This concoction Mole came up with is AWESOME!

This was Alec's thought as he gulped another swig of Mole's brew designed especially for transgenics. Due to their high metabolisms, this was made with almost pure alcohol, with just a little flavoring. Although it tasted a lot like rocket fuel, it finally allowed Alec to feel what it's like to be drunk for once in his life.

Sitting in Max's apartment while she also gulped down her share, they were like a couple of kids at a frat party. They'd been through a couple of drinking games already. But Alec now wanted to up the ante. He really didn't know if he could get away with it, but if he didn't at least try while Max was loosened up, he knew he'd regret it the rest of his life.

He reached over for the deck of cards and began shuffling.

"New game?" Max slurred slightly, but sounded curious.

"Yeah…" Alec held the cards in one hand and raised a finger, and looked over at two Max's. He blinked and refocused on the one Max that's supposed to be in front of him.

"Ever heard of Truth or Dare?" he asked.

She nodded, "Sure… But it's not usually played with cards." Curiousness laced her slurred voice.

He shuffled some more. "I know…high card goes first."

He set the deck on the coffee table in front of her. Her hand picked up about the first twenty cards and he did the same. They showed their cards that were at the bottom of the pile in each of their hands.

Max held a jack of hearts. Alec held a king of clubs.

Max narrowed her eyes suspiciously. "Were you counting cards?"

Alec shook his head and a wave of dizziness made him blink again to bring the four Max's into one again.

"Nah! Just lucky. We agreed. No counting cards. And I hold up my end of the deal."

She set her cards down on the coffee table and grabbed her tumbler, fortifying herself with the last swallow in her glass. Then she nodded, "Okay, you go first."

"Truth or dare, Max?" Alec slurred as he took another swig of his drink, then pouring more.

"Truth," Max answered.

Alec smirked and taunted, "Chicken!"

Max appeared annoyed. "Am not!"

Alec began making clucking noises and she smacked him with a pillow, or at least tried to. She missed him by a mile since her equilibrium was off.

Alec clucked at her again under his breath and she huffed out a breath in annoyance, "Get on with it already."

Alec shrugged. "Fine!... Here's a question I'm dying to know… Are you attracted to me?"

He hoped she was drunk enough to loosen her tongue. But it didn't come out the way he planned.

Max barked out a laugh, "As if!"

Alec grinned wider. "And she didn't answer the question. I guess I have to come up with a dare…"

"You're full of yourself, you know that? You think every female in Seattle gets wet when you walk into a room." Her retort held slight malice in it that went unnoticed by Alec in his inebriated state. Had he been sober, he would have heard the edge in her voice.

Instead, he purred proudly, "Oh they do, Maxie…maybe one day, you'll find out what all the hype is about, huh?" Alec gave her a flirtatious wink and he wasn't a bit perturbed. His cocky smile just made Max madder. "So… Answer the question, Max. Are you attracted to me?"

She poured herself another two fingers into her tumbler, gulped it quickly and winced, then answered, "Depends on the day."

"Yes or no, Max. Think about right now. Are you attracted to me? It's not a hard question."

She knew she had to tell the truth, or risk a very embarrassing dare, so she finally rolled her eyes and admitted, "Yes I am."

"Now…was that so hard?" Alec teased.

"Yes, your head is swelling more and more by the second, you ass!"

"Always with the ass too. I swear, you have a fixation of my ass!"

Max rolled her eyes. This was an old argument and she decided to continue with the game instead. "Truth or dare, Alec?"

He gulped the last of his drink then answered with a gleam in his eye, "Dare."

"Seriously?" Max asked uncertainly.

"Try me," Alec answered with a shrug.

Max had to think for a minute, then an evil grin came over her features, causing Alec to get a little uneasy. Not that he'd let her know.

"I dare you to do a strip tease for me…on the fire escape."

"See? You DO wanna see my ass!" Alec teased again.

"Do it or I win the game…you know how it works."

Alec seemed to contemplate it. "Strip completely naked?"

Max snickered, "I should make you do that just for being a pain in my ass, but no. Just down to your boxers."

Alec coughed into his hand and said, "Um…Max? I'm not wearing boxers… Laundry day, I'm out of underwear."

He could have sworn Max had just blushed five shades of red before she quickly wiped it away from her face.

