Hi! This is my first Thirty-Nine Clues Fanfic, so of course I'm excited! I was looking through the archives, and I realized there are only two Jonah and Sinead stories- unless someone has updated since I last checked... Anyways, I know they're not the most popular couple, but they are really underdone, so I decided to write this. Please enjoy! :D

Jonah walked down the steps of the University- Harvard, he thought it was called? Then again, he hadn't been paying attention. He was too excited to pay attention. Today he was handing in the Shakespearian papers to the English teacher he had met on the clue hunt. She had since told him to call her Bernice. *Sorry, I couldn't remember the English teacher's name so I just made up one... I know, probably wrong, but I don't own the books and I didn't find anything when I Googled it- if anyone knows, leave a review and tell me please and I'll change it, but until then... she's named Bernice! ;) It was going to be such a relief to give the papers in, a weight off his shoulders, he had felt so bad... Now, he hoped, everything was going to be better. No more guilt. He walked through the prestigious gateways of Harvard until he finally reached the right building, a lecture hall. He knocked on the door, waiting for a response but after no avail, he stepped in. The lights were off but enough light shone throught the windows for him to make out the countless seats and the front of the room were the professor would no doubt give their lectures. It was so massive, he felt small and insignifigant in comparison- he took a deep breath and walked down to the front, clutching his papers tightly. It was a peculiar feeling, he wasn't use to feeling insignifigant...

"Hello?" he called out to no one in particular. He heard a muffled voice that he could barely make out.

"One second!" Bernice emerged from a door that led to a small little office. Her face lit up when she saw Jonah.

"Jonah Wizard! Long time no see," she said, walking over and hugging him. "What brings you here?" He shrugged.

"I, uh, finished the Shakespeare report." She smiled.

"Jonah, you didn't have to come all the way over here for that!"

"But I wanted to! I've felt really guilty ever since ruining your vacation..."

"Oh, you didn't ruin it. Just made it a tad more interesting." Out of lack of anything else to say, he handed her the papers. She smiled. "Thank you, I'll be sure to read them. Would you like to come into my office for some tea?"

"Oh, uh, sure, that sounds gangsta." He stepped into the office, oriental rugs and antique furniture suddenly making his gold chains, baggy blue jeans and leather jacket feel oddly out of place. She guestured to a old seat with a faded flower pattern.

"Take a seat Jonah, I'll only be a second. I have to deal with a student..." She stepped out of the office, leaving Jonah by himself. He awkwardly fiddled with his zipper and waited for her to come back, not touching anything or looking at anything too intensely in fear it might crumble. After a few moments that felt like an eternity, Bernice came back with tea. She eased it down on a table and sat across from Jonah.

"Well, Jonah," she said, pouring two cups of tea. "How's life?"

"Cool. Starting a new tour, just got out a new album, platinum already... How 'bout you? At Harvard now, huh? What happened to that high school you taught at?" She smiled smugly to herself.

"What can I say? I went back to school and got a PhD because I realized you're never too old to learn... that's partially because of you Jonah."

"...Cool?" he said uncertainly. She chuckled to herself.

"Yes. Very cool. Then everyone was impressed with me, and now... now I'm a professor. A Shakespeare Professor."

"Oh, awesome," he said, grinning.

"Yes," Bernice said, picking up the tea and sipping it. Jonah did the same and tried not to spit it out when the bitter liquid burned his tongue. Bernice laughed. "Sugar dear. Add sugar." He guessed he didn't hide his disgust as well as he thought he had. He added the sugar and sipped it again- much better.

"When I Googled you and saw that it said you worked at Harvard I was sure it was a different person, but apparently not."

"No, Google was right." Jonah laughed a breezy laugh that tended to make girls' hearts melt and break any ice in the room; suave and confident. But now it did nothing. He sipped at his scaulding tea tentatively. Bernice smiled. "So... did you like writing the reports?" He smiled.

"Oh yeah man, they were great..." He was cut off by a subtle knock on the door- timid, quiet. Bernice smiled.

"Sorry dear, I have to get this, no doubt it's one of my students..." Jonah smiled and nodded.

