Chapter 2

Umm, By the way, in the first chapter I forgot to put Melinda's POV, so just know that it switches around.

I stopped for a moment to examine my schedule; a few steps away from the stairs. I had math on the very top floor of the building. I sighed; I didn't really have a clue about which hallway in which door that held my first class. I also despised math with a passion. I decided that I would just have to look for it, and hope I'm not late.

I started forward again and someone tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around and my hands flew to my neck. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you, or give you a heart attack." A boy with brown hair and a long slender body held his hands up. I laughed and he laughed once along with me. Nervous laughter. "It's okay," I said weakly. He bent down and picked my schedule that had flown out of my hand. I reached my hands out when he offered it to me.

"Umm, so I just wanted to say hi since, we don't get a lot of new students. Umm, so do you need help with anything? I mean, it's the least I can do since I nearly killed you," He chuckled darkly and a sly smile spread across his face. A quick shiver ran down my spine.

"Maybe," I replied, "I'm not sure if I can find my math class." I pointed to my schedule. He laughed, a not so light laugh. I started laughing too, not really sure if I was supposed to or not. "Oh, I know where that is. Follow me." His voice was surprisingly coarse, but very friendly. Surprisingly, confidence empowered me, and I followed after his quick long strides, though I had to walk fast to even get within a reasonable range of him.

We began climbing a new set of stairs, directly across from the set of stairs we were talking at. Every so often he would look behind at me with honey brown eyes, to make sure I was still there. I guess I was quiet as a mouse, and that alarmed him. I looked down at the granite floor as I walked and I suddenly bumped into him. "Sorry," He mumbled. With a more confident voice he said, "I'm being rude. My name is Tyler Rutherford and you are?" I knew he knew who I was, he was just being polite.

"I'm Melinda Azure, nice to meet you." I blushed very hard. I held out my hand and he took it. His hands were very rough, but secure. He tensed for a moment and then looked up. Without facing me he spoke quietly, as if he were being watched, "Umm, I have to, but I'll tell you where to go. Go up these stairs until you reach a brown door. Open the door and across from you is your, I mean, our math class." I nodded quickly and gasped at the end.

"Okay," I smiled, all shyness vanished. He was actually really easy to talk to. "I'll see you around, Melinda." He grinned and began walking back down the stairs. I made my way up the stairs until I reached the brown door, which was the beginning to my nightmare.

Tamaki POV

I stared motionlessly as Haruhi walked to her class. My emotion for Haruhi was unbearable. I wanted to kiss her perfect little face.

She effortlessly looked beautiful, but even though I tried to dazzle her, she still sees us as friends.

I fought a sob and walked to Kyoya, my best friend. He grimaced as I moved closer to him. About to yell about what was wrong, he said calmly, "Take a shower, Tamaki." No emotion was heard.

Offended, I faced him, a scream building in my throat.

"I'm not stinky. I have a bath every night, and if you think that then you're wrong. I happen to smell like roses and dandelions. You can't say that!" Anger swelled inside of me as Kyoya stared at me, a smile playing on his lips.

"Shh!" The secretary hissed at me. I walked way and sat in my emo corner.

"No, please use less, Tamaki. You smell too sweet that it's bitter," Kyoya stated. I turned to face him. I thought about yelling, but then I couldn't use my luscious voice to lure Haruhi. Her name fluttered inside my head.

"Oh," Was I all I could mutter. Kyoya grinned, "Let's go to class, Tamaki." I laughed.

As we were walking towards the stairs, a figure flashed by. There was pain in my wrist, as I fell to the floor, withering in pain.