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The Kingdom Comes Again


All my children are dead, and their Children. I have no choice but to hold onto the mortal shell for as long as I can, in the hope of having a chance to fulfill my oath to my dead Queen. If you should find this, beware the coming darkness, and if I am dead, learn all you can from my texts. This journal is also a language primer so that you may learn to fight the Emperor of Pain. Please, by Serenity and the Holy Moon, use it wisely.

My prayers are with you, my adopted child, whoever you may be. I pass to you my family's honor and my homelands knowledge. I can only hope you have the strength and character to use it.

From the Journal of Mason, Last Lord High Mage of the Court of Serenity.

End of the Silver Millennium:

The platform was silent. Not with the silence of a quiet day, nor the lull between crowds. The platform carried the silence only the aftermath of a war can produce, that only death can truly achieve.

Then the quiet was pierced by howling, as the wind picked up in the abused and already dissipating atmosphere of the Earths lonely Moon. A swirling maelstrom formed between the four pillars at each corner of what would appear to a casual observer to be a marble platform, a subspace gate forming to allow 20 men to step out onto the silver lined stone.

"Spread out, and Look for survivors!" The leader of the men commanded. He looked over the destroyed buildings and dead bodies just a short stairway from the top of the platform. He looked over to the old man standing beside him, despair filling both men's eyes. There were no survivors

Or, at least, so they first believed.

The platoon of armored men moved through the ruins of the palace and the youngest of the soldiers found the Queen, Her Majesty Serenity. He wept and rolled her over thinking her dead. He just wanted to look upon the beautiful face of a queen he thought of as a goddess one last time.

He gasped in shock when her eyes opened. "Lord Mason. The Queen is here...she lives!"

Mason, the oldest man on the trip only man wearing robes instead of armor or weapons rushed over with the squad leader close on his heels and knelt by his Queen, her eyes fluttering open.

"Mason…he is free…" The Queen Serenity gasped.

"Quiet Majesty, save your strength." He said, then chanted, his hand glowing as he touched her, a powerful healing spell woven in his hands. He felt the energy flow into the lovely woman's body, only to gasp in pain as the energy arced back into him.

"To late…for that…old, teacher…" The Lady gasped with a soft, sad smile. "I must tell you…before I go."

Leaning closer, he struggled against the tears he wanted to share with the knights surrounding them. "Tell me what, child?" Mason asked, forgetting her rank and remembering her as a clumsy girl who slept during his lectures.

"The King, the last Emperor…he is free again." She whispered, her voice failing her.

"The King... what King? I don't…" Then Mason remembered some of the old legends he had taught her when she was still a young princess.

"He who was terror personified." She gasped out "He who's name is forbidden." Her hand gripped Mason's robes. "My many times…great...grandmother defeated him...trapped him...He who was death. He who the Gate can not see…but can see as the Gate sees…He who was the…most vicious of men and ruler..He who was her Father…The Emperor of Terror."

"He's just a legend, my Queen…and the legends say he is dead!"

"Not dead…trapped...now free. Pluto can not see him...my daughter will not know of him…the Senshi won't be ready...must prepare...make allies for them."

He looked to the bodies of the dead, of Mars and Saturn and all the other senshi who died this day… Only the body of Pluto not staining the dying landscape.

"My Queen the senshi are dead…I thought you knew.." He was to confused to be kind.

"I have sent them forward…to be reborn." She smiled at him, Lord Mason, Master Mage and her teacher when she was young. An old man and friend, whose son died defending her that day...whose grandson was still safe on Earth. "Teach your son's son...and teach him to teach his children…I can prepare the way…for allies to come...but you must keep the kingdom alive." She reached up with the last of her strength and brushed his cheek. Her body then glowed the silver of her Moon, her body transcending its solid form to become energy that shot away from the guardsmen and up towards the still fertile Earth in the starry sky.

"Serenity…no." he whispered. And then the tears finally came.

Xian worked through her kata again. Arms and legs moving slowly in the ancient form as she taught her body. She smiled to herself reveling in the simple glory of the form, she almost missed the silver light that fell from the night sky.


Looking from the wide shelf of stone that she exercised on, that place where the boys of the village wouldn't dare climb, she saw the energy stop and spread. She felt the flow of love and hope in the energy, energy that was something more then the chi she felt a monk wield not long ago in the market place and that she herself was beginning to master with the forbidden, "manly" martial arts. She felt the soul pour itself into the valley and knew what it was.

She felt the power of a woman, a Queen, A Goddess fill the hundreds of springs below her. And she felt her need as well. The need for her Daughter to be safe, and for that daughters allies to be reborn stronger then before. She felt all this and more.

As she looked upon the springs of Jusenkyo, and witnessed the love, and strength of a mother fill them with her hope.

