"Wake up sleepyhead." Max leaned over Alec's sleeping form the following morning and breathed the words into his ear. "We have maybe an hour before going to HQ."

Alec groaned and opened one groggy eye. Smelling coffee and seeing the steaming cup in her hand, his head perked up. Rubbing a hand over his stubbled face, he reached out for the offering and she pulled it back playfully.

"Kiss first, then the coffee." She grinned as she leaned closer.

"I like that bargain." With an answering smile he leaned forward and kissed her gently, his five o'clock shadow scratching her cheek a little. The kiss deepened and they both moaned in unison until Max had to reluctantly break the lip lock.

She glanced down and saw that his erection already tented the sheet. When she met his eyes, he raised his in question, very obviously wondering if she'd be willing to have some morning sex.

"Sorry babe, later." She murmured apologetically as she passed the cup of java to him. His disappointed frown as he took the cup from her made her think of a pouty little boy that didn't get his way. Giggling, she hurried to explain, "I would love to, really, but you know how it is, once we start, we can't seem to stop. But tonight… we'll try something you want to do."

He sipped his coffee, mollified for now as the wheels started turning in his head.

She smiled, "What are you thinking about?"

He swallowed and used his other hand like a coaster, setting the cup down and staring at her with his usual potent smirk. Max had already showered and dressed for the day, while all he had for covering was a sheet. With the wicked thoughts rolling around in his head, he really wished at this moment that she hadn't put the brakes on morning sex.

"Remember that time we were stuck in that closet for about an hour in order to steal that Star Wars footage?"

Her eyes lit up in remembrance, "Yeah… very close quarters from what I remember."

"Mmm hmm, and I was pissed because you were trying to get money for a cure to the retro-virus, in order for you and Logan to…"

Max raised a hand to stop him, "Don't remind me." She muttered with a slight grimace.

"It's just… the real reason I was pissed off? Was because he was getting the one thing I couldn't have. Of course, it didn't happen anyway with you two, due to that gossamer we had to chase all over the city." Rolling his eyes in remembrance, he clarified, "Anyway, if we're re-writing history, what if we pretend that this is a continuation of what we did last night and I give in to my instincts in the closet? I can keep up with the dominating alter-ego. And at the same time I'll get to do what I really wanted to do back then … fuck you so completely that you'd forget Logan Cale ever existed."

That idea really held merit! She reached out and rested her arm on his shoulder, running her fingers through his silky hair. "You would really do that for me?" she asked, a small sexy smile playing on her lips.

"Babe, I would do anything for you, you know that. Didn't I prove that last night?" He took her hand out of his hair and brought it to his lips, giving her knuckles a kiss. "I really do like having you at my mercy, just about as much as you like being dominated. So we'll use that closet tonight to re-enact that." He indicated his head toward the closet across the room. "It's a walk in and should suffice. What do you say?"

Her smile was huge and her eyes lit up. "I love it!"

This was what he lived for, to make her happy. "Good… now, I have to go shower, so I'll see you at our usual time tonight." Alec leaned forward and whispered against her lips, "Don't be late!" Giving her a quick kiss, he got up.

Max stepped out of his way but watched his naked ass lustfully as he padded to the bathroom, still sipping his coffee and not self-conscious in the least.

"Damn I'm a lucky girl!" She murmured to herself.

"I heard that!" He called out from the bathroom, making her grin, "And YES you are babe! But not as lucky as I am to have YOU."

That evening when she got home, she heard Alec in the bedroom. She noticed that he'd moved the furniture back that he had taken out the day before, and as she approached the bedroom door, she found a nice piece of yummy eye candy.

Alec was on his knees, his head buried within the closet and his jean-clad ass sticking out, his torso delightfully bare.

She leaned against the doorjamb and watched as he pulled out her shoe tree and set it aside, then removed some blankets that were folded and stacked on the floor. But he didn't notice her standing there ogling him.

"Can I help?" Max asked with a hint of mirth in her voice, trying to keep from giggling as his head knocked against something in the closet and he let out a colorful curse.