He decided to call her bluff and see how she'd handle it. He stood up on shaky legs and he swayed a little, righting himself with a hand on the back of the couch.

"Whoa! That stuff has quite a punch to it!" Alec murmured as he made his way slowly to the fire escape.

"Alec?" Max queried, looking around and watching him head to the fire escape. "Wait! I didn't know you didn't have your underwear… We can change the dare if you want."

Good! This was going to get interesting! "Ha! And you spread the word I reneged on a bet? Never! Get your ass out here, Max, for the…" He wobbled again, "Show of a lifetime!"

Alec wobbled yet another time and grabbed onto the rickety fire escape. Max climbed out, now a little uncertain.

"Alec, I can't make you do this… Just… forget it." Max leaned back against the brick wall, the height from five stories up making her sway a little too.

It was dark outside and raining with thick fog rolling in. They've had a brown out for the last twenty minutes, so the only light was the few candles glowing inside the apartment.

It was a good thing Original Cindy had a date tonight, otherwise Alec thought he'd never live this down.

"I want to…" Alec shook his head again because he was seeing triple. This caused a headache, and he squeezed the bridge of his nose. "Wanna see my ass that badly? I'll show ya whatcha been missin'!"

The awning above them kept them somewhat dry from the rain. Alec stuck his head out from under it so the rain could wash over his hair and face, hopefully to sober him slightly so he wouldn't fall on his ass during the strip tease.

"Alec…" Max slid down to the metal floor of the fire escape, water seeping into her jeans, but she didn't care. "We don't have any music…"

Alec ducked his head back under the awning, swept a hand through his wet hair to get the water out of his eyes and pulled out an iPod from his jacket pocket with the other hand, removing the ear buds. "Yes we do… Let's see… What do you wanna hear? I prefer Black Sabbath myself… or maybe Bon Jovi…"

"Who are they?" Max asked, confused, a lot of that having to do with her swimmy head and now she was seeing double. Two Alecsthat could be fun, she thought to herself.

"Sorry Maxie, only one Alec here." Alec smirked at her as her eyes widened.

"Oh God!" Max moaned in embarrassment. "Did I say that out loud?"

Alec chuckled, "You sure did… now let's see…" He picked out a song on his iPod, turned it on and turned up the volume. He set it just inside the sliding glass door on one of the end tables. That way they could hear the music without it getting wet.

Survivor blared out from the iPod as the song "Eye of the Tiger" began playing. Grinning cockily, Alec began to play air drums with the first few beats, then completed a couple of martial arts moves on the next few beats, then swayed his hips to the music as he unzipped his jacket slowly, watching Max's reaction carefully. He lip synched with the song, obviously knowing it well. He shrugged out of the jacket and tossed it toward Max. The jacket landed on her head causing Alec to snicker and Max to pull the jacket off her head and glare at him.

"You don't wanna miss a moment of this, Maxie. You get to see me bare all to everyone on this street at least…"

He turned to where his back was to Max as he continued gyrating his hips as he slowly tugged his shirt up and off. Then he turned and pointed at her at the very line "It's the eye of the tiger, the thrill of the fight" as he tossed his shirt into the living room and began playing air guitar, making Max giggle. He grinned back and began loosening his belt, gyrating his hips a little closer to Max. Her eyes widened and she brought her hands up. "No Alec, you can stop there, I swear I'll never make you do this again!"

This was so much fun, making Max squirm! I'm so evil, he thought to himself as he unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped his fly, then turned to where his butt was facing her, then unceremoniously dropped his pants as the song hit the high note toward the end of the chorus…

To reveal he indeed had his boxers on after all.

"Oh! You lied to me you son-of-a-bitch!" Max sputtered as she tried to get up. Alec laughed, pulled his jeans back up, and zipped himself up. Then he reached for the iPod and turned it off.

Still laughing, he pointed at her, "You should have seen the look of horror on your face! It was priceless! Where's a friggin' camera when you need one?"

Max finally got her feet underneath her and she smacked his arm, which made him laugh harder.

"I'm going to kill you one day. Honest to God, I'll do it!"

She swayed again, and Alec grabbed her around the waist before she went toppling over the rail. She clung to him for a moment, noticing the moisture from the rain on his bare chest and shoulders. As she looked up, she could see Alec blinking water out of his eyes, and he had several droplets in his hair, turning his blonde hair to brown.