"Oh yeah, go ahead." Bernice sat up and got the door. Jonah looked away; if it was a girl he was sure she would recognize him, and he didn't want that. Maybe if he just didn't make eye contact he/she wouldn't recognize him... He heard Bernice talk to the college student.

"Oh, hello dear. Can I help you?" The next voice was eager, young, and most certainly female.

"Yes, I have my papers for the extra credit project I'm doing..."

"Oh yes dear, come in. One moment, I just need to grab your folder."

"Of course." Jonah sat in his chair for a moment, waiting. The girl didn't recognize him though, or even acknowledge his existence... What? Who was she if she didn't even know who he was? He knew he shouldn't care, that was, afterall, a good thing. But he couldn't resist... afterall, who didn't recognize him? So, he turned around to see who it was.


Sinead Starling sat in her dorm room, petting Flamsteed tentatively as she woke up. She blinked groggily; oh god, she couldn't believe how late she had stayed up the night previously. But then again, she had had those papers she had needed to finish. And she had read it over about fifty times, so she knew it was A+ quality. But then again, everything she did was. She stretched, her amber hair hanging unruly at her sides- uggh. She got up and showered, getting ready to meet up with her professor. She put on a warm sweater that fit her slim frame perfectly along with her favourite pair of blue jeans, applying extra coverup underneath her eyes to cover the bags she had from not getting any sleep the night before. That along with her usual mascara and eye shadow made her feel much less self-conscious She grabbed her papers and ran to her car, driving to her university. She got out and went into the building, where she knocked on her professors door.

"Oh, hello dear. Can I help you?"

"Yes, I have my papers for the extra credit project I'm doing..."

"Oh yes dear, come in. One moment, I just need to grab your folder."

"Of course." Sinead stood there, waiting for her professor to come back; oh, she was with someone. Who was it? She stole a quick glance and realized it was Jonah Wizard. She winced internally to herself. Oh God, what was he doing here? No, he had everything! He better not be planning on trying to get into her favourite course, that would just ruin it. Even though she only minored in English, she loved it. She stared at the ground, hoping that if maybe she didn't look, he wouldn't see her. Then, much to her horror, he turned around looked at her.

"Sinead?" She groaned.

"Hey Jonah," she whispered, horrified. He didn't pick up on her horror.

"Hey, what's up Dog?" She let out an annoyed breath.

"Oh, uh, just handing in my, uh, papers." Jonah raised his eyebrows, impressed.

"Whoa, you go to Harvard?" She shrugged.

"Oh yeah, I guess so."

"That's so gangsta!" he exclaimed. Sinead raised her eyebrows, annoyed.

"It's not 'gangsta'. It's an intellectual acheivement." Jonah drew back, offended.

"Wha-? Are you pissed at me or something?" Sinead drew in a sharp aggitated breath.

"I'm not pissed, I just find it really hard to respect you. You have an amazing mind but you waste it on this rapping nonsense; and the worst part is that everyone freakin' adores you but you do nothing! It's not fair..." She drew in a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. "Whatever Jonah, I just really don't want to talk to you." Jonah was shocked; he especially wasn't used to not being publicly adored.

"But-" Sinead raised a hand, silencing him.

"Whatever Jonah. I seriously don't want to talk to you." Jonah frowned, slightly hurt and slightly confused. Bernice then came out with Sinead's folder.

"Here you are, Ms. Starling-"

"Thanks," she said, dropping her papers into the folder before quickly walking out. Jonah watched her as she walked away, still shocked. Bernice noticed.

"You know her?" Jonah quickly recovered from his still present shock.

"Oh yeah, she's like..." He didn't know how to phrase it. "A family friend." Bernice smiled.

"I know, it's a small world. I'm sorry Jonah, but I'm going to have to ask you to come back later; I have a class starting soon..."

"Of course dog, I'm staying in a hotel around here; I'll come back later."

"Alright, Jonah. Bye."

"Later yo," Jonah said as he walked out of Bernice's office and back into his stretch limo. He sat in the back of the limo, leaing back, still confused. Why was Sinead annoyed with him? His music... it was good, wasn't it? He sighed and leaned back in his limo. He'd never understand women.

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