"Nah I got it." He called out from within as he brought his head out, his hair sticking up in all directions.

This sight did cause her to laugh outright. "Trying to make room for us huh?"

He stood up, using his fingers to give his hair a semblance of order, and then bent over to dust off the knees of his jeans with his hands. Catching her eyes, he smirked back, "Yeah… I never would have thought there was so much stuff on the floor of that closet."

She walked into the room and peeked into the closet, checking out the path he'd made. Feeling like he deserved some sort of explanation, she offered, "There are no shelves in there, so I had to do the best I could."

Making a mental note to see about building some, he shoved the thought aside for now. Folding his arms, he looked down at her with a sexy gleam and perpetual smirk, "Ready?"

"Yes… after you." She gestured, "since you were behind me, you'll need to go in first."

He stepped into the closet, turned to face her and moved backward a couple of steps, until his back met the wall, allowing her room to get inside.

She had the biggest smile on her face as she stood outside the door, just looking at him.

Alec crooked a finger sexily, "The fun's in here babe."

"Can't wait." She winked and stepped inside, closing the door and plunging them both into darkness. Not that it mattered, since their cat eyes could see in the dark anyway.

"Okay… green!" she whispered, indicating to go ahead with their scene. Their perfect memories were like playing back a tape recorder of that day.

Beginning the dialogue, he groaned in mock frustration, "'Trust me,' she says. 'We'll be in and out in five minutes,' she says." He bent over and gritted out, "We've been in here over an hour!"

"Shut up!" Max snapped at him and poked him in the ribs.

He rubbed his ribs and ordered, "Check and see if the guards are still there."

She pretended to check and responded with a shake of her head, "Still there."

"How many?" Alec's clipped voice sounded so much like the alpha male she now knew, straight-to-the-point, and take charge.

So she responded in kind. "Two."

"Two? Max, I think we can take 'em."

She looked over her shoulder at him, "Not before they trip the alarm. Better wait for the next shift change."

She folded her arms stubbornly and he let out a tired sigh. Inserting a bright tone in his voice, like he was trying his best to beat the boredom of being stuck in a confined space, he asked, "Hey, wanna know what I'm doing with my share of the money?"

"No." she replied curtly, quickly cutting off that train of thought.

He huffed out a breath, recalling that day so well as he pretended to be offended. "Fine. Rude, but fine. What are you gonna do with your half?"

"Donate it to charity." Her snide answer mimicked the past perfectly.

Alec raised a brow, his tone sarcastic, "Yeah, right. I'm thinking, what? New motorcycle? New apartment?" He stepped a little closer as he practically snarled, "New boyfriend?"

She glanced back at him nervously, showing he was getting warmer. He growled low, "New DNA markers for current boyfriend?"

"He's not my boyfriend." She denied as he inched closer to her.

"So you're telling me I've been stuck in this closet for over an hour to facilitate you having sex with LOGAN? What the hell are you thinking?" He rolled his eyes to the heavens and groaned, like he couldn't believe he found himself in this crazy predicament.

Then he suddenly calmed and eyed Max like he was seriously contemplating bending her over his knee and giving her the spanking of her life, "If you wanted to be fucked, you should've just come to me!"

"It's not even like that." Her voice held no conviction whatsoever, sounding meeker by the moment.

"Uh huh…" His tone completely disbelieving, he trailed the backs of his fingers over her arm, causing her to fidget. He grinned at her reaction as he crooned, "Tell me-tell me that he's worth all this trouble, Max. I mean, tell me how he...how he rocks your world. Something…" He watched her reaction as she began to shake a little in arousal due to his nearness, his smile positively wicked. "He doesn't, does he? Not like I do."

"Alec… don't."

"Don't what, Maxie?" His mouth hovered close to her ear now, "Don't touch you? You seem to forget that you have no power when it comes to me… maybe I'll have to remind you that I can make you do whatever I want, whenever I want." He placed his hands at her waist and she jumped a little as if in surprise and squeaked.