"You okay, Max?" Alec asked, now concerned. "Let's get you back inside before you take a flying leap off this fire escape."

Max was speechless and her legs wouldn't obey her commands, forcing Alec to have to guide her back into the apartment.

After making sure Max could stand on her own, he picked up his t-shirt from the floor and put it back on, causing Max to regret not seeing those fabulous muscles anymore. Where the hell did that thought come from?

"So!" Alec walked away from her, knowing how Max hates feeling helpless around anyone and having no further clue to her inner thoughts. He clapped his hands together and rubbed them in glee. "My turn, right? Truth or dare, Maxie?"

"Truth," Max answered as she drunkenly made her way back to the couch. Since her jeans were wet, she threw Alec's jacket that she brought in onto her seat and sat on it.

Alec's smile was pure sin as he sat on the other end of the couch. "Okay, Maxie… tell me your deepest, darkest sexual secret."

She sniffed primly and folded her arms. "I don't have any."

"Everyone does, Maxie… Come on. Confide in your old buddy Alec, who, incidentally, just gave you the strip tease of a lifetime. Hell, I might join the Chippendale dancers and really make some cash!"

Max began to blush, but tried to hide it by pouring another shot of Mole's brew.

"Oh! It must be juicy! Come on Max. Spill it."

She gulped the drink to give her liquid courage, actually swaying in her seat a bit, and then she finally mumbled something that even Alec with his transgenic ears couldn't make out.

"What was that?"

"I never had a guy give me an orgasm! Okay? Now you know. The only ones I've experienced were solo. Happy now?"

Alec's eyebrows shot up at this revelation. "Are you serious?" She nodded her head in answer, "Then those guys were nothing but jerks and flaming douche bags."

What self-respecting guy would be that selfish? Alec couldn't wrap his mind around it. He knew girls usually took longer than guys to "get the motor running." So a guy that used a woman just for his own selfish pleasure and didn't take the time to get her off too was at the bottom of the human hierarchy, right down there with slime and sludge!

She was surprised by his answer, but shrugged, "They were Ordinaries."

"So you and Logan?" he asked, hoping that in this state he wasn't over-stepping any boundaries.

"We never got further than a kiss."

Alec leaned back on the couch, looking amazed. "Wow!" Then his eyes narrowed on her. "Maybe that's why you're so uptight?"

If Max wasn't so drunk, she would have smacked Alec for that comment, but she was too lethargic to do anything other than say a vehement, "Fuck you!"

"I'm serious, Maxie. If you're not getting any…ahem…satisfaction…" Alec couldn't believe he was really discussing this with Max, "then you've been with the wrong guy. And for the record, no explosive orgasms makes Maxie a dull, dull transgenic leader."

Ironically she remembered saying something similar to Logan once upon a time due to his "all work and no play" mentality…only difference was, she'd called him a "dull, dull boy"… "I have to be the serious one all the time, Alec. Someone has to be! You're the goof-off. I don't get to be the one having fun, but you do 'cause you're second-in-command."

"And as your second-in-command, I have to say you have GOT to loosen up! You're wound tighter than a top!"

"Well, sex with Logan is out, due to the virus dealio."

Alec's gaze lasered into hers. "Max…you have a male in this very room that's willing to help you out of that predicament."

Her doubtful look caused him to press his advantage, "Come on, you said it yourself. I'm SIC. Who else would tell you straight up that you need to get laid before you stress yourself into an early grave? You and Logan are no longer an item. You've more or less told him that we are. So who else is going to be self-sacrificing and step up to help you out?"

"Self-sacrificing my ass. You're a tom cat that wants to bang all the women in Seattle."

Alec shrugged and winked, his dry humor coming out again, "In the US actually, maybe Canada too. But that's beside the point."

She tried to swat at him again, and he ducked out of the way. They were both sitting on the couch, each on the far end. He scooted closer to her.

"Max…I don't want anything for myself here. At least, not at this moment. Well…I do, but I can wait. You need stress relief and if you'll trust me, I can give it to you. And it doesn't have to leave this room. No one will ever have to know that we did anything."

"Yeah right. Something you'll hold over my head when Logan's around, the double entendres I have to endure…"

Alec was getting a little irate. "You really don't know me at all, do you Max? You will not have to get me off at all. I'm offering to…well, get YOU off."

