It's amazing when you think about it really, how last year Caroline Forbes wasn't even a blip on his radar, and yet here he was transforming in front of his mother to protect her, but really, what choice did he have?

He loved her.

It's amazing how she used to be just this insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit who was dating his best friend. He dismissed Caroline like everyone else did, and now he was sorry that he had missed out on knowing her, on really knowing her, especially since there was a chance that he'd never see her again. But no, he couldn't think about that. He needed to pretend that she was here, his light, his soul, a fly on the wall that was there no matter what.

It's amazing how he used to not think of her and now she was all he could think about. Where was she? Was she in pain?

It's been a day and a half since his mother promised him that she'd make sure no harm came to Caroline and yet, she's still not around. He's worried.

It's amazing that he never cared or worried about Caroline, even when she was in the hospital after the car accident. Oh sure, he felt bad, but to be honest, Caroline was just…Caroline. No one special. Now, she was the most special person in his life.

He goes to Liz to ask for help in finding Caroline.

It's amazing that he'd never cared before if a girl he was seeing took off and didn't return his calls, but because it was Caroline it meant everything.

They find her, eventually, and she's been tortured by her father. She's a mess and crying and he wishes with everything he has that he could trade places with her because he can't fucking stand to see her cry.

It's amazing that it used to be a game of his, to see how many times he could make Caroline cry. She used to annoy the hell out of him, and now he's horrified because he really did make her cry a lot, and now seeing her in tears makes him feel like his heart is broken into a million pieces.

He lets Liz take her away from him, though he doesn't want to, but Liz is firm with her "I'll take it from here, Tyler." She brings her back to the house, cleans her up, and Caroline comes into her bedroom where Tyler is awaiting her.

And she doesn't say anything, she just goes into his arms, and he's holding her, and rocking her as they fall to her bed. She's heartbroken that her dad would do that to her, and how could he not love her.

It's amazing because Tyler swore that he'd never fall in love.

He doesn't say anything until she begins to kiss him, and takes off her bathrobe. But he stops her.

"No, Caroline." She's shocked.


"It doesn't feel right. You've been…through hell."

"You don't want to?"

Oh god, he does. Does he ever.

"No, I do. But, you don't need to." She laughs.

"Isn't that what I am? All I am? My dad thinks so. Said so himself. Even before I was a vampire that I was such a disappointment." He shakes his head.

"No. That's not you. That's never been you. He is the disappointment. How could he not see how amazing you are?" She looks up at him with eyes widened.

"You think I'm amazing?"

"I do."

And what's even more amazing? He means it.

So he lets her fall asleep in his arms content with not having slept together, because he knows she gave him something better, her trust and her heart, and knowing that she's okay in his arms is really all he needs.