"Shhhh, don't want the guard outside to hear us. It'll blow our cover."

"Then get your hands off me!" she hissed and gave a half-hearted attempt at moving away.

He only pulled her closer instead. "You don't mean that… you will NEVER…" his warm breath in her ear gave her goose bumps as his hands stroked underneath her shirt, inching their way up toward her breasts, "forget what I can do for you."

His teeth nipped her earlobe as he found her braless breasts. Cupping both in his hands, he squeezed roughly and then began torturing the buds of her nipples. He could feel her quiver in his arms. "I can already smell your arousal Maxie… and I have no intention of taking 'no' for an answer."

She moaned when she felt him pinch both nipples at the same time and his lips caught hers to muffle the sound, kissing her deeply. Feeling his erection against the small of her back, she grasped his hands through her shirt, clutching them when he pinched and twisted her nipples again. She broke the kiss, panting as she laid her head back on his shoulder, her eyes closing.

"Tell me you want me." He rasped against her ear, groaning when he bent his knees a little and her ass rubbed against his groin in a very seductive manner. "Say it!"

"No…" Max whimpered quietly and shook her head.

"You seem to forget… you're MY bitch now, my very own fuck toy… and the word 'no' is not in my vocabulary. I'll just fuck you anyway…" Alec bit her throat, punctuating his intent, "right here… right now… and you know there's not a damn thing you can do about it." One hand left her breast to slide down to her jeans and unfasten them.

She placed a hand over his as if to halt his progress. "Stop… please… I can't let you do this."

"Oh you think you have a choice? That's so cute." His hand slid under her waistband and silken panties, his fingers finding her extremely wet.

"THIS…" he drew a finger through her slippery folds, making her shudder, "is mine. All mine. And I am the ONLY one that gets to touch you like this. Say it!"

"No…" she whimpered, and shook her head when he used two fingers this time, inserting them inside her and making her squirm.

"You … belong… to… ME. Say it Maxie." To punctuate his point, he pressed against her clit and her breath caught.

She shook her head again.

So he increased the pressure instead, rubbing her inner core hard and fast, working her up to a fever pitch. When she was about to cry out, he disentangled the hand from under her shirt and slapped it over her mouth. "You can't deny this. Tell me you want me."

She shook her head back and forth, her voice muffled behind his hand.

Determined now, he kept at her, stroking her roughly and mercilessly until he knew she was right on the precipice. And then he backed off, removing his hand from her jeans.

Max whimpered at the loss of Alec's fingers. She had been sooo close, and she marveled at how quickly he could get her to such a desperate point.

Seizing a handful of her hair, he yanked it back enough to meet her eyes, "Oh no darlin', I really don't think you deserve to come right now." He shook her head a little and hissed dangerously, "You tricked me into coming here under the false pretense of making some easy money, when in reality your main goal was to fuck another man. You. Little. Slut!"

He gripped her shoulders, turning them both around in the tiny space and then pushing her roughly against the back wall, holding her there effortlessly with one hand on her chest.

Her eyes widened in a parody of fear.

He pointed a finger under her nose, "I think you need to make it up to me. You've lied to me, and you need to be punished for that. Not only that…" Sudden inspiration struck him as he gritted out, "Since the farmhouse with the kids… when you used your body to try and keep me there… well, after that it was like some kind of trap was placed between your knees. NO. MORE."

The farmhouse reference made her raise an eyebrow.

He smirked a bit and shrugged. They both understood that could be their next play date.

Getting back into character, Alec slid his hand up and took her by the throat, and she pretended to struggle to breathe, clawing at his hand. Of course he made sure it wasn't too hard, holding back his true strength. "I am SICK and TIRED of you flaunting your body in those tight clothes at Jam Pony and Crash, and everywhere else that causes men to stare. Are you fucking any of them?"

