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Chapter 1

I slipped my pink shoes on, almost ready to tackle the day. I sluggishly walked to the mirror on my bright red wall. My small face had a tint of happiness in it as I frowned in the mirror.

Sure, I would make new friends, but I would be a "Newbie" that everyone picked on or harassed constantly, by asking questions.

Madness crept out behind my blue eyes. Pure insanity was clearly written on my face. My jumbled thoughts pause as my mom shouted my name. I rush downstairs; my feet clatter on the tile. My mother stares at me and I smile. Deep down I'm freaking out about school. I blabber inside about all the possible scenarios that would soon lead to my death.

I walk past my mom to get in the red Sedan. My mom looks a lot like me, but we're two very different people on the inside. She has cyaneous, mesmerizing eyes. Her brown wavy hair perfectly shaped her long, slender neck. She has broad cheek bones although her chin has a little baby fat. She's beautiful, as am I, but not as much as her.

I have my dad's nose, which makes it impossible for me to be as beautiful as my mother. I have thick, short brown hair. It usually keeps its place, and doesn't bounce a lot. Another trait from my dad, thick, non-bouncy hair. I have short, slim cheeks, but a little baby fat escapes to my chin. Since I was still youngish you could say I was pretty.

I find my cream colored glasses in on the passenger seat and put them on. My favorite thing about me was my glasses, in my opinion, I looked better with them. My jumbled thoughts were interrupted when my mom opened the door and sat down next to me.

"You found your glasses, Melinda." She smiled and started the car. I replied with a nod. "You look so pretty in that school uniform, too." She said trying to break the awkward silence. Like me, which was the only thing we had in common, was that we were bad at staring conversations. We were very anti-social, I guess you could say.

I forced myself to smile and nod. In my opinion the skirt was too short, and the colors did not flatter my pale skin at all.

I started to play with the ivory bracelet on my wrist. It helped pass the time during the awkward silence. My mom started humming, which meant these felt very awkward too. Thankfully, we were pulling into the parking lot of Ouran High School.

The place was massive and beautiful. I know I saw pictures of it, but it was even more glorious.

The tall white and pink building looked like a castle. A large column of white was the entry way. Many windows filled in the gaps, where decorative swirls of pink didn't glide across the white wall.

I glanced down at my hands. They were sweating, and I felt clammy. I wasn't ready to meet new people, to have to introduce myself to everybody. I lethargically got out of the car and met my mother on the other side.

"Here you go Melinda. You're new school." She smiled at me and hugged me. I tried to hug her back, but my frozen body wouldn't respond. I swallowed a lump in my throat. I felt like I was going to kindergarten all over again. I tried to clear my mind, which was not working very well. I too big of a brain was always thinking, even when I wished the very most it wouldn't.

"Bye, hon." She placed a strand of loose hair behind my ear. "Bye." My voice was weak. She got in the car as I made my brave attempt towards the large white column. I glanced behind me, but she wasn't there anymore. I looked down at my shaking hands as I walked. I bumped into a tall something. I glanced up, blushing that I could be so out of the world. I saw seven boys staring at me with smiles on their faces. Probably trying to hide a snicker, I thought quickly, this led to more blushing.

"Sorry," I mumbled with embarrassment. Unlike my mother, I'm very shy.

"It's okay, newcomer. Welcome to Ouran High School." A boy, clearly the leader, said. His blonde hair shook as he talked. His calm voice suited him well. He was very tall and handsome, I started to blush again.

"Thanks," I responded, my voice cracked. "You are a beautiful young lady," The blond boy commented. "Would you become a visitor to our club?" He handed me a card.

From behind a small, baby-faced, blonde haired boy, screeched. "Pretty please!" He held a small pink bunny. I smiled at his cute blue eyes.

"So will you?" A tall black haired boy with glasses, asked with a deep voice. He pushed up his glasses up higher on his long nose.

My clammy stomach got worse; I glanced down at the card. "Uh… S-sure," I managed to say. I looked at the boy with glasses for moment, and saw him write something down on the clipboard, I just realized.

They began walking away in; sync with each other. One boy stayed behind and said, "See you there," He had girlish features and a girly voice. No puberty yet? He was now a pace or two behind the rest.

I walked into the large building, and saw the receptionist. I slowly walked toward her not wanting to start the day. "Hi," I said with little confidence, sadly she was on the phone and held up her finger. Oops. Once she put the phone down I saw she had skepticism in her eyes.

"Hi, I'm Melinda Azure. I'm a new student," My confidence had left me and my voice broke on the last word. She typed in my name, " Here you are," She handed me my schedule. "If you have any questions let me know, and have a wonderful day at Ouran High," She forced a smile. I nodded and walked towards the staircase.