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And now... NEW YORK! The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, and I'm sure it has some other names that I am unaware of...

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The second Sinead got into her room, she fell asleep, exhausted from the amount of stress placed on her shoulders. Moments after the concert, Jonah rushed back to the hotel room, ignoring his screaming fans instead of signing autographs like he normally did. He banged on Sinead's door hysterically; but to no avail, she didn't answer. He stormed back to his room, ignoring the countless eyes on him wondering if he had gone insane. Why was he knocking on boring ol' Sinead's door? In his room, he heard a knock on his door.

"Yeah?" he said, almost hopefully. Maybe it was Sinead-

"You okay Jonah?" His heart sunk. It was just Broderick.

"Um... yeah."

"Can I come in?" Jonah unlocked the door and Broderick stepped in, the expression on his face as a mixture of shock and concern.

"Jonah, are you crying?" Jonah put his hand to his eye and removed it to be salty tears on it; huh, he was. But, he didn't admit that. Instead, he shook his head.

"No," he lied. Broderick sat down beside his son.

"Girl problems?"

"No," he continued to lie, sniffling ever so softly. Jonah groaned to himself; why was he like this? He was better than this, he wasn't some crying teenage girl...

"Well, that'd good at least. You know, that Sinead girl is awfully pretty and nice..." he said, tempting his son to contradict him and prove his lies false. Jonah glared at him.

"Shut up," he hissed. Broderick smiled knowingly.

"Ah, so it is girls." Jonah didn't say anything, didn't even meet his gaze. Broderick gave up, patting Jonah on the shoulders, he stood up and prepared to walk away, giving his son one final word of advice. "Well, until you tell me what's up I can't really help you, but feel better... You're a musician, an artist. I'm sure you'll find some way to cope." Broderick left, leaving Jonah to his own devices... Jonah frowned at his musical instruments across the room. Stupid instruments, stupid everything... He gave up and went to bed, hoping if maybe he closed his eyes really tightly, when he awoke none of this would have ever happened...


Everyone got on the bus in the middle of the night; if they left for New York then, they wouldn't have to get an airplane and they'd still get their by morning. Everyone rubbed the dirt out of their eyes grudingly and listened in their half-conscious states. Broderick yawned and stood in front of them all.

"Alright guys, so we're going to New York... we're one person short since someone got domestic violence charges pressed against them, but the show must go on. So... We'll be in New York in a few hours!" Most people chose to sleep during those few precious hours, Jonah walked over to Sinead and smiled at her, trying not to be bothered by the fact that she was sitting as far away as possible and beside Damien and Josh.

"So... You decided to press charges afterall." Glaring at him, she flashed a certain finger in his direction. "Look, Sinead, I can explain-"

"Just go away. Everyone says that. They're all wrong."


"Go," she insisted icily. Crestfallen, Jonah grudgingly obliged and sat in the other seat, trying to sleep but unable to do so due to stress. Almost everyone else slept; as result, everyone was relatively rested when they finally arrived in New York; Jonah was not one of those people. Yawning, he forced himself out of the bus with the rest of them and listened numbly as Broderick described their upcoming days.

"Alright guys, so first we're going to Koreatown, then the American Museum of Natural History, and then Whitney Museum of American Art. The next day we're going to the Brooklyn Bridge, then the Statue of Liberty, then Times Square and we'll finish off with some Broadway." So, first they went to Koreatwon, and as interesting as it was, it wasn't that different from Chinatown in Toronto. Some people got little tidbits of souviniers, but most just passed it by, eager to move on to the next thing. As it turned out the museum wasn't that exciting, but it was interesting at least. The American Museum of Natural History was very well done; there was halls on dinosaurs, biology, evolution, metorites, gemstons, a library, and many other exhibits. There was a planetarium that some people chose to go to, but a lot of them left early to get lunch. Which was understandable; they had amazing and lots of restaurants in New York. Next they went to the Whitney Museum of American Art, which although beautiful, was also dull. Luckily the next day was intended as their "fun" day. Then, it was time for dinner. Most of them went to one of New York's fine restaurants. Jonah went back to the hotel, giving up on the concept on anything that would be any furthur fun. He saw Sinead's door was open a crack; maybe she was in! Maybe he could talk to her... He knocked on the door.

"Sinead," he whispered." No response. He pushed the door open and saw a mess; Sinead's things were never a mess... Her things were in cluttered piles around the room, and Jonah saw something that really caught his eye.

A green book perched on the edge of her bed. At first he was hesitant; wasn't that her journal thing? Then curiousity overwhelmed any moral barriers there might've been and he opened it. There were countless poems with the date scrawled messily in the margin... He peaked to when the tour start and read. They were... Suddenly, he had an idea. Book tucked into the inside of his jacket, he walked back to his room, ideas fluttering around madly inside his mind. He was back in his room when Sinead came back from the vending machine; screw new york, screw dinner. This was all she needed; that was when she realized she had lost it. Her journal; of course, her day wasn't bad enough, she had to loose it too. Screw it. She ate her unhealthy meal of vending machine chips and went to sleep, exhausted.


Jonah stayed up late that night working. First he worked out a rhythm on the piano, then added some chords from his guitar, then his drums added a nice beat... That mingled along with some other sounds, and incorporating the lyrics... It was great. Broderick knocked on his sons door just as he was trying out a tune and scribbling down the notes. He put down his instruments.

"Yeah?" he yelled. His father stepped in.

"You working on your song?"


"Did you leave it 'til the last second?" his father asked critically in that tone that only dads seem to pocess.

"No, I actually had something all ready, but I got... inspired, and came up with this."