At that moment she swore an oath. She would prepare these allies, though she knew only that the Goddess wanted them for her lost daughter. The Queen of the Moon, Serenity came to the valley to prepare for the coming evil, and though Xian didn't know who came or what evil, she knew she must prepare to fight it.

And she realized if she was going to fight that one evil that she must be prepared to battle them all.

She turned towards her village and walked head held high as the goddess of the springs would, she imagined, expect. Resolve filled her. It was time for Joketsuoku village to be free of the warlord Mian Fiu. If the so-called men wouldn't remove him, she would.

"Stupid Males" She muttered. An hour later the Chinese Amazons where born as Xian led several other young, angry women against the warlords drunken and lecherous thugs.

Three hours later Mian Fiu was allowed to die. Evil got its due that day, both in freedom and in pain.

Centuries passed. The springs of Jusenkyo, originally a holy place believed to be blessed by a moon goddess, later became feared for the curses it bestowed. Inside the body of the springs, the "Goddess" slept. While she was more a spirit of a place now then the Queen or Mother she had been, she remembered it all in her dreams.

And even the present intermingled with her dreams of the so distant past. She dreamt of a plane going down, hitting the mountains not so far from her self. She saw the amazons, the descendants of the woman who saw her coming, find the wreck and pull one man, little more then a boy from the burning metal, before destroying the plane totally, so it appeared no one survived.

Some wanted to kill the young man, but Kho Lon, the elder leading the "rescue" party, choose not to. She took him to her home, which she shared with her Great granddaughter and waited for him to awaken. When he did he first asked where he was.

Then he asked WHO he was.

Kho Lon was and elder of the tribe and thus she could be cold and calculating. She however still had a heart even after all her life, and knew there was nothing worse the man could suffer. She took him in and told him she would try to help, if nothing else she could improve his Chinese for him to seek help and his identity outside.

Within a few months, the man, called Kaga, had been more or less accepted by the tribe. He was not one of them, but they didn't treat him poorly. His martial arts skills increased under Koh Lon, who wanted to experiment a bit with non-amazons. He learned quickly and she wondered if it was due to his memory loss, or if some of it was memories of previous skill. Either way he was an eager student. It wasn't long before the elder decided that the experiment was a complete success.

Shan Fu, the elder's granddaughter, went out of the village with a couple of other girls to do some hunting. She was already a beautiful girl at only 13. While she was not quite ready to be a fully recognized woman, she was already considered an impressive martial artist. She treated Kaga like a brother, mostly since she was lonely with only her Grandmother at home and few close friends. Kaga was always willing to listen to her. "He'd make some woman a fine husband one day," she had confided to her chuckling grandmother. "If he would just hurry up and BEAT one of them. Then he could be part of the tribe for real!"

Shan Fu let the other girls get ahead of her as she considered her adoptive brother. Her ruminations kept her from noticing the stalking tiger before it pounced, she only felt the impact as she went down onto the forest floor. She rolled, ready to fight, but her ribs where cracked, and the tiger's claws already descending. She closed her eyes, and tried not to whimper or scream in fear. She wanted to die a true Amazon.

Several seconds later she just wanted to know what was taking so long.

She opened her eyes to see a sight neither she nor Koh Lon ever expected to see. Kaga was facing a tiger one on one. Fearless as he was, that wasn't the surprise. The fact that he was WINNING was a shock, but it wasn't truly out of the question since he had probably gotten the first hit, and likely from behind.

It was that he was glowing with a battle aura that should have taken YEARS of training from a young age to form. As shocked as she was, Shan Fu realized her adoptive sibling had mastered chi, and accepted that the tricky male had hidden that trick from them.

The Tiger, well, it didn't really get a choice in rather it accepted it or not.

Shan Fu heard her brother yell something she didn't understand, then she passed out. Cracked Ribs will do that to you, though.

A few hours later Kaga, carrying Shan Fu, came to the gates of the village. He was breathing hard and wounded, but he made it. The exhaustion was what caused him to miss the fact that he didn't know the woman at the gate.

Laun Te was upset. She got stuck watching the gates JUST as they returned after a six month scouting of the Peoples Army positions in the area. She didn't even get to catch up on the good gossip.

Thus, since she was already angry and seeing a man carrying one of HER tribe's girls in a thoroughly abused condition, she didn't think, reason, or even pause. She attacked, sword raised high in her desire to kill the intruder quickly. "DIIEE!"

Kaga blinked and dodged the eager, but ill advised chop, and reacted without thought as his teacher had always instructed him. He had so wanted this to be a surprise for Koh Lon, too.

