum, I guess you could say I dance pretty competitively. And I do a little gymnastics. And I like to sing, maybe." Jeff finished quietly, waiting for the insults and derogatory terms to come his way; but, instead, he was met with Nick's ecstatic voice.

"That's awesome! We really need dancers in the Warblers, and singing is always appreciated!"

Ignoring the look of happy disbelief on Jeff's face, Nick simply said, "Hey, come on you can come to my room and get cleaned up."

Jeff allowed Nick to grab his hand and lead him away from the crowded hallway and to his room. Nick made a silent vow to make Jeff's new life here as happy as possible. He didn't know what it was about the new kid, but he wanted to protect him from anything and everything.