Max shook her head, "I'm just not capable of getting off with a guy…I can masturbate with him right next to me, and…nothing!"

"You become self-conscious and you lose it…I get it. You're not the only girl that's dealt with that. Here…do me a favor and close your eyes."

"Why?" Max asked suspiciously.

"Quit fighting me, Max, and just do it."

She sighed and closed her eyes. She could hear and feel Alec scooting closer to her as he said, "Now keep them closed. Whatever you feel, just go with it. If there's something I do that you like, say so."

He leaned over and lightly kissed her on the forehead, then her temple, then each closed eyelid one at a time, the tip of her nose and her chin. This his mouth trailed down slowly to her neck. She gasped when he found a spot just under her earlobe, which caused him to linger on that spot with his lips and the tip of his tongue. She arched her neck to enjoy it more.

"Max…you smell so good…" Alec whispered into her ear as he went back to the sensitive area on her neck that caused her to tremble, this time gently using his teeth along with his tongue and lips.

"Just regular soap and water," Max gasped out.

Alec grinned knowingly, "No…I can smell that you're already aroused. That's the smell I'm referring to. So…where do you want me to touch you?"

Max bit her lower lip in concentration, her eyes still closed as she answered, "My nipples…I really like them touched."

Alec used a thumbnail to tweak one nipple he could see poking through her shirt, making her jump. He did it again, and again until she moaned.

"Do you want me to keep doing it this way? Or under your shirt and bra?"

"Under…" she answered before she could lose her nerve.

"Maxie…I'm going to have to remove them…is that okay? Or do you wanna do it?"

"Help me?" Max asked as she opened her eyes and met his gaze.

He leaned forward and kissed her eyes closed again. "Keep them closed, Max. All I want you to do is relax and just feel. As a matter of fact… don't come. Don't worry about orgasms. I just want to make you feel good. No pressure, okay?"

Her tank top was wet from being outside in the rain, which caused her nipples to poke through the shirt. It was the first thing Alec noticed when he helped her back inside. Being a typical guy caused his eyes to stray to her nipples, wondering if she was cold or aroused. He had wanted to taste them then…but he didn't think Max would let him.

Now she's giving him an open invitation. He'd be a fool not to take her up on it.

He pulled the shirt out of her pants and carefully pulled it up. Max raised her arms. Alec pulled the shirt until he got it past her head and to her elbows. He left it there, keeping her arms immobile.

She opened her eyes again and began to struggle with the shirt. "Alec, I can't move my arms."

"That's the idea. Lay down on the sofa, stretch out and get comfortable. I don't want you using your hands… At least, not yet."

She looked perturbed but Alec kissed her eyes closed again. "Let go of the control, Max…and trust me, okay?"

He could wax poetic over the fact that Max's control issues were probably the problem that kept her from reaching her peak with a guy. She was probably always in control, and had to hold back during sex out of fear of hurting the guy. And if she just got with a guy while in heat, she wouldn't be too picky about which guy she chose.

He kinda felt sorry for her. If she couldn't even get off while in heat, that had to be tough! But it explained so much about her attitude.

Max relented and laid back on the couch. Alec helped her place her legs on the couch and removed her muddy shoes.

"Alec, I don't want the couch to get wet. My jeans are soaked."

Alec chuckled as he knelt on the floor next to her, "You won't have the pants on long… Don't worry."

He stroked his hands from her hips, up her ribcage to her bra clad breasts, giving them a squeeze in each hand. Max arched her back and moaned.

He unhooked the front clasp to reveal a set of perfect B cup breasts, the nipples poking straight up.

Using the tip of his tongue, he lapped over one of the nipples. The heat of his mouth against her cold nipple caused Max to jump at the sensation.

"Sssshhhh! It's okay, Max. Did you like that?"

All she could do was nod.

Alec couldn't help but look over the sight she made. Her arms were tangled in her tank top above her head on the arm of the couch. She was topless, and her breathing was shallow. He leaned over to the same nipple closest to him and he used the flat of his tongue to lap at it a few times before taking it between his teeth and nipping it.

Max bit her lower lip on a whimper. Encouraged, Alec sucked the whole nipple into his mouth and Max moaned again, "Alec?"

"Yes, Max?" Alec asked, humor in his voice.

