Chapter 4 trains and boats

"I told you to be ready at 10:30 but you didn't listen!" Sterling yelled,

"Dammit sterling I'm coming!" Nate yelled back. He ran downstairs buttoning his shirt and flew past sterling to join the rest of the team.

"Now everyone grab my arms and take a deep breath and try not to vomit," Sterling said. With that the team grabbed his arm inhaled and they were gone with a crack. They appeared in an alleyway and could see the train station on the other side. "Follow me" sterling said quickly. They ran across the street and over to the train station. Sterling was swerving in and out of muggles heading towards platform 9 which would take them to platform 9 3/4. "Here we go" exclaimed.

"where's the train?" Elliot asked,

"Through there" sterling said pointing at the pillar

"your joking!" Nate said uneasily

"no watch" sterling replied just than a lady and her daughter came by she looked like a 1st year and she had short spiky red hair high cheekbones a pointy nose and small eyes. With one last look at her mother she dashed at the pillar and disappeared into it.

"I call first!" Parker called out.

"I'll go with her" Hardison said grabbing her hand

"ready 1-2-3!" they sprinted toward the pillar and showed up on the other side

"wow that's was so much fun!" parker said happily

"hey guys" Nate and Sophie said out of breath.

"Is there something I should know?" Hardison asked pointing at there arms

"oh no nothing" Nate said his face turning red as he untwined his arm from Sophie's and stepped away

"Did I miss something?" Elliot asked fixing his hair

"no nothing" Sophie replied quickly

"Whatever compartment to you pick your stuff will immediately show up there" Sterling said smiling "Have fun send me lots of cards" he said sarcastically

"well shall we get on the train?" Parker asked weaving her way through the families

"yay um how about this one?" Nate said pointing to an empty compartment. Hardison had packed all of his cool devices and he grabbed his bag and got his laptop out. Elliot seemed to be in a mind of his own more than usual. Sophie was reading a magazine and talking to herself probably about the latest shoes. Nate was staring out the window and watching all the families waving to their kids. Parker well was being parker she was playing with a lock on the side of the seat. Suddenly the train jerked to life and they were on their way to school. Nate thought to himself what the teachers would be like, Would they like him or think he was cocky. It would be hard to say he also was nervous about being sorted. What if he wasn't with Sophie? Or the rest of the team; he felt like he would fit in any of the houses but might be a better Slytherin. Parker didn't really know what house she would be in but was hoping for Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff she wondered what houses the others wanted to be in. Sophie was sleeping her head was resting on Nate's shoulder, she was pretty sure they had a real relationship now but who knows. She looked at the time on her phone. Wow they had been on the train for 2 hours already. Sophie was in a deep sleep the movement of the train put her into a deep trance. She was having a nightmare too... Ambulance and fire truck sirens were ringing around everywhere she ran frantically to the source. She was by Nate's apartment and flames were erupting from the windows "NATE!" she screamed "SOPHIE HELP" he yelled back. She ran up the stairs in and opened the door he was crawling on the floor by the window. The source of the flames was the oven. She covered he mouth with her shirt and beckoned him over. But he couldn't move because he was hurt she dove after him she helped him over to he door but the fire had spread and she couldn't get through. The fire turned into a person and burned her to death. She jolted awake.

"Sophie are you ok" Nate asked quietly

"just a nightmare" she replied slightly shaken. Suddenly the door flew open and she flinched.

"Have any of you seen a toad a boy named Neville has lost it. Oh and the train will be arriving soon so I suggest you change into your robes" a brown bushy haired girl said in an annoying tone

"No sorry I haven't seen his toad, and ok then," Nate replied half paying attention. He looked up at the crew Elliot looked asleep but wasn't. Parker was asleep and Hardison was on his laptop Sophie was sitting with her legs to her chest.

"Hey guys" Nate started "Parker wake up" Parker sat up right "lasers" she said

"uh yeah sure they said we should change into our robes since we will be arriving soon". They all got up and left to go change.
they had to wait 10 minutes after they changed and know the train was pulling in and they grabbed there bags and left the train.

"1st years here 1st years over here" a tall large man called. Parker walked over to him while the rest of them tried to catch up. She saw a young boy go up to him and say hi Hagrid he replied saying hi Harry. Hagrid must be his name and Harry must be the boy's name. She shrugged here shoulders and walked over to the rest of the team.

"Ok so the large man over there is Hagrid and that boy next to him with black hair is Harry." Parker said quietly. Hagrid had led them over to small boats and everyone looked up in awe at the castle on the other side of the lake.

"Only 3 to a boat!" Hagrid called out. Nate let Sophie on the boat first he climbed on after her. The rest of the team got on the boat next to them.

"Hey you one with the curly hair" a girl called out "can I get on your boat"

"uh sure" Nate said furrowing his brow he remembered her but from were? "Do I know you?"

"no you seem familiar too anyway my names Jenna Spratz. What's yours?" Jenna asked kindly

"Nate Ford and this is Sophie Devereaux" Nate replied kindly "Those 3 over there are Alec Hardison, Alice Parker, and Elliot Spencer. We call Alec by his last name and Alice by her last name.

"Cool what house are you hoping to get sorted into?" Jenna asked

"Slytherin" Nate and Sophie said at the same time

"Awesome me too most of my family has been a Gryffindor a Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff here and there rarely ever a Slytherin." she said happily

"What about you guys" she said leaning over

"I don't really know" Parker said with a shrug

"Maybe Ravenclaw but I'm not sure" Hardison said half heartedly

"Slytherin sounds fun but I think I'm more of a Gryffindor personally" Elliot said with a smile

"that's fun I ca-" Jenna started

"time to go everyone" Hagrid announced. They hadn't even realized that they were there so the got up and followed Hagrid into Hogwarts.