Max shook her head vehemently and he got in her face, "You better pray to God that I don't find out differently. You were mine from the first moment we met at Manticore and you're STILL mine. Wear the tight clothes if you want, so long as I'm the only one that gets to fuck the body within them."

He let go of her throat and she acted like she was too startled to move, which was good enough for him. Unfastening his jeans, he brought his cock out in the open, letting his pants and underwear drop to pool at his ankles.

"Get on your knees." He used a hand on her shoulder to push her down, forcing her to do as he said until she was right at eye level with his aroused dick. Reaching down, he grabbed her under the jaw and made her look up at him.

"I'm going to put that lying mouth of yours to better use." He promised her. "You're going to prove to me how sorry you are that you dragged me into this farce. And when we get our money for that footage, you'd better NOT use it for any kind of cure for the fucking retro-virus." He shook her jaw on the last two words to drive his point home.

Then he bent down and smirked, "Frankly, if Renfro were standing in front of me right now, I'd thank her. For the retro-virus that forces Cale to keep his hands off you, and for ordering me to fuck you."

Alec released her jaw and gave her a slight smack on the cheek. Standing, he wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock and pointed it in the direction of her mouth as he ordered, "Open wide. If you don't do it willingly, you know I can make you. And it won't be nicely."

"But…" was all she got out.

He grabbed her hair and leaned over into her face again, his dark eyes locking stormily onto hers, the absolute power and command behind them undeniable as he hissed, "Did I give you permission to speak? No, I didn't. So shut the fuck up! You have no say in this; you have a penance to pay."

Tightening his grip on her hair, he tilted her head further back and to the side, the angle deliberately uncomfortable as he exposed her neck, pushing for her submission. Unable to resist a careful bite to her jugular as he saw her pulse throbbing wildly in response to his rough handling, he let his teeth linger until Max whimpered, before slowly and deliberately nipping his way up to her ear with every sentence he spoke. "Now. Here's what you're going to do. You're going to be real quiet... and open your fucking mouth for me. And then you're going to suck my cock. Or else I'm going to shove it… straight down your throat. You have until the count of three."

He straightened and assumed his previous position again, "One… two…"

Unable to resist him at the best of times, let alone when he was acting like this, and feeling as if she were about to burn up from the desire coursing through her veins, she obediently opened her mouth and eagerly began licking and sucking the tip.

He grinned down at her wickedly, "Yeah, that's it. Nice and slow… and get it good and wet."

Alec closed his eyes and moaned as she began to suck his cock into her mouth with obvious purpose, doing that thing with her tongue that always made his knees weak. His hands tightened a bit in her hair, "Slow down honey, there's no rush. We're gonna take our time and enjoy this."

Whatever she was about to say was muffled because her mouth was full. He gave her a warning look and she continued to lave his member with her tongue.

Then she surprised him by licking down to his balls and sucking on them too. She'd done that before but it had been a while. He kept one hand in her hair, but had to brace the other against the wall and lock his knees before he fell in a heap. Especially when she used her hands to cup his balls and her tongue snaked out and licked the extremely sensitive area behind his ball sac.

"Fuck!" Alec exclaimed, nearly coming on the spot, as she did it again. He bit his lip and watched her as her eyes twinkled up at him and she licked her way back up.

"Slow enough for you?" Max finally asked with a smirk, and before he could berate her again for speaking, she sucked him completely back into her mouth and throat. Slowly going down on him, and letting her lips linger as she came back up for air.

Yep, his mate knew his weak spots!

They both knew the game of course… and he had to put a stop to her attempt at control, so he yanked her up by her hair. It was a good thing she didn't mind having her hair pulled. And due to practice, he knew her limit. Once she was all the way up on her feet, his body pinned hers to the wall. Then he released her hair, grabbing both her wrists and shoving them up against the wall above her head, effectively keeping her in place.

"You little bitch…" he breathed out against her mouth, "You thought you had me didn't you? When it is completely the other way around…" He switched his position so that he held both her wrists together in one hand, then pulled the hem of her shirt out of her pants, quickly pulling it up and off, having to release her wrists in the process.