"Is it any good?"

"I hope so... It's really different, not really rappy, more... Soft pop, or whatever." His father nodded, intrigued.

"Oh? Can I hear it?" Jonah shook his head, smiling coyly.

"You can't see it 'til it's finished." He smiled.

"Fine... I'll trust you, but it better be worth it, okay?" He smiled.

"Don't worry... It will be."

"Alright, well-"



"I'm just missing one thing..."


"I need another singer."


The next day was their day when they truly saw New York. Sinead, despite feeling miserable, was in awe. Jonah didn't come that day, he was busy working on his other piece apparently. Sinead knew she shouldn't have felt the sunken feeling she did; she should be glad, the jerk was gone, but-... she wasn't. But still, they toured New York, and it was beautiful. First they went to the Brooklyn Bridge; it was nearly 1600 feet, and most of them walked it, though some of them biked; the odd person took a cab. Nex they went to the Statue of Liberty; as if the Nwe Yok Habour wasn't pretty enough, from way up high in Lady Liberty's crown it was even more grogeous. The bustling city, the sparkling waters. Such a beautiful statue; it was odd to think that it was originally copper; well, it still was... Now it was just tarnished, still stunning with it's torch and book. It was later when they went to Times Square and got lunch and toured around the shopping districts, going to the odd entertainment bit. Once they were done with that they toured by the Empire State Building, and finally saw some Broadway. It was stunning to see the singing, the dancing, the acting... It was amazing to see the way they incorporated everything. And they saw Sinead's favourite book reinacted on stage; Harry Potter. Darren Chris represented "Harry Potter" marvelously. Then, they got ready for Jonah's final performance of the tour...


Jonah smiled broadly backstage at the young woman who he was going to perform with.

"Hi! So I have this other girl I need to perform, but I don't think she'll be able to attend this performance... do you think you'd be able to perform for this time?" She nodded eagerly.

"Of course!" Jonah glanced at his watch eagerly as his makeup artist frantically put on the remaining touches. He smiled at the young woman.

"Alright, so you know the words?" She smiled a cheesey smile.

"Inside and out!" she chirped. So, with those words, he went on stage. He sang his traditional songs, did all the things he would normally do at a concert; then, he finished off the concert with... A different twist. The microphone close to his mouth, he spoke his words, his leather jacket and smooth words winning over the screaming crowd.

"Alright dawgs... I've got a special new song for y'all. It's different, but it's inspired by a special girl I know-" The crowd cheered madly. He waited until they were finished; Sinead's cheeks burned, uncertain about what he'd say about her. Or worse, if it wasn't about her; if she wasn't even a "special girl" in his eyes. "-And I'm certain my homies will love it." The crowd cheered, agreeing. "Hit it!' he yelled, and the slow piano melody played in the background. The crowd died down.

"At first I thought I'd just suffer through it,

It only seemed right,

But something new has happened to me,

And I just can't seem to fight.

The way you laugh and smile at me,

Makes me forget my misery,

The way you whisper my name,

Makes me know I'll never be the same." Then the chorus; Jonah took a deep breath. The beat got a little more upbeat but still kept its soulful underlying theme.

"I can't balance on my feet,

You've rendered me obselete.

I can't function properly,

When you look at me.

With those soulful eyes,

Contradicting all your lies.

That you don't love me,

When it's plain to see." Jonah stepped out of the spot light and the other girl stepped in. She had a marvelous voice and continued the chorus beautifully.

"I thought what I felt inside,

Was real and now I can't hide,

I thought you were genuine,

But after all the lies you spin,

I wanted to believe you,

I wanted it all to be true,

But you left me in the cold,

Taking her hand to hold.

I shouldn't be surprised,

Afterall, you have lied,

Now my heart is breakin',

Despite what I'm fakin'-" Jonah joined in for the last line of the chorus.

"I have fallen." The song continued on, and Sinead sat in the crowd, flabberghasted. This... This was hers! These were her poems, he, he took them! A little part of her couldn't help but think he stole them because he thought they were worth stealing. Maybe she, herself was worth stealing... The concert ended, and Jonah and the young woman waited in anticipation, wondering what kind of reaction they'd get from the crowd... They broke out into applause.


Sinead walked behind the stage after the concert and saw Jonah being congratulated by some fans, his father... Then he caught her glance. He smiled at them all.

"Excuse me," he said, walking away and greeting Sinead. Smiling broadly, he gave a little half-wave to her.

"Hi," he said. "What'd you think?" Sinead smiled; but first, she had to cover some business. She slapped him; not too hard, but hard enough to get her point across. He put his hand to his cheek.

"That was for stealing my journal. Don't do that again." Then she leaned in and kissed him. "That's for being you; don't change." He smiled.

"You know, I need someone to record that song with me..."

"What about that girl on stage?" Jonah rolled his eyes.

"I meant you, silly." Sinead nearly suffocated on the air.

"Me? I've never done anything like that before; I don't even have a voice-"

"Good enough," he assured her. She laughed.


"So... we're good?" She winked.

"We're better than good. We're great." She leaned in and kissed him again; when something disrupted the moment.

"SINEAD! What the hell are you doing?" Sinead withdrew and groaned slightly; then laughed. Jonah looked around the room.

"What was that?" he asked, confused, still looking around the room. Sinead just smiled.

"You know how Broderick's overprotective?"


"He's nothing compared to Ned and Ted." That's when Jonah spotted the duo, angrily storming over. He laughed.

"Oh well, we can handle it, we've handled worse."

"We can do anything." Hands locked firmly together they went on to face the Starling brothers, confident in everything.

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