Toadette couldn't be any happier. She was in a vibrant, cool place, a place where it was pretty sweet to hang out after a grueling summer. She was in the always so pleasant, but not quite present, Maple Treeway. Toadette took off without NCS, who decided to appreciate the beauty of the area by sitting on the roof of a nearby wooden cottage. Toadette approached the large brown cannon, stumbling into it as she was blasted in the air, going through a large barrage of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Toadette giggled as she landed softly on her butt, dusting the feathers off of her as she skipped around the bend.

"I remember all the times I raced around here..." Toadette admitted to herself as she wrapped her arms around her, giggling as she closed her eyes. "Oh, what good times... I'm nostalgic for this beautiful place."

Toadette's stomach growled, interrupting her fuzzy warm memories as she decided to get something to eat. She looked around, finding several pancakes lying around on the branches. She squealed as she clapped her hands.

"Oh joy! Pancakes! How fortunate!" Toadette exclaimed with glee as she picked them up, sniffing the air and licking her lips, smelling the sweet smell of maple. "Boy, I sure could go for some maple syrup right now..."

Suddenly, the leaves above her shook, and down came pouring sweet, irresistible maple syrup, courtesy of the giant maple tree. Toadette squealed with delight as she held the pancakes above her head, allowing the syrup to hit them as she moved out of the way, stuffing as many pancakes into her mouth without overeating. Though she was basking in the glory of Maple Treeway, there still felt an uneasy force just ready to pounce on her any moment...