'Really?' Eliar asked. 'Now?'

'I know, it's really soon and nothing much has happen but this time Emmy and I think that he is going to be acting on an impulse more that strategy,' Althalus s replied.

'Don't talk shop in front of our daughter,' Emmy barked out from the other side of the room.

'Yes, dear,' Althalus replied automatically. 'Why don't you go to Mummy?' Althalus asked his daughter.

'Ok!" she said and skipped off to Emmy.

'Now. At the moment he is doing the normal getting a huge army and what not,' Althalus said.

'So you want me to go and talk to my clan chief?' Eliar asked.

'Nope. He is bringing in the supernatural. We need you all back at the house so that Emmy can teach you shop.'

'Brilliant,' Eliar replied sarcastically.

Althalus grinned.