She opened her eyes and pretended to glare. "I have two of them you know!"

His bark of laughter brought a giggle from her. "Your wish is my command. And for the love of God, keep your eyes closed!"

She did as she was told this time. He leaned over and gave the same treatment to her other nipple, making her squirm and moan again. He played with each one, back and forth until he trailed his lips back up her body to that same sensitive area on her neck. He gave her nipples a squeeze in each hand, making her shudder.

"Anything else you like?" Alec asked hotly against her ear while he massaged her breasts.

"Kissing…", Max answered on a sigh with her eyes still closed. "I really like…"

He didn't give her time to finish. His lips met hers on the slightest touch, then the tip of his tongue traced her lower lip, then her upper lip. Then he suckled her lower lip into his mouth, sweeping his tongue across it.

When Max began to moan and respond, he finally deepened the kiss. He found out that Max was no slouch in the kissing department. Most women he dealt with used too much tongue, like they were trying to go for his tonsils. But Max's kiss was just right. Not too much tongue, but just enough to tease.

And it made him harder by the second.

He had to reluctantly let go of her breasts for a moment as he cupped her head in both of his hands and deepened the kiss, making her shudder in response.

Alec should teach kissing classes! Max thought to herself as her whole body sang due to just the touch of Alec's mouth on hers. The man is a master!

Although, he's had a LOT of practice! The thought of where he got that practice was in the back of her mind, causing a small pang of jealousy. Why should I be jealous? He's not MY man, it's not like I have some kind of claim on him.

Alec noticed the change in her, like she wasn't really into it anymore. Somewhere along the way, he lost her and he needed to gain that ground back. He finished the kiss and raised his head, "Max? Where did your mind go? I lost you somewhere…"

She opened her eyes and met his green ones. She tried to smile. "I'm still here."

"In body, yeah. In mind? I'm not so sure. Did I do something?"

His hands were still cupping her neck and head and he could feel her tense. Whatever it was, she wasn't relaxing and he needed to do damage control fast.

"No, everything was fine. I just…I don't know. My mind just wandered."

Alec thought that was probably one of her problems. Maybe she got bored or something, her mind drifting, and she lost her arousal.

"Are you thinking about problems at TC? Or…" Alec had to force himself to ask, "or maybe about Logan?"

His voice held a twinge of jealousy, but he had a right to ask.

She shook her head, "No…nothing like that. And if you don't mind, I'd really rather not talk about it."

Alec wanted nothing more than to press for an answer, but now was not the time. The last thing he wanted was an argument.

He got up and looked around the apartment, scanning with his eyes and telescopic vision, "Where do you keep lotion?"

Her brow furrowed as she tried to think. "Um… Bathroom. In the medicine cabinet."

He nodded and pointed at her. "Stay right there. I'll be right back."

Her fuzzy mind tried to comprehend why he would need lotion, and she noticed he was walking straighter now. The alcohol must be metabolizing out of his system quicker than hers.

He came back with a pink bottle in his hand. He opened the cap and sniffed it.

"Strawberries?" He smirked down at Max as he purred, "I love the smell of strawberries."

"It's my favorite," Max responded inanely.

He knelt next to her again and grinned. "I know."

That double meaning hit her fuzzy brain. Did he mean he liked the smell of strawberries because she used the lotion and he smelled it on her?

Max shook her head to clear it. Alec was a consummate flirt. It didn't mean anything.

"Okay Max, I need you to turn over."

Confused, Max asked, "Why?"

Alec set the bottle on the coffee table and removed the tank top off her arms, then he raised her to a sitting position and helped her out of her bra, "I'm going to give you a back massage. Just…do me a favor and don't go to sleep okay? These…" he held up both hands and waggled his fingers, "are lethal. Before we go any further, I want you in a state of relaxation, and I want you focused on the here and now. No more mind wandering."

She stood up and announced, "Alec…I have GOT to get out of these wet jeans."

He stood aside and folded his arms, smirking in a completely Alec way, "Who's stopping you? Go ahead. It's your place, your rules."

Her inebriated mind registered the fact that she was already topless, breasts exposed, and now she just offered to remove her pants.

Well, if he was going to give her pleasure tonight, she had to lose some clothes anyway. Ignoring his presence for the moment, she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, wiggling them down her hips until they plopped to her ankles. She sat down and her head started to swim.