"Who are you calling a bitch, you prick?" she hissed as she reached out to slap him.

He had been in the middle of twisting her shirt to make a rope, but his quick reflexes caught her hand before it made contact with his face. His grin was positively wicked. "I really like that fire in you Maxie… so go ahead and fight me… Of course, you know the guards will hear and bust us. Then we'll be out a whole lot of money. And let me tell you, I will totally take it out on your ass if I lose 20,000 dollars. And when I say I'll take it out on your ass…" he leaned in close, "I mean that literally. And I'll enjoy the hell out of doing it too."

Now her eyes were pleading, "Alec, don't do this."

"Frankly, I really don't care what you want. You were mine in Manticore, I proved it again at that farmhouse… and you are still MINE, damn it. Hell, Logan Cale is an invalid and probably can't even get it up." He quickly turned her to where she faced the wall and pressed his body behind her.

The plaster was cold against her braless nipples while Alec's body was warm and hard against her back, causing her to shiver at the intense contrast. She felt him shift, apparently toeing out of his shoes and stepping out of his clothes, and then he used her shirt to tie her hands behind her back.

"Now… I'm going to prove that you belong to me. Case in point, right now, you're not doing much struggling, because you know you want me…" His breath hot against her ear, he continued, "I know all your dirty little secrets… we fucked often enough at Manticore for me to learn what you like. Does Cale know how much of a slut you really are?"

As close as his body was to her, her hands could feel his cock, and she really couldn't wait for him to put that tool inside her… but the power play of making her wait for it, making her want it… God she loved this man!

"Go ahead Maxie… touch it… you like tasting it enough, I'm sure you like touching it too…" He grabbed a fistful of hair again and pulled her head back a bit as he gritted out, "And I definitely know how much you truly liked being fucked with it. So say it… say you want me to fuck you."

Shaking her head in denial, she pretended to cry, "Don't do this."

"You know this crying shit isn't really going to work… it never has!" Her pants were still unfastened from earlier, and as he reached around he shoved them down a bit more until they were barely clinging to her hips, so that his hand could easily slip back beneath the worn denim and silk.

Finding her wet heat, Alec slid his fingers through her folds again, making her squirm. "God you're so wet… and it's all for ME." He gave her earlobe a nibble while stimulating her inner core. "This is all the proof I need, but I really want to hear you admit it. Tell me you want me."

She shook her head and he began to stroke her harder, forcing her to bite her lip as she fought the urge to move her hips against his fingers.

Undeterred, he simply increased the pressure, her lubrication making it easy. Once he got her to the precipice, he stopped all stimulation to her clit and inserted two fingers inside her, causing her to gasp. Slowly and torturously, he brushed them along her G-spot and just as slowly withdrew them until she was ready to cry from the thwarted orgasm.

"Say you want me Maxie… tell me how much you want my dick inside you..." He knew his mate got all hot and bothered when he talked dirty, especially when he whispered about it in her ear. Keeping up his featherlike caresses, he murmured huskily, "You want my hot...hard...cock... to do what my fingers are doing. Admit it."

She whimpered in response, because now she couldn't help but move her hips against his fingers, trying to get the friction she so desperately needed.

But he wasn't having any of that. He kept his touch light and teasing, his fingers gliding around in meandering little swirls that were almost painfully exquisite, barely brushing up against her G-spot whenever the urge struck him. "I can keep this up all night darlin', but if you really wanna come… you gotta say it. You know the drill."

Completely helpless with her hands tied behind her, a wall of plaster at her front and a wall of man behind her, she was about ready to give him anything he asked for, if he would just increase the damned friction. Just a little bit more. Even if only for about five seconds. She was so close.

She bit her lip and whimpered again when his tongue licked the shell of her ear. The sweep of his breath over the damp spot making her so hot, in ways she'd never dreamed. And his fingers… God his fingers made her squirm.

"I want you…" she finally admitted.

