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What if Finn had never broken up with Quinn?

What if he hadn't kissed Rachel at Nationals?

What if he and Rachel hadn't gotten back together?

Rachel has a secret that she won't tell anyone.

It was a crisp Fall day and the sun was just beginning to rise. Rachel hit the snooze button on her alarm clock and sighed as she sat up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Rachel groaned when she thought about Finn and Quinn. He was all over her constantly. It killed her to see them together. Finn knew it was hurting Rachel to see that, yet it did not stop him from what he was doing. He claimed to be in love with Quinn.

"What happened to the love we had?" Rachel thought. "What happened to 'I'll never break up with you Rachel, I love you."?

Lately her life had been a never ending battle with depression that she had been trying to conceal from the other Glee club members. Besides Kurt, she basically had no real friends in the club anymore, which meant she had no real friends in the entire school. She didn't mind though, or so everyone thought.

Rachel was quite used to being left out. Her dads always told her that it was because people were jealous of her talent. However, Rachel knew the truth. She knew it was because she was selfish. She was extremely selfish and she knew it. Everyone did.

She stood in front of her mirror, looking over her appearance. She wasn't the usual Rachel everyone knew and saw anymore. Her hair was flat and lifeless. Her eyes lacked the usual spark they had. Her usual ensembles of knee socks, skirts, and animal sweaters was long gone and had been replaced with plain, dark wash jeans and converse.

Rachel Barbra Berry was not Rachel Barbra Berry anymore.

It had all started the summer before school started. She had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was now haunted with the memories of that night every waking minute, and even in her sleep.

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