"Let me," Alec stated as he knelt next to her and carefully finished the task of removing her jeans. He tossed them aside in a corner and turned back to her, then gulped.

She was wearing a red lacy thong. Her head was leaned back against the back of the couch, trying to reduce the inertia feeling of her head spinning. Her knees were slightly open and the thong bared all of her secrets.

And again, he got harder than before. Alec had the thought that he could balance a brick with his dick, he was that hard.

He took a couple of deep breaths and closed his eyes, trying to make himself think of baseball stats from 1996, or anything that could calm his arousal down.

None of it worked!

Just when he thought he may have to excuse himself and take care of his problem in a quick, efficient manner in the bathroom, Max moaned, which made Alec's problem that much harder.

And his eyes came back to the thong. He bit his lip as he asked a breathless question.

"Um…Max? Have you always shaved down there?"

"Hm?" Max asked. She opened her eyes, then looked down to where Alec was staring.

Instead of feeling outrage, she actually felt a sense of female pride that she had Alec so enthralled.

"Waxed actually… Original Cindy helped me do it. Hurt like you wouldn't believe at first, but I like not having hair there… and it lasts longer than shaving. I can keep myself cleaner… all kinds of plusses."

Alec swallowed again and met her eyes. "It's just… in this post-apocalyptic world, it's rare to find a hairless woman, as in…" he nodded his head toward her crotch, "there."

"Is that a good thing?" Max had to ask.

Alec's voice was low and throaty, "It's the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life."

Every thought Alec had at that moment was envisioning him burying his face there, knowing every touch she would feel with no hair getting in the way.

Okay, now he could balance two bricks with his dick.

Max, on the other hand, felt a sense of feminine power. That she had literally brought Alec to his knees. She spread her legs a little wider and watched Alec's eyes dilate.

She rubbed her hands down her body, stopping a moment at her breasts and watching Alec as he watched her.

"Remember when you told me I could do anything I want?"

All Alec could do was nod, her wondering hands short-circuiting his brain.

"I want you to watch me touch myself," Max admitted with a catch in her throat, unsure of how Alec would respond to her daring.

Alec closed his eyes a moment and groaned in response to her words. When he opened them, he was determined.

"Go ahead… You have a captive audience, Max."

One hand continued playing with a nipple while the other slid down her flat stomach to the thong. She pulled it aside, where Alec could see that she was soaking wet, and getting more so. He was dying, little by little as he watched her caress just one finger through her slick folds.

Max laid her head back and moaned, closing her eyes and she brought another finger into play and slid it her folds again, gathering up the moisture to spread over her clit. She rubbed circles over her bundle of nerves as she squeezed her nipple and moved her hips against her fingers.

Alec's voice was hoarse as he asked, "Feel good?" A stupid question, but for some reason, he wanted to make sure Max knew he was the one here, he was the one watching her pleasure herself, not Logan, not anyone else.

"Mmm hmm!" Max nodded as she slid two fingers within herself and pumped them in and out.

Oh… my… GOD! Alec thought to himself as his mouth went dry, imagining his own rock hard cock doing what Max's fingers were doing. He wanted to touch himself so badly, he ached. But he was going to keep his promise, this was not about him. It's about her.

"You know what else I would like?" Max asked as she moaned when she hit a particular spot within her.

"What?" It was the only word Alec was capable of saying past a dry mouth.

"I want you to taste me…" Max opened her eyes and met Alec's gaze, not quite believing she said that. Being drunk had some advantages. She removed her hand and held it out to Alec's mouth. He didn't hesitate. He took hold of her wrist, met her eyes and sucked the two middle fingers that she used into his mouth.

Max moaned at the sensation again and Alec was glad she was getting into this now, completely focused on pleasure. The massage may have to wait for another time.

Once her fingers were sucked clean, he bent over and kissed her knee, then worked his way up her inner thigh. Once he reached the thong, he raised his head, his gaze full of sin and desire.

"I want more Max. I want to bury my face between your legs and taste you. I want to lick every bit of dew from you until you scream."

She met his eyes. She never had anyone state quite this boldly what he wanted to do to her. His mouth was just inches from her thong, but he waited for her to give him the go-ahead.

"I never had a guy do that for me before…not ever." She said breathlessly. He could see his words turned her on and he liked the fact that he would be the first to give her this gift.