Alec bit her earlobe in response and pinched her clit between his fingers, letting it go quickly when she jumped. "I know." He breathed out, "But I wanna know… HOW? Say it!"

Man, there were so many options to choose from, and it was so hard to think while his fingers were doing THAT to her insides. She moaned when he pinched her clit again and then stroked his fingers within, lazily playing with her. And the more she squirmed, the more he backed off.

"Your cock… I want it inside me."

"Do you now?" Withdrawing his hand, he ordered, "Then strip… kinda hard to fuck you in jeans." With one hand still in her hair, he yanked it back a little and hinted, "Appeal to me really nicely and I MIGHT…" he bit the word out next to her ear…"give you what you want. My cock bringing you to that orgasm you crave so badly right now. Are you going to scream for me Maxie? Loud enough to alert the guards outside? Hmmm?"

As she toed off her tennis shoes and started shimmying her hips in an effort to dislodge the fabric, she shook her head in answer to his question.

"No?" He licked a path down her neck, causing her to falter in her attempt to shove down the rest of her clothing. He grinned, "Well that's good… because I intend to get everything I want tonight. Starting with you… right here against this wall and you'd BETTER keep it quiet. I am NOT losing twenty K for you. Understand?"

She nodded in answer as her jeans and underwear finally plopped to the floor at her ankles. Stepping out of them, she kicked them aside, waiting in anticipation.

Beginning to grow impatient himself, Alec turned her to face him, pushing her against the wall and giving her the kiss of her life, totally stealing her breath away with the forcefulness of it. Once he was certain she understood who was in charge, he backed off on the kiss a little bit, giving her lighter licks and nibbles over her lips as his hand cupped her between her legs. His fingers rubbing over her slowly, building her back up again while he sucked her tongue into his mouth. His free hand reaching behind her and working the knot off the t-shirt, freeing her wrists.

By this point, Max was ready to climb up his body if need be. Her arms hastily wrapped around his shoulders as he increased the pressure and tempo on her heated core. She spread her legs a little wider, her head thrown back against the wall. Their breaths mingling as his mouth hovered over hers.

"Your cock… please?" She panted out breathlessly and then moaned and whimpered again.

"I want you right on the edge sweetheart… so that when I take you… you'll detonate within a few thrusts… and then…" He rubbed her furiously now, "I'll just keep fucking you hard and fast, making you come again… and again… "

"Now… please… I'm right there! Take me now!"

His eyes glittered dangerously when he stopped caressing her folds. Out of breath, she opened her eyes and met his. They were truly almost like a tiger's. Hell, it's entirely possible that he was part tiger… or lion… or maybe a panther.

"Swear you'll let me fuck you whenever I want to from now on…"

"God yes, please. Anything Alec, I want you so bad." The ache within her screaming to be satisfied, she would've agreed to whatever he asked or demanded at this point.

"Then I guess I'm spending my nights with you for a while… You'll keep your doors unlocked for me? Let me touch you any way I want, in any position I want?"

"Yes…" Max clawed at his shoulders, desperate for him.

"Now say you're mine, and only mine."

"I'm yours, definitely. Please? Do it now!"

"With pleasure!" He promised as he picked her up with his hands underneath her ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist automatically when he pushed her bodily against the wall and took her in one hard thrust, sinking all the way inside.

She began to cry out but he took her lips in another kiss as his hips withdrew, pulling him almost all the way back out before sinking back in again. She tried to move against him to gain more friction but he had full control of the tempo, slowly withdrawing and then slamming back inside her, only to repeat the process all over again.

After three hard thrusts he felt her body clench around him. Increasing the intensity of his thrusts, he panted against her mouth, "Yeah baby, come for me, just like that. But keep it quiet!"

His mouth smothered her cries when she came. She screamed into his mouth as he thrust again and again, riding her hard through the tremors his body created within her. Doing his best not to orgasm yet, he grit his teeth as she pulsed and clenched around him, her nails digging into his back.