"MACH PUNCH!" he yelled in English, his apparent native tongue, and hit the Amazon with a shockwave of sound, his hand held like a palm strike which, having breached the sound barrier and mixed with his chi, turned it into a wall of flowing force.

The rather surprised, Laun Te went down hard. Kaga walked past her, still not processing who or what she might have been in his depleted state. He also ignored it as her rather shocked companion who DID know him ran ahead and found Koh Lon as quickly as possible.

Easily done since SHE wanted to know what caused such a loud boom.

A couple of hours later, Shan Fu had woken up and told of the tiger, to the amazement and amusement of the gathered members of the tribe. Koh Lon challenged anyone to prevent her from adopting Kaga, since Shan Fu was too young to marry him but by law the family must bring Kaga into the tribe.

They had just agreed and accepted him when Laun Te woke up.

Kaga was happily accepting the official welcome of the people he had grown to care for, those who had now taken him truly as one of their own. He didn't even think about who Laun Te was, or where he had seen her before since she was familiar but not someone he knew. 'Strange I thought I knew everyone in the tribe…'

"Wo Ai Nee." Laun Te sighed and glomped onto Kaga with that technique all Amazon women know from birth. Other women started muttering and planning to kill the interloper as Koh Lon demanded an explanation.

Again, a bit of time passed, as Laun Te told her story. Again, the tribe was amazed and amused. Koh Lon announced with a chuckle, that her "Sons" training would have to increase to keep up with his wife to be.

None of the tribe where surprised when Kaga took off in the middle of the night a month later. Honestly, he had held out longer then ANYONE who had accidentally beaten an Amazon woman ever had… by a week at the least. The village waved to Laun Te as she left, wishing her luck.

She didn't expect to find the world to be as it was, so full of wonders to explore. Kaga, when she found him, chuckled as she meekly asked him to explain the craft they where on. It seems Laun didn't like heights, and didn't realize a "747" flew.

So their relationship started with a whimper and not a bang, so to speak. Kaga showed her a world of technology which he understood, and was amazed by the girl he was growing to love.

He understood it, while she began to master it.

A couple of years later, he wanted to know why he loved Laun so much. Sure she loved him, and they where quite a team, working as "Troubleshooters". She mitigated the love and skill by always talking him into hair brained schemes which was beginning to drive him seriously nuts.

Shaking the water off of his fur, he snarled to himself thinking "I KNEW we shouldn't have taken that short cut through the valley."

He was mollified only by the fact that Luan looked truly repentant, though she was doing a great Drowned Wolf impression. Of course, since that was the spring she fell in, that was obvious now wasn't it.

The guide, to his credit, didn't panic outright when a fox and a wolf knocked on his door. He just fainted.

More time passed. Not as much time as before, only a few dozen months, a couple of years. It waited until a middle aged Martial artist and his son came and fell in, and the "Goddess" awoke. She felt a fanged boy fall, and the "Goddess" felt hope again after so long a wait. A girl and another, though blind, boy came and then another girl, who survived the hunger the power the "Goddess" tragically had instilled in the waters. The "Goddess" Watched.

The soul of the Queen felt the power of the Martial artists who had swam in her body, her springs, as they fought for love and justice as her champions from so long before did. She felt the power as one killed an immortal and heard his voice as he yelled his beloved's name.

She also felt the final bonds she had damaged so long ago. The King, was rising, she could feel it. His power was returning.

But her Daughter and Senshi wouldn't fight him alone, and she felt joy. Maybe, she thought, she could even make them see what is to come.

'Akane, it seems I will owe you a debt I won't ever be able to repay' she thought. And so Tendo Akane began to have dreams she didn't understand…but would be important so very soon.

Around the same time, Kaneda Kaga, as he had renamed himself, was cursing under his breath. "It'll be easy, she says!" he muttered as he drove an elbow into the rock wall again.

"Shut up…we're almost there. If the legends are true…." The girl sighed as her feet finally settled onto the cave floor, allowing her to release the climbing harness.

Kaga continued for her. "IF the legends are really true, there is an old guy down here with a great library, yeah I know. Likely there is a statue and some scrolls. If we are LUCKY!"

"We are more then lucky." Luan whispered from the wide cave mouth at the shafts bottom.

Kaneda stopped muttering. "How so."

"The legends are true...or at least where. It seems the man was a little older then we thought."

Kaneda looked upon the skeleton laying on the bed, an open book on the desk next to the simple wooden frame the mans only apparent personal possession, at least all that was left.

That, and a library of a few hundred scrolls, books, tablets, and…gems? While Luan looked over the skeleton and shelves, Kaneda curiously looked over the mans journal. What he found made him shudder with horror.

"Luan, do you remember what Mothers address was?"

"Sure...Tokyo Japan, Nerima ward...why?"

"Because…I think she needs to see this."

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