"Believe me… You'll love it. I guarantee it."

Her breathing became shallow again, her eyes dilated in arousal, the candlelight in the apartment casting a golden glow on her body. There was something about her being nearly naked and he still being fully clothed that turned her on more than she could say.

"I want that more than anything…Alec," she said his name on a whispered breath.

"Lie back on the couch. I want full access to what you have, baby."

He called her baby, the first time he ever did that. She actually liked the sound of it. She laid back on the couch. Alec reached for the thong and said, "As sexy as this is, these have GOT to go." With her raising her hips, he pulled them down her long legs and dropped them on the floor next to the couch. He removed his jacket from the couch as well so she could lie back in comfort. He draped one of her legs on the back of the couch and placed the other foot on the floor as he sat at the end of the couch. As an afterthought, he pulled out a throw pillow from behind him and placed that under her hips, tilting her up to him.

He reached out a hand to touch her first, using his own fingers to test her sensitivity. She moaned at the contact. He met her gaze.

"Offer yourself to me, Max. Use your hands to spread yourself open for me."

Max hesitated at first but Alec didn't relent. He continued to lightly stroke her with his fingers until she reached down and complied. She used both hands to spread her labia open to his gaze.

"That's perfect," Alec murmured as he bent down and gave her one test lick over her clit.

"Oh God…" Max closed her eyes on a moan as Alec did it again, now circling his tongue over her clit. Her hips came up to try and make more contact with his mouth, so he had to hold her down using an arm over her hips. His free hand inserted a finger inside her tight channel as he continued licking her. She moaned again in response. Max Guevara, thankfully, was one of the most responsive females he ever met. Which made this whole experience a whole lot easier for him, and a whole lot better for Max.

He found the g-spot inside of her and he began stroking his fingers in, tapping it as he came back out. He opened his mouth and sucked her clit inside, dragging his tongue across it now in firm strokes.

It took all of Max's willpower to keep herself spread open for Alec. The whole experience felt so good, no words could describe it. She tried to move her hips but his arm kept her in place as he sucked hard on her, and continuing his finger-fucking at the same time.

He removed his arm for a moment and lifted his head, meeting Max's eyes as he slowed down his fingers, making her moan again.

"Max…I'm going to stick out my tongue. Move your hips on it however you want."

He kept eye contact and placed his tongue over her clit. She moved her hips against his tongue, up, down and around until she found the right spot.

Her moans were turning into cries of pleasure as she ground against him, "Oh God, right there!"

Once Alec knew where she was the most sensitive, he used his arm again to hold her still as he lapped at the area on the left side of her clit, increasing the finger-fucking within her.

And she felt it. She could feel she was about to come. This was when she usually lost it, lost the arousal and ability, and it made her furrow her brows in worry.

"I'm losing you again, Max. I can tell." She met his eyes in consternation, and his eyes seemed to shoot sparks. His mouth was covered in her juices and he simply licked it clean. He continued stroking his fingers in and out of her, keeping her arousal up. "Don't come. Don't worry about it. If it happens, great, but if not, don't worry about it. Just simply enjoy what you feel. I'm willing to do this all night, so don't worry about me either, okay?"

He knew her too well. She nodded as he went back to the spot he found earlier, starting slowly again until she was moaning and writhing again.

He tried to time it just right, he waited until he could practically feel need coming off of her in waves, until her moans came all the way up from her belly to her mouth. Then he latched onto her clit again and sucked hard, wiping his tongue across it in hard flicks.

"Oh my God! I'm…coming! Don't…ahhhhh!"

He used his arm to hold her down so she wouldn't knock him off the couch, but her upper body floundered and her eyes opened in shock as she cried out.

"Ohhhh! Yes! Oh… ohhhh… Mmmmm YESSS!"

He felt her channel convulse tightly around his fingers. He could taste her juices that filled his mouth as he kept up with sucking her and moving his fingers within her in a more rapid rhythm until she began to settle back down. That's when he slowed his caresses, keeping them light now and making her twitch until she came down fully, panting like she ran a marathon.

Alec raised up and used the tail of his shirt to wipe the cream off his face, feeling rather proud of himself. Maybe the alcohol was what she needed in order to loosen up, but man! She went off like a rocket. He had next to no problem getting her there. He couldn't really take all the credit. As responsive as Max was, it just confirmed for him that her past lovers were dickweeds.

