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Naruto: The Assassin's Creed

Chapter 1: The Revival of the Creed

Uzumaki Naruto was running for dear life, he had gotten into a fight with three kids because they were bullying a girl and he hurt them a bit, now their parents came after him, it was nothing new, he was used to running away from people (the Hokage's ANBU would always chase him whenever he tried to 'beatify the city' as the jiji put it saying that others did not appreciate orange and scribbling on the Hokage mountain).

The people chasing him where yelling "GET BACK HERE YOU FILTHY DEAMON SPAWN."

This time something different happened; while running his eyes hurt him a little and he found himself seeing the world in different colors, and what shocked him more was that while most people looked like they were part of the background the people chasing him were red, and few of the people around where blue. He decided in his mind that he should go to these blue people and ask for help.

"Can you please help me they are chasing me and they want to hit me." He pleaded to the closest blue colored person he met, and to his surprise that person dropped a smoke bomb and told Naruto to run.

Doing just that Naruto headed to an ally that he knew lead to the Namikaze compound his vision still the same. He climbed the gate and jumped over to the walls surrounding the compound and kept on running until he found a stack of leaves that could cushion his fall, he jumped into it and when he got out he noticed that in the vast green garden under one of the great big cedar trees was a door that was shining brightly defying the area all other objects around him. Naruto headed to the trapdoor opening it and going through it, he then noticed his vision going back to normal.

'Wow this place looks so cool' was the first thought that the nine year old could come up with, what greeted him were two big banners with a symbol he had not seen before, it looked like a decorated Outside caliper (look it up it is actually what the assassins' symbol in the game is) beyond the banners he saw the rest of the stone corridor with doors on either side, the fact that the corridor was stone in itself was weird because there was no such architecture in all of Konoha, he began walking down the corridor and felt pulled towards the door lying at the far end, when he reached it he grabbed the handle and felt something in the back of his mind telling him to go inside, and as he does he sees an office filled with bookshelves with many books, folders and papers. In the middle of the office was a desk that had a single candle and a hard leather book that looked like a journal. Curiosity winning him over he went over to the desk sat on the chair behind it and began to read.

'To my dear son Naruto, I really wish you are not reading this because that would mean that I am no longer part of this world, and that during your birth something went wrong and the prisoner inside me somehow broke loose. First of all I want you to know that even though I do not know you, I still love you with every fiber of my being; second, I want you to know about me and my clan.

'Long time ago the Uzumaki clan was not really a clan but an order, we were called the assassin order, and we had bases like the one you are in in many parts of the world, your father's family the Namikaze was also part of that order, anyway, this order's objective was to rid the world of evil while fighting in the darkness of the world in order to serve the light; however a terrible enemy struck at Uzushiogakure, the main base of our order, fortunately the enemy only thought us an ordinary Ninja village and simply destroyed the village and all evidence of the other basis in the headquarters. I was lucky enough to have been sent to Konoha a few years prior and was not killed by the attack, I will not tell you about the enemies you can just read about them, there are many books in the library here that can help you with everything you might need save a parent's love.

'Naruto my beloved child, if your father has also passed away then I have one request from you: train to become the best assassin you can be there are books and forty different training areas that can help you become as such, rise to the level of master assassin, gather and train those you trust and see fit, then finally find the others and unite them so that the order may become as it once was and rid the world of evil. There is a Jutsu I want you to use to help you accelerate your training, you will find it in the library, it is a type of seal that allows you to relive the memories of a specified ancestor and gain his abilities, I recommend using two: Altair bin La Ahad and Ezio Auditore da Firenze, they were the best of us, with that you should do physical training to help develop your body to adapt to the abilities that it has gained.

'I only want to tell you again that I love you with all my being and hope you do not need to read this.

'Your loving mother,

'Uzumaki Kushina.'

Naruto's eyes watered as he read the pages over and over again, he had finally found out whom his mother was and that she really loved him even before she met him. Thus he set his eyes on his new goal, become the grandmaster assassin and also Hokage of Konoha. And with his mother's words in his ears he head out to the training area to become the greatest assassin he could be.

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