Ash was standing there, with a Charizard. His father though, had a FEAR Rattata named Fearow.

Fearow was coming right at Charizard with endeavor.

"Charizard fly!"

The Rattata hit it with endeavor, right before Ash could yell another attack. Then Ash screamed the S word.

Father "Hit Charizard with Quick Attack!"

Fearow quickly hit Charizard with Quick Attack, and Charizard fell to the ground.

"Ha! You thought you Charizard could beat Rattata didn't you? It couldn't! There's no way you'll be able to defeat ME!" Ash's Father yelled

Ash yelled "Charizard GET UP!"

Charizard amazingly was able to get up and stand.

"What? How did you do that? All of Charizard's hit points were supposed to have been demolished!"

"Well, while your Fearow has a focus band, MY Pokémon can focus WITHOUT any special items or whatever. When you used Quick attack, it only took away one half of a hit point!"

"WHAT! You can't do that!"

"Yes I can! Charizard use fireblast!"

Charizard then roasted the Rattata until if fainted, covered with with burn marks.

Ash's Father the said "Grr... Return!"

Rattata was then returned to its pokéball.

"Go Rhyperior!"

Rhyperior roared.

"Ha! I could easily defeat that thing with my Charizard!" Ash said.

"What are you gonna do? Make Charizard use solerbeam?"

"Nope! I'm going to melt that giant rock rhinoceros! Charizard use Fire Blast!"

Charizard's flame was apparently very hot, because it actually DID melt the rocky skin of Rhyperior.

Rhyperior: Rhyperior!

That's what it said as it was yelling out in pain. In no time flat about all of the rock had melted off him and his skin was burning. There was no way he could possibly fight anymore.

The Announcer lady anouned "Rhyperior can no longer battle!"

"Rhyperior return!"

And the he whispered to himself "I can't believe the guy melted Rhyperior..."

"Charizard, I think you need some rest. Return!"

Charizard was called back into its pokéball.

Ash: Go Ho-oh!

Ash then got out an Ultra Ball and let out Ho-oh.

Ash's father: So you were able to melt Rhyperior's rocky skin off, but you couldn't catch a Ho-oh without using an Ultra Ball?

Ash: Hey! Do you know how much luck a Ho-oh has? It was almost impossible to fight! I had to hit it with multiple water attacks, fire attacks, and normal attacks! I couldn't just throw a rock at it and then throw an ordinary pokéball at it! I've tried that multiple times and it never works!

Ash's Father: You tried to catch a Ho-oh by throwing a rock at it?

Ash: Uh... actually I threw a rock at a Spearow, but the point is Ho-ohs are hard to catch. Seriously, you can't catch it in the Pokémon World just by using tricks. You could probably do that in the videogames, not here in the Pokémon World.

Audience: Shut up and fight already!

Ash's Father: You just defeated Rhyperior so... go Dragonite!