Usually, it was this moment with a woman that he'd sink his cock inside her, but he still held back. He wouldn't be able to do that tonight anyway.

Max was still moaning, and she made Alec snicker in pride. Score one for Alec!

Max finally raised up on her elbows, looking all mussed and sexy…and happy. All she could say was, "Wow!"

"You're welcome," Alec answered with a little bit of cockiness. He couldn't help it.

She realized the orgasm may have helped her metabolize some of the alcohol, because she was thinking clearer now, and her body was completely sated.

She glanced down at Alec's crotch and she felt rather sorry for his predicament.

"Alec…" She raised her eyes to meet his and she found the courage to say breathlessly, "I want you… Inside me."

Alec's eyes were full of regret as he reached over and caressed her cheek, "Baby, you have no idea how much I want that too…but I didn't bring a condom. I had no idea this would happen or else I would have been prepared. And frankly, I'm not going out there in the rain to get one only to come back and have you change your mind… So, rain check?"

Max rose completely to a sitting position and asked, "Do you really want to… make this a regular thing?"

"I will if you will," Alec answered.

She nodded in answer, words just simply weren't needed. She motioned to his crotch. "But you need…satisfaction too."

He gave a dry laugh, "I've had blue balls before, Max. And I've survived."

Her eyes were positively wicked as she remarked, "I know a way we can both get what we want… it's not quite as good as actual intercourse, but…I think it can work out."

Now Alec was curious. "What do you mean?"

"First, I want that shirt gone. I haven't told you before but…you are seriously ripped!"

"You like my chest?" Alec's usual flirting banter was back as she smiled and answered, "Yes, and your head is swelling again!"

He raised up and pulled off his t-shirt again, dropping it with her panties next to the couch, then he turned back to Max, "What else do you have in mind?"

She stood up, completely naked, her body a rosy hue after the climax she experienced. She pushed him against the back of the couch and straddled his lap.

Now he had a lapful of Max and his brain was once again short-circuiting. "Max? What are you doing?"

She reached down and unfastened his pants, pulling the jeans down his hips a bit with Alec's help. She left the boxers on, then she seated herself on his hard cock. She was still dripping and practically pulsating from her earlier orgasm. Alec met her eyes in shock.

Max's response was a cheeky grin, "Ever heard of dry humping?"

She ground herself against him and his head fell back resting against the back of the couch on a long groan from his throat. "I see your point. But…I don't get why they call this 'dry humping' when you're soaking my boxers on the outside, and I'll soak them from the inside in a moment too."

She ground against him again and leaned over to kiss him. At his mouth, she whispered, "Shut up…you talk too much. Let's get you off… Stud!"

He slouched down a little on the couch and grabbed her hips. He met her eyes as he pulled her down against him as his hips came up, bringing a thrill for both of them.

She kissed him then, and they both surrendered to the feelings all of this was invoking.

He let her lead, let her set the pace, let her grind on his hard on and find the right spot. His lips trailed down to her neck again and he nipped the sensitive area again that she liked so well.

He was well aware that all he would be for Max was a stand-in dick because she couldn't have Logan. He wished there was more to it than that, but he was a realist. All he offered her was physical pleasure. No actual words of love were spoken.

"Oh my God, it's happening again." Max breathed into his ear as she nibbled an earlobe.

Alec groaned again against her neck, thrusting his hips up to meet hers as she ground down. Her whimpers told him she was getting close.

"I love those sounds you make Max. It really makes me hot."

That encouraged her to do it more as she whispered on a moan, "Oh God Alec… I wish you were inside me."

"Soon baby, we'll make that a reality very, very soon."

He raised his head and so did she, their eyes met, his determined to get her off again and hers just as determined to get him off.

He kissed her at the moment she came, muffling her scream from the neighbors. She ground harder against him and squealed in pleasure into his mouth. The sensations were too much for Alec as he felt his orgasm swell to meet hers. He shot his load inside his boxers, grabbed her hips firmly against him as his own body shook in release. Max could feel his cock jerk and pulse underneath her, adding another degree of pleasure for herself.

They both finally collapsed on a moan, still kissing. The intimate act of just kissing wasn't lost on either of them. It relayed more of their feelings for each other than they were willing to admit out loud.

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