As she began to float down from her orgasmic high, he fell to his knees and brought her with him, until they were both kneeling with her on top. He gave her a few moments to allow her breathing to return to a somewhat normal rhythm, before telling her, "Oh no, we're not through yet… ride me. Use me to make yourself do that again. But this time… you do the work."

Max felt completely boneless, sagging against him after that mind-blowing orgasm. She really didn't know if she could do it again this soon. "Yellow" she breathed out, her body still shaking.

Alec understood to give her a moment or two. Kissing whatever he could reach, her jaw, her neck, her ear, he allowed his hands to glide up and down her back in a caress. Finally his hands grabbed each ass cheek and gave a squeeze… he really wanted to move her himself, to make her ride him, but he waited for the word from her.

She sighed, a long deep breath and finally stated, "Okay, green."

"My turn to come this time bitch, so ride me. You know you want to."


He reached up and grabbed her hair again, pulling her head back a bit to meet his eyes. "What did I tell you? No talking. Fuck me right now and make us come… I even dare you to try and get us to come together. Now MOVE." Releasing her hair, he brought his hands back down to her ass, using his own strength to lift her up a few inches and bring her back down. His hips rising up to meet hers in a hard thrust.

She cried out and clutched at his shoulders, still really sensitive down there (in the most pleasurable way of course), but Alec didn't seem to care. He lifted her up and did the same thing again, and again until she began to move on her own, getting worked back up to a fever pitch in record time. And she realized that only this man had been able to do that for her.

And here she used to think she couldn't come during sexual intercourse. Boy was she wrong! Using her legs for leverage, she wrapped her arms around his neck and assumed control of her movements, lifting herself up and grinding back down, wiggling her hips to find the right pleasure points.

This in turn freed his hands to caress her body wherever he wanted while moving his hips up to meet hers. "Ohhhh yes baby that's it, just like that. Fuck me."

Now she began returning the favor. Instead of being so passive, Max kissed him on the mouth, cooing against his lips whenever something felt particularly good and causing him to groan back. Trailing her mouth down his jaw to his throat, she licked her way down to his collarbone, then back up until she found the sensitive area he liked so much right beneath his ear. Giving it a little bite, she felt him grab her ass in both hands and squeeze.

He moved her himself now, increasing the tempo, the sweat they produced in the confines of the closet making the friction a little easier as their bodies rubbed together to pleasure the other.

She changed her position a bit, placing her feet flat on the floor and bouncing on his lap in earnest. "Oh God Alec… I'm… almost…"

"Oh yeah baby, me too. Fuck me, fuck me, come for me. Come on."

At that moment the closet door opened, shocking them both. He turned to look over his shoulder, teeth gritting as Max kept up her pace.

"OH God I can't stop… make them go away." She whimpered.

"What the fuck?" Mole exclaimed. The gun he had cocked was now lowered with the safety on.

"Mole! Get the fuck outta here!" Alec practically snarled.

Mole closed the door quickly, calling through it, "Gladly! I'll be outside when you're… um… done!"

"I'm coming… Oh God Alec… oh shit! I'm coming! Ahhhhh!"

"He's gone… come for me… now!"

This time when she cried out, Alec clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle her scream from Mole's ears and anyone else that might be outside. Their playacting over for the moment. Right now they were simply a man and woman, showing each other how much they meant to each other in the most basic way possible. Lowering his head, he bit the mark on her neck, and felt her remove his hand from her mouth so she could do the same, both purposely renewing their bond.

"Oh yeah… I'm coming too… ahhhh shit!" He felt her pulse around his cock again and couldn't hold back as he ejaculated long and hard inside his chosen mate.

They both shook and trembled from the impact as each licked the mark of the other. Alec holding her close and rocking her in his arms, feeling his woman panting and moaning due to HIM. If that didn't feed his ego, nothing would! Then he remembered their interruption and stiffened.

Max felt it and raised her head to meet his eyes.

"I am going to FUCKING kill him."

"Who was it?" she asked, "I was too far gone to really…"


Her eyes widened and then, "Ew! MOLE saw us?"

Alec began to gently disentangle himself from her and kissed her in apology, "I'm going to kill that son of a bitch for coming in here without knocking. Excuse me while I get started on some lizard stew." He gave her bottom a lip a suck, and then raised a finger in afterthought, "But before I do, I just want you to know… you are one damn hot woman."

"Oh the feeling's mutual… all you have to do is walk into a room and I get…"

"Yeah? What do you get? Wet? Hot? Horny?" He wiggled his eyebrows at her mischievously.

Max giggled in response, "All of the above… and yeah, yeah, yeah… Let that head of yours swell a little more, you ass. Now go kill Mole and be back in time for supper."

One final kiss and he grabbed his pants, getting into them quickly before stepping out of the closet shirtless and striding through their apartment. Opening their door he found Mole outside in the hall with his back against the wall, staring up at the ceiling.

Mole simply reached out a hand and opened it, his scaly palm facing up. "Knife." He demanded.

The one word making Alec cock his eyebrow. "Why?" He responded doubtfully as he pulled his pocketknife from his front pocket.

"Because I want to gouge my eyes out now… your naked ass is burned into my retinas!"

Alec pushed him, enough to make Mole stumble a step, but Mole rose to his full height in preparation for taking the little X5 alpha male down if he had to.

Pointing his finger under Mole's nose, Alec snarled, "What the HELL were you doing in my apartment without an invite. And I didn't hear a knock, you scaly-assed motherfucker!"

"You know, I don't even know anymore. That image… God, it's going to be stuck in my head for a while." Mole shuddered, looking ill for a moment before he forced himself back on track. "Come to Command and they'll brief you. Just you, not Max." He shook his head slightly, a puzzled look crossing his face. "But seriously? In the closet? You have a perfectly good bed in there and you chose the closet?"

"Shut up!" Alec muttered as he pushed him further away from the door. "Tell them I'll be down there in five minutes."

Once Alec was back inside his apartment, Mole walked away, muttering something about his eyes.

One week later

"So, you're the head of munitions, right Mole? You know the inventory of all the weapons reserved in Terminal City?" Sketchy followed Mole down the hallway of rooms reserved for the alphas of TC. His room was on the farthest end of the west side, closest to the sunlight that filtered through his windows in the evening.

"Yeah kid, that's right." Mole groused around his dead cigar. "And again, why are you following me?"

"The readers are demanding interviews with the transhumans. The public is getting curious about you guys."

"Whatever, for the most part they just wanna kill us." Mole snorted dryly.

"Well you'd better be glad it's ME doing the interview Mole, because I can put a positive spin on the article. If we …"

Sketch practically ran into Mole when he came to a dead stop and then muttered with an eye roll, "Oh for the love of…"

"What?" Sketch peered around the big lizard to see what had gotten his attention. Realizing this was Alec and Max's shared living quarters, he joined Mole in staring at the sign on their door.

Sketch read aloud, "If the walls are rockin', DON'T come knockin'!" He then glanced at the bottom of the sign and let out a full belly laugh. 'That means YOU Mole!' was written in Alec's handwriting. He glanced up at the big lizard man, his eyes twinkling, "Dude, what did ya do? Interrupt them during the horizontal tango?"

"Well they sure as hell weren't horizontal." Mole declared and then realized his mistake as Sketch pulled out his pad of paper and a pen.

"What? They were standing up? Did you see Max naked? Oh come on man, details!" He asked eagerly.

Mole pushed him out of his way and headed toward his room.

Triumphantly, Sketch went after him, "Oh man! You did! This is awesome! Tell me more dude, come on. She is HOT! I'm telling ya man I wanna be just like Alec when I grow up. He gets ALL the hot chicks."

Once Mole made it to his room he slammed the door on Sketch and locked it.

Sketchy pounded on the door, "We can talk about something else if you want. Come on man, I have a deadline to keep."

"Screw your deadline kid, I have a pair of eyes to gouge out!"